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Found 34 results

  1. If you built (or could buy) an analog joystick (2 paddles as the stick), and 4 buttons (digital stick as 4 buttons), what game or game style would be best for it? Would it take too much processing to read such a stick? (I recall that is why there are only a few analog stick Vectrex games.) I also thought about an adapter for Vectrex controllers to the Atari 2600, but since Vectrex controllers start around $100 and go up it may be cheaper to build one from scratch. Fury Unlimited was making controllers, but says the parts are no longer available. I take that to mean the joystick potentiometer value compatible with the Vextrex is no longer available,
  2. Following the reports on Stuart's web browser, people again suggested to use an old TI console and put a Raspberry PI inside. As I already said, at least MESS won't really run well on a Raspi, at least with its current performance, but faster models seem to come soon. I got another idea that should be perfectly feasible: What about using the TI console as a USB keyboard? Remove everything inside except for the keyboard Attach the keyboard lines to the digital inputs of a microcontroller; I suppose an Arduino should be enough, don't need a full Raspi You would then connect the TI console to the USB port of the PC, where it shows up as a keyboard Does anyone know more about how to make an Arduino pretend to be a USB device, particularly a keyboard?
  3. Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.........anyone have a good supplier of tiny screws used in many Atari computers? Man, those things are tiny!
  4. For those who care. Remark: Do not expect a clean square wave on the Lynx. The signal is (even for low frequencies) a clear RC charging signal. For very high frequencies the signals are terribly distorted. (I will post pics later). Different colors denote different prescale factors for the timers. Everything was measured with full-volume. What was a bit surprising: There are some combinations of prescaler and reload value which result in no signal.
  5. Unique Method For BS Atmega8A is a good choice. As you see in pictures,With Some Wiring and Some Cheap Semiconductors, Only. In Picture You See Atari 2600jr with built-in Games that repaired. ROMS IN EEPROM ARE: 2K- Bowling 2K- Fishing Derby 4K- Air Raiders 4K- Berzerk 4K- Bobby geht nach Hause 4K- Challenge 4K- Chopper Command 4K- Enduro 4K- Fire Fighter 4K- Frogger 4K- Keystone Kapers 4K- King Arthur 4K- Lock 'N' Chase 4K- Pac-Man 4K- Pitfall 4K- River Raid 4K- Sea Hawk 4K- Seaquest 4K- See Saw 4K- Spider-Man 4K- Sub Scan 8K- Battlezone 8K- H.E.R.O. 8K- Pole Position 8K- Private Eye 16K- Commando You Can Find And Play With Those Games In OSx16 Version 6.22 BOOT-CD, ALSO.
  6. You can skip ahead to 10:40 since that's pretty much where they get rolling:
  7. I have one self-built Multijoy (which looks rather ugly inside with lots of "flying" diodes as well as one built using ivop's board but neither works. I have checked the joystick extension cables for continuity and I have verified that I can get an output on PORTA (using one of these nice adapters). When I hook up the breakout board to one of the Multijoy ports, the LEDs never light up. Further than that I'm stumped on where else to look and what to look for. I do have a voltmeter and a logic probe but lack the electronics knowledge to point them in the right direction. Any ideas? I would love to take a Multijoy-equipped Atari to a small retro meeting next saturday which has "multiplayer" as its theme. Thanks!
  8. TI-99/4A Projects Latest update: July 17th 2012 This post lists all active TI-99/4A related projects (hardware, software, documentation, ...) It gives an overview of what folks are currently working on in the TI-99/4A scene. Project authors, please contact me and if you want your project added/updated/removed. Might be that one or more projects need help, so inform me and I'll add a "vacancy open" hint to the thread Hardware F18A - An FPGA based 9918A replacement An enhanced replacement VDP for connecting your TI-99/4A (and possibly MSX1, Colecovision) to a VGA compatible LCD. Author: @matthew180 / Blog Bank Switch Mini 256K Miniature 256K bank-switched circuit board to be used with old cartridge