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Found 28 results

  1. Rev and I have been discussing this for months and here, finally, is our Top 30 Intellivision variations. These aren't necessarily the most expensive or the rarest, although some are, but just the ones that we feel are the most interesting and collectible. Some of these aren't too hard to find, a few are near impossible to get your hands on though. Some you may be aware of, some you may never have seen before (or wondered, "Why the hell do these guys bother collecting all this crap?") By my most recent count I think there are more than 500 different Intellivision boxes to collect, including a bunch of language variations. Thank God, or what would Rev and I do with our time now that we have the Original 125. There are quite a few that we discussed that didn't make the list and easily could have been added. Feel free to bring up any you can think of, or are wondering about. That's the point of this thread, particularly for those that are newer to collecting for the Intellivision, just so you know what you've got yourself into. Enjoy, and discuss. (this will take a few posts for me to add all the pics so bear with me). 30) All Bandai Games - seriously, those instructions are cool. 29) UK CBS Blue Monster Ladybug - not quite sure I remember seeing that in the game, but who cares, that's awesome! (I have both an English and a French version, can't remember if there is a German one? Intymike would probably know) 28) Dig Dug with "1 or 2 players" notation on the front - I've only come across one copy, all the rest have "1 player" 27) Intellivision Inc Math Fun and Chess (without "Electric Company" and "USCF" qualifiers) (Math Fun is a reddish box instead of the original Mattel one in light orange) 26) 3 French Canadian Bilingual Intellivoice Games (There's not a Tron Solar Sailer version, and sadly, I'm missing Space Spartans - If you have it, you know who to PM) Cool white banner added to top right corner
  2. Many original and home-brew games for Atari 2600, ColecoVision and Intellivision for sale on eBay. Some rare games in there as well including mostly New & Like New with a couple of Good condition games. Troy
  3. All prices are before shipping. PayPal friends and family is preferred but I will take goods and services - you will cover the additional fee if you choose that method. All pictures are at the bottom of the post, please check those for item condition . Ask any questions and buy my stuff! I want this out of my house! I try to price my stuff to move so please PM if you think something is too high and we can discuss. Systems: Retron 1 - CIB $10 -system has been tested with a few games all loaded fine and played fine - I used my original NES controllers so controllers are still in shrink wrap and never used. Game Gear - 8 Sega Brand game protectors $ 4 - Free with any order of $15 or more just mention it when PM me. Dreamcast - All dreamcast games for $10 - Crazy taxi (disc only) - $4 - Tony Hawk Pro Skater - Disc and manual $ 4 - NFL2K CIB - $3 - NFL2K2 CIB - $3 Saturn - Space Jam Disc and back case insert only -$4 NES - Sesame Street 123 $3 INTV All carts for $1 each (All tested and loaded up) - Carnival x2 - DK - label is complete but has fallen off - Space Battle - Bowling - Math Fun Manuals and Misc. - All $2 each - everything for $6 N64 - NHL Breakaway 98 - Rugrats in Paris the Movie - Zelda: Majora's Mask - rough condition Atari 2600 - Canyon Bomber 7800 - Game pack in poster
  4. OK, in light of the other thread around the 'hidden' Triton mail order catalogs in that ebay auction, I thought I'd post some pics of my complete INTV Triton catalog collection. This is a cool subset from late in the life of the Intellivision as it, and the games, were sold mostly by mail order catalogs. You can usually find these from time to time included in an auction, often for the INTV 3 or the Intellivision Super Pro System. Enjoy.
  5. Hey, This is my Intellivision Collection. I have to find 6 more games to complete it !
  6. Hi, it's been a while since I posted, so hello from the depths.... I recently got an Intellivision and I tried 3 different games, for each one, the picture scrolls. I tried adjusting how the cart was seated, jiggling the rf cable and it didn't change anything. Am I missing something? Thanks Hitachi (Adam)
  7. While most would agree that DK for the INTV was not the "best" game for the Intellivision back in the day, you have to give credit to Coleco and CBS for getting it out there in many forms. Not including the excellent new DK Arcade which was recently released, I am aware of 10 different box variations for this videogaming work of art. I have nine of them. ( I may have a problem. ). The five across the top are CBS releases, as you can see the first three are French, English and German language variations, the fourth one is the UK PAL version, then the fifth is the multi-language International version. The bottom four are Coleco versions, two English and two bilingual English/French Canadian versions. The one I'm missing is a German version of the fourth box on the top row with the angry looking DK throwing a silver barrel. To the best of my knowledge, (and off the top of my head), DK might just hold the record for box variations for this system. After 12 years of collecting for the Intellivision, I've got to find something to keep searching for.
