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Found 6 results

  1. vdub_bobby

    Back In The Game

    SO AFTER A LONGISH hiatus from 2600 coding I've begun to dive back in. This coincides with finishing the first new (to me) Zelda game I've played in about 4 years. Complete coincidence. So, a few days ago I got some of the rust off by writing a buzzer program. I'll probably get back to that and add some sounds a tweak up the controls a little for Murph74, but last night I returned to Go Fish! And boy has it been a while. I spent about two hours last night trying to, essentially, hack a six-digit score into the darn thing. Why, you ask? Well - to my surprise, and pleasure*, a few people are good enough at Go Fish! to max the score. A little while later, that same person contacted me with a request: He really enjoyed the game, but wanted a further challenge. He wanted to know, was there any way to add another digit to the score (making the max 99,999) or to make the score roll back to zero after surpassing 9,999. I responded, "Sure, but you'll have to wait until the new year" (this was in Nov/Dec last year) since I was in the middle of Christmas hustle and bustle as well as finishing up my part of Toyshop Trouble. Now, making those changes to Go Fish! requires overcoming some technical problems: 1. The reason the score maxes in the first place is because the high scores are saved to the AVox; if the scores rolled that wouldn't work properly as the highest scores wouldn't necessarily occupy the top spot in the high score list. So the simplest solution, allowing the score to roll, would be less than optimal. 2. Obviously, all current 4-digit display routines would have to be rewritten to use 6-digit display routines. This includes the game-play screen and the title screen. 3. RAM. Is tight. A six-digit score would require an extra byte to store the score, plus an extra byte for each saved high score. Plus extra bytes for the extra pointers necessary for the six-digit display routine. 4. ROM. All these changes will likely require ROM, which is limited. 5. A bunch of routines will have to be updated to handle a six-digit score rather than a four-digit score. My goal was/is the following: increase the score to six digits and decrease the high-score table to a single (six-digit) entry, which is saved to a different part of the EEPROM block assigned to Go Fish!. I started doing this last night and...wasn't very successful. My coding style of two years ago was a little different (read: sloppier) than it is now, that plus the fact that it is two years old made it difficult to follow at times. Also, I quickly ran into ROM-space issues, which required a bunch of code/data rearranging/optimizing. All in all it was rather frustrating and I didn't really get anything to work right. By the time I finished I was ready to give up and just remove the AVox EEPROM routines and make the score roll (i.e., the easy solution), but after talking it over with Rebecca a little I think I may give it another chance before giving up entirely. So we'll see. I really want to do this, but I don't want it to turn into a 40-hour, 3-month project that saps my will to live. *Pleasure because I wasn't entirely sure how possible it was to max the score, so I'm glad to find out that it is possible to "beat" the game. Also pleasure for the more obvious reason: that someone liked the game enough to get that good at it. P.S. Here is the binary, and screenshots, of the Atari Buzzer. AtariBuzzer20070202.bin
  2. AFTER MAKING BIG plans earlier this year I've done a whole lot of nothing so far. Hmmm...strike that. Looking back through my blog, I've done more than I thought. Mostly I just haven't managed to produce a game. I was going to use this blog entry as a data dump for everything I've half-assed over the last couple of months - and don't worry, I still will use it for that purpose! - but I think I will change gears and use it as a sort of retrospective of the year so far. Maybe help me get focused. So, if you follow the link above (don't bother), you'll see that these were my plans for the year: 1. Write something for the Supercharger contest. 2. Write a standard cart 2600 game 3. Port Go Fish! to the A800 4. Write something for the minigame compo I've sort-of made progress on a few of those things. I started work on an SC RPG for the contest but ran out of enthusiasm and time. If Glenn extends the contest deadline, I might pick this up again. Here's what I've got so far: SCRPG20060317.bin Basically, I took Andrew Davie's Boulderdash kernel concept and tried to shoehorn it into the SC. I got bogged down trying to figure out how to do the text. My start-of-the year ideas for a 2600 cart were 1. a paddle-controlled, four-player horizontally scrolling shooter, 2. a port of Metroid to the 2600, and 3. something else that would use the paddles. I don't remember what. To lay everything on the table, I suppose I could also pick up my Arkanoid demo and finish that and I could finish the PONG demo. I've also been working on (pencil and paper) a Street Fighter II-esque fighter for the 2600 - which would have an insanely complicated kernel. Most likely, and tying in with #4, Squish 'Em will be the next game I finish. As for porting Go Fish! to the A800 - I'd still like to do that, but I will probably try to port it to the GBA (!) first. In other news, I've done some music with Tommy. I haven't heard anything so I'm assuming that it ended up being too late, but Tommy and I wrote a title-screen tune for RPS, which I will unveil here: RODTVTheSong20060529.bin I think it turned out pretty well. I also am planning on writing (with Tommy) a tune for another game; hopefully this one won't be too late. So...plans for the rest of the year? Tune for other game, Squish 'Em, more SC stuff, and other stuff as I am inspired.
  3. vdub_bobby

