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Found 71 results

  1. Lets see them! Share the glory that is your 3DO collection. Pictured are my games cased and long boxes (have a few more in storage) and games in CD cases which i will be casing in DVD cases soon. Finally got the Doctor Hauzer english translation. I'll take a pic of my FZ-1 and controllers when i get home.
  2. Ok, so after the Oregon Trail (California Bound) Project, I am rather bored, and need a new challange! Are there any games (Preferably text-based) that you would like to have on the TI-99 series? Depending on the size of the project, the game(s) may or may not get their own thread.
  3. Hi everyone,i have some really good stuff for all of you. After the Chameleon fiasco,i wanted to talk to Collectorvision & Piko Interactive on their Facebook pages to see if they had any interest in porting some of their games either for the Jag or Jag CD. Fortunately they do,but the 2 developers have some issues,Collectorvision doesn't have a programmer for the system yet,menwhile Piko Interactive is figuring out on how to put some of their games in cartrigdges form. But either way,this is awesome news, what do you think?
  4. I have finished my adaptation of Jake Commander's Space Trek game, originally written for the TRS-80 Color Computer! This is a classic Trek game, destroy all the klingons before time expires! You must navigate around an 8x8 size galaxy, finding all the Klingons and destroying them without being destroyed yourself. Please note that the time limit is in REAL time, so if you leave it running, you'll lose the game eventually! You can select a difficulty from 1 to 5, this affects the amount of time you have and how many potential klingons can appear in a quadrant. This is my final version of the game, I gave it to Vorticon to post up on the TI Game Base. The big addition is magnetic storms, as well as making phasers a much more viable and fun weapon to use in game. If you find any bugs or issues with the game, or just have questions, please post on the thread! The zip contains a Classic99 ready Extended BASIC file ready to drop in and load, as well as instructions. Version 3.2: SpaceTrekv32.zip
  5. I need a game box for Super Mario Land,Tetris, Bonk's adventure, Revenge of the gator, Castlevania adventure,Burger time deluxe, Wario Land 1, Wario Land 3, and Pokemon Gold. If you have any of these reply so that we can establish a price.
  6. Hello, So I was thinking about getting an Amiga or ST and I'm trying to decide which one to get. I live in the US and there's a game I want to play that was released for both systems called "Fire & Ice", but it only came out in Europe. Comparing the Amiga and ST, which one is the most import friendly and which model would be the best to get, so I can play PAL games like "Fire & Ice" in the states? Thanks in advance.
  7. This is my games room which is where I keep all my game related stuff.
  8. Hey all, I'm interested in buying or trading for pretty much any sega saturn games as I am just starting my collection. I am also interested in obtaining original saturn boxes and a few dreamcast titles if i can get a lot with a system, controllers, vmus, games, etc. Shoot me offers on anything or link me to your for sale or for trade threads. I have an ambassador's 3DS with games, turbografx-16 with turbo booster plus, a gold nes, and some nes games for offer. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/216349-fs-ft-wii-u-turbografx-16-and-turbo-booster-plus-games-gold-nes-bundle/ Games I am really looking for now: Saturn: Panzer Dragoon II Zwei Panzer Dragon Saga Contra Legacy of War Shining Force III Shining Wisdom D Enemy Zero House of the Dead (Case and manual only) Saturn Bomberman Albert Odyssey Dragon Force Sonic Jam Sonic R Shinobi Legions Herc's Adventures Rayman Mega Man X4 Mega Man 8 Dracula X Hexen Doom Powerslave Quake Metal Slug Earthworm Jim 2 Radiant Silvergun Thunderforce V Darius Gaiden guardian heroes three dirty dwarves Legend of oasis Warcraft II Bust a move 3 Sega Ages and much more... Dreamcast: Sonic Adventure 2 Skies of Arcadia Illbleed D2 Cannon Spike Rez Spawn in the Demon's Hand Typing of the Dead with key board house of the dead 2 with gun All Resident Evils Powerstone II Bangai-O thanks for your time
  9. Kelsey is a Bandai Wonderswan collector and she shares her buying tips, covering the three different handhelds, crazy accessories (a robot and programming kit!?) and some of her favorite Non-Japanese games. Games shown: GunPey Ex Clock Tower Final Fantasy 1 & 2 Puzzle Bobble Puyo Puyo Tsu Ganso JaJaMaru-kun (remake of Ninja JaJaMaru-kun) Tane-o-Maku Tori (Birds Sow the Seeds) Buffers Evolution Rhyme Rider Kerorikan Rockman EXE WS Beat Mania Kaze no Klonoa - Moonlight Museum One Piece - Grand Battle Swan Colloseum Buy Wonderswan here: http://goo.gl/m11ZoE Anybody else here collect Wonderswan?
