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Found 26 results

  1. I picked up a Coleco Telstar Combat! today at CCAG and I have managed to get the controllers working decently now, but I can't get the left speaker to utter a peep. The right one is working fine, so I can hear the fired shots and explosions. (It was actually the one with the wire pinched in the case and still works!) I opened up the unit and checked all the speaker connections and even tested the voice coil on the silent speaker with my meter and it's not open. Any ideas as to why it's not producing any sound? I assume this is the one that makes the tank motor sounds when you move.
  2. So, I went to go play my trusty Atari 2600, and discovered that she is displaying some very unusual behavior. For the record, this is a 4 switch light (CX-2600A REV 12). I have cleaned the carts and the slot, to no avail. I've googled, and googled, without any luck. Anything other than combat results in this:
  3. Hello everyone, First of all: I am new to this forum and to the Atari 2600. I'm not sure if this is the right way/place to ask this, so if not, please tell me. I recently bought an Atari 2600 (darth vader) PAL console in untested condition. I got it to work mostly, the problems it had have mostly been solved except for one: There is interference in the video (RF) signal, which results in white dots moving around the screen in waves. (I have attached a video and an image of it) Here is what I already tried: -Use an NES (nintendo) RF switch instead of the built-in cable: introduced more static and the white dots remained. -Disconnected the RF cable from the Atari's motherboard and tried it with an NES: worked perfectly fine, no static at all. -Cleaned both connectors and the cable with some alcohol: Improved nothing. -Finetuned the tv channel multiple times. Important to mention is that the cable has been damaged and soldered back together by the previous owner, but since it worked fine with the NES i don't think this is the problem. My guess would be that there is something wrong with the big capacitor on the board or the RF modulator. It could also be due to the power adapter, it is one of those universal adapters on which you can set the voltage, I set it to 9V, I dont have an original one. Any help or tips would be greatly apriciated. MOV_0053.mp4
  4. I thought i figured out the layout but now im not 100%. I have the directions working but the fire buttons dont. I know i have to cut the one trace goes between the two buttons but and im looking at the pin out and doesnt look i need to have the orange wire hooked up but if i do someone correct me. As of right now i have both Red and Yellow with the two resistors from the 7800 then linked into the diode then diode to ground. If you need pics i can take pics of the circuit but can someone please advice on what i need to do to get the two buttons working on the 7800. Sources i was using:
  5. So I recently moved and of course took my atari and TV with me. When I set up in my new place, the picture quality was terrible where before it was near perfect. When I wiggled the wire the quality shifted so I figured that was the problem. But when I opened the atari and tried it with a new RCA cord, there was no picture at all. I've also noticed that seems to take much longer for the picture to show up on the tv than it did before. It takes almost 5 seconds for the picture to appear after turning on the system. Is there anything I can do? is it possible the atari was jostled someway in shipment that has damaged it's ability to output the picture? Can anyone help? Thanks.
  6. Hello, I have an original Odyssey with box and all, and have recently been trying to restore it. The signal between the system and the TV is perfect, as seems to be all other aspects. However, there is a problem. There seems to be no hit detection with the paddles and ball. The ball just flies through the paddles with no sort of collision, however every so often it jumps around when in the vicinity of one of the paddles. The only way to "summon" the ball is to hold the reset button on either controller, to which the ball will slowly drift back onto the screen, but will fly away if the button is released if it does not make contact with a paddle. Can anyone help?
  7. My Atari 2600 seems to send a signal to my TV but the screen is either black or it's a fuzzy/distorted version. The only way I can get anything to show up on the screen is to repeatedly flip the power switch and the game select button doesn't seem to work.The games show different patterns but the patterns are quite consistent amongst one game. I'm using a VHF to coax to connect to the TV. Thanks in advance for the help!
  8. As some of you may know from my post in the computer section, I finally managed to piece together a complete, working ADAM computer. I actually have another working memory console, but it started to have distorted sound. Is this a chip issue, or something out of adjustment? Also, what are the do's and don'ts of these systems besides the obvious warning on the case? Thanks for any help!
  9. My Atari Lynx is still in one piece after about 2 years of ownership(not counting some scratched off paint on the outer shell/casing). My main issue currently is that there is one old battery that won't come out, no matter how much I poke at it or shake the system. I've tried metallic tweezers; no luck. And I don't own a Lynx AC adapter. What can be done to remove it other than unscrewing the system(doing this would certainly void my Game Dude warranty, if there is any still left, as one of the screw holes is covered by the silver game dude sticker.). No, I am not planning on buying a Lynx model II anytime soon, so that's out of the question. Pic is not my individual Lynx, but it is the model Lynx I currently have.
  10. Upon getting back into my Intellivisions this past week, I have been noticing a common problem with the model 1 units. Now, the controllers on both my Sears units have excellent flex circuits left in them and are very responsive. Well, except the controller with the bad cord. My original model 1 I bought years back for $5 has always had problems with the disk on the left controller, so I decided to investigate. The circuit under the disks seem to be prone to not only wearing through the plastic, but also the ink or whatever they used start to look burned and flakes off! The controllers on my mostly dead Tandyvision showed similar issues, but one was good enough to act as a donor for my model 1 for now. Now, here's some questions: Is there a way to slow this issue and even extend the life of the controllers? The Intellivision seems to be a solid console, with my Tandyvision being the only unit I have so far to get a major problem. Also, is there a way to repair the controllers? I am wondering if one can carefully apply an adhesive tape to repair the split plastic, then maybe paint the circuit back on with conductive ink?