    Go Fish! Long Play

    AFTER ALL MY WHINING earlier, it ended up not being too difficult after all: GoFishExtended20070220.bin Changes: -six digit scoring -single, six-digit high score -high score is saved to AVox EEPROM at a different location than the regular Go Fish! high scores -added (previously PAL-only) fish color changes: fish are darker at bottom and lighter at the top. Thomas' suggestion; this helps the fish be more visible - he suggested it too late for the NTSC version Issues: -Eels are practically invisible (oops!) when they aren't flashing, especially on real hardware -Should I add some kind of indicator to the title screen? [EDIT: Forgot to mention - playtesting of this would be very appreciated! Especially looking at the fish colors, if they look good, and also general bug checking. I had to use a little more RAM and I'm slightly worried about the stack overwriting RAM, though I don't think it is ever a problem.] As for how this will be distributed - well, I dunno. I do not want a general release of this, since the changes will only affect a very minor subset of players (namely, those, unlike myself, who can max the score at 9,999) and I don't want to be seen as trying to squeeze $ from collectors who feel compelled to buy one of everything. So, I am considering offering this on a cartridge for a reduced (i.e., royalties-free) price (possibly with a very slightly modified label) to anyone who can verify, with a picture, that they have maxed the score on a regular Go Fish! cart. Thoughts? Realistically, the only copies I will likely sell will be those that were specifically requested in the first place, but I figured since I did the work I might as well make an open offer.
  4. Guest

    New things in a new year

    JUST A QUICK post about my tentative programming plans for the year. Partly to document, partly just to get this down somewhere while I'm thinking about it, partly to motivate myself. Tentative plans: 1. Write something for the SC contest. I was ambivalent about this when I first heard about it, but I'm starting to get a little more enthused. I just need to come up with an idea... 2. Write standard (i.e., cartridge) game for 2600. There are 3 ideas I'm kicking around for this right now. Two of them use the paddles; a paddle game is something I'd like to write at some point. 3. Port Go Fish! to the A8. 4. Write something(s) for the 2006 minigame compo.
  5. A NEW YEAR! TIME TO MAKE plans! What...February already? Oh well, better late than never. Anyway, my plans for the year have come into focus only recently, so I thought I'd share. Major Projects: 1. Finish the Maids+Elevators game. 2. Port Squish 'Em to the 2600. Minor Projects: 1. Modify Go Fish! to allow higher scores (or allow the score to "roll") for a few folks that can actually max it out. 2. Mystery project that I'm working on with Nathan Strum. Details: Squish 'Em is going to be a Christmas present for my two boys, or maybe just for my oldest. So for the year as a whole this is the top priority. However, I'd really like to finish the M+E game so I'm going to work on that first - but I'm going to start working seriously on Squish 'Em in mid- or late-spring, so if M+E isn't done by then it will have to wait. However, before all that I'm going to make the modifications to Go Fish! This should be a relatively easy project - - I just need to get off my duff and get busy. The mystery project only exists in some mockups that Nathan has done (and is working on) and, on my end, on paper. He will have more time in the summer to work on this and I'll probably fit some time in then as well to whip up some demos. But this project, assuming it happens , is really a 2008 project. I.e., it is as tentative as it is possible to be. So that's that. I'd still like to write something for the GBA and the A800, but I just don't see that happening.
  6. ...AS LONG as no bugs crop up. GoFishExtended20070221.bin Changes: -modified title screen -changed eel colors to be more visible Issues: -Eel flashing doesn't show very well when eels are in the very top row. Oh well. Unless any bugs show up, this is done.
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