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Found 30 results

  1. in case your wondering this season of the Harmony games will not happen. since the normal 2600 hsc started late I figured to hold it off for next season. the two special harmony games will still go on(Atarimania and VGS) and the online/live rules will still be good. When the Harmony Games return next year, it will be same format plus your be playing againt players from the Atari I/O fourm. it will be announced around next Jan 2016.
  2. Updated 5-27-2018: Gone. Thank you for looking!
  3. Well dont' get nervous, it's just a small problem and it only accures to very little of homebrews when i play them on the Intellivision using LTO Flash (99% are ok). First John D's "Old School", i'm sure this problem won't appear on a cratridge because i have a idea where it comes from and since the machine had to be shut off before you can play another game their wont' be nothing which can produce this. however, if i run "Old School" (Old school High, Kid Robin Hood), the screen is garbled up and the sprites and background cards display something weird. to sad in this way it's not playable, or no fun to play it, you can see what happens but erm... Second, decles whole StudiVision project shows something quite similar on the background, the playfield itself is clean. here it's to see where it comes from (at least for the Studiovision, the problem of "Old School" could be caused by something else), you can define the characters used in the LTO Flash menu. for StudioVision it's not a big problem, you can still play the games, it's really only the background which shows this problem. but well it's a tiny bit sad. what you can't see: if you start any StudioVision game the screen will show a "faked" b&w "Mattel screen" (the palette), emulated all stripes appear, played via LTO on the real harware only one of the stripes is left. To say i expect it's not a problem of the LTO flash, i expect the games didn't proberly blank the graphical ram? (should i send out TRON to fix this? clearing the flags?). It will be no problem if it's the sole game in a emulator or a sole game as a cartridge, there will be no remnants of a former program. but maybe i'm wrong and someone has a solution for this. decle can certainly update his stuff, for "Old School" i'm not certain about. also i'm not sure how far the once downloaded "Old School" is identical to the released cartridge. these two are all problems that accured to me so far with the LTO Flash and homebrews. ...so far, i haven't tested all of them, "Old School" was randomly selected by me "let's see..." and StudioVision i certainly played. Star Wars, which is damned to easy anyway and even easier on my slower PAL console. while the concept of "Star Wars" i like, this sort of dogfight together with a docking sequence (move crosshair, correct velocity, imo the docking sequence should be no simple intermission scene) and buy this good - sell this good (e.g. king of the mountain, need so and so tons of hydrogene, food supply etc) can make a good game (do you remember "return to earth"?). well you can't procedural generate planets and whole systems, or maybe... if the idea is reduced to the non graphical stuff. a little of "star wars", a little of "lunar lander", a little of "King of the Mountain" and a little of "trollish comment generator" makes.... Elite for the Intellivision? Further: you can see that i have on my mothers TV the same "tearing in" issue, i still believe it's the VSYNC. as i reported on my old tube TV i can fix this by screwing on the proper variable resistor until the tearing vanishes. my mothers flatscreen i didn't like to open, also it seems more problematic to me to run and modify it because first i have to dismount the socket, but without a socket i can't put the TV upright to get on it's back and watch at the same time what happens on the screen. well the good old days when a tv's back was covered with tared cardboard and fixed without a single screw... yes it's dangerous this guy manipulates on the high voltage parts, blindfolded... (you have to watch the screen and fumble around in the guts of the tube, or use a mirror). it was stated that a manual adjusting of the channel can help. yes i know even this i know from the past, but as soon as the teraring vanishes the picture is bad and full of ghosts. I have no idea what's the proper solution for a digital TV, except to open it and hope that there is still this vr to adjust VSYNC.
  4. Looking through the AA store homebrew games and hacks, I find it quite disappointing that there are so few reviews. Even top sellers often have less than 10. And quite some games have zero or only one (usually from Nathan) review. So what is stopping you people to post some reviews there? Just describe what you like and (IMO probably even more important) what not. About game play, difficulty, packaging, ... whatever! Anything that you want to say about the game and that might help other people to select from the constantly growing list of homebrews. It doesn't have to be very long and elaborated. A few sentences will do. As an example, here is a link to Scramble. Click on the 4th tab, enter your name, email and review. Then submit. Easy, isn't it? And everyone1 can do, you must not even have bought the game, just played it! So please, start posting NOW! Afterwards, please post here which game you reviewed. So that others can see the progress and to encourage other people to follow your example. Else, please tell us what is stopping you from reviewing. I am really interested. 1 You don't even have to own that cart as long as you have played the game enough to qualify. The review link works for everyone!