  11. Hi, I am having an issue with getting a simple display going. What's supposed to happen is a brown smiley face is supposed to appear.on the screen. Instead, all I get is a black screen with nothing being shown. I tried using the debugger, but couldn't figure out what was going on as it kept getting stuck on the line checking to see if the players y position is equal to the current scanline until the overscan period. Source Code: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4vb0fdklz2oz2qb/source.asm?dl=0
  12. Does anyone have or is able to make a quick overlay template for the keypad controllers? I am currently in the process of creating a game that will use that type of controller and would like to have a quick, dirty visual aid.
  13. The system is either not detecting the Flashrom or SD card, what could be the problem?
  14. For the new Max Maze game, I'm using Random Terrain's "ex_sprite_ball_missile_collision_prevention.bas" example to add the perfect collision. (It is a maze game after all) However there are two things I need to ask you guys... 1. Could someone explain this part in detail, perhaps understanding it better can help with fixing bugs and glitches for my games using this code in the future. (The example below is from Random Terrain's example, not my game) temp5 = (player0x-10)/4 temp6 = (player0y-9)/8 if temp5 < 34 then if pfread(temp5,temp6) then goto __Skip_Joy0_Up temp4 = (player0x-17)/4 if temp4 < 34 then if pfread(temp4,temp6) then goto __Skip_Joy0_Up temp3 = temp5 - 1 if temp3 < 34 then if pfread(temp3,temp6) then goto __Skip_Joy0_Up 2. As I've said my newest game is using the above code for collision, however unlike Random Terrain's 8x8 sprite in the example, this sprite is 3x6 Because of this sudden sprite size change, the game is going crazy, going left and up seems to be fine, but going right and down at the same time is awful. You can barley move around since the walls feel like they have the force pushing you away from them. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks (When playing 2018_01_19_2349, make sure to press the fire button when you see a blank red screen to start the actual game) 2018_01_19_2349.bas
  15. Hi everybody,I'm creating a new giana sister hack calls Matteo's Land Video: Download:http://www.mediafire.com/file/4osl1o5srwbom52/level_12_trainer.d64 http://csdb.dk/release/?id=161017 I create a c64 version but I want create an Atari St Version..Any Programs (Like the video to support me and tell me if this hack is good or not please)
  16. Hey everyone! I'm looking to put together an Atari 7800 stick (well, I wanna use it for my 130XE, but also for my 7800). I have, however, been having trouble finding a good, step-by-step guide for it, which is odd, since I've found a pretty good one for 2600 controller DIY. Anyone here know a link to a good step-by-step guide and what I'll need (aside from the obvious stick, buttons and button wires) to get this job done? Thanks for you help!
  17. One of my big questions I have is how I would have an algorithm to figure out where it is on the scanline and then know how many scanlines it has written. I would have to do an increment after every single instruction, and that would waste many precious CPU cycles and ROM space. I guess I could have a register for the X-Position, one for the Y-Position, and one for where in the Scanline, and one for how many scanlines it's written. But wait, I will not only not have enough registers to use them for anything other then that, but I'll also be using more registers then there are inside the CPU.
  18. Hello, I just have a simple question about terminology related to arcade machines. What is the "art" on the flat or slightly slanted part of a typical machine that contains the buttons and joystick(s) called? Not the side art or marquee, but the part with a simple design that fits around the buttons. Thanks!
  19. When I try to run my script on Visual bB, it just says; ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Environment variable bB not set! Precompilation failed, aborted at 05/07/2014 21:38:37 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can someone help me fix this please!
  20. So I found this controller in a friend of mine's basement and he's convinced that it's worth something. Looking on Ebay and even doing a basic google image search we were only able to find variations of this joystick for IBM pc's and Apple II computers. Have you ever seen this controller before and what do you think it's worth if anything?
  21. Hello all! I recently received an Atari Jaguar from my uncle that is in pretty pristine condition since it's been in a case for the past 12 years. I was excited to try it out so I put in a game and press the button, I wait a few seconds, and nothing! The red light turned on, but nothing showed up on the screen. Sometimes the screen will show up as a dark green color. I tried wiggling the video cord (The kind with the RF box) but to no avail. I have attempted to blow on the cartridge and reinsert it at least 50 times. I'm still using the original power and video cords for the system. I have opened my Jaguar a few times to find out the problem. Does anybody know what can be the problem and tell me how I can fix it? So basically, It powers on, but no video or sound show up and I'm using the original cords that came with the system.
  22. Hi all, I was wondering what the best online vec emulator was. I've tried ParaJVE but never got my was around it. Which emu. What would you suggest? I haven't tried using another emu. yet. Where should I start? Can this emulator support homebrews along with all of the original titles? Can it also support discontinued titles such as dark tower? Megaman
  23. Just some questions Hi, if I start the video recording I´ll get the error My settings are standard (I think): any idea ? thx
  24. CorpsCorpral


    Hello there, As the name might suggest I need some help from you fine people. I've read the forum for a while but didn't join until I'd finally got a 2600. I was very happy as I managed to get a nice light sixer (despite it being the dirtiest thing I've ever seen) but I'm having some problems connecting it to a new TV, I've followed all the instructions I could find but I'm just getting a weird black and white pattern on screen. Attached are pictures of the screen and board (including one before I cleaned it!) Any help would be much appreciated! P.S. The board seems different to most other examples I could find online?
  25. I have two joysticks, and they both work. However, on one the joystick is really has to move. Suggestions? I will post pic
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