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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, finally found an idea to update my blog. I guess that's fun. Though I don't think I am as much a gamer as I was last year (or active in the atari scene for that matter), I am still here. Still browsing the web, still getting new ideas, still helping out with STOT, though I've taken quite a backseat there with Thorn doing most of the work. So what is the state of things in 16/32 gaming this year? For a starters, a few sites have gone active and a few more continue. Atarimania started an ST section, the Guardians of the past went online after 2 years in the making and Atari Legend woke up from the dead. More or less all these sites have the goal to showcase, and in the case of Atarimania and GOTP to preserve ST software. However if the past is any indication, I'd put my money on Atarimania. While GOTP has a nice and modern interface I find the fact that they don't recognise the work done by the ULS consortium (D-Bug and Klapauzius) and ppera (ok I don't think his "adaptations" work as they should and I don't trust him with my FAT, but I can't deny the fact that he is actually doing something and some people find it useful) a bad idea. If they are going in the HOL direction they should have included it. If they are taking the purist direction, well I don't agree with that. With a lot more atari users having hard disks, Satan or Ultrasatan, they are missing on a chance of becoming a very useful atari resource. Anyway, it was nice to see the site up and I hope they don't take this criticism badly. Speaking of D-bug, well they are a bit to a lot demotivated. You see in a small world like our community, feedback is the most important thing. When you use something and enjoy it, taking the 2-3 minutes to let the person responsible know that is common courtesy. I am not speaking specifically about D-Bug here but taking the opportunity I'd like to remind you all to keep in contact with the software authors, thus ensuring updates and new software. I'd also like to remind myself the same thing . Klapauzius otoh, was caught up by RL. We'll see him soon. In other news 2 old games were resurrected, a quite unfinished version of jaguar xj220 that oberze found in his hard drive was released by GOTP and Jamie (the author of Nitro) through D-Bug released his sidescrolling shooter Sideways. Both of this games got the D-Bug treatment. Also, the falcon got a new release by Puzzledize.. er I meant Paradize. It's surprisingly, a puzzle game called Jewelz. Like I said at the beginning, STOT is still going strong, we organise tournaments in various parties Thorn goes to and of course a big tournament will be held at Outline 09. We are still trying to figure out the game, but we'll be there. Apart from that, Stickhead is still going on with reviews and gaming stuff and the latest issue of RGCD had quite a bit of ST stuff in it. A great job by Heavy Stylus. Well, that's about it. Thanks for reading.
  2. Here is a new version of a null modem TCP/IP connection between the atari and a PC this time with the use of the STING stack. I don't see a reason why it wouldn't work with an ST or Mega STE but as usual some things are beyond us.I only have a falcon to test. Setting up the Atari: First it is imperative to install and install properly the HSModem serial port drivers. To do that we place DRVIN.PRG in the auto folder late in the running order but before the drivers and the stack. After that we install the serial drivers. Depending on our machine this should be: SCC.PRG for ST, Falcon or MegaSTE modem 2 MFP.PRG for ST, Mega STE modem 1 [1] * I use SCC for my falcon but without an ST to test I am not really sure about this. I read the manual but I couldn't really understand it TBH. It's trial and error. Next we go to setting up the stack. STING 1.26 has been used. We place sting.prg and sting.inf in the auto folder, after the serial port drivers. We also create a c:/STING folder where we put the sting modules and all accompanying software. The modules need to be placed in the sting folder and not a subfolder. We also need to add the cpx serial.cpx, stingprot.cpx, stingport.cpx and sting.cpx in our cpx folder to be loaded by the control panel. Serial port settings: Modem 2, 38400, RTS/CTS, 8bit none parity, 1 stop bit. Sting port settings General, PPP, van jacobson compression Addressing: MTU 576, ip address appropriate Sting internals Sting Protocols Resolver: routers ip Windows: We set up windows to accept incoming connections as described in my previous entry. Important: The sting prt file needs to be placed in the auto folder next to sting (but I wasn't sure so I've placed it all over ). That's about it. You reboot and you are connected with internet. I've also changed my route.tab and default.cfg according to this. The connection is more stable than the pppd connection with mintnet and I don't know why. I just accept it. On a related note, my falcon's floppy broken down while I was trying to take some screenshots...
  3. Christos

    Falcon fixing

    Three things that had to be done were done. With the help of CyranoJ and lp and the guide by techie Alison I mounted the hard disk on the RF shield, added a sony mpf 920 floppy disk drive since my epson died and repaired my VGA cable. Read the original thread here. Crappy cell phone camera pictures follow. I think my falcon looks better like this. I'll keep it that way. What do you think?