  5. This will act as my attempt to discover the truth behind to the proto 'homebrew' releases of Robot Rubble and League Of Light for the Intellivision. Found this very interesting message, It shows ties between Roger, Chris Neiman (intvman) Joe Z, Intelligentvision and Willy,Tim (presumably bigtimcut) and mike H...and Keith Robinson releasing cart games! Darn!!! I want to go to the next CGE now! Roger (psychostormtrooper) and Bigtimcut are involved in releasing these two games, but did they burn the rom/eprom themselves? Very interesting read about CGE2K5. More to come as I dig it up, unless whoever released these wants to share info. ========================= Hello everyone, My name is Chris Neiman. I produce the new IntelligentVision games. (I want to publicly thank Arnauld, Ryan, Joe Z., and Mike H. for their programming participation.) Many people have had questions about the IntelligentVision website. The old contract IntelligentVision had with the service provider has expired. We are in the process of moving the site to another location. We we're hoping to have the new site up by now, but as many of you know, the Classic Game Expo was held this last weekend. This event prevented Roger and me (remember that movie?) from working on the new site. We hope to have the new site up and running by the end of the week so that Intellivision gamers and collectors can purchase the re-release of Joe Z's World Famous 4-Tris. As with Joe Z's orginal release of 4- Tris, the IntelligentVision version of the game will be sold in limited quantities. Be sure to get your copy soon because many were already sold at CGE2K5. I will post the link once the new site is up. Thank you for your patience. Onto CGE2K5... I had the opportunity to attend CGE2K5 last weekend with Tim L. and Willy Moeller. I had a blast with Tim and Willy, although I wish we could have spent more time playing two-player Inty games. I did manage to get the best of Willy on MLB 12-1, however, I think his controller was sticking. The NFL score was much closer at 12-9 after 2 quarters of play. It's always great to hang out with fellow Intellivisionaires. Anyway, here's the part everyone wants to hear... During the event, I spent about an hour with Keith R. at the IP booth on Friday evening before the show. He showed me the two protos of Illusions and Deep Pockets. Both of the protos do in fact fit into a standard Mattel cart shell. However, since they were protos, one of the games was sporting a standard MLB label while the other had a LVP&B label (donor cart shells). I asked to see under the hood, but Keith would not allow me to look since the games were not available for sale at the show. The retail games were not ready in time. Keith R. did say that their board design uses EPROMs, not ROMs. He also said there are two chips on the board. I played both the protos on a standard Inty and they are what he said they are... Illusions and Deep Pockets... completely playable versions. My story differs from Tim's a little bit. Keith told me they were going to release 8 new (previously unreleased) titles over the next 2- 3 years. They are going to release them 2 games at a time. 500 of each title will be produced for a total run of 4,000 carts. I asked him about future titles but he wouldn't say. He was skepitcal they could sell all 500 of each title. He is not worried about running out as soon as they hit the market so there is no need to scramble to get one. Interestingly, IP is not using recycled Mattel cart shells like IntelligentVision does. The company producing the carts is a contractor (BTW, it isn't IntelligentVision as someone here thought). The contractor is having new cart shells molded. I asked Keith if they were going to be identical to the traditional Mattel cart shell design or if they would be different. He said he hadn't decided which made me believe they are still aways away from having them available for purchase. He said he was thinking about having the Running Man molded into the new cart shell design on top of the cart shell. I told him he ought to do the new cart shells in new colors like dark blue. He said he might do that. I asked him if he found the original dies to mold the shells, but he said the original Asian dies were dumped in the sea near Hong Kong or Taiwan (or whereever they were manufactured in Asia). This didn't answer the question about the USA dies. So, I don't know how he will get the new cart shells manufactured. Keith told me that IP was going to have overlays, boxes, and color manuals for the new games. The boxes are going to be similar to the KC BASIC boxes. For those of you who don't know what those are... they are the Mattel book-style boxes with a window cut out in the front cover. The window allows the manual to serve as the box title (and game cover) just like the KC cassettes such as Geography Challenge, Family Budgeting, and the 3 Crossword games. That way, all 4,000 boxes will be identical to one another. He didn't say they would be book-style though. I didn't ask him about how the overlays and manuals will be done. Keith told me the new games were going to be sold for about $25 each. He said IP may have to go as high as $30 depending on the final costs of production. He did NOT tell me $20 like he told Tim the next day. He says he wants to get carts out to satisfy the real gamers and collectors. This is a complete 180 from what he said a year ago when he saw Stonix at the last CGE. Back then, he said that IP looked into making new carts a couple years ago but that it just wasn't cost effective. Today he now has plans for 8 titles. Someone asked me if I thought IP was making carts because IntelligentVision is making carts. I ABSOLUTELY believe that to be the case. I hope this answers some questions about the new products IP will sell. I can't think of anything else to add right now so if you think of questions let me know. Sincerely, Chris Neiman
