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Found 24 results

  1. We recently upgraded the computer, software, joystick controller and monitor plus other physical aspects of our standup MAME arcade emulator cabinet for the game room. Originally a Centipede/Capcom Bowling cabinet Computer Specs: Dell x8900-2506BLK Intel Quad Core i7-6700 3.4 GHz Processor 16 GB DDR4 RAM 1 TB HDD Storage Monitor: 19" ViewSonic VG930m Controller: X-Arcade Dual Joystick w/ USB Get Launchbox: https://www.launchbox-app.com The age old question: Do you prefer CRT...or LCD for your retro gaming goodness? Being this is posted on AtariAge, I think I know the answer
  2. LaXDragon

    MAME Arcade Cabinet

    From the album: LaXDragon's Collection

    My MAME cabinet. Purchased from the great team at Rec Room Masters. I do not have a lot of space, and this LCD packing cabinet fits the bill nicely.
  3. << CLICK HERE >> (For FREE Play) A friend of mine that used to hang out in the TI section found a neat online game of Pengo. Apparently she plays it, "All the time". Anyway, it's such a cute little game, I thought I'd share the link for people that don't have emulators.
  4. Intel has announced plans to release a quad-core Atom-based computer-on-a-stick later this year. For less than a hundred bucks, it will come pre-loaded with Linux. For about sixty bucks more it will have more RAM, more SSD memory, and will be pre-loaded with Windows 8.1. This thread seemed to reach the conclusion that the most pain-free approach to building an emulation PC should use some version of Windows. The new device, dubbed the "Compute Stick" seems to imply a more "ready to go" device than what we've seen with Beagle bone, Raspberry Pi, and the host of various Android plug-and-play sticks. It will include Bluetooth and WiFi, connect directly to your high def display via HDMI, and is powered (or charged?) through a USB port. I have been a big supporter of the idea of repurposing off-lease desktop computers as a way of getting inexpensive Windows computing power and supporting sustainability for aging technology, but if this product lives up to its promises, it could be a game changer...
  5. A while ago my son asked when I was going to fix the Tempest cabinet. The fire cleanup crew removed the PC I was using to the Tempest cabinet and insurance wrote it off (although I did get the hard drive back). So the first step is to obtain a PC. MAME is still primarily a single threaded app, so I used https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.htmlto judge different processors. I figured a Core 2 Duo was probably what I wanted. I started looking at the lists of refurbished computers at local stores online and quickly realized I wanted an E7xxx or E8xxx processor rather than the E5xxx and E6xxx versions. I found a couple E8400s (3GHz) with DDR3 RAM for less than C$200. Not a bad price, but high enough for me to control my impulsiveness. But then I decided to check Kijiji. And someone had posted a E8400 w/ DDR3 for C$100 just an hour before. A few emails and an extended lunch hour later I now have a PC. The first thing I did was make an image backup (using a Linux USB boot) in case I screw things up or want to use the Office 2010 install (corporate license) he put on. And unfortunately it seems there's an issue with Windows Update. Sigh. Windows Update Repair isn't able to fix it. Maybe do a repair from the Win7 install CD, and if that doesn't work try a restore or a full reinstall. I did have one idea for the cabinet. Rather than use a doorbell as a power button for the PC, wire it into one of the coin slots. So you have to insert a coin to power on the PC.
