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Found 4 results

  1. Hello together! Would like to start a separate topic for MAC/65 out of a discussion within the ACTION! source code topic. As of 2015 to my knowledge there are 3 carts and 2 disk versions of MAC/65 available: - MAC/65 Macro Assembler (disk|cart) version, year : 2.00, 1982 (disk) version, year : 4.20, 1982 (disk) version, year : 1.02, 1984 (black cart?) version, year : 1.01, 1984 (black cart) version, year : 1.00, 1984 (orange cart) ; I have an orange cart with 1.01 myself author/company : Stephen D. Lawrow, Jim Dunion, OSS, Inc. available..... : 1982-1984 and up to 1994 package....... : assembler, editor, monitor, manual features...... : macros, source include Two pass 6502 assembler with integrated editor/monitor. Mac/65 is a direct descendant of the Atari Assembler/ Editor (via EASMD). Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAC/65 ACTION!, Basic XE, Basic XL and Mac/65 were sold to Tom Harker at ICD. From another topic concerning the OSS Newsletters: Fall 1986 page 13: " OSS Newsletter Fall 1986 -------------- --------- A: Version 1.01 and 1.02 are fixed to produce the proper code (PS - 1.02 is the latest version). For update information see the update info sheet. " Further: " Mike distributed one of the disk based versions of SD and disk based MAC/65 with DDT as freeware. " Source: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/comp.sys.atari.8bit/wWxsqsmVcVI/z6W0y0U8eHEJ Does anyone have that freeware version, else one with DDT? Stephen is a really good soul: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/comp.sys.atari.8bit/wWxsqsmVcVI/z6W0y0U8eHEJ https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/comp.sys.atari.8bit/TVwmswjj2zI/Z_8TwOXPIMsJ MD5 checksum of the 1.02 rom version, the real McCoy! : b560d57e36c9a4b95e6fd296937148d5 Same for the 1.02 car version : a67098f4476c95c778396f7cd269a24e Further: Type 3: OSS '034M' 16 KB cartridge There are two types of OSS cartridges. Both are 16 KB and occupy 8 KB of address space between $A000 and $BFFF. The cartridge memory is divided into 4 banks, 4 KB each. One bank ('main') is always mapped to $B000-$BFFF. The other 3 banks are mapped to $A000-$AFFF. The current bank is selected by accessing a byte in $D500-$D5FF. Only 4 lowest bits of address are significant. The '034M' scheme is the more complicated one. The main bank is D. An access to: · $D5x0 or $D5x1 selects bank A. · $D5x3 or $D5x7 selects bank B. · $D5x4 or $D5x5 selects bank C. · $D5x2 or $D5x6 is not useful. It disables ROM (there're $FF bytes in $A000-$AFFF). · $D5x8-$D5xF disables whole cartridge (enables computer's memory in address space between $A000 and $BFFF). Type 15: OSS 'M091' 16 KB cartridge This is the simpler one of OSS schemes. It uses only A0 and A3 address lines: · A3=0, A0=0 - $A000-$AFFF: bank B, $B000-$BFFF: bank A · A3=0, A0=1 - $A000-$AFFF: bank D, $B000-$BFFF: bank A · A3=1, A0=0 - disable cartridge · A3=1, A0=1 - $A000-$AFFF: bank C, $B000-$BFFF: bank A Bugs: There is a bug in the MAC/65 cartridge which gives an error on a JSR or JMP to a zero page address. A temporary fix would be to use macros in the source code. As examples, try these: 1000 .MACRO @JSR 1010 .BYTE $20 1020 .WORD %1 1030 .ENDM 1040 .MACRO @JMP 1050 .BYTE $4C 1060 .WORD %1 1070 .ENDM To invoke the macro, type @JSR (or @JMP) in place of the JSR or JMP instruction, and the proper hex code will be generated. From OSS newsletter (summer 1983): Comparision of 1.01 and 1.02 carts: 00000009: CA CC 0000000E: 94 92 00000022: 8D BD 00000023: 00 4E 00000024: D5 03 00000025: A6 C9 00000026: 08 04 00000027: F0 D0 00000028: 07 02 00000029: A5 A9 0000002A: 83 02 0000002B: D0 8D 0000002C: 03 8F 0000002D: 4C 04 0000002E: D5 60 0000002F: BE 00 00000030: D8 8D 00000031: 58 00 00000032: A2 D5 00000033: FF A6 00000034: 9A 08 00000035: 86 F0 00000036: 11 07 00000037: E8 A5 00000038: 86 83 00000039: A7 D0 0000003A: 86 03 0000003B: A6 4C 0000003C: 86 D5 0000003D: A2 BE 0000003E: 20 D8 0000003F: BF 58 00000040: B7 A2 00000041: A2 FF 00000042: 15 9A 00000044: BF EE 00000045: B7 AF 000006B2: A9 A0 000006B4: 9D B9 000006B5: 4E 8D 000006B6: 03 04 000006B7: AD 9D 000006B8: 8D 4E 000006B9: 04 03 000006BA: 9D CA 000006BB: 4C 88 000006BC: 03 10 000006BD: AD F6 000006BE: 8E E8 000006BF: 04 E8 000006C0: 9D E8 000006C1: 4D EA 000006C2: 03 EA 00000BBF: 