  4. I spent this morning watching a few demos for my favourite machine and although this topic has been covered extensively in the scene related websites and publications (diskmags, online even in print) such as the DHS website or the Alive Atari scene diskmag, I thought I should write a few words too, from a personal viewpoint. If you don't know what is a demo take a look here. My first contact with the demoscene was when I got my Falcon. Among with the software I got with came three demos. One was for the STE, called Techno Drugs by NLC, the other two being Falcon, Terminal F**k up by Sanity and last but not least the Eko Demo 2 by the Eko group. The last needed an RGB monitor and though it isn't something special by demoscene standards I used to bring the TV to my room all the time just to watch it. I loved it. These demos were all I had for some time, but later I got one of those pd CD compilations that had a Falcon demos compilation. I don't exactly remember what I watched but I think I wasn't that impressed. The modern era of demo watching for me started with the internet revolution (that came a bit later for Greece). I would download as many demos as I could find and started getting more and more impressed with what people would do. So what are my favourite demos for the falcon? My most favourite is an easy one. _ (Underscore) by Escape. A galore of fast texture mapped polygons, excellent mood in design and music. Youtube video .Another wonderful demo is the Hmmm demo again by Escape and Delta and Out by Lineout. Dead Hackers Society have released excellent demos as well but they are mostly for accelerated machines. But you can find videos of their demos in youtube and their site. Check for Derealization, Outline invite and "The Genocidal". And finally Sonolumineszenz by Avena. I can't say enough for this demo, just that it rocked the scene. Links. DHS www.dhs.nu Escape http://web.inf.tu-dresden.de/~nf2/ Lineout http://lineout.atari.org/ Avena www.avena.com I know I am forgetting crews and notable Falcon Demos, but this isn't an article, just random thoughts. Enjoy!
  5. For a first post I will attempt to describe the process to get the falcon online or to an already established network with the use of a null modem cable. It took me 5 days to get it (almost) properly working and I write this in the hope that it won't take you that long. So here we go! Windows: The first thing that you need to do is to change your null modem driver and create an incoming connection. This process is described here so I won't do it again. One thing to know though. When you enter the internet properties make sure that you specify a range of addresses bigger than 2. E.g. From to And make sure that the from address is your pc's address in the already established network. My pc is connected to the internet through a router so I don't know how these settings change if yours is connected directly to it. Experiment.... Atari side: In the falcon I am using Mintnet. I created an options file that should have the following: #Options file for Mintnet pppd lock debug crtscts noauth defaultroute asyncmap 0 A good idea would be to also edit your /etc/resolv.conf and your /etc/hosts files. In the first file you must add the DNS servers of your isp or as some suggest your routers address in the network. I added them all... #/etc/resolv.conf nameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx nameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx nameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx nameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx are the respective ip addresses. In the hosts file you can name the various ip addresses in your network so you don't have to deal with them all the time... The moment of truth: Start a shell and type in: pppd -detach /dev/ttyS1 57600 & If all went well a connection to the machine will be established and you are set to go to the internet. ttySX is the number of the serial port you've connected the null modem cable to. If it's modem 1 than it should be ttyS0. 57600 is the speed of the connection. Others report a stable connection at 115200 but I'll get back to it later... Linux: If you are using Linux as your pc's operating system than open a shell and type this: pppd -detach crtscts asyncmap 0 noauth proxyarp xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy /dev/ttyS0 57600 & xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the ip address of your pc in the network, and yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy the assigned ip address to your Atari. Again make sure that yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy - xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx >= 2 Run the ppp daemon on the Atari and if everything goes well you are connected and with access to the internet... You have to make sure that ip_forward = 1. Problems: I cant seem to get a stable connection at any speed. After a while though the computers seem to remain connected no packets are transmitted and I have no idea of the cause. I suspect the null modem cable but it works very well with ghostlink so I am at a loss. References.... I' ve read so many texts about this, visited so many forums that I am going to forget many helpful sites. A big thank you to those I forget.... Patrice' s site http://pmandin.atari.org Mintnet for Lamers http://www.st-katharina-apotheke.de Linux Networking How to http://tldp.org/HOWTO/NET3-4-HOWTO.html Yolinux http://www.yolinux.com/TUTORIALS/LinuxTuto...Networking.html Plus thanks to Anders and ggn for their help This process is not valid only for falcons but for any Atari or compatible. Of course if you have a Milan you will probably want to use an Ethernet card
  6. January 2017 Update: Per most recent post, I've acquired most of the items I had been looking for, but still looking for first year/first six issues of 99'er Magazine Volume 1, Nos. 1-6. And also would add that I'm looking for a Prostick II Joystick (Blue). Thanks everyone! ---------- Hello, I'm looking to buy the following: TI Color Monitor (PHA4100A) Operating Guide Slymoids (PHM3197) User Manual TI Editor/Assembler Disks (PHM3055) - Original Part A and Part B Floppy Disks First year/First six issues of 99'er Magazine Volume 1, Nos. 1-6 I have PDF versions of the guide, manual, and 99'er magazines listed above, but would like the original printed versions. I also have copies of the TI Editor/Assembler Disks, but would like the original TI supplied disks. As for the 99'er magazines, I have the 99'er Best Of that has most of the content from the first year of print (Volume 1), but would like to have the original six magazines which are likely rare (even copies with mailing labels are fine). Just trying to round out and complete my collection. Happy to pay for the above items and/or offer in trade any of my extra equipment (TI-99/4a Silver/Black console with power supply and documentation, speech synthesizer, PEB with cable and floppy disk drive - but no disk controller just the drive, black program recorder, beige program recorder, dual recorder cable, TI joysticks, TI-Writer Software, Extended Basic, Neurosurgeon, Adventure (cart only), Star Trek, TI Printer Manual - PHP2500). Everything is tested and works. I have the documentation for most of the stuff including TI-Writer, but I don't have the original TI-Writer binder and don't have any of the original packaging/boxes). Any offers/help appreciated. Thanks!
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