  6. The Astro-daptor is a USB interface for connecting Bally/Astrocade controllers to your PC/Mac, Raspberry Pi, or game console that supports USB HID. No driver is needed as the Astro-daptor is recognized as a USB HID (Human Interface Device) joystick. You can buy one here: http://www.2600-daptor.com/Astro-daptor.htm Michael Matte wrote instructions on how to get this astrocade hand controller adapter to work with the MAME emulator. SETTING UP THE ASTRO-DAPTOR FOR USE WITH A HAND CONTROLLER ON THE MAME ASTROCADE EMULATOR 1. Plug your hand contoller into the Astro-daptor and then the Astro-daptor into your computer. 2. Initialize MAME and display the Astrocade menu. 3. Press your keyboard "Tab" key. 4. The Tab menu will pop up. Point to "Input (this machine)", then double-click or press the "Enter" key. 5. The Inputs menu will pop up. You will see a listing of 8 parameters for each player input. Below is a listing of 6 parameters for use with an Astrocade hand controller showing the desired settings, plus 2 parameters for an optional keyboard paddle motion setting. P1 up Joy1 up P1 down joy1 down P1 left joy1 left P1 right joy1 right P1 button 1 joy1 button 0 Paddle analog joy1 Z rotation Paddle analog dec Z* Paddle analog inc X* * This input setting is for an optional paddle motion using the keyboard. 6. The desired input parameter to change must be highlighted in yellow. Use your keyboard down/up keys to point to the desired input parameter. 7. The current input setting must be deleted, unless you want to ADD your new setting to the current setting. Avoid double left-clicking your mouse to change the input setting, because you may experience setting problems. To delete the current setting and enter a new setting: A. Press the enter key to display left/right pointers. B. Press the Esc key so the input setting reads "None". C. Press the enter key to display the left/right pointers again. D. Move joystick, pot or pull trigger to display desired setting. E. If you make a setting mistake, go back to step A and repeat the procedure. Notes: If you can't set a joystick input setting, it is likely the Astro-daptor is not sensing that input. Confirm your hand controller is fully functional. This same procedure in above steps 6 and 7 can be used to change or add keyboard settings. 8. To exit this Inputs menu, move up or down to "Return to Previous Menu" and double-click, press Enter key or pull joystick trigger. 9. To exit first Input menu, move to "Return to machine" and select it. HOW TO ACCESS "DEAD ZONE" AND "JOYSTICK SATURATION" PARAMETERS 1. Go back to the Systems listing by pressing the "Esc" key. Right click "Bally Profession Arcade". 2. A "Configure Machine" menu will pop up. Point to "Advanced Options", if necessary, and double-click or press the "Enter" key. 3. Move down or up to the "Inputs Options" area within this menu. You will see within this area, Joystick Dead Zone Joystick Saturation. It looks like the default settings for these two parameters are 0.3 and 0.85 respectively. You do NOT have to change these settings. The default settings seem to work fine. The Astro-daptor recommendation is 0.0 for the Dead Zone and 0.85 or 0.90 for the Saturation. To change a setting, point to it and highlight it, so left/right pointers appear next to the setting. Use the keyboard left or right keys to adjust the setting. 4. To exit this menu, move down to "Return To Previous Menu" and select it by double-clicking or pressing the "Enter" key. End of document MCM Design Feb 2019
  7. I have an arcade cab running GroovyMAME v0.148, freshly updated with the 2018 linux build. This resolved SO MANY ISSUES. Unfortunately it created a new one. About half my game library refuses to launch. The screen goes black for a second they it exits the game. A few even try launching with the wrong name. I've copied ROMS that were working, as well as re-downloaded fresh. The problem persists. From what I've read, my problem is either in the ROM version, or a BIOS problem. Running STELLA and other simple emulators I've never hit a problem like this. The digital side of emulation is a little bit of an enigma to me. Can anyone point me to some plain-English explanations on these configurations?
  8. [also posted to the MAME forum] (Find information about the recent CPU security vulnerabilities on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meltdown_(security_vulnerability) , https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spectre_(security_vulnerability) ) It took me some weeks to finally find the reason for the drastic performance loss that I observed since mid-March. During my works on the Hexbus system and the HX5102 floppy drive for the TI-99/8 I found that for no obvious reason, the bench performance of MAME dropped significantly. The 99/8 emulation is pretty CPU-hungry, but since my last HW upgrade to a Skylake system (i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz), these issues seemed gone. The naked 99/8 delivered a bench performance of 350%, which was enough reserve for screen output and the floppy drive. Just about end of March, close to the completion of the HX5102, I noticed that MAME did not achieve 100% emulation speed anymore, which I noticed from the chopped sound. I did another bench test, and got just about 150%. First I thought I accidentally build a debug version, then, a non-optimized version. This was not the case, the build was good. In fact, I found an old build of MAME from June 2017, a 0.186 release, untouched since then. I continued my tests with the 99/4A driver built into that