  6. Time to announce the Third Round of the Harmony games:Hunchy II (as suguested by roadrunner on AtariAge.com) Hunchy II is a sequel to the 1982 classic arcade game Hunch Back which is loosely based on the novel "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (1831) by Victor Hugo. Your task is to guide the hunchbacked Quasimodo in his quest to rescue the gypsy girl Esmeralda from the cathedral of Notre Dame. To succeed, you must collect all of the bells in each cathedral room. You must also avoid any incoming missiles and the fearsome cathedral guards. Hunchy II contains 14 levels of increasing difficulty. down load the game here http://atariage.com/software_page.html?SoftwareLabelID=2729 Only rule: must start at first level. Good luck!! this round ends on May 31st (at the end of the round points will be awarded(10 (for first) to 2(for tenth) 1 for everybody after 10(any scores submitted after this round ends will be given 1 point) (All scores from lader board points can seen here from previous round as well as on the Harmony game page(see my signature)) any scores for Juno First posted (for those who are not listed) will now count as one point Star Castle scores will no longer be accepted!! (as always scores will only be upated on the webpage and AVC Forum(since I have no editing feature here) (you can also post scores on the AVC Forum as well just follow the instructions posted on the harmony games web page)
  7. Here's CollectorVision Games Lineup for 2014 *All titles comes Complete in Box * ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ColecoVision - Pong/Computer Space Boxset - Super Cabbage Patch Kids - Turbo S.C.E - Pippols - Rip Cord - Destruction Derby - Monster Bash - Pacar (different from rom release) - Wizard Siege (2 simultaneous players Arkanoid clone game) - Jumpman DX - The Castle DX - Space Taxi DX - Spunky's Super Car! - Comic Bakery - Pyxidis - Cavern Fighter - Star Command ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Coleco ADAM (30th Anniversary) - StarCom ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Atari2600 - Space Raid (NTSC & PAL) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Intellivision - Space Raid ----------------------------------------------------------------------- TI-99a - Mr. Chin ----------------------------------------------------------------------- **Some more title may be added during the year
  8. In this video, just uploaded to Youtube, I show over $500 worth of Atari Homebrew gaming goodness for the 2600 VCS, 7800 ProSystem, and Jaguar. Even so I missed some, so I'll need to do another video. Technically some of these games are Homebrew ports of Arcade games, but there are many that are totally original as well. Most were purchased from Atari Age. I purposely left out the Custom Reproductions that I have ordered, as I'm saving them for an upcoming video. While the above video was uploading, I discovered that I now have a second supporter on Patreon. Supporters get exclusive content, which I plan on expanding what I offer as I go along. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=11084981
  9. Hi guys, Making that final push to clear out my collection. I've really enjoyed having these rare games and I've displayed them for many years in my office. I have two young children and I want them to be able to play with anything in my office. So, I'm clearing out my entire collection finally. I have the following rare items that may be of interest to collectors. League of light and robot rubble. The boxes are not even built and are flat. Minehunter number 26 This auction is ending soon. Same game and robots #26 Stonix #26 4-tris (LTO) Cuttle cart 3 (no cart shell, but includes labels , cable and cart board. ) System changer (Going up today) -PENDING SALE Orphan overlays series 3 MIB Rocky and bullwinkle Adventures of tron Space Patrol Donkeykong (homebrew) Stadium mud buggies Congo Bongo Mountain madness super pro skiing Pending Sale All the other normal games CIB the hardware (console, voice etc) If you PM me, PM me with a reasonable offer unless I have it listed on Ebay. That reasonable offer will be slightly lower than what I think it might go for in auction. But let's be reasonable. And I'm more inclined to try to take my chances on ebay unless someone just HAS to have something I listed. :-) I will probably not get back right away as I only visit the forum occasionally. just watch my ebay "nicepurchase" Thanks guys and good luck! -Duane
  10. Are these both the same game? Are they even legit? I'd like a Jr. Pac-Man, but I'm not sure what I'm getting here. One of the labels looks like the 7800 Jr. Pac-Man. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ATARI-5200-Jr-PACMAN-Junior-PAC-MAN-NTSC-VIDEO-GAME-CARTRIDGE-/201537020276?hash=item2eec8ae174:g:HdoAAOSwZ8ZW3eyt http://www.ebay.com/itm/ATARI-5200-Jr-PACMAN-Junior-PAC-MAN-NTSC-VIDEO-GAME-CARTRIDGE-/191821666517?hash=item2ca97658d5:g:g7kAAOSwh-1W3exR
  11. Time to announce the Sixth Round of the Harmony games: Pac-man Arcade (as suguested by roadrunner at atari age.com) This is a Functional, Graphical and Audio Hack of Ms. Pac-man to look and feel more like the arcade version complete with music and sounds close enough to midways version. Only rule must play the arcade version you can d/l the game here (it also available at atariage store for 20.00 under hacks as Pac- man Arcade) this round ends August 9th Good luck: (at the end of the round points will be awarded(10 (for first) to 2(for tenth) 1 for everybody after 10 (any scores submitted after this round ends will be given 1 point) (as always scores will only be updated on the webpage and AVC Forum(since I have no editing feature here) (you can also post scores on the AVC Forum as well just follow the instructions posted on the harmony games web page)
  12. So I'm new to retro gaming, having recently purchased my 2nd ever Atari last December with a gap of 33 years in between the latest one and my last. I was blown away at the concept of homebrews, not even aware of such a thing prior to doing research. When I discovered AtariAge and their online store, it wasn't long before I ordered a copy of both Super Cobra Arcade and Draconian, both of which are completely awesome. Now I assumed that the 3 new homebrews available for the Atari 2600 in October and the previous 7 made available in the summer was an average number that I could expect each year. But going back to earlier years, it seems that 2017 had a bit of a bumper crop. Was 2017 an anomaly and I shouldn't expect as many homebrews released on cartridge and boxed in subsequent years, or is the homebrew scene getting larger and I can expect as many or more homebrews each year in the future?
