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Found 14 results

  1. I have five non-functional Geneve 9640 cards. For some time I've considered what to do with them. I am not interested in investing my time to fix them and have decided to offer them to the community. I obtained the cards during the late 1990s when I temporarily assumed Myarc responsibility from Cecure Electronics. The cards came from Myarc and were never sold due to their inoperable condition. Rest assured these cards are not customer cards. You can read about the repair efforts in Micropendium articles from the period. The cost per card is $50.00USD + shipping. This covers my investment. If you buy a card, you will need to source any missing parts yourself. Schematics are available on WHT. The cards will come with whatever chips are currently installed, untested with no warranty or guarantee of any kind. Last but not least, Richard and I have discussed the future disposition of these cards. We will not accept them for repair. This is primarily an opportunity for those of you who want to own a card that you can learn from and/or repair yourself.
  2. Greetings all! I wound up getting into some Geneve emulation in MESS the other day after Michael and I had been talking about it. Anyway, I thought I'd start a support thread. I finally got the first thing besides the OS running on the Geneve a couple of days ago, and that was Advanced Basic. I tried to load and run an XB program from there, but the machine freezes. This likely has something to do with TIMODE, but I haven't been able to get any XB program to run. Moreover, I'm wondering what else is out there for the Geneve? Some reading seemed to suggest that MyWord was a Geneve editor, but I immediately was hesitant to believe it after looking at the contents of the disk, which has a file named 'FORMAT' (which would of course be problematic with MDOS's command). So what other software is there for the Geneve, and where can I find some documentation, such as an ABasic manual? Also, advice on how to run TI software on the Geneve would be greatly appreciated. I'm sorry to ask - I've been wading through whtech for days without finding any answers nor much in the way of useful documentation .
  3. From the album: SCART-Genie

    SCART-Genie v1.0 designed by Chris Schneider (me). Allows for easy connect of Geneve 9640 to a SCART enabled monitor. Sync Cleaner enabled circuit Internally powered Internal/External speaker selection

    © Copyright 2018 Chris Schneider

  4. Well, I suppose my Geneve is getting old. I hoped to finish everything in MAME before its time has come, but the first symptom showed up yesterday. The right mouse button is reported to be pressed rapidly when it is not. In my Fractals program, the right mouse button is used to show the menu line with the pull-down menus, and now this line is flickering. Also, I tried a test program for the mouse, and the "right button" text flickers on the screen. Too bad this still happens when I unplug the mouse. When I press the button, the flickering stops, and the button is correctly detected. So it seems as if the unpressed state has become unstable. The right mouse button is checked by the v9938 (unlike the left button which is checked via CRU). My theory is that the pull-up resistor on the Geneve board has gone bad. At least this would be the preferred explanation, since I could fix this with a soldering iron. Other ideas?
  5. I have a Geneve 9640 that is in desperate need of a bootable hard drive controller. If anyone has one they'd like to turn into money, please let me know! Thanks, [email protected]
  6. The Geneve GPL ( version 6.50 ) has an option ( F5 ) labelled GPL w/ROMPAGE. It takes me to the title screen when I press it. What is it supposed to do? And on a hopefully related note, how many cartridge port rom pages does GPL on the Geneve support? The memory map indicates just the 16k worth. Thanks, [email protected]
  7. I'm creating a poll, hopefully, to determine how many Geneve users using original hardware or an emulator, are on this Forum. Beery
  8. This is a first concept for a new Geneve boot process, which is implemented in the boot EPROM. Over the years, and in particular after some debugging and disassembling, I found that the existing solutions (0.98 and 1.00) offer some potential for improvement (politely saying). Both boot EPROMs offer to boot from one of several fixed sources. Also, they include code for a low-level access to the storage media. Such code should be part of a driver, and the driver should not be hardcoded into the EPROM, because there is always the chance of having bugs in it, or you encounter a new device that will not be supported this way. Also, booting is performed the same way, once your hardware setup has evolved to a stable state. If you need to press a certain key every time for loading from your favorite device, this is somewhat annoying. Unfortunately, the Geneve does not offer a non-volatile storage (EEPROM) to store user preferences. For that reason, I considered to write a new boot process with the following properties: The EPROM shall not contain any low-level device access code. It contains a fixed list of popular boot devices, though. The boot process is composed of two stages. The first stage consists of loading a boot loader from one device of the built-in list, using the DSR from the device. After successfully loading the first stage, control is passed to the loaded code, and the boot EPROM is no longer needed from there on. The second stage consists of loading a controller-dependent part that loads low-level routines into the system, still using the card DSR (but may also use own code). The controller-independent (CI) loader must be placed on one device of the built-in list. However, it has full control from where to load the controller-dependent (CD) part. That way, a known device may bootstrap any future, still unknown device. Since the EPROM passes control to the first stage, the first and second stage may be combined to a single stage, containing all required low-level routines. In case of a broken boot process, there is an override to force loading from DSK1. This leaves a lot of space in the EPROM, and I envisage to get a more informative boot screen with memory test output, device detection, and a progress bar for loading. All of these are comparatively simple tasks. Also, the Swan should be shown on the screen, as it is the well-known brand icon of our computer. The typical situations that I have in mind: Floppy only. The disk in DSK1 contains two files: @BOOT1 and @SYSTEM. The boot loader must be selected according to the floppy controller. The first and second stage are contained in @BOOT1. MFM drive. The drive (WDS1) contains the above files. As long as no space bar is pressed, loading will start from WDS1, which is part of the built-in list. SCSI drive. See MFM drive. Floppy and EXOTIC device. The second drive is not part of the built-in list. The Floppy drive contains the file @BOOT1 only. The file is tailored to point to the EXOTIC drive, from where @BOOT2 and @SYSTEM are loaded. This way, the floppy will only be used for the first stage, and most of the code will come from the second drive. SCSI and EXOTIC device. Similar to above; @BOOT1 and @BOOT2 may be combined and put on the SCSI drive, since the SCSI drive is fast. @BOOT2 is tailored to attempt loading @SYSTEM from the EXOTIC drive. Since the floppy drive may always be forced to load @BOOT1, you can do anything you deem reasonable from here on, probably booting a rescue system that you put on DSK1. I cannot promise this will become real in any shorter period of time, but maybe someone here feels like starting with it, or has another idea.
  9. From the album: SCART-Genie