4D 22 00000BC0: B6 B0 00000FFA: 22 30 00001014: B1 B2 00001016: 63 43 00001FEE: 00 86 00001FEF: 00 11 00001FF0: 00 E8 00001FF1: 00 86 00001FF2: 00 A2 00001FF3: 00 86 00001FF4: 00 A6 00001FF5: 00 86 00001FF6: 00 A7 00001FF7: 00 20 00001FF8: 00 BF 00001FF9: 00 B7 00001FFA: 00 A2 00001FFB: 00 15 00001FFC: 00 4C 00001FFD: 00 BF 00001FFE: 00 B7 000022C4: AA F0 000022C5: BB AF 00002FF0: 00 20 00002FF1: 00 AA 00002FF2: 00 BB 00002FF3: 00 AD 00002FF4: 00 8F 00002FF5: 00 04 00002FF6: 00 D0 00002FF7: 00 05 00002FF8: 00 A9 00002FF9: 00 02 00002FFA: 00 8D 00002FFB: 00 8D 00002FFC: 00 04 00002FFD: 00 60 ROM-Images: Atari 400 800 XL XE MAC/65 : scans, dump, download, screenshots, ads, videos, catalog, instructions, roms ATR-Image: MAC-65 2.00 and 4.20 with Bug-65 2.0 and DOS XL 2.30.atr Images from the different versions: Hope, that there is someone out there in the galaxy who can help to make this the final chapter?
  2. I use MAC/65 Assembler on the Atari. This time I have a GR.7 screen from MAD Studio, it supplies the data file and the BASIC source code to load this which works fine: 10 GRAPHICS 7+16 20 CLOSE #1 30 OPEN #1,4,0,"H1:SCREEN01.GR7" 40 SCR=PEEK(88)+PEEK(89)*256 50 FOR I=0 TO 3839 60 GET #1,BYTE 70 POKE SCR+I,BYTE 80 NEXT I ... MAC/65 will not import (enter) the SCREEN01.GR7 file, tried various modes, also tried converting end of line using Memopad. Sounds like it goes through the motions but nothing, or truncated record if EOL changed - guess as one big block of data. For a long winded workaround, I loaded the file in BASIC, did a Binary Save from DOS, and then I have someone else's BASIC utilis that convert this to a string and then to data statements -or - I could use my Byte Buster Utility I did also try a BLOAD in MAC/65 which brings the data in ok, but this is only from the command prompt (not part of the assemble) Is there another file conversion utility? or I did ponder if it was possible to load a dummy data file into assember, then bload the screen01.gr7 somewhere else in RAM and then write a program to copy the bytes over the existing data statements - then I could save the file? or some other (better) way of doing this e.g. in BASIC? Hope this makes sense Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, Just a short question. On my list is a file called: OSS MAC/65 MCDO.M65 file. Does anyone know of that file or where it belongs to? I am totally lost and can't remember. Thank you very much in advance.
  4. Hello together, Today is a very special day, because a long, long search and work around the world with many users is now over with a final good end after decades. The community now has the lost to be believe, final OSS supercart of the highest developed macro assembler for the Atari, the OSS MAC/65, MAC XL and MAC XE in various versions and this time with the source code together! Did I mention the additional commands like PHX, PHY and so on? We are very happy about that, because now, we can make a final macro assembler for the Atari, let's call it: Ultimate MAC/65? Further, we can interbreed with other source codes, for example ACTION! for an enhanced editor (scrolling) or the EXTEND command from the source code of BASIC XE to get used of the additional RAM with now up to 4 MB! All this is now possible and to your feet. All links to the software can be found here: https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Mac65 Enjoy and have fun. :-))) This service was brought to you by Kevin, a good soul (who would like to stay anonymously), JAC!, Tomasz 'KrOtki' Krasuski, a still unknown donator of the hex codes, which enabled us to restore the code, the files and later from that, finally, the cart itself. For those of you, who may ask about the unknown donator: in the very last picture of the microfilm there was a slide with the following sentence: After digitizing, destroy everything send to you and there will be more! I did exactly as ordered, and guess what, we can continue in part 3! Not kidding. Check back in here again. :-) Call for help, up to now, we have some problems with assembling, just 4 errors are remaining: Who can help us to get them lost? The BIN-files just run in Altirra with OSS '043M' ; who can create a '034M'-version? :-) MAC_XE_v3.4i_(1986-02-11)(Lawrow,_Stephen)(US).bin MAC-65_v3.6_(1988-01-07)(Lawrow,_Stephen)(US).bin
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