  10. Well, I decided last week to go ahead and add some more games to my collection of the Atari Jaguar. I purchased Skyhammer and some S-video cables from Carl at Songbird Productions, and am awaiting their arrival. I'm very excited about Skyhammer, because the screenshots look very interesting and very very good in terms of graphics. I really can't wait to see this game in action. And believe it or not, I'm quite excited at the prospect of finally recieving some s-video cables as well, for I know how good an improvement those things have been on other systems like my Neo Geo and Nintendo systems. I'm not sure how much an improvement I'm going to get, but I'm sure once I hook them up I'll notice something....but nevertheless, I've always thought the Jaguar had a better-than-average composite video output. Actually thats an understatement, as I really feel the Jag has the best composite out I've ever seen, so I can't wait to see how well the s-video looks.In a few weeks, I plan on finishing off the Songbird part of my collection, and am planning on buying Hyper Force, Soccer Kid, and Jag-Ads...all of which I'm extremely anxious and excited about purchasing. I already have Protector SE, and I was very pleased with the overall quality of that game, especially the packaging.--------------------------------------------------------------I really need a copy of Battlesphere. I would prefer the Gold edition, but would settle for the original release to start with. I've never had the chance to play this game, and it's not a money issue either, as I've tried to purchase the game multiple times in the past, and usually have offered OVER what was the asking price. I've offered up to $250 for a Gold edition of this game a few years ago when it wasn't worth that much, but it's always sold to someone else for less due to a 'promise' or a 'friend' or whatnot.Thats all fine and good, I guess I just have to miss out, but there's something about the Battlesphere market that makes me upset with this community a little bit, and that is the fact that there is too much hoarding of this game. Since it's a network compatible game for up to 8 players, there are actually people who thought they needed 8 copies of the game, and they still have 8 copies, if just to use them once a year at a random Jagfest. I don't mind missing out on some guy who's selling his only copy of Battlesphere, as he probably needed the money and I was late or whatever, but this game really should be more readily available within the community. I really wish this hoarding mentality would go away, and some of you guys with 8 copies, or 4 copies, or however many multiples you have, would do the rest of us Jaguar fans the honor of selling those things off so the rest of us could actually play this game. There simply aren't enough Jaguar fans in one place to warrant one person holding on to so many copies. Heck, it's damn near impossible just to get 2 Jag owners together to network a 2 player game of DOOM, and you most likely have to be living in the same large city like NY or Chicago.I honestly have ZERO respect for anyone that has 8 copies of this game. I'm sorry but thats the way I feel, and if I ever see you in person at a Jagfest or other get together I'll be sure to run that sentiment your way and to your face. I'm not a communist, I don't believe in taking whats yours and spreading it equally to the masses, even though thats what my rant sounds like. Like I said, I think it would be the honorable thing to do if you *sold* the games off to the community at large.The way I think of it is, what situation is better: Situation A where one person owns 8 copies of this game, that gets displayed once a year at Jagfest for a few people to play for a few minutes under supervision of the owner; or Situation B where 8 different people own Battlesphere and can play it everyday whenever they want? I think the answer is pretty self-evident.Any person with the money, should be able to own and hoard as many games as they want I guess, there's nothing illegal about it. But it certainly says alot about your character, and your selfish nature. If you get enjoyment from withholding this systems' best game from the majority of Jag owners and fans, why is that? It's not a status symbol for cryin out loud, it's a video game.
  11. I am starting a Facebook Page for The Atari Portfolio which will be Closed,and I need 3 admins that really know their stuff around The Atari Portfolio........... Russ Campbell (Mr Portfolio) Yes I wrote the article , What Good Is An Atari Portfolio way back in the old days.
  12. The Java game library seems to be unexplored considering that it's one of the most popular programming languages and that it's supported by so many systems.