  13. Following this post I thought it would be a good idea to discuss how to preserve the Atari 2600 and all things around it for the future. The people interested into Atari 2600 are getting older on average. Eventually most of us will be gone. What happens then to our legacy? Who will take care of the numerous collections? Who will look after our homebrews, the documents, our tools etc. And last not least AtariAge (and other websites) who tell the stories of Atari 2600. Accidents can happen to us everyday and sooner or later we have to face the end of our lives. How many of you have taken care of? And what can and should we do now?
  14. Hi All, I recently acquired my first Intellivision (a 5872 INTYII) and picked up the homebrews shown below. Which homebrews do you own? DK Arcade - S/N 341 D2K Arcade Boulder Dash - S/N 102 Missile Domination GOSUB - S/N 123
  15. Started off with Asteroids and Asteroids Deluxe (thank you Bob!). Currently playing my newest 7800 homebrew addition: Alpha Race. -- Thank you SIO2!
  16. Time to announce the second round of the Harmony games: Juno first (sugested by Gorfy and craftsmanMIKE on Atariage.com) Juno First is a 2600 version of the Komoni coin-op game. you fly your ship through sectors shooting at enemy ships you can get the final rom for emulator or harmony cart HERE The rule for this game: you must start the game at wave 1 and play until you die(if you die and want to play again you have to start back at wave 1(no continues allowed) this round will end on May 7th (at the end of the round points will be awarded(10 (for first) to 2(for tenth) 1 for everybody after 10(any scores submitted after this round ends will be given 1 point) Good Luck!! *if you have the actual cart please remember not to use the continue feature on it* As I mentioned since I can't edit this post each time like last year rankings and scores are now posted HERE and will be updated regulary I will be posting the scores on webpage as well http://avc.atari-use...et/Harmony.html (you can also post scores on the AVC Forum as well just follow the instructions posted on the harmony games web page)
  17. Time to announce the fifth round of the 2014 Harmony Games: Gingerbread man as suggested by SpiceWare Description Unrefined sugar, flour, ginger and heat have combined magically to produce consciousness and mobility in a delicious culinary confection. You, a Gingerbread Man, find yourself baking in a gas-fired oven, and you must find a way out! Gingerbread Man is based loosely on the popular children’s story of the same name. And although this game is appropriate for children, it’s not child’s play! In Gingerbread Man you must fight your way through 20 levels consisting of five unique game-play screens, facing a variety of obstacles and challenges in order to survive! In the first level you begin in a hot oven where you must escape before being cooked alive! Once you break free from the oven, you find yourself in the dining room where you need to collect all of the balloons and float up to the roof through the chimney. Now that you're on the roof you must build a bridge to a nearby tree while fighting off cats and birds that want you for a tasty treat! Once in the tree, you need to evade all the dangerous creatures in the forest (will you ever get a break?) And if you do escape the forest, you enter a cave where you must fight off your most fearsome enemy yet! Once you defeat the boss, to your dismay you are captured again and put back in the oven too cook some more, and this time the heat has been turned up! Will you ever escape? Can you battle through 19 levels to have your chance to out-fox the final boss and win your freedom? Gingerbread Man includes three game variations: Selection 1 is the default. Selection 2 is expert mode. Selection 3 is a special mode for children. You can d/l the game here Being this is our Special Game to be played at Atarimania 2 on June 14th as well were going to use selection #2 (expert mode) you can use the continue feature only once This round begins on June 9th at 3pm CST and ends on June 25th at 2pm CST **June 14th is a one day HSC challenge taking place at galloping ghost arcade the winner at Atarimania will get a free admission to VGS'14( if a person online beats the person at event the winner will get an e-certificate for our cafepress shop(which will expire 1 year of the date issued) valued at 25.00. (if online user is overseas a digital copy of 2014 VGS Program will be sent) this is only for that day from noon till 7pm CST)*** post your scrores here (ranks will posted at the AVC Online forum and on the harmony games web page (see signature))
