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Found 24 results

  1. If you haven't read my other post i wanted to get a list going on 6'ers serial numbers to see who here has the oldest. I found out that it was going to be a little more difficult than that, seeing how nobody really knows what the suffix letter represents or what letters were used. So it was suggested that it might still be a decent idea if for no other reason than just to see what suffixes were used. Just post what the # on your 6'er is and any other pertinent info (i.e. Sears or Atari console, Taiwan made or anything other info you think would be useful). I will try to update daily and rearrange according to company and suffix letter. I will start the list in my second post with my own two that i currently have.
  2. SOLD! I'm going to be doing a bit of Spring cleaning soon. Since I'm really hurting on funds, I plan on selling my Atari 2600 Sunnyvale Heavy Sixer. It has been in my basement for a while, so I'd like to test the system before selling it. The system worked the last time I used it. It is in good cosmetic condition. RF cable has a little wiring exposed near the opening on the console, but I wrapped it with electrical tape. I plan on selling this system with the power supply and maybe a controller or two if requested. Might add more to this package. Don't be afraid to give me some polite input if you have a reasonable offer. I will post pictures soon, or I can send photos by PM or email. I accept Paypal. Thanks for looking! Hope to make a deal here at AtariAge. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: Tested the system. Sadly, the system tries to run the game, displays properly for a few seconds, then gives out. My 4 switch had this issue until I gave it the correct power supply. I'm using a black Atari power supply with the big logo. It says it's compatible with the CX-2600. Made in Taiwan. From my understanding, there were a number of different power supplies for the Heavy Sixer. Early ones were grey. If you're still interested, I will sell it as-is for a massive discount. $25 excluding shipping. Please make an offer if that doesn't sound good. I can still send photos. It's a bit dusty, but in good shape. All aluminum switches are there and work fine. Not dirty at all, but could use light cart slot cleaning. Sunnyvale sticker is fully intact. Was once repaired by Atari2600.com based on the sticker on the bottom. Trim, woodgrain, plastic, and Atari logo are in very nice shape. I am not the first owner and did not mistreat it. I would consider this system worth restoring. I'd like to work with you on making a deal anyway. I can't repair it as I don't have the funds to invest in it. Let me know if you're still interested! Thanks for reading. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: SOLD!
  3. From the album: Crimson Gallery

    This is a shot of my heavy's serial number, also posted in the heavy sixer thread.
  4. From the album: Crimson Gallery

    This is my heavy sixer a few months ago. This image was posted in the heavy sixer thread.
  5. I came across a pretty amazing 2600 haul a few weeks ago that I couldn't pass up even though my collecting leans more toward the NES era. Some of this stuff is so rare that I wanted to give my fellow collectors a shot at it instead of just throwing it up on Ebay. Obviously I don't have any seller feedback here on AtariAge but I just did a big NES buy on NintendoAge and I've done a lot of trades with feedback on Digitpress.com. Here's the link but you have to be signed in to DP to see it: https://forum.digitpress.com/forum/showthread.php?89996-Andred Here's what I've got for sale. PM me with offers Imagic 2600 Retail Demo Kiosk ($Taking offers) https://imgur.com/a/XYVSi Definitely the best piece. These kiosks were used in store (I've heard K-Mart from a few sources but they were probably in other stores as well). They are designed to allow the demo of 24 cartridges for a set period of time which is controlled by a dial on the back. It plugs into the cartridge slot and controller port (to allow multiple types of controllers?) of a standard 2600 console and has built-in software that allows you to select a specific game and does all the switching. They are incredibly rare now. In doing hours of research I could only find about 5 distinct examples of it. Here's everything I know about the condition of it. It works, as you can see in the images. I'm not selling a console with it but it has little removable metal brackets on the bottom that allow you to put in whatever console you'd like. It had a light sixer in it when I bought it. All the damage to it is from previous owners. Rather than try to do any restoring myself, I've decided to leave it alone and let the buyer restore it to whatever level they'd like. The condition is probably fair to good, as I would label it. Here are the flaws: Broken corner on acrylic shield. shield is also fairly scratched up in places dings and chips in the wood frame (1 chunk is pretty large) 'B' button doesn't work (might be cold solder or the switch could be dead, I can't tell) minor corrosion on metal back minor laminate peeling Even with all those issues, it's a seriously cool collector's piece and looks great on the shelf. Here's the thread after I found it: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/269437-found-an-imagic-kiosk/ I have a general idea of what it's worth but I'm looking for offers on this. Newport Prosticks ($50 each) 2 of these things came in the lot with the Imagic kiosk. Took a while to figure out what they were. Looks like it's a very rare joystick that was only available via mail-order directly from the company. As a result, very few were sold. They're very difficult to get info on and even harder to find. The bad news is they don't really work. On one, the joystick works but the inside bracket that holds the button in place is broken so the button can just be pushed into the body. The other one is completely inoperable. Someone who knows more about these old electronics can probably fix them up and have a great collector's item on their hands.
