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Found 34 results

  1. After reading the Video Game Critic's review where he was really complaining about the speed the miner moves in this version, I thought at least this point should be easy to fix. Miner2049er (faster).bin
  2. Hi, I had a few hours of spare time and, based on my old disassembly from 2001, created a little hack of Pitfall!. This hack allows you to select one of 16 all new maze variations. Especially for those who have still fun in mapping screens and underground passages. Enjoy! NTSC and PAL-60 (with some small color adjustments) versions included. Update: The x256 version has 256 mazes and additional variety of the existing game elements. See this post for details. Pitfall!x16.zip Pitfall!x256 v1.20 (2017) (Activision, David Crane, Thomas Jentzsch) (NTSC).bin Pitfall!x256 v1.20 (2017) (Activision, David Crane, Thomas Jentzsch) (PAL-60).bin
  3. Out of curiosity, does anyone happen to know if any talented programmers ever produced a hack of Combat that added in computer controlled A.I. for the second player? Combat is about as classic and timeless as a home video game could be, but it can be tricky to find someone else who wants to play it with you these days so it would be quite cool if there was a way to play against the computer.
  4. So the Atari VCS has had a tone of Arcade ports to the system and has tones of games that could have been arcade games in their own right(Yars Revenge, Keystone Kapers). What I am wondering is are there any arcade rom hacks that can turn a 2600 into a home arcade and if someone wired up a coin mech would accept coin credits? I had the idea that home consoles can be arcades in their own right given arcade sticks a cabinet and monitor and given flash carts you can cycle between games without having to switch out any cartridges. Given flash carts can run hacks and modded games has anyone tried this? Is this a dumb idea to begin with? If you had a 2600 arcade cabinet what games would you think would you most like to see modded?
  5. Hi, I am working on updating some of the sprite graphics for the 2600 hack Dig Dug Arcade. One of the more significant changes that I have made is to the shape of the rocks that Dig Dug can drop on the enemies. The new rocks look more natural and have a shape closer to the arcade once Dig Dug loosens them and they fall, but they are still perfect squares when stationary because they are playfield graphics instead of sprites. Is there a way to alter the shape of the playfield rocks to match the first frame of the new sprite rock that I made? My thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  6. For my first ROM hack, I changed the the player and enemy graphics in Jawbreaker to robots. Edit:Added screenshots. Robot Panic.zip
  7. The NES version of Pac-Man is good (as I remember it), and this is a neat lil hack to make it stylictically similar to the VCS original. Well isit's like an NES/VCS mashup! http://www.mediafire.com/download/usq9nu6bp4aayjd/
  8. I was drawing graphics for the 5200/A8 Popeye Arcade, and I decided to go all out and update the NES and 2600 VCS port with a few tweaks. Here is a little twist on the 2600 Popeye. I don't want to call it "Arcade", because I am sure a better version could be created from scratch. But not a bad version for the time. POPEYE(UpdateBU).BIN
  9. Is it possible to add the star field effect bug from cosmic ark in the communist mutants from space?
  10. An edit for the fonts in Rainbow Walker. I never liked the way they did some of the characters/numbers. No plans to edit the other graphics here, but I did adjust the sun and moon graphics a little. Who knows in the future though... What's changed: 1. Alpha characters 2. Numbers 3. Playfield score display numbers Rainbow Walker (5-1-2016).xex
  11. I just wanted to share with you my current project. I modified a Donkey Kong 2600 rom to look more like the arcade version. I'm fond with how it's turning out, especially Mario's sprite. I hope you enjoy playing the rom! (Note: There is a glitch with Mario's hat if he jumps at the top of the first level. I hope someone can try to fix that). DK.bin
  12. Here is a hack of Xevious that started out in this thread. List of changes: Replaced "Xevious" logo with one that looks more like the arcade. Tweaked the Salvalou (player ship) sprite to be slightly more arcade-like. Changed various colors for added detail and to make some things stand out more, such as explosions. A side effect of making the water lighter is that the forest now shows more detail and looks much better IMO. Xevious (Title+Color Edit).a78 Xevious (Title+Color Edit).bin Here are 300dpi color labels: 1st in original art, 2nd with blue sky, 3rd with black gradient over blue sky.
  13. I always wished the Super Cobra chopper was a little smaller, so I could navigate without having to be quite so careful. I always thought it would improve gameplay. Well, it is a little smaller now, and I do think it improves gameplay. While I was at it, I thought I'd make a few visual improvements too. I'd like to maybe do a few more things in the future. But I just wanted to share what I'd done so far and get some feedback on what people think. Done so far: 1. Chopper smaller and graphically improved a little 2. Playfield points display font improved 3. Remaining choppers graphic improved 4. A few other minor changes Super Cobra.xex
  14. Hi everybody,I'm creating a new giana sister hack calls Matteo's Land Video: Download:http://www.mediafire.com/file/4osl1o5srwbom52/level_12_trainer.d64 http://csdb.dk/release/?id=161017 I create a c64 version but I want create an Atari St Version..Any Programs (Like the video to support me and tell me if this hack is good or not please)
  15. Greetings forums! This is my first post here, so excuse the bad formatting/writing. So I have an idea for a hack of the Wizard Video Halloween and Chainsaw 2600 games. It seems unfair that only Michael and Leatherface have their own games. Why not give Freddy and Jason theirs, too? The Halloween hack will, of course, have the same basic gameplay goal: To get the kids to the safe end of the house. Except now the kids are Nancy's friends (they're taller), and you have to get them out of Freddy's boiler room and into the real world (the safe rooms) before he kills you all. The opening song, and the song that plays when Freddy is on screen, will be a 2600 rendition of the "One, Two Freddy's coming for you" jingle from the movies. The Chainsaw hack will have the same gameplay goal: Kill all the girls on screen. Except you now play as Jason and swing your machete with the tap of the fire button. The farmhouse in the background is now replaced with Camp Crystal Lake cabins, and the girls now wear blue shirts and pants instead of dresses. Instead of fuel, you now have a Blade meter, which goes down as you kill. The chainsaw sound effect will now be gone when you're walking, and will only make a small "bump" sound when you press fire and swing the machete. The title screen won't flicker, it will just be black and say "Friday the 13th". The problem is, I have absolutely no idea how to hack a 2600 game, no matter how long I've browsed the forums looking for help. Could someone please give me some helpful start-up tips? Or any hacking tips at all. I would love to get these things to become a reality, and if they get done, I will post them on the game pages and put them up for download so everyone can enjoy them. And heck, maybe even get them to cart format on the store? There's also some art I did showing sprite and background changes, simply re-did the originals in Paint.net.