  8. From the album: My Collection

    This game is impossible to photograph properly
  9. Hi folks, I've been trying to join the INTV Brotherhood over at Intellivision Revolution. I went through the registration steps a time or two and contributed a time or two but I've heard nothing. Am I missing a step? I want to be able to proudly update my signature from: "(Trying to be a) Member of the INTV Brotherhood" to "Member of the INTV Brotherhood" Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Time to do another variations thread for the Intellivision....this time from the fine folks at Parker Brothers. While Keith may have called them out for their game quality as an example of why the crash happened, which many may disagree with, I find their games to be some of my favourite to collect as their boxes were solid (with one exception), and the artwork is generally great. There were usually three types of boxes available, the regular US issue, the bilingual Canadian version and the International release. Here, sadly with one glaring omission, is all of the Parker Brothers boxes for the Intellivision. First up is Frogger, which came in the standard three versions. This is the most common of the Parker Brothers releases, so the US one is really easy to find, the other 2 aren't too bad. (By the way, if you're trying to figure out which version a game is at a glance while you're squinting at ebay auction pictures on your iPhone, look at the blue stripe at the bottom of the front of the box.....if it has two lines of white text it's the US release, if it has one line it's the International one, and if there isn't a blue line, but rather some black writing, then it's the Canadian one.) Next up is Qbert, which comes with a fourth version of the box, one that is a flip top, as opposed to the two piece boxes all the other versions came in...and no, I don't know why. The flip top box is nowhere near as sturdy either, and as a result, is difficult to find in mint shape. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back might not be everyone's favourite game (probably the worst of the six, although I genuinely enjoy playing the other 5), but it is a great one from a collecting standpoint. Auctions of sealed versions of this often run above $100. This also came in three versions. Popeye is another of the three box version games, but the Canadian one is particularly hard to find, second to "he who shall not be named" in my mind. Second to last, and the priciest of the 6 regular releases, although it didn't actually receive a US release, is Tutankham. There is only one version of this box that I'm aware of, and it's the International one. If anyone has ever seen a Canadian version, please post pics, and if you happen to own one, you know how to PM me. This will generally run you between $100-150 CIB...and apparently over $1000 NIB!!!! Yikes. Which of course brings us to the other game in the pic above and the second rarest regular issue, Super Cobra. Again, there was no US release, but there was a freakishly limited release in Canada. This remains on my most wanted list, and came in at number 4 on our Top 30 Intellivision variations list. http://www.atariage....ion-variations/ If this comes up for auction, I'm probably going to sell my home to raise funds. Just sayin. Finally, one final pic just for fun....all six of the International Parker Brothers releases....sealed.