PCB's. Author: @matthew180 Proplay Modified 4 button SEGA gamepads for playing with the TI-99/4A Author: @jchase1970 SIDblaster Soundcard for the PEB (Peripheral Expansion Box) containing a Commodore SID sound chip Author: @marc.hull Software: programming languages Turboforth A new forth cartridge for the TI-99/4A Author: @Willsy / Turboforth site GCC C cross-compiler targetting the TI-99/4A Author: @insomnia / Blog Software: game tools spectra2 Updated version of the TMS9900 Arcade Game Library for the TI-99/4A. Author: @retroclouds GameBase TI-99/4A A Gamebase project for the TI-99/4A containing games, educational titles and a Geneve entry with Hard drive image, also docs & box covers where available. Primarily the TI-99 emulation is through M.E.S.S but now implementing Classic99. Hoping to include every known (and available) TI-99 game ever written. Submissions can be checked here - in case I have missed anything! Author: @OX. Software: games Realms of Antiquity Disk-based CRPG for the TI-99/4A Author: @adamantyr / Blog The Legend of Beryl Reichardt A new vintage-style RPG designed for the TI-99/4a. Stylistically modeled after the 8 bit console RPGs, LoBR features a menu-driven, turn-based battle engine and a classic Final Fantay-style leveling system. Author: @Opry99er Tutankham: Quest for the golden mask A "prequel" to the unreleased TI-99/4A Tutankham game. Covers enhanced graphics and some new features. Author: @retroclouds Ultimate Planet A space themed wargame set in the far future. Author: @Vorticon
  9. Hi all, I have an 800xl upgraded with VBXE, Stereo Pokey, U1Mb, and an internal Sio2Sd. And I also have an 8-year old (human) who actually might enjoy "Invitation to Programming", so I've plugged in the 1010. Motor control works fine, (eg, CLOAD or POKE 54018,52) - but I'm just hearing dead silence - none of the familiar loading noises, nor any audio that's on the other track with tapes like that. I cleaned the heads, even though I felt grubby heads would at least give me some sort of noise. I did some SIO cable wiggling, and then tried a different SIO cable. Then I tried a second 1010 - all making no difference. So, I'm thinking it must be down to the 800xl itself - maybe some side-effect/issue caused by the upgrades it's got - which all work perfectly and were expertly done (not by me! I'm happy with a multimeter, and buliding new kit, but didn't think I'd manage un/soldering on the 800xl board...) I appreciate it's a bizarre combination - having all these upgrades, and then trying to load from tape. But does anyone know any reason why this shouldn't work - or where I might start on diagnosing it? Thanks, Wes
  10. After a bit of bugging around: It looks like the combination prescale 0/backup 0 is behaving completly strange. a) It will never work with LINKING (channel 0-3 links to 1-4). b) It will not produce sound with some (many?) waveforms prescale 0-2 with backup 0-2 have strange behaviour with some waveforms. even if you change the timer/backup, the audible frequency does not change (but, the linked timer does!). My educated guess: with 1us reload 0 we have 1MHz clocking. Might be the chip is not able to perform the linking anymore. beeing close to 1MHz with the other prescale/realod combinations, it might be that the polycounters do not work as expected. For example, a simple len 2 polycounter (on-off) will just deliver _no_ output signal. There seems to be a difference here in integrate and square mode!? -> Timing issues??? If this is the case, can we emulate this? Most likely not. Anyway, I you like to check out a few things yourself, you are welcome. Maybe then we find out whats going on.
  11. Hi there, I have two old Super Nintendo systems (PAL). My first system ran from 1993 until 2000, when some kind of power surge fried a few devices in my entertainment setup. After that, I picked up a cheap SNES and have been using that since. Only recently, I've pulled the broken SNES out of it's box and tried further diagnosis. I'm a bit of an electronics hobbyist, so I figured I'd have a better chance of finding the problem out now. The reason why is because I want a 2nd working SNES to experiment with for modding. I have ruled out external peripheral issues. Swapping the broken console out with the working console using the same peripherals