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Found 23 results

  1. From the album: Games and Their Stories

    Not much story to this one, but this is easily my rarest game that I own. I got this from a Gamecube lot that my friend sold me. It came with a bunch of other uncommon/rare games, but this one definitely caught my eye.
  2. Update! Got it. Thanks, icemanxp3000. Steve
  3. Mod, if you would delete this topic, I would appreciate it. Thank you!
  4. (To be clear these are all wants. I am looking to buy and are not selling any of the below .) Feedback for me: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/248558-kreatorkat/?hl=%2Bkreatorkat&do=findComment&comment=3480270 The only "major" trade item I have at the moment is a loose N64 Console or with an AV cable, one loose controller, and one cracked controller if you'd like. Controllers: -(2 needed) N64 First Party Controller Any Color. I need two N64 controllers with tight sticks. -SNES or Super Famicom First Party Controller. I need a SNES controller with a tight d-pad that feels good, i.e. not squishy and stays in place. -Atari 2600 Paddles w/ no paddle Jitter. Just looking for some nice paddles that don't need any repair to function properly. -Xbox 360 wireless controller. Good condition and working with battery cover, preferably white but I'd consider any color. Boxes/Cases ONLY (where marked with an M manual would be nice too, but not necessary): Gamecube -Metroid Prime M Genesis -Sonic 2 M Wii -Wii Sports -New Super Mario Bros Wii -Mario Party 8 -Lego Batman: The Video Game M -Empty Wii game Case (only if I can get it for like $.50) DS -Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time M -Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia M -Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time M Games: Sonic & Knuckles (Sega Genesis) Good condition, with box or CiB Sonic Colors (Wii) CiB or just box and disk, good condition Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS1) CiB or just box and disk, can be greatest hits. Thanks all, KreatorKat
  5. Looking for specific Video Games for my collection =) All have to be complete (case covert artwork/manual + game) except for SNES and NES games (removed since dont have the system and looking for one).(but a protective sleeve is a +) ----------------------------------Xbox------------------------- Metal Dungeon (Xbox) Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds Bloody Roar Extreme Whacked Kung Fu Chaos Kakuto Chojin Bard's Tale Tork DarkWatch Crime Life Xyanide Circus MAxiums Land of the Dead Blinx 2 NightCaster 2 ---------------------------------PS2-------------------------- (might have few things missing from this list) Megaman X7-x8 Micro Machines Yakuza 2 Mobile Suit Gundam Seed: Never Ending Tomorrow Mobile Suit Gundam: Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam Monster Rancher 3 Monster Rancher 4 Champions Of Norrath Champions: Return to Arms Colosseum: Road To Freedom Digimon World 4 Digimon World Data Squad Digimon Rumble Arena 2 Dino Stalker Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi 3 (or for Wii) Firefighter F.D. 18 Fullmetal Alchemist 2 God Hand Resident Evil: Dead Aim Shadow of Rome Time Crisis 3 Way of samurai 2 River King The Red Star Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monster Coliseum Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Beginning of Destiny Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses -------------------------------------Gamecube---------------------------- P.N.03 Ikaruga Pokemon 1 and 2 Mario Bro Meele Sonic DX Sonic Gem Collection ----------------------------Wii----------------------------------------- Metroid other M Rune Factory: Frontier The Little King's Story Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles FF: Echos of Time FF: Chocobo Dungeon Rune Factory: Tides Of Destiny House of the dead: Overkill Zelda Skyward One Piece: Ultimate Adventure Broken Sword: Director's Cut Resident Evil :Darkside Chronicles red steel 2 Silent Hill: Shattered Memories -------------------------------PSP-------------------------------------- (might have few things missing from this list) Dissidia 2 Disgaea Castle Breath of Fire 3 Kenka Barcho Gurumin Warriors of the lost empire Undead Knights Adventures On The Go Jikandia Fate -----------------------------------DS---------------------------------- Coming Soon (but can be msged in what a person has for sale) -----------------------------------3DS-------------------------------- Coming Soon (but can be msged in what a person has for sale) --------------------------------------------------SNES Actraiser Actraiser 2 Battletoads Breath Of Fire Breath of Fire 2 Contra 3 : alien wars Super Castlevenia IV Castlevenia- Dracula X Demon's Curse Earthbound FF3 Terminator (arcane) Harvest Moon???????????? Illusion of Gaia Lufia 2 Mortal Kombat Mortal Kombat 2 Mortal Kombat 3 Prince of Persia Secret of Mana Super mario kart teenage Ninja Turtles IV Super Street Fighter 2 Zombies ate my neighbors. Thank You =) even if you think you have something interesting, please go ahead and msg me as well. Especially if it a RPG on any Consoles (PS3/Xbox360/Xbox/PS2/PSone/SNES/Gamecube/DS/3DS/PSP/NES)
  6. Unbeliever

    Please delete

    Please delete this posting, and thank you.