  11. Here's a bunch of random stuff I don't need, or my doubles. Normally, I hate "Best Offer" type posts, but this stuff is so random, and some of it in random condition, just make an offer cash/trade. VERY open to trades. Of pretty much anything I don't already have. I just don't keep doubles of carts, manuals anymore, so these have to go. Make me an offer of an interesting trade and I may go for it. All prices are excluding shipping. I can get discounted shipping at work, so shipping prices are very reasonable (probably better than you'd think) and I'll only charge you actual. PM me with offers/trade offers if you can use any of this stuff. Without further ado... TI-99/4a setup for repair or parts. Has some dents and scratching, but otherwise doesn't look horrible. Some of the keys don't work. But the unit itself works fine. The numbers work, so you can start up carts and play. Repair it, or use it to repair a non-working unit. I suppose you could use it to just play carts if you have a joystick, as that seems to work fine. Comes with power supply and the following carts: TI Invaders, Alpiner, Parsec, Hunt The Wumpus, Tombstone City, Munch Man, Blasto, Reading Roundup. Fairchild Channel F and 6 carts. Unit does work. Controllers work, but a little unresponsive (not sure how it's supposed to work though, I was able to play the games). Missing lid. Unit not in bad shape, wood grain is pretty nice. A little dirty. The cables on the controllers are very twisted up, almost like they've been melted. Not sure if they were, or it's just from age/use, but in any case, I'd replace them. Comes with power supply, original Fairchild RF switch, and the following carts: 13 Robot War/Torpedo Alley, 2 Desert Fox/Shooting Gallery, 14 Sonar Search (loose end label), 3 Video Blackjack (loose end label), 5 Space War (no end label), 9 Drag Race (no end label). Note that games are still a little dirty, I wiped them off and they're not disgusting, but could be detailed. SOLD Loose Intellivision carts. All but 3 of these are the screw-together type for you looking for cart shells. A bunch of loose 2600 manuals: A bunch of loose 5200 manuals: Sound and video cards. All of these are not tested recently, as I don't have any computers anymore that could take any of these. They were all pulled from my own machines to upgrade, then stored in the static bags in a dry box on the main level of our house, so in theory should be fine. Clockwise from upper left.. unknown video card, says ASUS on it. Soundblaster PCI 128 with CD, Soundblaster 16 for you retro PC-gaming fans, Soundblaster Live! with discs. Call of Duty: D-Link cable modem, with power supply, disc, manual. 3-Com Cable modem with manual, disc. Unfortunately, I lost the power supply: Acer scanner. Works, just used it recently with the SANE scanner drivers. With power supply and if you want it, a USB cable: UMax Scanner. Also used this recently with the SANE scanner drivers. Power supply not pictured, but my wife says she knows where it is: Linksys 5-port wired (not wireless!) hub: Thanks for looking.
  12. I designed some new cover labels that fit directly onto Intellivision cartridges. These measure 1.9 x 2.5 inches and fit perfectly on the top of the games. They are high definition pictures on glossy die cut photo paper. So far I have made over 50 simulated screen shots and am now working on the hard to find & rarer games in the INTV line up. Those later titles will take a bit longer to make as I don't own a few of them. LMK if anyone is interested in putting them onto their own games. It really makes the cartridges pop with the new labels instead of the basic end caps they have now.
  13. Did you ever notice how the Intellivision & INTV games had such small bland and basic labels on them? I always thought they could look better, so I designed my own and put them on the cartridges. These simulated screen shoots labels are now attached to my video games. They were made in high definition and printed on die cut glossy photo paper. The games really pop out now. Please tell me what you think of them
  14. From the album: My Game Collection

    My Mattel Intellivision console
  15. I own 1 of the 5 Champion Ice Hockey proto cartridges (for ColecoVision) that was offered early in 2015. I'm now looking to sell it, but am only taking offers at the moment. No asking price. Still for sale/offer (with updated pricing): 1) Stadium Mud Buggies (CIB) - Box is average, has price tag on it, flaps are worn, booklet is a little yellowed. $225 2) Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing (CIB) - outside box in great shape, booklet average, cart holder inside box partially broken. $125 - SOLD 3) Tutankham - sealed (make an offer) 4) Complete Sears set for offer and also taking offers on any individual Sears game - SOLD 5) Draughts (CIB) - it's in rough shape, will take offers (no pics yet, will add later) INTV pics found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157674276144561 No pic of the hockey cart, but if you'd like to see the cart in its generic case, I can take a pic when I'm home
