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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, selling my Tiger Electronics Goldeneye handheld game. Bought in Sweden, supposed to be quite rare. http://www.ebay.com/itm/121700616867 Thank you for looking at my auction!
  2. I am selling the following games and movies for the Sony PSP system: Games: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - $8 Gran Turismo - $6 Ridge Racer - $6 Movies: Appleseed - $2 Into the Blue - $2 Ren & Stimpy: Volume 1 - $4 Resident Evil - $4 Resident Evil: Apocalypse - $4 Spiderman 2 - $2 Steamboy - $4 I open to offers for multiple items purchased or trades. I am mostly looking for CIB Intellivision games right now. Games will be packaged so that they are well-protected during transit. Shipping costs for the items are based on the shipping location. If you have any questions, please ask and thanks for looking! Thanks for looking.
  3. WOW! Not mine. But I sure wish it was. Check out Custom made Atari Tempest in a Coleco case with working spinner and arcade system. FA|eBay: Custom made Coleco Tempest with working spinner and arcade system. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 291826486588 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Custom-made-Coleco-Tempest-with-working-spinner-and-arcade-system-/291826486588 "For sale, a custom made Coleco Tempest with a real working spinner! This is a rebuilt Coleco tabletop with all new parts, painted, decaled and made to look like the actual arcade game from the early 1980's. A battery compartment cover is included but is not an original Coleco one. This unit has a working MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) arcade system inside to play lots of arcade classics. Internally it has a Raspberry Pi computer model A+ connected to a 4.3 color LCD screen. Action is controlled by a 8 way joystick and 4 programmable buttons plus a ball bearing spinner to play Tempest the real way! Coin, Start, Pause, Escape buttons, power LED and volume control are also there to enhance your arcade experience. Adding extra games is as easy as putting the zipped "rom file" (from your favorite rom web site) on a thumb drive and plugging it into the side mounted usb port. Detailed instructions are included and I give great post sales support. Decals are high quality. Game runs on 4 NiMH rechargeable c cell batteries (not included) or included dc adaptor. I recommend the rechargeable cells. Any interested parties outside of Canada or USA must message me first. This game is a must have, add it to your collection! Other games available! I do custom builds of other games too, just message me for details! Visit me on my facebook site "Old Made New" here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/oldmadenew/ Visit my Pinterest site for more themed games here. https://www.pinterest.com/neilhenry9083/" #Tempest #Atari #eBay
  4. Anyone remember the Atari touch me hand held game?? It used about 4 or 6 AA batteries, and competed with Simon Says by Ralph Baer.
  5. Early this year, I learned that MAME, which has recently been combined with MESS into one single emulator, also emulates some handhelds now... among those are some I have or had myself, Coleco's Donkey Kong tabletop game, MB's Bigtrak and Nintendo's Mickey & Donald (Game & Watch). I decided to take a deeper look at Mickey & Donald (after nearly competing the Bigtrak code, but that's off topic here) because I was always curious how such games have been programmed... I started on it in February 2016, about 33 years after I got the actual game. Obviously, this is a low-power device powered by two button cells and having an LCD screen. It's using a Sharp SM510 mictrocontroller with a fixed ROM. There is a nice write-up on that CPU here: http://watchdev.blogspot.co.at/2013/06/sharp-sm510-innards.html This chip has got a built-in LCD driver, and the display is memory-mapped, that is, all memory locations from $60 on are visible (at least if they've got segments connected to it). Since the disassembler in MAME didn't work quite correctly (don't know if it has been fixed by now), I wrote my own disassembler for the code in VB.net, which is actually not so hard considering the CPU doesn't have that many commands. There are some quirks like 1-byte subroutine calls which are routed through an address table in the first page, though this still only enables certain jump destinations because those addresses still only have 8 bits, but the address range of the CPU is 12 bits. Well, as I said I was curious how such a game is programmed. Actually it's quite different to what you're used to on video based systems. Normally you would have sprites, which are objects with an X and an Y coordinate, and they move and interact in some fashion. Well, for the most part, it doesn't work this way here. How it actually works is closer to a shift register, actually several of them. As you may know, a shift register is a stack of bits which get shifted left or right in sync to each other. In this game, there are several lines of bits which work like a shift register. But they're not hardwired, all of this is done in software. There is a subroutine for each possible bit which swaps that bit in a memory location with the carry flag. The actual bits in a line often don't have a real logical position in memory, rather they were seemingly positioned so the lines in the LCD screen are best used. For instance, for an object that has 3 possible positions, one position might be displayed when bit 2 of memory