produces different outcomes, so the problem lies in the system itself. Each game has a unique method on the broken system, but it ultimately comes down to the same outcome: the game freezes within the first several seconds of the game starting. It seems to happen around the times where the game is expected to poll the sound processor for it's status. For example, Super Mario All-stars works until the lights go on in the title screen, then it just freezes, but the sound effects are also missing up to that point. Secret of Mana freezes on the Squaresoft title screen, seemingly just before the sound effect kicks in. Has anyone experienced similar, or have any ideas on this? I'm very concerned that it might be the SPC700 or the DSP ICs playing up, but I want to rule out all other possibilities.
  12. I know we've had some topics discussing this off and on, but let's get some numbers up on the board. I know I left out SECAM; sorry, it would have made for a bewildering combination of choices. My personal path was as follows: 1. Real hardware only, BITD 2. Emulation only, once emulation was good enough to make it worth while. For me, that meant Atari800WinPLus in around 2004/2005. I didn't own any real hardware until about 2008. 3. Mostly emulation, with some real hardware, since 2008 until now. My real hardware setup is right next to me when I'm at my PC. They share the same audio connection via a compact Behringer mixing board (which sounds fantastic), and my SIO2PC is always ready to go. I use real hardware quite a bit at times, but I always have and most likely always will use emulation more because of the speed and convenience of having it on my PC. I spend a lot of time using my PC, mainly for Atari-related activities also (aside from emulation). So most of my computing is directed towards Atari 8-bit computer related use and production. I love my real hardware and CRT though. I consider them a necessity for testing. Emulation -- as good as it is -- still isn't there in areas that I consider important. I'll get on kicks of using it almost exclusively for a day or so. Gaming is great on it, and there's nothing like it. My real setup is also fast and convenient, just not as fast and convenient as emulation.
  13. Have been fiddling with an Atari 800XL I bought a couple of months ago from someone in England, so it's a revision D PAL unit that I'm using over composite (from retrocomputershack) on my LCD (no space for the old CRT thingies) with one of Lothareks PSUs. Have been looking at the posting on http://atariage.com/forums/topic/230225-colors-ntsc-vs-pal/to help debug some color issues I'm having, essentially the wrong colors substituted in the middle of the spectrum. I can adjust R38 back and forth and it'll either go totally out of whack or B/W, don't have a scope though so I've tried using small increments. The closest I get on the startup screen is what I can only refer to as DOS blue though my XLF, extreme jailbars aside, looks more like teal. I've replaced all 4146 RAM chips (mostly dead MT4246 originally), GTIA, ANTIC, 4050 with CD4050BE, PAL crystal, 2N3904 transistors as well as all electrolytics without any significant changes to the colors. Picture below is from SALT 2.05 running via a SIDE2 cartridge, have also tried using a basic script to show all colors and hues where I'm seeing the same "repeat" of colors in the middle. Anybody got ideas any ideas on how to explain this? NB! LCD works with ZX Spectrum, Acorn Electron, Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Dragon 32, Atari 520STFM, Amiga 500/600/1200 with some duplicates (which is probably why I've got storage problems). Never seen anything like it so I think it's something to do with the circuit.
  14. How many of you would be interested in taking part in an online 'group hardware project'? The idea would be to gather interest and settle on a project a month or so in advance, commit to purchasing parts in a 'group buy' (+1) and then when we receive our kits, we all start building our projects together. This could be a learning experience for some, and just plain fun for others. In the end we'll all have something new our TI setups! In << THIS >> old poll, it showed a lot of us already have soldering irons!
  15. From the album: Atari 2600 Gameplay on YPbPr Component