  18. The Seventh Round of the 2013 Harmony Games is Princess Rescue chosen by S.BAZ Breif Description: Princess Rescue is in all fairness a 2600 clone/tribute game of Super Mario Bothers that was done for the NES. gameplay is the same as it would be for nes as well. this game was slated to be sold on Atari Age and at PRGE 2013,but the big shot at Nintendo got wind of it and put a kabosh on it(only the lucky people who put the preorder in before the time) Chris Sprybug who made this game did a great job on it. lucky the rom is available to d/l and play here scoring is simlar to what it is on the Nes play until you loose all your lives (# of lives doesn't matter) *bonus points: 10 bonus points to any one who finishes the game and rescues the princess link to game instructions Here and Here This round begins on July 7th at 3pm CDT and ends on July 21st 2pm CDT *July 12th is our second special game being played at VGS'14 that begins at 11am and ends at 4pm For this prize: New this year for the winner of the day at the show, he/she will receive a 50.00 gift certificate from EGSA Soft Works. If the person beats the online score a 25.00 e-certificate to cafepress shop will given as well. if the online winner beats the live score at VGS'14 the winner will receive a digital copy of the VGS Program and an e-certificate for 25.00 for the AVC news Stand at cafepress.com (if the online winner is outside of the US then they will only get a the digital program post your scores here (ranks will posted at the AVC Online forum and on the harmony games web page (see signature)
  19. Another banner year has past (actually three months past so this is a little late) and I just wanted to pass on my thanks to everyone involved in making all these great new CV & ADAM games a reality. If I missed any game releases, please add them in a post. AstroDodge by Revival Studios Bankruptcy Builder by PkK Battle of Hoth by Team PixelBoy Black Onyx, The by Team PixelBoy Bomb'n Blast (re-release) by CollectorVision Boulder Dash (re-release) by TeleGames U.K. Buck Rogers Super Game by Team PixelBoy CAT Scheduled Oil Sampling Game, The by CollectorVision Cix by PkK E.A. Classics by CollectorVision Earth Defend 2083 by CollectorVision Flora and the Ghost Mirror by NewColeco Galaxian (reproduction) by CollectorVision Gamester81 by Gamester/Atari2600.com HeliFire by CollectorVision Lode Runner by CollectorVision Mario Bros. Rev. D by CollectorVision Mecha8 by CollectorVision MemoTech MTX Series: Games Collection Vol. 1 by CollectorVision MindWalls by CollectorVision Module Man by Team PixelBoy Mr. Chin (CollectorVision 5th Anniversary re-release) by CollectorVision RollerBall by CollectorVision Search for the Stolen Crown Jewels III by PkK Shunting Puzzle by PkK I have to admit that Lode Runner and Mecha8 are my two favorites from 2013's lineup of game releases.
  20. Time to announce the Forth Round of the Harmony games: Colony 7 (as suguested by toymailman on AtariAge.com) This is Colony 7. Jarvian hostiles sighted inbound. Non combatant personnel are retreating to shuttle bay. We are preparing to defend position. City-wide shield is active. Gun emplacements are standing by. Special Weapon is primed. We will not retreat. We will survive. Your mission is to defend Colony 7 from the evil Jarvians. Wave after wave of enemy fighters strafe the Colony's defensive shield, attempting to break through. You're in command of the Colony's defensive guns, unleashing a converging stream of laser fire at the attacking hordes. You must wipe out the invading craft before either the cannons or the entire Colony are destroyed. Use your joystick to steer the targeting crosshairs around the screen. The defensive cannons will automatically fire salvo after salvo towards the current crosshair position. Your goal is to completely annihilate each attacking squadron, since even a single attacker breaking through can destroy your colony. If the situation seems desperate, hit the fire button to activate the Mega Blaster, your special weapon that, in one blast, will empty the sky. Use it sparingly. Each shot drains an entire Fuel Cell, of which the Colony has only three. If you succeed in destroying a squadron, it will soon be replaced a new, even more dangerous one. Four different types of enemies will attempt to destroy your colony! The Fighter is the most common element of the Javian fleet, and several of them will attack simultaneously, first blasting away the Colony's defensive shield and ultimately destroying the colony itself. They will also destroy your cannons if you are not careful. When The Advisor appears, it will guide the fighters faster to their targets, so destroy it quickly! The Bomber will launch a guided payload directly at one of your cannons, so you must be alert for its presence and if