  16. Atari 5200 SuperSystem Donkey Kong Jr Here is the 5200 version of the A8 Dk Jr hacks. "Arcade" is for Arcade likeness DKJr_5200(Arcade).bin "Enhanced" has more of a jungle feel. DkJr_5200(Enhanced).bin DKJr_5200(Arcade).bin DkJr_5200(Enhanced).bin
  17. I always thought the A8 version of Donkey Kong Jr. would look more arcade-like if the brick patterns were removed from the screens. After the Popeye Arcade conversion, I decided to show Donkey Kong Jr. some love. I also saw a thread comparing the A8 to the 7800 Dk Jr. The A8 version does have some control issues, but I wanted to give it a little boost. Playsoft generously made some time to help out with this effort and make it possible. dkjr_A8_V7.zip I still have a few more tweaks to go, but I thought I'd get some feedback. Please keep in mind that this version uses character tiles for all enemies. Donkey Kong Jr is the only sprite on the the screen, so there is no way to keep the enemies, fruits, etc from temporarily overwriting the screen slot.
  18. Well, it took a couple of days and way too much thinking and desoldering/soldering, but it's finally done... Here's a few pictures of my hacked ColecoVision Flashback... well, the insides and screen shots, at least. For this first test, I selected a few of my own games/utilities as well as most of the other half of the classic ColecoVision library. I've only tried out a few games, but so far they seem fine, although I noticed a few sound issues with JetPack and Squares (I'm sure the same thing happens with the standard 60/61 Flashback games). What next? CollectorVision Flashback? Best 60 (or 61? or 70?) Flashback?
  19. I was wondering if the Donkey Kong arcade hacks could be made to work on 7800 hardware? I am assuming so because they appear to utilize assets from the original arcade game, and the achievement of Donkey Kong PK/XM on the 7800 serves as a sort of proof of concept.
  20. Adjusted the font set and graphics as follows: 1. Slightly smaller and improved font. 2. Characters/Numbers on gauges improved for readability. 3. Colors for gauges adjusted (gauges no longer purple). I also picked a green for NTSC that results in a green color for PAL (rather than yellow, as before).
  21. [video=youtube;7cY7tI4q5nw] Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/c9uqzphisbahorj/
  22. Hi everyone, I've been meaning to share this hack of Combat for a while. Broadside.bin I started out changing the tanks to field artillery and the planes to ships, but ended up scrapping the artillery altogether and sticking with the naval theme. There are 25 variations altogether. In the "broadsides" variations, your fire comes out of the right/starboard side of the ship, which gives a bit of a twist to the original Combat gameplay. Here are a couple of screenshots, the first one of the "brig" variation and the second one of the "frigates" variation with ocean fog replacing the Combat clouds. Finally, here's a preliminary manual with box and cartridge art as well as instructions, a chart with all the game variations, and a list of all the changes that have been made in the hack. And no, I didn't do the art...it's a painting from the early 1800s. Broadside Instructions.pdf Enjoy!
  23. Here is a hack of Galaga to make the player's ship a little more like the arcade; or rather an alternate interpretation. While I was at it, I changed some of the colors and tweaked a few other sprites as well. List of changes: New player ship sprite & colors Player & enemy missiles now like the arcade in both shape and colors Tractor beam curved a bit and color tweaked Score font like arcade, but other fonts left alone Various color tweaks, such as title screen logo Galaga (Ship Edit).a78 Galaga (Ship Edit).bin Here's a 300dpi color label:
  24. Since the site this hack was was originally hosted on is no longer in existence and this game definitely deserves to be preserved, I give you JagDoom 32X for NTSC Sega 32X systems. It takes the original 32X Doom and adds in all the previously missing levels from the Atari Jaguar version of Doom as well as the BFG 9000 weapon. To check out the new levels ported from the Jaguar version of Doom just select Level 16 from the title menu and enjoy! You can play JagDoom 32X with an EverDrive on real hardware and if you have the skills to burn it to a 32X PCB then this hack will fit, since the game was kept to 4.2 MB in size. If anyone here does have the equipment to burn the ROM to a PCB then please let me know, since I'd love to have a real physical copy of the version of Doom that 32X owners should have gotten back in the day. Anyhoo, here ya go! JagDoom 32X (NTSC).zip
  25. For my next rom hack, I changed the player, enemy, and shield sprites to a bunch of different things. Crazy Invaders.zip
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