  6. I'm doing a little spring cleaning via eBay and thought I'd let the fine AtariAge community know about it! I'm selling a working XEGS console bundle, non-working XEGS, non-working 1050 disk drive, working Sunnydale Heavy Sixer, 8-bit games including: Blue Max, HardBall!, Defender, Ms. PacMan, Fight Night, Centipede, Space Invaders, and The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Check it out, if you've got the guts!: http://www.ebay.com/sch/bigheadedd/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Everything is auction-style and starting at $ .99 and I'll combine shipping for anything you win. Thanks for looking!
  7. For sale is a Sears Tele-games heavy sixer I LOVINGLY restored from death. Works beautifully. The console itself is in wonderful condition (see pictures). Had to replace the 7805 and the power switch. I didn’t want to, but had no choice. I’ve included an rf coax adapter for your tv. Also included are two CX-10 Sticks that I completely restored myself, one of which has the Sears hex-sticker (super rare) and the other does not, but both have been restored to perfect working order. Also included are the original Sears paddles, taken apart and cleaned- working perfectly with no jitter. I’ve included the original power supply, but it’s not working properly - will only get up to 5.5v of the required 9V output. Someone with more skill than me might be able to bring it back. I’ve also included a period appropriate radio shack replacement power supply that works perfectly. Finally are four Sears launch titles CIB - Pong Sports, Bowling, Target Fun and Baseball. The top lid to Bowling is creased and won’t stay closed - the cart is also slightly faded. Pong is pretty rare as well. This has been a project of love, but I honestly won’t play it and want it to go to a good home. Asking $275. Thanks.
  8. Hey Everyone, I need some recommendations and help with a project I am working on. I have an early Sunnyvale heavy sixer I picked up of craigslist recently (2 years ago probably..lol) and it looks like it's had a slightly rough life. Since I have a minty heavy sixer already, I thought this one would be fun to do a project with. I have always loved the look of the Vader 2600, and I always though a heavy sixer would look great in that color scheme. Normally I would never "deface" a classic like a heavy sixer, but since this one needs some TLC I though why not. So what I would like to have done is the following. 1. Fix Heavy Sixer: Gets a black screen with some static. I don't think it needs much. 2. AV Mod heavy sixer- I would like an AV mod with true stereo, S-Video if possible, and a Red LED over on the left side of the unit. 3. Custom Paint- I would like it done up in the Vader color scheme, with the orange switch surround blacked out and the woodgrain done in a glossy professional manner, with a new Silver Atari Logo on the left hand side and a custom silver "Heavy Vader" in a similar font over on the right hand side. Not having the skill to do these things myself, i'd like to find someone on here who can do one, or all three of these things, in a clean and professional manner. I'm willing to break up the work if need be, but the less times i have to ship it the better! I'll post after pics when it's done for all to enjoy! Please help me find the right person to breath some new life into this classic!
  9. Hello all, I'm new to these forums, but I'm an avid classic gamer, and I'm ready to step back a decade into the joy that is Atari. Having done some reading and being a collector at heart, it seems clear that to "do this right" I need to buy an Atari 2600 Woodgrain Heavy Sixer (1977, Sunnyvale) with original controllers. I don't care about boxes, manual would be nice but not necessary. Not looking for any games to start unless they are complete in box. While I don't collect my consoles CIB, I *do* collect my games CIB. It's also important to me that the console be in very good to excellent cosmetic condition and function properly. Finally, I'm wanting to get two of the original joysticks that make the lovely "clicking" sound when pressing the red button, and two of the original tennis paddles that have the Atari logo rather than the word "paddle." Hookups for modern-day televisions would be a plus but if not, I can scrounge that separately. If you have all of the above, please reply or PM me ASAP! To summarize, WTB: - 1 original Atari 2600 Woodgrain (NOT Sears) "Heavy Sixer" (1977, made in Sunnyvale) - without box is fine, manual would be nice, but not crucial - must work properly and be in very good cosmetic condition - 2 original joysticks (the kind with the red buttons that "click") - 2 original tennis paddles (the kind with Atari logo instead of word "paddle") - Not interested in pack-in games unless they are complete with box; while I don't collect console boxes per se, I only collect 100% complete games Thank you everyone for your time and hospitality!! (Edit: I now see that there is a separate "Wanted" sub forum. If any mods would be so kind as to move this post there, I would greatly appreciate it! Sorry for the oversight!)