  16. I've been away from the INTV scene for a bit, so please just make an offer if you think my asking price is out of line, they're all OBO.. Prices include shipping for USA, might have to adjust if it's international, I haven't sold any games in awhile. All pictures can be found here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157674276144561 1) Melody Blaster (CIB, gatefold) - I'm not positive if the gatefold is worth more that the regular box, so if interested, please make an offer. Box and items are in good shape. - SOLD 2) Stadium Mud Buggies (CIB) - Box is average, has price tag on it, flaps are worn, booklet is a little yellowed. $250 3) Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing (CIB) - outside box in great shape, booklet average, cart holder inside box partially broken. $150 4) Tutankham (sealed) - make an offer 5) Super Cobra (CIB) - items in average-decent shape. $150 - SOLD 6) Body Slam! Super Pro Wrestling (CIB) - box and items in great shape. $150 - SOLD 7) Fathom (CIB) - box in average shape, items good. $100 - SOLD 8 ) Complete Sears set (CIB) - don't know true value, please make an offer -- games in varying conditions, some very good, some very average.. PM with questions NOT related to parting it out (yet)
  17. Here's Sydney Hunter & The Shrines of Peril FREE for you Android device! (Soon available for IOS) Try it! It's FREE!! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.collectorvisiongames.sydneyhunter1
  18. Hi, I sell 3 of my games : Super Cobra, Turbo and River Raid Super Cobra (CIB) : $ 100 Turbo (International Version, CIB) : $ 150 River Raid (CIB) : 80 $ + Shipping. Scalpel
  19. https://flic.kr/s/aHskwnPhr1 is the Flickr album with pictures of these two items. Sealed Tutankham, the pictures should tell the story of condition. This is for offer only. CIB Stadium Mud Buggies - cartridge works, in good shape. Manual a little yellowed with age. Box has price sticker, a few tape marks, bottom right has slight tear on the small side flap piece, but still on. Box in fair shape overall. Asking $300 OBO. Shipping may be included, depending where you're located and what item price we can agree on. PM me here on AA if interested or with questions. Thanks!
  20. Hello, I received today some games (Super Pro Football, Hover Force, River Raid, LadyBug, etc.) I bought a few days ago in France for very good price. I didn't know really how was the boxes and big surprise : River Raid and Super Pro Football are MINT in BOX as you can see on the pictures for River Raid. But, it's not the reason I post this message : I check my games and now, I have 5 River Raid !! (4 CIB and 1 loose). I would like to know how many games you have for each "rare" games ? For an other example, I have 2 Super Cobra (1 CIB and 1 in box without instruction)... and 6 Spiker (Mint in box) (for the last example, of course I'm kidding....
  21. I own a retro video game store in central NJ (YESTERcades) and the cool thing is that not only do we have arcade games & pinball machines but we also have three flatscreens with every type of system available. Of course, one of the systems is the Intellivision. We recently started buying & trading classic consoles and games and I had the opportunity to pick this gem up. I didn't know all that much about it first but I have learned that there are not too many of these around anymore. I am probably going to hold on to this for a little bit and put it in our display case for its coolness factor, but I thought you guys would be thrilled to check it out... - Ken
  22. After finally deciding to buy several Intellivision Flashbacks to give away as gifts to my cousins and friends, I went to IntellivisionLIves to pick up the Supplemental Overlay Packs to put with each console only to find that they are sold out. I guess I should have know, but I honestly figured they'd be offering them for a long time. There is certainly a market for them. So if you bought an extra set and are willing to part, please PM me. I am willing to pay a fair price or I can offer some things in trade. My trade stuff is not very rare. Thank you! You will be making several families happy and spreading the good retro vibe. Peace~ ~TestaOn
  23. Asking $300. Shipping included, depending where you're located. Pics at https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157674276144561
  24. So I bought the adapter cables a while back that will let me use these flashback controllers with my Inty II and then proceeded to slack on getting the controllers. Now the total flashbacks are going for crazy prices and i'm pondering ditching the idea all together and just using extension cables. BUT---if anyone on AA, for any reason, has an extra set of INTV flashback controllers, I would love to pay you fair market value for them. If not...oh well I missed the train and may need to sell my cables...lol. Thanks in advance!
  25. Hello, y’all! I recently started doing mock-ups with Elektronite’s new Intellivision Graphics Tile Editor (INTV GTE); so far, I did several title screens and playfield screens. I’d like to learn how to create animated sprites (the moving objects in the video games)—how do I go about it?! I do know about the 8 animated sprites limit per video game. Thank You!
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