it succeeds in launching its bomb, destroy it before it reaches its target. And when The Scout enters your field of view it will call in replacement ships, so be sure to give it your utmost priority! Can you save Colony 7 from destruction? Colony 7 was created by Manuel Rotschkar, whose previous Atari 2600 homebrew games include Gunfight, Seawolf, Star Fire, and Crazy Balloon. Colony 7 is modeled after the 1981 arcade game of the same name. If you've ever played the arcade game, you'll appreciate how Manuel Rotschkar has recreated the frenetic energy of the original on the Atari 2600! down load the game here http://atariage.com/...areLabelID=2773 Good luck!! this round ends on June 6th (at the end of the round points will be awarded(10 (for first) to 2(for tenth) 1 for everybody after 10(any scores submitted after this round ends will be given 1 point) this is a simple game: with only one level guns are on austofire and fire is your smart bomb. (if you have hints feel free to post, and I might give you a bonus point) any scores for Hunchy II posted (for those who are not listed) will now count as one point Juno first scores will no longer be accepted!! (as always scores will only be upated on the webpage and AVC Forum(since I have no editing feature here) (you can also post scores on the AVC Forum as well just follow the instructions posted on the harmony games web page)
  21. The Seventh round of the 2013 Harmony Games as suggested by toymailman is Ultra SSCide SCSIcide is an original, fast-paced homebrew game released back in 2001 by Joe Grand of Pixels Past. In SCSIcide you play the role of a hard drive read head. As the different colored bits scroll by on the hard drive platter, you need to quickly read them in the correct order before you suffer a buffer underflow. As you complete each level, the data scrolls by more and more quickly! How far can you go? If you're a fan of Activision's Kaboom!, then you'll love SCSIcide. Joe Grand has spent some time recently updating SCSIcide and has released a new version of the game titled Ultra SCSIcide. This latest version of the game contains many improvements over the original: Added support for joystick controllers. Controller type is automatically detected when you press the paddle or joystick fire button to start the game. Fixed the flicker that used to occur at the beginning of each level. Changed background and data bit color palette to make bits easier to distinguish. Reduced track size from 10 to 8 bits, for a more appropriate one byte per level. Changed speed increase per level - only two random data bits increase in speed each level. Modified the sound and scoring routines to account for longer gameplay and higher levels. Changed title screen text and added GIS and Pixels Past logos. Added a PAL version of the game. (since this game has been used on Zero's High Score contest http://atariage.com/...de/#entry985874 we will use the same rules: Left Difficulty: B / Novice - Smaller Drive Head Right Difficulty: Your Choice Game Mode: Not Applicable) (scoring in this game is done Hexadecimal) little bonus for those who played this in Zero's 2600 HSC: if you beat the score you did in zeros I will give you 5 bonus points (this game is available to D/l http://atariage.com/...areLabelID=2704 or you can purchase it at the atari age store(if you don't have it already) this round ends August 31st Good luck (at the end of the round points will be awarded(10 (for first) to 2(for tenth) 1 for everybody after 10 (any scores submitted after this round ends will be given 1 point) as always scores will only be updated on the webpage and AVC Forum(since I have no editing feature here) (you can also post scores on the AVC Forum as well just follow the instructions posted on the harmony games web page)
  22. Hey there everyone! After taking a few weeks to evaluate my gaming hobby and where I want to put my collecting focus in the future I've decided that it's time to liquidate my Atari 2600 collection to bring in a little cash and help me focus my collecting efforts over the next year on the systems I really love the most: Nintendo handhelds and the GameCube. I will be a little sad to see all this Atari stuff that I've spent so much time and money collecting go, but honestly I just don't really play them anymore and I'd rather they go to good homes that will use and appreciate them more. This is only my third sales thread here on AtariAge, so to give you a reference for my reliability as a seller, you can see all the feedback I've received from selling games and related accessories on eBay over the last half a dozen or so years here: http://www.ebay.com/usr/hanz0d0g Before we get down to business, here's the usual info: All prices