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Found 7 results

  1. This project began as an effort to modify Dark Chambers for the Atari 2600 in the direction of the arcade game Gauntlet (Atari 1985). What started as a few graphics changes and minor modifications to game play slowly evolved into a full 32k conversion, thanks to a good disassembly and especially Adam Clayton’s phenomenal Dark Chambers engine for the VCS. The game is now complete, with the following features: * Play all 4 characters from the arcade, in a 1-player game or in any 2-player combination * Each character starts with a special ability: Warrior: extra shot power Valkyrie: extra armor Wizard: extra magic power Elf: extra shot speed * Fight 3 levels of ghosts, grunts, demons, and sorcerors; 2 levels of generators and bones; and death. * collect food, treasure, keys, and magic potions * increase your abilities with 4 different upgrade potions as well as invisibility amulets * play 80 unique levels, including the first 7 modeled on the arcade intro levels Final versions NTSC: Gauntlet (Atari 1985).bin PAL: Gauntlet (Atari 1985) PAL.bin SECAM: Gauntlet (Atari 1985) SECAM.bin _______________________________________ Earlier released builds: gauntlet512-WW.bin gauntlet512-EV.bin gauntlet810.bin gauntlet823.bin gauntlet1004.bin gauntlet1007.bin Original post (May 12, 2015): I recently introduced my kids to Gauntlet, and that got me thinking about hacking Dark Chambers so they could play on my VCS. So here's a start on a conversion. I started with the sprites naturally but quickly realized the animation tables needed reworking, as the sprites were shared in weird ways. Reducing the animation frames for players and enemies gave me enough room to shoehorn in a whole bunch of new sprite and color data. All four characters are now coded in. However, I haven't figured out a way to switch between them within the game. So I've uploaded two versions, WW for the Warrior and Wizard and EV for the Elf and Valkyrie. As it stands, you'll have to do a bit of hacking to get the exact P1/P2 combination you want--I hope to post some instructions on that later. There are no special characteristics per character, so it's just visual. Enemies have been changed to grunts, ghosts, demons, wizards, and death. They no longer mutate form, and instead of disappearing on contact they continue to melee attack as long as they are touching you (but you can't melee back). Ghosts, however, do disappear and take a chunk of health in the process. Wizards blink in and out, and death now can only be killed by magic. Making demons and wizards shoot is not likely to make it into this hack--just way too complicated. One thing that makes Gauntlet really different from DC is how enemies mass up behind each other and beeline straight toward you if nothing is blocking them. DC is very different: enemies can overlap and tend to amble around. But after a couple of experiments I'm hesitant to change this. Overlapping sprites all beeline to the same spot and appear as a single enemy if there isn't some kind of coarse movement grid checked against. So this part of DC has been left as is. Dark Chambers draws levels with a pretty remarkable economy of code. There are 16 playfields actually drawn out in pixels; each DC screen allows you to scroll up and down through a stack of 4 playfields, each represented by one nybble. So the original map for Level A was set in just two bytes: $40, $19. But the flip side of that economy is that it just isn't possible to reproduce intricate mazes. Instead I just redid some of the playfields to get a bit of a Gauntlet feel in here, with obstacles, diagonals, nested boxes, vertical lines, and generally narrower spaces. Levels 1 through 7 have been completed so far, and I tried to port the corresponding Gauntlet levels over in spirit. Levels 8 to 26 haven't been finished yet--these will be mostly new creations although drawing inspiration from various Gauntlet levels. I know there are complaints about the pacing of Dark Chambers. I wonder if a lot of that can be mitigated by not having the player double back too much, and by increasing the number of enemies. Player speed and scrolling speed can be increased without too much trouble in DC, but the problem is, that introduces a number of glitches that would have to be fixed. For the moment, I just kept everything as is. Overall, I know we're still a ways from Ed Logg's arcade masterpiece, but if you are craving a Gauntlet experience on your VCS, or just want a new take on Dark Chambers, here's hoping this can tide you over. _______________________________________ UPDATE October 7, 2015 I've been able to make a great deal of progress since the above was posted. We're now close to a finished Gauntlet for the Atari 2600. The latest version is posted below, please see the rest of the thread for earlier versions and running commentary on what was changed. A summary of the game so far: * Play as all 4 characters from the arcade, either as 1 player or in any 2-player combination * Each character starts with a special ability: Warrior: shot power Valkyrie: shield Wizard: extra magic power Elf: shot speed * Fight ghosts, grunts, wizards, and death as well as generators and bones * collect magic and upgrade potions * 80 different levels
