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Found 10 results

  1. Hello again guys and gals! This time I'm looking for an Atari XE light gun, either new in the plastic wrap or in gently used and pretty condition with no unsightly blemishes. I am aware that B&C ComputerVisions still carries new old stock XE light guns, but their asking price of $55 shipped​ seemed a little steep so I figured I'd enquire here instead. If anyone has one of these that they'd be willing to sell for a slightly more affordable price then feel free to shoot me a PM and we'll do business.
  2. Looking to trade for a 3DO Light Gun. I have a bunch of 3DO games as trade stock as well as a bunch of other stuff. If you have one (or two!) PM me and hopefully we can work something out! Thanks!
  3. Hey there everyone. I was just curious is anyone knew if any of the higher quality modern NES clones offered support for the NES Zapper light gun and composite video out? I know the seemingly most popular option, the AVS from retroUSB, only does HDMI out so there's definitely no light gun support there; but are there any other good quality NES clones out there that do offer light gun support? I don't have plans to buy one any time soon, but it would be nice to know what the options are for playing NES light gun games without having to deal with wonky 72-pin connectors on the toaster or jail bars on the NES-101 top loader.
  4. The Nintendo Wii had a ton of great On-Rail Light Gun games for the console, both original and arcade ports. I show you some of my favorites from the collection! Games Shown: Gunblade NY & LA Machineguns Arcade Hits Pack Sin & Punishment: Star Successor Ghost Squad Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger Pack Dead Space Extraction House of the Dead Overkill What other games should I add to the Wii on-rail/Light gun game collection?
  5. I got a bit interested into light gun games and coding lately. So I had a look at the two existing Atari 2600 games (Sentinel and Shooting Arcade) and the discussion about it. Also looked at Eckhard Stolberg's guntest code. But before I can start coding anything, I obviously need a light gun. It seems that the Atari light guns are not very precise (maybe the existing detection code is bad too), many people suggest using a Sega light gun or the one from Best Electronics instead. I could not find how to order one from Best, so I wonder if I should buy a Sega one. But that one would have to be modded for Atari compatibility. Seems quite simple, but my soldering skills are not existing. Is there maybe an adapted I could buy? I have some ideas how to improve precision over the existing code. Probably the existing games could be hacked. And maybe some interest for making a new game (before all CRTs are gone) could be created.
  6. Before I get my light gun, I started wondering about the problems with LCDs and how to overcome them. Unlike a CRT, modern LCD have lags and delays. A simple light gun detection for a CRT works like this: When you pull the trigger a black frame will be displayed and detected Then a frame with a white square instead of each target will be displayed and detected Finally the game returns to the normal display of the game So display and detection are simultaneously for a CRT. For a LCD this is not the case. Here the reaction to a signal change is not immediate, so display and detection are not in sync. But the method with the white square should be working for a LCD too. The LCD display logic would be like this: When you pull the trigger a number (b) of black frames will be displayed. b depends on the maximum time the LCD needs to switch from any brightness to black (or something detected as black). Then a number (w) of white frames are displayed. w depends on the time the LCD needs to switch from black to white (or something detected as white). Finally the game returns to the normal display of the game The detection logic is decoupled: When you pull the trigger, the game logic waits for l + b frames and then tries to detect black l is the display lag of the LCD. w frames later, the game tries to detect the white square. The picture below shows how the display types react to signal changes. At 0.5 (example brightness value) the normal game screen is displayed. When at the beginning of frame 0 the light gun trigger is pulled, the CRT reacts immediately and displays black (0.0) in frame 0. The LCD continues to display 0.5 for two frames and then needs another two frames to finally reach 0.0. The CRT displays the white square (1.0) in frame 1. The LCD needs some frames to switch from 0.0 to 1.0 and reaches 1.0 in frame 8. Then CRT (immediately) and LCD (slower) switch back to the game screen (0.5). The example LCD values in the picture are: l = 2 b = 2 w = 3 g = 2 (time required to switch from white on black to game display) Here the whole process requires 11 frames (instead of 2 for a CRT), for 9 frames the LCD screen is flickering. The flicker will become much more noticeable, especially on slow LCDs. And it extends by one frame (CRT and LCD) for additional targets detection. The LCD values vary between LCDs and even for one LCD depending on its settings and mode. To identify the values, a calibration is essential. So these are my thoughts. Please correct me where I am wrong or missed something.
  7. I was wondering, how did Atari have light gun games for the 2600 and 7800 when they didn't release a gun until the XE and XEGS computer was released in the late 80's? Was there an earlier light gun that I don't know about? Was the XE light gun released earlier than those systems? Thanks. Looking to put this one to rest.
  8. Will there either be, a) An Xbox and Playstation version of Joysticks, Paddles, Trackballs, Steering controllers, and keypad, (Modern TVs wont allow light guns for the single light gun game on the ilist, unless there is a USB-to-RF out adapter) or b) an authorized adapter that lets you plug in said original Atari controllers? Also, wondering if Red Baron is the "unlicensed version of Star Wars" insofar as this uses a flight yolk and both vector 3D games, and if so, will there be a flight yolk for modern machines? Also I'll Start a public "opponents on call list" for Atari Flashback online head-to-head games I'm Brian Ciesicki, Xbox Live name "TripleTopper321". I Will accept on-call challenges if I'm by my Xbox between 9AM and Midnight New York time. Both copies already reserved. I'll pick it up November 1st.
  9. Some of the NES related discussions around here as of late reminded me that it sure would be nice to be able to play my favorite NES games again, and those all happen to be Zapper light gun games: Hogan's Alley, Freedom Force, and Mechanized Attack in particular. I parted ways with my old original toaster model NES a few years ago due not wanting to deal with the flakey 72 pin connectors anymore, since even with a new connector in it (and I tried 3 or 4 different ones) I'd still get random game freezes from floor vibrations and such. With that in mind I definitely don't want another original toaster model NES, so was I wondering what my best option for playing NES Zapper games these days might be? Would a composite video modded NES-101 top loader system still work properly with light gun games or is there another potentially better option that the NES aficionados around these parts would recommend in the under $200 price range? Any advice would be appreciated.
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