  10. I'm continuing this from my latest blog post, Two Fries and a Hamburger, so that "All may benefit from discussion". After installing a composite mod on my Atari, the voltage regulator failed and took a couple of RIOTs with it. Another user suggested I just replace the VR, that it would work better because it's new. Is this a good idea? And do the new regulators fit the old cage heat sinks?
  11. Yesterday my heavy sixer stopped working. I opened it up, thinking it was a connection problem, but reconnecting the ribbon cable did nothing. I read in a forum post that voltage regulators, when they fail, tend to take a few ICs with them. I replaced the RIOT, and it worked for 30 seconds before dying again. So... Now I have 2 fried RIOT chips (pictured) and a failed voltage regulator. Apparently this is a common problem with the old steel-cage heat sinks, and makes sense because I recently composite-modded the console, putting stress on the VR. I wonder why the online instructions didn't recommend installing a more effective heat-sink? "We are not liable for any damage done to you or your Atari." Guess that's why. So if anyone has any suggestions on how to replace the voltage regulator in this particular case, let me know. I'm going back up north, so I won't be able to fix this problem until spring break. Time to focus on the NES I guess.
  12. A couple weeks ago, my biggest wish was a dream come true. I love the Atari 2600. I have a Light Sixer, 4 switch woody, and a Darth Vader Model. But no Heavy Sixer. I was shopping around at a retro store which sells games, movies, and CD's called Movie Trading Company. And low and behold before my eyes in the glass container out In the wild there was an original Atari VCS Heavy Sixer in the case for $50. I lost it and my mouth dropped to the floor. I immediately purchased it, brought it home, gave it a great cleaning inside and out and is now in my game room. It is in immaculate condition, all the switches work and feel great, and plays flawlessly. I am so happy to finally get this awesome piece of Atari History. I felt like a little boy getting the gift he always wanted for X-Mas. :-)
  13. Hello everyone, Listed is a Sears-branded "Heavy Sixer" Atari VCS/2600 with beautiful original box, Sears-branded paddles, sticks and 2 games (Target Fun and 01 Combat, both Sears editions). The power supply is original to the unit and very rare to find together. I personally took this unit apart and cleaned everything and adjusted the color. The switches needed some work but they're perfect now. With the exception of an occasional small mark, and the small tear that's visible on the flap of the box, this set is beautiful. This is very much for the completist and I'm not that person. I was thinking of hanging onto it but already have two player units and don't know I'd use this that much. I'd rather see it go to a good home. I've researched and this is the lowest price you will find for a Sears Heavy Sixer of this quality with an original box in this condition (on ebay at least). Other listings have boxes that are pretty wrecked. This is a large package with the original box included. I can ship it however you like - with the unit in the box, or (my preference) the box separate from the console, which would be bubble wrapped separately. Obviously it's large and heavy (hence the name). Buyer to pay actual shipping costs - will ship it however you like with USPS Priority my preference. PM me with any questions you may have! Asking $350 or will trade for some systems I don't have, like Colecovision, Intellivision, Vectrex, etc. Thanks for looking
  14. My father gave me a NIB Atari 2600 Six Switch Heavy Sixer as a present for my one year old son. I had a few questions for anyone that has a NIB Atari like this, or if anyone else possibly had answers to my questions. Being a huge fan of the Atari growing up, and receiving such a rare awesome gift like this I wanted to reach out for guidance. Do you have any idea what this is worth? I looked on various sites for price guides, but I didn't see the heavy sixer version priced out? Are those companies that grade and capsule collectibles worth doing? The box is in great shape, and sealed on both ends with no holes, or punctures on the box. I will post pics soon.