    SCART-Genie v1.0 designed by Chris Schneider (me). Allows for easy connect of Geneve 9640 to a SCART enabled monitor. Sync Cleaner enabled circuit Internally powered Internal/External speaker selection

    © Copyright 2018 Chris Schneider

  10. Wanted to get a head start on seeing what other Geneve users would like to see for packages offered for the SCART-Genie.
  11. (NOT-F18A) 80col+EGA-stuff TMS9938 TMS9958 EGA PROGRAMs Geneve Dijit Mechatronik TIM SNUG EDIT Hi all, in contrast to Omega´s thread F18A - 80 Column & Enhanced Graphics Supported Programs here you can find all other software/programs which use or support graphic features i.e. for the TMS9938, TMS9958, Geneve, TIM, Mechatronik 80, Dijit AV-PC, SNUG EVPC a.s.o. (what did I miss ?) If you know about more hard- or software, supporting these or any feature like that, please write down here. thanks, have fun xXx
  12. From the album: SCART-Genie

    SCART-Genie v1.0 designed by Chris Schneider (me). Allows for easy connect of Geneve 9640 to a SCART enabled monitor. Sync Cleaner enabled circuit Internally powered Internal/External speaker selection

    © Copyright 2018 Chris Schneider

  13. Shift838

    SCART-Geneive v1.0

    From the album: SCART-Genie

    SCART-Genie v1.0 designed by Chris Schneider (me). Allows for easy connect of Geneve 9640 to a SCART enabled monitor. Sync Cleaner enabled circuit Internally powered Internal/External speaker selection

    © Copyright 2018 Chris Schneider

  14. Thanks to dano (long live the TI!) of the Yahoo group we're up to another programming language: Fortran It comes as two seperate packages: * Fortran 99 (v.4.4) for the TI-99/4A * Fortran 9640 (v4.4) for the Geneve I did not yet have a chance to try the software. Documentation is included. You can grab it here: http://www.retroclou...ORTRAN_v4.4.zip I'll add it to the development resources thread in the next few weeks. Big thanks to Dano for investing the time and money to preserve Fortran! It's much appreciated! :thumbsup:
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