one. Here again, I remembered that the reserve was pretty high, between 800% and 900%. Now, only 300% were reached. I am using openSUSE Linux (Tumbleweed rolling release) and suspected some issue in the kernel, so I started bisecting. The results were not clear; the bisect result on one PC did not match the one on my second PC. I now found the issue, as I believe. When I add the kernel boot parameter "spectre_v2=off", the higher emulation speed is back. Obviously, MAME is particularly affected by the Spectre issue, because it is a heavy CPU-load application. It is not only MAME, though. I am using a Bluray player on WINE, which turned unusable now. I know that I successfully watched a Bluray some time ago with the same system. A kernel developer explained to me that when you see this: $ cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/vulnerabilities/spectre_v2 Mitigation: Indirect Branch Restricted Speculation, IBPB, IBRS_FW it means that your system is heavily slowed down, since the much better performing retpolines do not work.For me this means that my two PC systems are hit back to pre-2011 performance. I have a laptop from 2012 (Core i5 3220M), which now runs MAME faster than my Skylake PC (i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz) and my KabyLake PC (i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz). There are some open points to consider: * Why is my dually installed Windows 10 still running fast? Maybe Microsoft did not yet deploy the mitigation. When this occurs, I am curious what will happen. * Is this a failure of the openSUSE people who are tailoring the vanilla kernel to their distribution? For the time being, I seem to be forced to turn off the Spectre mitigation and make my PC vulnerable. Here are some numbers, gained from the current MAME build: With mitigation (current situation) $ ./mame64 ti99_8 -bench 20 Average speed: 153.85% (19 seconds) $ ./mame64 ti99_4a -bench 20 Average speed: 298.34% (19 seconds) Without mitigation (previous situation, now adding "spectre_v2=off"): $./mame64 ti99_8 -bench 20 Average speed: 362.01% (19 seconds) $ ./mame64 ti99_4a -bench 20 Average speed: 895.49% (19 seconds) Note that you may possible be affected only if your system is a Skylake or newer system.
  9. Arcade/MAME HSC 2018 Game Requests Hello everybody. First of all, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am currently playing at Atari 2600 HSC ( I won the regular season and we are now at medal brackets), I love video games, especially retro games focused on NES, Atari 2600, MAME and old PC games, Now let talk about the new season and what I pretend to accomplish: Will be a 16 or 17 week duration season, every Saturday I will open a new thread with the game to be played, games suggested in this topic will be considered, I didn't see anything about games played on past season, but for the sake of freshness games played on the last two seasons will not be considered.
  10. As I realize I have less and less space to house stuff i'm really keeping the best titles and moving more towards SD carts. I also may have to slim down a few systems but may want to play those games still and explore other retro systems I probably won't find in the wild. I have more or less narrowed down my choices to the original Xbox and Wii to use as an emulator box; and I was wondering which you all thought would be better to use as an emulation machine. Here is my reasoning for avoiding other options: -PC/Raspberry Pi: Probably better I realize but I want to use a console for convenience and aesthetics. -Gamecube/PS2-Could be done but seems to make more sense to do an xbox or a wii for various reasons -Dreamcast- Underpowered for emulation purposes of later systems -Xbox360/PS3- Have a PS3 fatty but don't want to void warranty/updates, online features, etc. just yet. I am at this time leaning towards the Xbox because of the MAME capabilities and the fact that the internal hard-drive can be upgraded whereas using a Wii i'd have to burn discs or have an external hard drive connected via a USB (the speed worries me for that option.) I know you can do the home brew channel on the Wii mode on your Wii U, but assume you couldn't access the external hard drive formatted for the Wii U via that channel, creating its own issues. Can anyone speak to that and/or if you are able to partition it? Let me know what you think and if I missed any consoles/options I should be considering! I definitely want to use a CONSOLE though. Thanks!
  11. Today I happened to stop into my local game store, and found among other fun new hardware a second dreamcast light gun. I was thinking about DC light gun games when it occurred to me that, thanks to my also having a Saturn racing wheel, and a saturn to dreamcast adapter which supports it, that I in fact had two light guns and a racing wheel. It also occurred to me that Dreamcast could run MAME, and had various ports to it through homebrew efforts. So my question is, can Lucky & Wild be played on a Dreamcast, using the system's own light guns and driving wheels? Given that the only machine I know for it is a 2 hour drive away from me (and needed repairs when I was last around), it would be swell to have it more easily played. I have a PC hooked up to my TV as well that should run it, but I figure I should ask here about the DC since I have all the requisite hardware (I would need to buy some PC light guns). I suppose I could also play on a Wii, but that's not quite the same as a real light gun for me. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing back.