  15. Mrs. Shake found a Craigslist post and tipped me off. She said she’d seen it listed for about a week, and finally contacted the guy. She even drove us out there yesterday evening. She knew by the photo it was a Heavy Sixer, and she knew I’d been wanting a Tele-Games console of some kind for my collection. I dig that swirly woodgrain, and we’ve already got a Tele-Games game storage center in our living room to match. (They look fantastic together.) I’ve already got what I call a “Half Sixer” -- a H6 top and guts with an L6 bottom put on during an early-‘80s refurb. It plays and looks great. But it’s not quite the same as THIS. Mrs. S didn’t realize that the CX-10s in the listing photo, assuming they worked, were the icing on the cake. It was (to us, in our market) a really good deal. And it was a great sort of situation, too -- literally a middle-aged guy selling stuff from his mom’s house in the ‘burbs, most likely his own console from back in the day. No sleazy resellers, no eBay-style price gouging, no junk-shop nonsense. Which meant this hadn’t been rotting in a landfill for decades, and was pretty clean. It all smelled overwhelmingly of mothballs and had a serious case of “dust crust”, but I gave it a bath in the kitchen sink and that helped a lot. I tried to be very careful not to get let any of that hot, soapy water splash down in the cracks and mess up the electronics, either. [Just kidding -- I disassembled the whole thing and left the guts on my desk, and even put plastic/tape over the serial sticker.] Once it was clean, it looked great. Switch cleaner in the switches, compressed air on the board. And I took internal shots for all you fine folks, ‘cause I know how much some of you love innards. It was initially giving me some fairly staticky picture, but I swapped the (stock?) RF cord for a “known” good one out of a Vader, and the static dissipated (see Question #1, below). I need to adjust the color a little, but it’s most certainly a keeper. One of the CX-10s works perfectly, one doesn’t even register, which I hope I’ll be able to diagnose easier than a “partially working” one. I figure it might just be a loose connection or something -- both controller ports on the console are fully functional according to the test cart. And while I prefer a nice and TIGHT joystick (like a new-out-of-the-box CX-40), this CX-10 is like a revelation. I’d never played on one before, and it’s just so SMOOTH! No hex discs, but no big deal. I still need to clean the paddles to see how they play, too. Two questions: 1) Why is it that the “nice” RF-style cables I’ve purchased or acquired ($10-$12 at modern electronic stores) almost always give inferior, staticky signal compared to the old ones I’ve “borrowed" from other VCS consoles? 2) What would you experts say a haul like this should be priced at these days (summer 2015)? Again, I’m very happy with what I paid, but four-year-old posts saying “Pfft, I’d never pay more than $XX for ____.” don’t really tell one much of anything as far as “current market price". That was then, this is now, right? I’m not planning on selling, or even parting with it, but I’d love to be able to thank my wife by letting her know just what a good deal she sniffed out. I’m stoked. My first “true” H6. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Berzerk and Pac-Man 8K to play. ----------- Sears "Heavy Sixer" Model - Cartridge Telegames System Video Arcade (Sears) Serial - 88378T Sticker Type - White, single Mfg - Sunnyvale, CA QC Date - 1172.S / "99 33700008 . #" Casing Date Hotstamp - (None) Motherboard Rev. - Rev 6 (CO10433) Switchboard Rev - Rev 5 (CO10462) Other Markings - (see left joystick port sticker)
  16. Hi, everyone! This is my first post and I'm already asking for help... Anyway... I just got myself an Atari 2600, it's the so called heavy Sixer (I guess... I can't really tell, but since it's way heavier than my Darth Vader one, I guess this is it). to my demise it has that constant player 1 fire button problem. I've read several posts here about it, and most of the time they said that the issue is with the 4050 buffer chip. I tried to look for some sites around here ( I live in Brazil) selling it, but not luck so far... But the is another solution "the bypass"! I saw a picture of the schematics on a post, but since I can't really understand these things I wonder if someone can make a "for dummies" explanation for me... I really want to "save" my new-old beast.
  17. Looking for at least 1 original Heavy Sixer Joystick controller. It doesn't have to work but it needs to have the original parts (with or without the Hex). Structurally sound and not cracked or chewed up. (Within UK or will post to UK) PM me if you happen to have any. -AJ UPDATE ---------------- FOUND SOME--------------------
  18. I would like to buy a mint condition Atari 2600, Heavy Sixer made in Sunnyvale, preferably the Sears model. Sears model or not, it must be in mint condition and I will pay what we agree is fair. Thanks! EDIT: Purchased one.
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