    My high score on Activision's H.E.R.O. played on my woodgrain 4-Switch Atari 2600 using YPbPr Component Video Output.

    © SavyIsJoshoArts aka Activision Man

  16. What floppy disk controllers are you currently using? I actually did not expect that the original TI disk controller is still in use, given the lot of alternatives. Edit: OK, that Poll post obviously failed... I typed in all options in "Manage topic poll", but the poll does not show up here ... ? What am I missing?
  17. Hi, everyone! This is my first post and I'm already asking for help... Anyway... I just got myself an Atari 2600, it's the so called heavy Sixer (I guess... I can't really tell, but since it's way heavier than my Darth Vader one, I guess this is it). to my demise it has that constant player 1 fire button problem. I've read several posts here about it, and most of the time they said that the issue is with the 4050 buffer chip. I tried to look for some sites around here ( I live in Brazil) selling it, but not luck so far... But the is another solution "the bypass"! I saw a picture of the schematics on a post, but since I can't really understand these things I wonder if someone can make a "for dummies" explanation for me... I really want to "save" my new-old beast.
  18. I hate to highjack Sikor's thread, but I'd like to see the results on a single page and tallied up. They only allow for 25 choices, so list your "Other..." if necessary.
  19. For those who care. Interesting: There is a difference between Attenuation OFF and minimal Attenuation $F (=15). The attenuation register is anyway ...named misleadingly.
  20. Does anyone have a copy of this? 410 Diagnostic Tape
  21. Well people, I have been trying to fix up an old Indus GT I had .. that had a bad display. I had thought it was the Seven seg. displays themselves. Now Im not so sure. I removed the old displayed.. replaced them with the same part # but was not able to get them to fit the same way the old ones did.. because the pins have been re-arranged. But they are in. Now I am still getting segments flaking out and disappearing.. and I think its the display board ribbon cable and its connection to the main board. See the attached pics. If anyone knows what type of ribbon or connectors I should search for? or what I could replace it with. I would really like some help on this one. Thanks James
  22. Over the last year I worked on several PCBs that could be used as a basis for actual new hardware - i.e. a new highly compatible clone. I wrote up some details here: http://www.scrameta.net/eclairexl.html To summarise as it stands there are three prototype boards: Joystick/SIO/XEGS keyboard board Cartridge/PBI board Main board with custom chipset and 6502 reimplementation, SDRAM, USB, video and audio I'm looking for suggestions on how to take this forward next year. Ideally I'd like to end up with something cased and well presented. Something I could get a small run manufactured without too much time/capital invested! I'm keen to support all key existing ports of the original system - properly. e.g. joystick ports that fully work so multijoy, touch tablet, paddles etc work. One idea would be to make design an all-in one board in a mini-itx form factor, so one could then use an off the shelf case. The trouble is Eagle boards over 100mmx160mm need the 'professional' license - an extra >1000CHF over the hobbyist one! A problem with the mini itx idea is - what about the cartridges! They should ideally be inserted on top. Finally there is the big question of video/audio output. Currently the board has a 3.5mm jack plug for audio and VGA/S-Video/Composite for video. The latter being driven by an RGB video DAC, with a different core to instead output luma/chroma/composite. HDMI is an option but looks a little more complex to design for and I like to be able to use my old CRT. Anyway I'm keen to capture any suggestions, desired features etc so I can work them into my design.
  23. From the album: Atari 2600 Gameplay on YPbPr Component

    High Score on The Activision Decathlon. Played on my Atari 2600 4-Switch Woodgrain Console modded using Tim Worthington's 2600RGB Mod showing it in YPbPr Component Video Output.

    © SavyIsJoshoArts aka Activision Man

  24. Vorticon

    Why a blog?

    I am by nature a tinkerer with a wide range of interests, and every year I come up with a variety of projects, whether in hardware or software, most of which nowadays end up on YouTube. Unfortunately, I have rarely documented my thought processes with each project, nor any mistakes I made along the way to completion. So I figured going forward I would start keeping such a blog, if nothing else for my own records, although I suspect that some readers might be interested in some aspects of it. So here it goes...
  25. Hi, i'm new to Atari 2600 collecting and was wondering what the best version of the 2600 was. I can't go for something rare/expensive E.G heavy sixer since i don't have the biggest budget, i'm only 12. I just need something that works.
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