listed below are firm and do not include shipping costs. Shipping costs to anywhere in the United States will be calculated by based on zip code and package size/weight. I do offer free shipping on all purchases over $50! All items will be shipped via USPS and delivery confirmation will be included so that you can track the package. International shipping is available upon request and will be calculated based on location. Payment is accepted via PayPal only, and all sales are on a "first come first serve" basis. In other words, the first person to PM me about an item gets it! There are a number of things I am willing to accept in trade for the items I have for sale, and as far as trades go here's what I am currently in the market for: Items I Am Accepting In Trade Nintendo DS Lite system (Crimson & Black Color) *Must be either New In Box or in Like New condition with zero scratches anywhere on the system* Nintendo DSi XL system (Bronze Color) *Must be either New In Box or in Like New condition with zero scratches anywhere on the system* Various Complete In Box Nintendo DS Games (See spoiler tag below for the full list) That's it for trades I'm willing to accept, so now on to the stuff I've got for sale/trade! Atari 2600 Homebrew Games Princess Rescue (Brand new & still sealed, includes manual) - $249 Atari 2600 Complete In Box Games All games are fully tested, guaranteed to work just fine, and have good condition labels with no rips or tears unless otherwise noted. Dark Chambers - $12 Secret Quest - $12 Solaris - $7 Atari 2600 Games With Manuals All games are fully tested, guaranteed to work just fine, and have good condition labels with no rips or tears unless otherwise noted. Air Sea Battle - $3 Asteroids - $2 Bowling - $3 Combat - $1 Donkey Kong (Coleco version) - $5 Frogger - $4 Haunted House - SOLD Joust - SOLD Jungle Hunt - SOLD Miniature Golf - $4 Missile Command - $2 Mouse Trap (Coleco version) - SOLD Ms. Pac-Man - $4 Pac-Man - FREE! No one should have to pay money to play this game. Q*Bert - SOLD Reactor - $2 Riddle of the Sphinx (The manual is missing 2 pages) - SOLD Space Attack - $2 Starmaster - $2 Star Raiders w/ Video Touchpad - $10 Star Voyager - $3 Super Cobra - $5 Warlords - $3 Wizard of Wor - $6 Loose Atari 2600 Games All games are fully tested, guaranteed to work just fine, and have good condition labels with no rips or tears unless otherwise noted. Adventure - $5 Armor Ambush - SOLD Astroblast - $2 Atlantis - SOLD Barnstorming - $3 Basketball - $3 Battlezone - $4 Berzerk - $3 Breakout - $3 BurgerTime - SOLD California Games - $4 Carnival - $3 Centipede (2 copies available) - $4 each Chopper Command - $3 Circus Atari - $3 Coconuts - $4 Commando Raid - SOLD Cosmic Ark - SOLD Crossbow - $5 Crystal Castles - SOLD Dark Cavern - $3 Defender - $3 Demon Attack - $2 Demons to Diamonds - $2 Desert Falcon - $8 Dig Dug - $5 Dodge 'Em - $2 Donkey Kong Junior (Coleco version) - $4 Dragonfire - $4 Dragster (Small tear on the top of the label) - $2 Enduro - $3 E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial - SOLD Fishing Derby - $4 Freeway - $2 Frogger II: Threeedeep! - SOLD Frogs and Flies - $3 Galaxian - $5 Gangster Alley - $4 G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike - $5 Ghost Manor / Artillery Duel Double Ender (Crooked and winkled label) - SOLD Golf - SOLD Gorf - $3 Grand Prix - $2 Gravitar - $5 H.E.R.O. - SOLD Iced Hockey - $3 Jr. Pac-Man - $5 Kaboom! - SOLD Kangaroo - $3 Keystone Kapers - SOLD Kung-Fu Master - SOLD Kung Fu Superkicks (Missing one latch key inside cart. The game still plays fine.) - SOLD Lock 'N' Chase - $3 Mario Bros. - SOLD Maze Craze - $2 Megamania - $4 Midnight Magic - $3 Millipede - $7 Moon Patrol - $3 Night Driver - $2 Othello - $5 Outlaw - $3 Phoenix - $3 Pitfall! (Small tear in the front label) - $4 Pitfall II: Lost Caverns - SOLD Pole Position - $4 Popeye - $4 Raiders of the Lost Ark - SOLD Realsports Boxing - $4 River Raid - SOLD Robot Tank - $3 Sentinel - SOLD Skate Boardin' - $3 Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle - $7 Skiing - SOLD Space Invaders - $2 Space Jockey - $2 Spider Fighter - $2 Spider-Man - SOLD Sprintmaster - $4 Stampede - SOLD Stargate - $10 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back - $7 Super Breakout - $2 Superman - $3 Surround - SOLD Tennis - $3 Trick Shot - $2 Turmoil - $6 Vanguard (Small hole in front label) - $2 Venture (Coleco version) - SOLD Video Olympics - $2 Video Pinball - SOLD Winter Games - $3 Yars' Revenge - SOLD That's everything! Thank you for taking the time to view my sales thread and you are interested in buying or trading for any items just shoot me a PM about it! Additional pictures of any items are always available upon request.