  7. Hello everybody, today I have a simple question: what's your favorite mario party game: 1 through 10? Actually, its more complex than that. It would be cool to hear two answers: what is your favorite game, including biases like your first mario party, a favorite gaming party or experience, etc, as well as which game you believe is all around the best, unbiased. I personally had the most fun with Mario Party 8 because it was my first even though some other entries in the series were way better. I'm exited to hear your answers!
  8. The stuff I was looking for has been found. Please delete this post, and thank you!
  9. I'm looking for a legitimate set of S-Video cables that will work on the SNES, N64 and GC. From the reviews I am reading on various sites some cheaper S-Video cables are actually just a passthrough for a composite signal. No! What is the point of that. Below are a set that I found on Amazon and appear to be pretty cheap and actually put out an S-Video signal. Can anyone confirm that based on the listing? If not is there another set somewhere you can confirm are legitimate S-Video signal cables in the Nintendo output style? My application is for an SNES mini and N64 being hooked up to my CRT with S-Video inputs. I have found S-Video looks great and is the best way to get a decent picture out of your system without resorting to mods (which I often do anyway, lol) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LE3EAIK/?coliid=I1LBKDS0R8LAYR&colid=3C9JYID8UW0H3&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  10. I'm looking for a complete in box copy of Bravely Default for the Nintendo 3DS. Willing to trade a complete copy of Tales of Symphonia for the Nintendo Gamecube (complete, instructions, case, manual). Pictures taken upon request. Disc(s) condition "good". Any details will provide via private message. Anyone interested contact me via PM. I'm trying to get the first game to complete my "Bravely" collection on my 3DS. I would like the case/paperwork, but can negotiate for just the cart, if that's all you have. Thanks for looking!
  11. Gaming items up on ebay: - In the Hunt on PS1, CIB (aka Metal Slug Submarine/Zero) - SSX Tricky on GameCube, CIB - Miner 2049er Atari 2600 cart Items now up! SSX will start later tonight, 1/26/14. BIDS START @ 99¢… http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?ff3=4&pub=5574883395&toolid=10001&campid=5336500554&customid=&mpre=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fusr%2Fm15granger FYI, my ebay handle is m15granger. 160 positive on eBay, +7 on Racketboy BST. I love selling and buying games to fellow collectors. I figured someone on here might enjoy the Miner 2049er :]
  12. Cleaned, polished, tested, working, and PRICES ARE SHIPPED. Feel free to bundle! I prefer cash or trading a bundle of my stuff for one or two items of similar value. Much love, folks. Thanks for all the games you've given a good home thus far ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NES: Dragon Warrior (in clamshell case) - $12 Metroid (Yellow Label/in clamshell case) - $20 NES OEM controller - $10 Nintendo OEM NES clamshell protective cases (not pictured, about 15 in total) - $5 apiece SNES: Donkey Kong Country 3 - $25 SOLD Final Fantasy II - $40 Gradius III (manual only) - $10 Mario Paint w/ manual - $10 MLBPA Baseball - $6 Mortal Kombat - $15 Pilotwings - $15 Secret of Mana 2 (PAL Reproduction) - $40 Super Mario All-Stars w/ manual - $25 Star Ocean (Reproduction Cart) - $55 Super Metroid - $40 Super Street Fighter 2 - $20 Terranigma (Repro) - $40 AC Adaptor (3rd Party) - $7 N64: Donkey Kong 64 w/ manual and paperwork - $22 (no custom case, can be created if requested) GameShark Pro V3.3 - $35 Goldeneye 007 w/ manual - $25 Mario Kart 64 - $35 Mario Tennis w/ manual - $25 Perfect Dark (Factory Sealed) - $45 Star Wars Episode I Racer w/ manual and paperwork - $13 Super Smash Bros. (CIB) - $90 N64 AC Adapter (3rd Party) - $11 Gamecube: Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue (missing manual) - $12 Hitman 2 - $10 Mario Party 5 - $45 Lego Star Wars - $8 Controllers: Interact SuperPad Black - $14 Mad Catz MicroCon Black - $17 Nyko AirFlo w/ built-in fan - $18 Game Boy Advance: Action Replay GBA (missing logo) - $60 Game Boy Advance Cobalt Blue (battery fully functional, no charger) - $35 Game Shark SP (CIB w/manual, CD rom, USB cable, and promo card) - $180 Pokémon Sapphire (cart only with Nyko protective case, needs new battery) - $17 Wii: Epic Mickey - $8 Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 - $15 Super Paper Mario - $15 Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World - $15 Wii console box (complete with manual and all inserts/bags/cardboard) - $20 Sega Genesis: (Custom case games in top row, original case/CIB games in bottom row) Alien Storm (game only in custom case) - $20 Bulls Vs. Blazers (Game, new case, all original inserts) - $8 Cool Spot (game in original case) - $13 Mortal Kombat 3 (CIB) - $20 NBA Jam (CIB) - $15 Phantasy Star IV (game only in custom case) - $45 Shaq Fu (game only in custom case) - $8 Sonic the Hedgehog (game and Sega Classic Box) - $15 Super Baseball 2020 (game and original case) - $15 Wayne’s World (game only in custom case) - $13 OEM Genesis 3-Button Controller - $14 Sega Saturn: High Frequency Controller - $15 Daytona USA - $8 Dragon Force - $75 SOLD Fighters Megamix (JAP manual only) - $5 Nights Into Dreams (US Not for Resale Version CIB) - $28 Pebble Beach Golf Links (game, custom case, original back insert and manual, no longbox case) - $8 Sonic R - $35 Virtua Cop (US Not for Resale Jewel Case Version) - $13 Virtua Cop (game and custom case) - $10 Virtua Fighter (US Not for Resale Version CIB) - $15 Imports (CIB except where noted): Astal - $55 Last Bronx - $25 Magical Hoppers - $25 Nights Into Dreams (Game only) - $12 Street Fighter Zero 2 Dash (Satakore) - $80 Sega Dreamcast: Dreamcast Magazine Vol. 4 and 11 in custom cases - $6 each Phantasy Star Online I case only - $6 Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram JAP (Manual Only) - $5 Web Browser 1.0 - $6 XBOX: Original Xbox (console only, untested) - $35 Tetris Worlds/Star Wars: The Clone Wars CIB (includes Xbox Live Trial Promo Card) - $6 Miscellaneous (PS1, PS2, DS): Diddy Kong Racing DS (Case and Game) - $13 Enter the Matrix Player's Guide - $5 NBA Live 2003 CIB (includes NBA Livestyle soundtrack) - $6 Spyro: Year of the Dragon CIB (Greatest Hits) - $23
  13. Hi, folks. At this point, I believe I am going to begin to collect for my Gamecube. At this moment I have two games for it but would like to have more. I'm not buying right now, but I need some names for some of you out there that sell Gamecube games from time to time. For types of games, the usual avoidance of sports games unless Mario is in them. 1st party is great, 3rd party is fine as well. My only two games I have right now are Tales of Symphonia and Animal Crossing. I would also be interested in a larger card (the only one I have is the one that came with Animal Crossing, so you can imagine I have very little space. I would be willing to hit you up (PM) from time to time and ask if you have anything to sell. Please let me know who you are so I can make contact for a good Gamecube game source. Thank you!