  13. When I got my 2600 Harmony Cart, I did a hard assessment of my physical carts and shed quite a few that I didn't deem to be "keepers." Just of the top of my head I would never get rid of at least one copy of: -Combat -Bowling -Centipede -Skiing -River Raid -Halo 2600 -Kaboom -Pole Position -Frogger -Pitfall -Space Invaders -Pac Man -Adventure -Atlantis -Frog' N Flies -Outlaw -Commando Raid -Freeway And a few dozen more I can't think of right now because i'm at work. Despite everdrives, emulators, etc, what are your physical 2600 carts you would never consider parting ways with, no matter what.
  14. So I just got a Lynx two with a sun shade and California Games. I've been having a blast with it (except for half pipe,) but it is time to broaden my horizons. This time of year, my funds are tied up in other summer related pursuits, not to mention my Jaguar collection lol. What are 10 games that I should get right off the bat that are fun, but also nice and cheap, I'm talking like 5-20 bucks on ebay? Thanks!! -Rick PS-Does the Lynx 1 AC adapter work with Lynx II? If one person could answer this that would be great. Looking to order one today, so I don't have to stockpile AA batteries in bulk.
  15. I have just completed the final proof of the 4th set of peel & stick Intellivision cover photos. These die cut 1.9 x 2.5 inch stickers are designed to fit perfectly onto the top of standard game cartridges. This project was not without some mishaps, adjustments, & revisions. For those of you that are wanting completed sets of game labels I will be sending PMs to each of you as soon as I have them printed out. Still to do the really rare labels which will be even tougher. Thanks for all the support to everyone in this great group of people.
  16. We hear a lot about the Atari and its NTSC artifact being used by programmers to get more colours in hi-res modes but I don't think I've ever seen (and couldn't find when I searched) any discussion of PAL games that took advantage of the way PAL displays horizontally blur the display allowing for dithering effects to increase the palette and achieve transparency effects or half bright colours the way it was done on machines like the mega drive and spectrum. Are there any PAL games on the Atari that use these techniques?
  17. Around last year I was able to get a huge lot of TI-99 games. I am just now getting to them and I noticed that i couldn't find any information on some of the games. I figured i would post some pictures and all of the info I know. The first game is a version of multiplication, except it wasn't released by Texas Instruments. The next one is called Khe Sanh Guerilla War in Viet Nam. The game is on a disk, and produced by Not Polyoptics. The next game is Tower, also made by Not Polyoptics. This one is a cassette. The next one is B-1 nuclear bomber. It is a cassette. I can find Wikipedia saying it exists, but no photos. It is still sealed. finally I have Star Trap. When I looked up this game, it always states that it was made by Excltec, when mine says its made by DataBioTics Inc.. All of the other photos are games that are documented to exist, but have no pictures online. Space patrol, spy's demise, and red baron.
  18. Hi all, I´m late this year, sorry for that. But of course the ABBUC Softwarecompetition will continue. Slightly updates rules will follow, find the latest news at: http://www.abbuc.de/atari/software-ressort/81-software/softwarewettbewerbe/1795-software-wettbewerb-2016 Most important change: This year there will be TWO (2) categories, both will pay 500€ for the first place: "Games" and "Applications" Stay tuned for more information. Happy Coding!
  19. Hello! I have Atari XEGS games reproductions for sale. An article regarding this is available on: https://www.vintageisthenewold.com/new-reproduction-game-cartridges-available-for-atari-xegs-and-xl-xe-computers/ The official XEGS games list is as follows: Ace of Aces Airball Archon: The Light and the Dark Ballblazer Barnyard Blaster Battlezone Blue Max Bug Hunt Choplifter Crime Buster Crossbow Crystal Castles Dark Chambers David's Midnight Magic Desert Falcon Donkey Kong Eastern Front (1941) Fight Night Flight Simulator II Food Fight GATO HardBall! Into the Eagle's Nest Karateka Lode Runner Mario Bros. Necromancer One-on-One Basketball Rescue on Fractalus! Star Raiders II Summer Games Thunderfox Also, I can make reproductions of the unreleased XEGS prototypes: Commando Tower Toppler Deflektor Mean 18 Midi Maze An last, but certainly not the least, I have some XEGS conversions available: Pooyan! Montezuma Again! (new hack game from Montezuma's Revenge, topic regarding this: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/283253-montezuma-arrangement/ ) The pcbs can fit in a Atari standard cartridge case. You can visit my YouTube channel with demonstrations and tutorials on how to assemble them: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg5eRNgGIkWoUcwHs_YbkDA If you are interested, you can PM me on this account. Cheers!