  23. Looking for some new Colecovision controllers, the keypad on one of mine is wonky and the joystick on the other only works when it wants to. Also want a Gemini controller with the connector and a Super Action Controller. Finally I'm looking for the following homebrews if anyone has em...... Mario Bros Elevator Action Lock N' Chase Heli Fire Side Trak Don't have anything to trade so just looking to purchase, hope to hear from somebody......
  24. I know that this may cultivate a divisive discussion around here--the old ​ColecoVision was meant to be played with its native controllers argument. I've paid attention to that argument, and I've seen the truth in it! Especially with the ball-knob enhancement. But now, finally having a drop-in PCB for the Famicom NTT Data controller, there is at long last a compete solution in using a fantastic D-Pad type controller for the ColecoVision!! This was a quiet little release by atariguy1021, but I hope to keep the torch burning in support of this killer homebrew product. Thanks goes to him for his fantastic work! I'd like to add that I was a fortunate kid, in that I grew up in the 70s and 80s, loving video games throughout the decades. After the U.S. market went bust and 2 years of home computing went by, the NES came on the scene and the rest is history. With that, I'm skilled and fluent in both traditional controllers ("Joysticks") as well as D-Pads. For certain game programming the pad just feels right! ...So here is a short list of some games and gameplay that I've tested with my new ColecoVision Super +Control Pad™ Please feel free to add opinions, write-ups, and reviews of your experiences, likes, and dislikes to this list. Games that Play Better with the Control Pad: A. ) Classic games: Lady Bug - can move around corners much easier, but the game mechanics put in place by the programmers are still prohibitive. Buck Rogers - maneuver your ship with ease. Can blast saucers with less effort and far better gliding skill. Gyruss - this game was designed to use the D pad. Gameplay is now utterly phenomenal, fully playable, and you'll go much farther if you're an experienced "pad professional". Looping - Another game where the D-pad breathes new life into it. Maneuver your airplane with ease. Was able to get to the "End" for the first time! Omega Race - I could go either way on this one, but the pad does help with fluidity in the movement of your ship. Spy Hunter: much more fluidity and the super action controls are much easier to use on the pad. Root Beer Tapper: so much easier, it makes for championship game play. Must play on skill level four! Montezuma's Revenge - A great example of what the pad can do with rigid game mechanics. At the risk of overemphasizing, plays far more like Super Mario Bros. (without the jumping mechanics of course) Star Wars - plays better, but this would do well with a game hack. Ultimately this game needs smoother controls, and up and down directionals could be (re-) reversed. [Also a hack of the music to be louder and multi-tonal would be awesome!] Burgertime: much better gameplay--just like with Lady Bug--eliminates the rigidity of turning corners, etc. B.) Modern games: Wonder Boy: allows the game to be actually playable. I'm pretty sure this game was meant for a pad because it was designed for the Sega SG series of gaming consoles. Much better control over your character and better maneuverability. Twin Bee - Along with Star Force, these vertical scrolling shooters were meant for the pad. Much better maneuverability and control over your ship, and much more fluidity when it comes to fire power. Mario Bros. - another game where you could truly go either way with the controllers, but the pad gives it that classic Nintendo feel. More like playing it on the GameBoy. Star Force - Very similar to TwinBee in its ship's control improvement. Road Fighter - Level mastering freedom! Way easier to maneuver your vehicle and pass levels. Ms. Pac-Man - Again, this one could go either way. Depends on your preference, I think. With your thumb on the pad, you'll have to lift it a bit (rather than rock the pad with your thumb), in order to precisely press each direction. Joust (Team Pixelboy release) - Amazing improvement! Excellent fluidity and control. I could play this one for hours vice using the standard controller. These are just a few games that I've had the chance to experience since I got my Super +Control Pad put together last night. I know there are many more experiences out there, so again, let's hear yours!
  25. The Eleventh Round of the 2013 Harmony Games is Lead 16k chosen by Liduario Breif Description :Lead is a fast paced Atari 2600 shooter that will keep you on your toes! There are four types of stages: "Fire", in which you must shoot enemies down. "Dodge" where you must dodge asteroids plummeting towards you. "Scramble" where you must avoid sentinels. And "Catch" stages where you must catch satellites. There are Smart Bombs and Power-ups you can capture to help you in your goal to stay alive! As mentioned above we are using the 16k version(which includes all four stages mentioned above) which can be d/l here http://atariage.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=281511 this round ends on Dec 10th Good Luck!! any scores for Princess Rescue posted (for those who are not listed) will now count as one point until nov 17th then no more won't be accepted The final game of the season will be picked by Craftsmanmike we are only doing strictly homebrew games no hacks from this point on,toward the end of this round if I don't hear back from Crafsmanmike I will choose the game) as always scores will only be updated on the webpage and AVC Forum(since I have no editing feature here) (you can also post scores on the AVC Forum as well just follow the instructions posted on the harmony games web page)
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