  14. Send me offers if you want one or more. Shipping not included in the prices. Both King of Fighter games come with the RAM cartridges. Japanese Saturn Games: Biohazard - $14 Creature Shock - $12 D - $5 Deep Fear - $20 Enemy Zero - $5 Grandia - $10 Horror Tour - $8 King of Fighters 95' - $18 King of Fighters 96' - $14 Nights into Dreams - $5 Sold Christmas Nights into Dreams - $5 Sold Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner - $8 Virtua Fighter Remix - $5 Gamecube: Mario Dance Dance Revolution - $35 - Game is missing manual/paperwork - Sold on eBay Trades I'm interested in: Looking for the following CIB games: Gamecube: Spirits & Spells Pikman 2 Mario Party 4 Mario Party 5 Mario Party 6 Mario Party 7 PS2: Half Life Silent Hill 3 w/soundtrack Xbox: Capcom Classics Collection 2 Taito Legends 2 Namco Museum (Not 50th anniversary) Tecmo Arcade Classics Metal Slug 4/5 King of Fighters 2002/2003 Case/manual needs: Gamecube: Kirby Air Ride - Case only - Non Players Choice ( have the players Choice I can send your way) Xbox: Dino Crisis 3 manual only Dreamcast: Time Stalkers - Case and manual (or just the back artwork insert) E.G.G. - Outer big box (I have the inner big cardboard box - need the artwork) Odyssey 2: Math Wizardry book from Sid the Spellbinder (I am fine with it having writing in/on it)
  15. While this is fresh in my head, I thought I'd post this up. I have for sale (or trade) a Gamecube purple system with a 16x memory card, one controller (works, but the z button does not), and hookups. The games are: Animal Crossing boxed (no instructions, Gamestop boring case) Metroid Prime boxed (no instructions) Super Smash Bros. Melee (complete) Prince of Persia: Warrior Within boxed (no instructions) Medal of Honor: European Assault (complete) I would like $25.00 plus shipping, or the following in trade: NES or SNES game console (complete with controller, and all hookups) Some games with the above mentioned NES or SNES (no sports, please...not a video game sports guy) Gameboy Advance SP (with charger) Some games for the SP (complete or just boxed would be nice, but I will do this with loose games) Atari 2600 boxed/complete games I will attach a picture tonight of the unit and games. As a side note, I also have a silver Gamecube that works but does not have a memory card with it. Otherwise, it has all the hookups but of course no controller (as that's with the purple Gamecube). If there's any interest in this, cash or trade, PM me and let's "make a deal". Payment preferred is hidden cash or a postal money order only. Shipping would be from 05052-0058 for your reference. Thanks for taking a look. -Steve EDIT: As promised, here's the picture. Games have also been completely listed: Another edit: This system, accessories, and games are now PENDING.
  16. Here's my WTB list: SEGA 32x (loose) Black Thorne Kolibri Spiderman: Web of Fire GAMECUBE Interactive Demo Disks wanted: October 2001 January 2002 March 2002 June 2002 August 2002 Version 7 Version 8 Version 11 Version 19 Version 20 Version 21 Version 25 Version 29 Version 32 Naruto 2 Demo NFR Soul Caliber II NFR Animal Crossing Pioneer NFR Demonstation Test Disk Gamecube Service Disk Gamecube Read Check Program Anything else that is odd, demo, test disc-esce for Gamecube Game Gear - (Loose Only) Need a bunch - to many to list. If you have some just shoot me a PM. Thanks! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any of this you'd like to sell, shoot me a PM. I have a bunch of NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Gameboy, GBA, Sega, Xbox, Playstation stuff I can trade as well. Thanks!!