  12. Yolympics has returned! The tournament will run from February 1 through March 10. This will be a 4-team tournament where the top 6 scores from each team will be used to score points for that team. Please use the new Yolympics Discord server for discussions and questions. Read on for the dates, rules and more info. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season. Quick Links Yolympics Discord Tournament Registration Current Game Nominations (check this before nominating games!) Game Nomination Form Final Game Voting (coming soon) Final Game List (coming soon) Team List (coming soon) Team Captains Barra TIF ExedExes Dalar Dates Player Registration: Now until January 25, 12:00 AM PST. Player Draft: January 26. (Time TBD) Game Nominations: Now until January 16, 11:59 PM PST. Game Voting: January 17, 12:00 AM PST, up until the start of the player draft Tournament Start: February 1, 6:00 PM PST. Tournament End: March 10, 11:59 PM PST. This is a hard cutoff. All submissions must be received by this time. Games 4 games each from the following range of dates for a total of 20 games: 1982 and earlier 1983-1987 1988-1992 1993-1997 1998 and later Game Nominations and Voting Players will nominate 1 game per time period, using this Google Form. Players will then vote on the nominations to decide the final game list. The tournament organizer reserves the right to veto shitty games. Don't pick shitty games. Banned Games There are NO banned games for this tournament. Player Registration Players must register at https://www.cagtournaments.com. The registration period is from now until January 25, 12:00 AM PST. Rules -Autofire is not allowed. -Pausing is not allowed. -Mapping multiple keys to a single input is not allowed. -All MAME submissions must maintain an average recorded speed over 95%. -All submissions must include an INP or link to a stream or video. Acceptable platforms are WolfMAME 0.183 or an original arcade cab. Video-only WolfMAME submissions will be required to show the startup of the WolfMAME program and the game settings. Please submit only one attempt per INP. Scoring The top 6 scores from each team will score points for that team.
  13. I don't know if I'll have more MAME debugger examples, but if I do, then I'll post them here. Over the last few days, I've been disassembling the 4K ROM of Bally Pin (aka Astrocade Pinball). Today while disassembling Bally Pin, I found the table that holds the six "scores" (sound effects) that are called by BMUSIC (a subroutine that you can read about in the "Nutting Manual"). Here is the source code for that table that I created (note that L stand for Label here, so L2F7A means that a score is at $2F7A on the cartridge): ; Music Score Table ?? L2F6E: DW L2F7A DW L2FE6 DW L2FA3 DW L2FB8 DW L2FC2 DW L2FCA Each score is called by the BMUSIC routine, which resides at ROM location $2F67 on the Bally Pin cartridge. I set a MAME debugger breakpoint at $2F67. This allowed me to check what was going on with various registers when BMUSIC is called. I needed to know the values of HL, A and IX. This worked okay, but was a little clumsy. I wondered how to set a breakpoint only when HL was a certain value. I looked online, but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for exactly. Through trial and error, I discovered that I could stop Bally Pin's execution when the BMUSIC routine was called and one certain score was called. Here's how I did this in MAME's debugger: BPSET $2F67,HL == $2FC2 This allowed me to figure-out that the "score" at $2FC2 is the one of the two sounds that the spinner makes as it goes round and round. MAME's debugger is sweet! It's too bad that the documentation for it is sparse. You sort of need to know how to use it before you start using it, which is intimidating. Adam
  14. Help! I need advice on how to use CLRMAMEPRO to format games which have CHD's. I wish to format "Firefox", "M.A.C.H. 3", "Red Earth", and "Road Riot 4x4" to run on MAME 0.34 Any advice would be appreciated.