  20. I recently bought an upright arcade machine and I am working on selling off a bunch of excess stuff so that I can buy the parts I need. Please check out my auctions here... eBay Seller: bluec300 Thank you and I will be listing more video game and arcade stuff soon!
  21. Hello! I am selling off all of my extra Atari 2600 games. I have far too much to list here so please email me at [email protected] and I will send you the list in an Excel spreadsheet. I also offer joystick repair services if you want a stick fixed and fixed right! In addition to games, I have a Wico Bat Handle joystick and 2 boxed Competition Pro 1000 joysticks from Coin Control. Also I have a few working consoles as well. Thank for reading! Email me with any questions! ~Matt
  22. I will have extremely limited access to AtariAge from July 11 to August 7. If you direct a question at me on the forms or PM me, it is highly unlikely I will be able to reply. Hello everyone! I've got a few things for sale. I can accept trades too! Make me an offer: I'm looking for Neo Geo MVS games and SNES essentials especially. See my signature for wanted thread link! Buyer pays all shipping costs. If you want I can ship at any USPS shipping speed (Priority, 2 Day, Overnight, etc.) if you want to pay for it. All prices are negotiable a bit, or buy a bunch to save on shipping and get a bundle deal! Pics upon request. Here is my AtariAge feedback. I'm relatively new here, so only a bit: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/248558-kreatorkat/ I've currently got some games and cables for sale, highlighted by an N64 Console. 2600: Warlords cart only- $4. Cart great condition. Front label great, a small amount of fading on end label. NES: Silent Service- $4. Cart in great condition! Jordan vs. Bird 1 on 1- $2. This one is in pretty bad condition. There is wear on the label, but it is not ripped. The cartridge itself is a little dirty, could use a cleaning. The game does work, but if you're using a toaster NES that doesn't have its lockout chip disabled, as with many NES carts, you need to try a few times. N64: California Speed- $6. Nice condition, label slightly worn, but just barely. Looks fine really, just mentioning it. Top Gear Overdrive- $5. Front label is ever so slightly worn, but back label is slightly torn at the top. Black Console- $28 Sale This Week (till next Sunday) Only! Console works perfectly, decent condition but could use a small cleaning. Comes with Jumper Pack! No cords or controllers, but if you would like I do have N64 composite cables for sale below and a couple of controllers in bad condition I might be willing to part with. No expansion slot lid, but to be honest I prefer the look of no lid if you purchase an expansion pack, which is a necessary accessory IMHO. SNES: Family Feud- $5. Label has some wear in a few places. PS2: Breakin' Da Rules (CiB)- $5. Box has a bit of wear all around but very nice. Disk and manual are great. Wii: The Amazing Race (original disk, manual, and art, fake case)- $4. Manual and disk perfect, box not perfect. NBA 2K11 (CiB)- $6- Manual and disk perfect, box great with some residue on spine. Accessories: Adapter to replace your RF switch box! Similar to the ones in the Atariage store, provides convince and a slightly better picture- $2. Works, nothing else to it lol. Radioshack RF switch box- $3. Works, nothing else to it lol. All AV cables and Nintendo switchboxes $3 (all official)- -XBox 360 AV -SNES/N64/GC AV -NES/SNES RF box (also works with Genesis) -Genesis RF box (also works with NES/SNES) Thats all for now, Thanks! KreatorKat
  23. I tried to do a search on this both in AA and through Google without any success. But I find it hard to believe that no games were made that didn't allow for using the keyboard arrow keys instead of a joystick to move the character (or whatever?) around the screen. So hopefully all you gamers out there can scratch your heads and come up with some possibilites. Thanks, - Michael
  24. SmellyJelly

    My Atari Games.

    From the album: Smelly's Setup

    The 2600 is my favorite system to collect for. From the Cartridge art, to the charm of how simple the games were, I just love the 2600 so much. Easily my favorite games are Pitfall!, Haunted House, Berzerk, and Yar's Revenge. The Halloween cartridge is just a reproduction cart.

    © SmellyJelly

  25. New Game recommendations for your Apple & Android tablet & touch devices. Games Shown: Asphalt 8 Airborne Sine Mora Shadowrun Returns Rise to Fame CSR Classics Mikey Hooks Device 6 House of the Dead Overkill Is anybody picking up the new iPads that launched today? My wife is getting the new iPad Air for work...
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