  17. It's time to get rid of some stuff I don't use enough to keep around. I'm open to sales, but would prefer trades. Here's what I'm interested in: - Games: Lynx, Intellivision, 3DO, Saturn (Japan only), Mega CD (Japan only). - Hardware: Sears 2600, - Controllers: Genesis/MD 3 button, 2600 compatible Arcade stick First up: Nintendo Gamecube (modded with Xeno mod chip by Guntz, so it plays backups) with Gameboy Player, Raphnet SNES-to-GC adapter. I will include a disc with the Gameboy Interface (GBI) homebrew software for the GB Player, which is much better than the actual GBP startup disc from Nintendo. Also includes SFC gamepad, AC adapter and composite cables. This is for trade only, if you'd like to buy one of these, please contact Guntz. Next, some loose Famicom and Gameboy carts: I'm asking $100 shipped for the Famicom carts. Quick Step, Pitfall, Keystone- $15 for all 3 SECRET QUEST AND MONTEZUMA ARE SOLD I also have a lot of other loose VCS carts (Jr Pac Man, Worm War I, a bunch of commons). PM me if there are others you want that I might have. Next, a loose Atari Flashback 7, with AC adapter ($20) Finally, some random items, CIB Wico (ON HOLD), Saturn PAR (SOLD), CIB Columns ($20), Phantasy Star IV ($40) Thanks for checking this out!
  18. Hi all... VERY VERY long shot here, but i'm looking to put some of my systems away and want to get the boxes they originally came in. I'm looking for... SNES (Gen 1) - FOUND!!! Genesis (Gen 2) 32X Dreamcast Jaguar Atari STFM or E PS1 (Gen 1) PS2 - FOUND!!! Cardboard or styro inserts would be a huge plus, manuals and other media not important. Really hoping someone can help! Thanks for reading!!!
  19. I've got a crap load of retro stuff I've decided to get rid of. Anyway. Updated list of what I have available. 3DO Games: Gex $5 3DO Game Guru $15 Star Control II $20 Super Street Fighter II Turbo $10 Night Trap(2 Disks) $40 Twisted: The Game Show $5 Sega Master System Games Great Golf $3 Thunder Blade $3 Space Harrier 3-D $10 After Burner $3 Hang On/Safari Hunt $2 My Hero(card) $5 Shinobi $8 Super Wonder Boy in Super Wonder Land $10 Nintendo 64 Games: WCW/NWO Revenge $4 WWF Attitude $3 WWF Warzone $4 WCW vs NWO World Tour $4 Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey $5 Top Gear Overdrive $5 Top Gear Rally $5 ECW Hardcore Revolution $5 Top Gear Rally 2 $5 WCW Mayhem $3 WCW Backstage Assault $3 California Speed $3 WWF No Mercy $8 MRC $3 Gensis Games: Lethal Enforcers $5 Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II $5 PGA Tour Golf $1 Sonic & Knuckles $10 Sonic 2 $5 Jurassic Park $5 Mortal Kombat I $5 Sonic Spinball $5 Sega CD Games: Microcosm: $5 Cobra Command $5 Sewer Shark $5 Mortal Kombat I $10 WWF Rage in the Cage $5 Wirehead $10 Jurassic Park $10 32X Games: Virtua Fighter $5 Mortal Kombat II $5 36 Great Holes Staring Fred Couples $2 PS2 Games: Rule of Rose: $60 Ico: $15 Klonoa 2: $15 Psychonauts: $20 PS1 Slim with one controller $20 Hot Shots Golf $5 Final Fantasy IX $10 Rage Racer $5 Ridge Racer Type IV $5 Tomb Raider $5 Tomb Raider II $5 Tomb Raider The Last Revelation: $5 Wrestlemania The Arcade Game $5 Gex $5 WCW Mayham $5 Gran Turismo $5 WWF Attitude $5 Road Rash $5 WCW Nitro $5 Or $50 takes it all(the PS1 lot). Updated Pics: http://imgur.com/a/RwycG#0
  20. Looking for a complete copy of Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Gamecube. Instructions and box would be a plus, but I would settle for just the disc. Can't seem to find a copy in the wild anywhere, and I've been on Gamegavel but no luck. My second proposal would be to someone who has a paypal account and would acquire the game from Ebay. I will gladly pay you equial value (plus shipping) and a little extra for your time. Please send me a PM if you have a copy or can procure one from Ebay for me. Thank you! -Steve
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