location $62 is on, the second one is on bit 1 of memory location $6D and the third one on bit 2 of memory location $6B. The line is now shifted by starting at the first position, fetching its status to the carry flag. Then you set the memory location for the next bit (by one instruction) and call the respective subroutine to swap the bit you want to access. Now you've got that bit in the carry bit and go on to the next location... and so on until the line is through. For instance, Mickey on the left has three possible positions, on bottom, in the middle or on top. If the player presses the "up" button, the Mickey line gets shifted upwards, on pressing "down" it gets shifted downwards, only that the last bit in the line gets re-set if it's found to be on after the shifting. The game code generally doesn't "know" the coordinates of any object visible on screen, it's all done by checking if a certain bit in memory is set. And there are more shift "lines"... two for the hose (one for small and one for big blobs), six for drops and fires and one for Donald on top. The fire shifting routine checks for each position if the corresponding drop bit is set, if so, both are cleared, a point is scored and the routine terminates. The routine shifting down the drops does the same. As for game variables, there are only a few controlling if there's one of the possible leaks, which game or demo mode is on, if the alarm is set, and as far as I can tell two counters for keeping the correct speed. But maybe there are some more which I missed because I didn't examine the complete code. Since the objects don't have coordinates in memory, all checks that depend on a certain location to be set or clear, such as collision detections, check the actual bit in memory... for instance, the routine that creates new drops checks all three possible locations of Donald to find out where he is and place a drop there. That way, they also go around the limitation of the CPU that indexed writes are very hard to do... with this game architecture, none are required, the closest thing to it is actually the routine that converts score digits to the 7 segments that are displayed for each number. This one uses an indirect jump instruction which loads the data byte to the PC. Keep in mind that the PC is not linear, but a pseudo-random shift register, which means that the numbers 0-9 get converted to addresses which are actually all over the place in that page. Oh, the total ROM in that chip is 2772 bytes (44 pages with 63 bytes each). I guess it's similar for other Game & Watch games, though much later models like Pinball and Super Mario Bros. might use a different chip, as may much earlier models like the Silver Series Ball, Vermin, Fire and Judge... there are more advanced models SM-511 and SM-512 supporting independent sound generation, more segments and more ROM up to 4K while the SM-510 has to generate sound writing 0's and 1's for each wave "by hand". On the other hand, there's a simpler chip with only 2016 bytes of ROM that may have been used on the first games. But still I suppose most Game & Watch games will have been programmed in a similar way, because you see some kinds of shifted strings of segments in all of them, with some of them going only one way and others going both ways.
  6. I have too much stuff and between a few sites including ebay I've been selling off chunks of my collection for a few years now. I'm now under 400 physical games, like to push it under 300. If anything is marked as pending there's an ebay bid or someone has interest in it. Prefer to only sell or trade within the US, but if you're in good standing I may work it out with you but shipping below is for US only. Sales Terms: - Shipping usually on anything first class mail will be $3, up to $4 if closer to the 15oz limit. - US Shipping Only (may make per person exceptions) - I will trade, but few games I want (ask) but I do like G1 Transformers and other 70s/early 80s Japanese Robots, also some Lego I will bundle and drop the price with more stuff picked up. I have images of anything up for sale in my photobucket account: http://s232.photobucket.com/user/tanooki-suit/library/sales?sort=9&page=1 Current Gaming Stuff for Sale: Game Gear: $7 (GG) Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse $7 (GG) Dragon Crystal $7 (GG) Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse $7 (GG) Legend of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse $15 (GG) (The) Lost World: Jurassic Park $6 (GG) Revenge of Drancon aka Wonderboy $15 (GG) Ristar the Shooting Star $15 (GG) Samurai Shodown $25 (GG) Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya Genesis: $8 (GEN) Disney's Aladdin $15 (GEN) Exile $8 (GEN) Mystic Defender $15 (GEN) Sonic the Hedgehog 3 $20 (GEN) Steel Empire $10 (GEN) World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck $15 (GEN) ASCIIWare Fighter Stick SG-6 Arcade Joystick NIntendo Handhelds (All Gameboys, DS, 3DS): $12 (GBC) Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine w/manual $5 (GBC) Rampage World Tour $35 (GB/C) Pokemon Yellow Version Special Pikachu Edition - (9/17) Freshly Installed NEW Battery $30 (GBC) Pokemon Silver Version - (9/17) Freshly Installed NEW Battery $5 (GBC) Batman Beyond Return of the Joker $5 (GBC) Lemmings / Oh No More Lemmings $65 (GBA) Pokemon LeafGreen complete in box with wireless adapter, box is damaged $5 (GBA) Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel (Plays in English) $7 (GBA) Godzilla Domination $15 (GBA) Ice Nine $20 (GBA) R-Type III $6 (NDS) Prince of Persia the Fallen King NIntendo Consoles (NES, Famicom, SNES, N64): $10 (FC) Twinbee $7 (FC) Macross $15 (FC) Daiku no Gen San $15 (SNES) Prince of Persia $7 (SNES) Smart Ball $40 (PC) Civilization Chronicles Complete, Card Game Still Sealed and Maps never unfolded, most discs never used, spotless Sony Playstation 4 Games (ALL CIB, Like New or New): $7 (PS4) Call of Duty Ghosts $10 (PS4) Destiny - The Taken King: Legendary Edition $10 (PS4) God of War III: Remastered $10 (PS4) Tomb Raider the Definitive Edition $10 (PS4) Wolfenstein the New Order $10 (PS4) Wolfenstein the Old Blood $15 (PS4) Godzilla $20 (PS4) The Pinball Arcade NON-Gaming Stuff -- Vintage Toys, etc: $7 Terminator Endo Skull LootCrate Exclusive $30 Samurai Giral Real Bout Highschool DVD Box Set w/audio CD complete excellent $15 NEW - Lupin the 3rd Castle of Cagiolstro BluRay Sealed w/sleeve $30 New (w/busted box and 1 of 4 bags but 100%+ -- Lego 8011 (2002) Jango Fett Complete mostly sealed/new $70 GI Joe 1989 Sgt Slaughter's Marauders Armadillo Tank Sealed NEW IN BOX $5 Low-Light (v1)(Series 5-1986) - Red/Black goggles $5 Cobra Commander (v3)(Series 6-1987) - Blue/Silver helmet $(LOT) Crystal Ball (v1)(Series 6-1987) - Gray/black hair-brown Psyche-Out (v1)(Series 6-1987) - Blonde/Green shirt Star Wars Vintage Kenner Action Figures --Empire Strikes Back-- $5 Bossk (1980)- missing blaster rifle (lizard head) --Return of the Jedi-- $7 AT-ST Driver (1984) -missing blaster (gray helmet, shades) $10(LOT) Bib Fortuna (1983) -missing staff, soft-goods cloak, chest armor General Madine (1983) -missing baton Klaatu (1983) -missing vibro lance, soft-goods skirt (green head) Rancor Keeper (1984) -missing headdress, staff
  7. Kinsey is back to finish our Nintendo DS Hidden Gems series with 8 more great games PLUS Honorable Mentions and some embarrassing Outtakes! I recently picked up a 3DS XL...and I am loving playing DS games on that handheld.
  8. SmellyJelly

    Modern Handhelds

    From the album: Smelly's Setup

    Here is my DS/3DS collection. I also have quite a bit of loose DS carts.
  9. From the album: Handhelds

    A one game only handheld released in 1978 by Mattel
  10. The Nintendo 3DS is a smash hit with amazing hardware, great games and killer apps! This guide will help you decide what model of 3DS is right for you, help you get started with the best games and accessories and much more! What games would YOU recommend to new 3DS owners? Any Hidden Gems on the system?
  11. Hi all, Seems like every time I fall on hard times, another of my systems or pieces of my prized collection have to go up for sale. Here we are again. I have a "complete" Game.Com game system. It's the system itself with all 20 of the commercially released games - including the rare Wheel of Fortune 2. All games come with instructions, and other than Lights Out, which came packed in with the system, all the games come with their original boxes. 15 are in the square boxes (and 12 of those came in a plastic outer box which I had to cut to get into, but I cut them in such a way that the games slide right back inside). The other four are in those clam-shell style containers. All the games are in great condition, and are tested and working properly. The system is the Model 71-770, which allows you to insert two games and choose between them. It's been tested with a power supply and batteries (neither of which are included). The system looks great on the outside, the screen itself is scratch-free (and comes with the stylus) and there's no battery corrosion. However, while the game powers up and you can play the games and the included built-in apps, the screen display is for crap. There are multiple horizontal lines running the length of the display, and there's one vertical line. You can play games on it, but it's really hard to see. The pictures don't do the lines justice - it's quite bad. So I'd tell you that you're buying this to get a "complete" system, but in order to play, you'll want to buy another system. I put quote marks around "complete" because while it comes with all the games, I don't have the Internet connection or any other add-on. It's just the 20 games and the unit. As for price - at this point, I'm going to let you decide. Either post here or IM me with an offer, and we'll go from there. Shipping will be actual cost to send it using USPS, rounded up to the next dollar for handling. Cheers, Randy "Smeg" Pearson
  12. So, this thread is all about the original Gameboy, Gameboy Colour and Gameboy Advance! I love Nintendo's line of Gameboy handhelds and they are certainly my favourite systems of all time! They are what I have the biggest collection of too out of all of my consoles as the vast majority of the games are extremely affordable nowadays. I just think that there are so many classic first party titles from Nintendo on the Gameboy as well as a ton of hidden gems! So, if you fancy a discussion about the Gameboy line of systems and the games on them, feel free to have these discussions here! Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them! Anyone who is friendly and respectful is welcome here regardless of whether you're new to the Gameboy or very familiar with it. So, I hope you enjoy! So, let's get this started with a question! What are some of your favourite Gameboy games? Two of mine have to be the Super Mario Land games! In my opinion, they are simply classics! Here is a review that I did of the first Super Mario Land if you are interested:
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