  2. Hi. We and me already talked about this one maybe many times but I was here just thinking again. We have the two players using ours PLAYERS with eachone using two in Multicolour mode. Then all is in 4colours. In the tittle screen they used ANTIC4 but in-game? Is it GR.15 bitmap or GR.12 charmode? From the old Atari User magazine, I think, I read that the Gremlin Graphics team that did the game for U.S. Gold was A8 the original for the 6502 versions. The C64 uses their usual charmode and colourmap. All the enemys move in char steps that was the the solution to have so many on screen so does it is sometimes seeming slow becauise on A8 they are using biytmap mode (then moving to move in vertical directions they need to move 8scanlines instead of all 8=1charline in one time)? I never did it, maybe I'll do it today night just because I don't have anything really to do but if I count all the different walls, enemys, treasures,... it seem that they can fit in our just one charset=128chars, or is it that on C64 they have 256chars and its the playing area+status area the same charset? So main question, is it on A8 the in-game in bitmap or in charmode? Was wondering if it is in charmode just adding a 5th colour wouldn't be hard... Or if it's in bitmap turning it into charmode difficult? Maybe isn't a game worth of all that working but if it wasn't all that hard...
  3. I'm pretty far in collecting Lynx games, but I can't seem to find two ridged games. Who knows from who or where I can buy these two: California games - ridged Gauntlet the third encounter - ridged
  4. So I was reading an issue of Electronic Games and a reviewer was going on about how much he loved the port of the 1981 arcade game Space Dungeon on the Atari 5200. He only wished he could tie two controllers together so that he could play it better. And he couldn't understand why the arcade game wasn't more successful than it was. In my mind, the answer is that the arcade game is too damn tough. So here's what I'd recommend if you want to get into this game: Throw MAME for XBOX onto a modded original XBOX. The game is already mapped as: Left analog stick = move Right analog stick = fire Then map the coin-op settings to the d-pad and set the arcade machine Location Programming to: Ships per game = 6 Bonus Increment (000) to 1 I originally tried setting ships per game higher, but it seems to ignore anything past 6. So I instead opted to set it as a bonus ship for every 1000 points. The game's laid out on a 6x6 grid. It's a bit like playing Robotron on a huge map. There's continuity, so monsters will follow you from room to room. There's also a timer, so the longer you wait around, the more waves of monsters will appear. Similar to Gauntlet, there's a thief on level 2. So if you can't find any treasure, he's the reason why. Once you nab him, he'll drop all the treasure. You'll drop all your treasure in the room you were killed in. The flashing square on the map marks the last room that you died in. The light yellow square is the room you're currently in. On each level, you collect treasure (crosses and asterisks). Bring those to the room marked in dark yellow and drop them off in the box that reads, "Collect Bonus". That'll take you to level 2. Similar to Xenophobe, you don't have to collect all of the treasure to qualify for moving on to the next level of the dungeon. Enjoy! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Dungeon https://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=9648 https://www.giantbomb.com/space-dungeon/3030-19413/
  5. Papa

    Big Play Gauntlet II

    From the album: Custom Arcade

    This is the Midway version of Gauntlet II on the XBOX..

    © Jay "Papa" Caraway 2015

  6. Hiho everyone, New on my list of reproduction boxes/manuals are the three Answer Software games Malagai, Confrontation and Gauntlet. As you might know, Answer Software worked with rather generic boxes (black blank front, only differences are the name tags on the right side of the box), instead they glued the manual onto the box. Right now I have 10 4 sets ready to go. Content of the offer: 3 game boxes (Malagai, Confrontation, Gauntlet, NO GAME INCLUDED, repros are available through the AA store) 6 manuals (2 for each game) I won't glue the manuals onto the box, the owner can glue it if he wants to. The whole set costs EURO 60 (free shipping worldwide, payment Paypal only). If you are interested in single games: I'll add them to my regular list soon. Right now I only offer the set. Hope you like what you see, Marc.
  7. Just posted also on the http://atariage.com/forums/topic/261558-games-genres-that-we-dont-have-on-our-a8/page-3?do=findComment&comment=3686287 topic:
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