  15. This is an informational post concerning MAMEdev's increasing community and social media presence. == FORUMS == For decade now (since June of 2007), MAME has not had an official forum dedicated to the project and its community. There are some boards moderated by MAME developers at bannister.org covering focusing on the former sister project MESS, and the former derivative build SDLMAME (both of which have since been integrated into MAME). Both boards are still active, as they have been for a very long time, but they were never really MAME's "project home". Of course, we cannot forget the MAMEWorld forums where the frequent MAMEdev presence has given some users the impression that it was MAMEdev's official forum, while in truth it never was. Long story short, we have been quietly running a forum which has been open to the public for a few of months now. You can now visit and sign up for an account at MAMEDEV Forums. Please note that all new accounts must be approved and activated by an administrator, which currently takes hours or days, so don't panic when you find you can't post immediately after registering. Secure your handle now! == IRC == In case you missed the the announcement we made alongside the release of MAME 0.173, MAMEdev now has official presence now on IRC. In the past, many MAME developers could be found on the EFnet channel inherited from the former sister project MESS. As we've switched to a completely Free and Open Source license, freenode is a natural home for the MAME community. The freenode network has been supporting Free and Open Source communities since the late 1990s, so we're in good company there. Freenode provides features like IPv6, SSL transport, nickname registration and SASL login, cloaking and channel services. Unlike EFnet, freenode isn't arbitrarily blocking large ranges of European IP addresses, and isn't as prone to netsplits. Most IRC clients come pre-configured for the freenode network. If you're manually configuring your IRC client, the server is chat.freenode.net on port 6667, or port 6697 with SSL. Freenode also provides a web-based interface to their IRC network if you want to chat without installing a dedicated IRC client application. We have two public IRC channels: #mame for general discussion with the MAME developers and community, and #mame-dev which focuses on discussion related directly to MAME development. Both channels are open to anyone interested, but #mame-dev requires you to register on freenode and authenticate with SASL or NickServ, help at this LINK. MAME developers frequent both channels, and with our global reach, you'll likely find at least one of us online at any time of day or night. == SOCIAL MEDIA == MAMEdev also has a few other official communication channels including: * Twitter * Facebook * Imgur * Instagram We encourage anyone who follows the project or would like to get more information to subscribe or follow us on one or more of these channels.
  16. I've been fascinated with the PS2 MAME tech demo. Why run MAME on such a low MHz machine? "Because it is amazing that you actually can!" I've built an .iso image of my favorite classic arcade games. If you have a way to launch unsigned PS2 code, like Free McBoot, you can use this with Open PS2 Loader (OPL) from a USB hard drive, possibly a thumb drive, possibly the internal PS hard drive, and possibly a burned CD. Apart from the USB laptop hard drive in an external case, I have not tried the other ways. You can e-mail me at the e-mail address located in my profile, where I can send you a link to MEGA for the image. I do not want to violate the forum policy of sharing. I have some previously non-working games running. Tapper, for instance, needed a mixture of a .zip file and a few unzipped files to launch. Pole Position was another problem one that now works, but needs frameskip and even then it might be too much for the PS2's low MHz CPU. Ms. Pac Man I also got working, it was really fully playable starting with the MAME this demo was based upon 0.37b16, which is higher than some other devices port of 0.37b11 and 0.37b12. Hard to find working Ms. Pac for MAME 0.37b16. I have not found a way to get the samples to play, no one has. The sound sample folder is there. So Donkey Kong, Q*bert, the ship explosion in Galaga don't play, Carnival, no speech in Wizard of Wor, etc. The vector games also do not work, even though I have the Artwork folder for some of them. The software PS2 emulator debugger shows MAME throwing errors every frame with vector games. I have also noted in the debugger after loading a game, it reports failure to open cdrom0:/cfg/default.cfg and the game-specific cdrom0:/cfg/[name-of-rom].cfg Even having these set in the disc image they fail to load, but PS2MAME is trying to load them. If that worked, or can be figured out how to be made to work, then overall it would be a much nicer experience having each game's setting already set. Explanation: PS2MAME is running from a CD. It always starts in its first-launched state. Any changes made to frame-skip, dip-switch settings like bonus lives and number if starting players per credit, and high score name entry ARE NOT SAVED, so every time a game is launched, if you want more starting lives you need to go into MAME's Dip Switch menu to change it. Most old games play fine without having to go into settings or setting a controller button to change frame skip, but some that you think can't be played or enjoyed, REALLY RUN WELL if the frame skip is 1 or 2 or Auto. If the .cfg loading worked, then a starting state of the proper frameskip and extra lives and starting number of players could be hard set on a per-game basis. I was disappointed in Satan's Hollow on Midway Arcade Treasures because some sound is missing, this MAME plays it better, but needs the start difficulty lowered. This is one of those games where changing game settings requires assigning controller buttons, going into "service mode" and navigating menus to make changes. NOT as simple as the dip-switch setting, and you need to do this evey time the game is launched. Again, I'd love a .cfg of settings to actually work! If you would like to discuss PS2MAME here, I'd be glad to talk about it -- or any classic gaming on the PS2.
  17. INTRODUCING THE ALL NEW CYCLONE USB SPINNER by Hotz! Only 20 14 0 left! GONE! This USB arcade inspired spinner is designed to work with MAME and other emulation. The Cyclone spinner is built upon an optical mouse. Meaning that it is seen by the emulator as a mouse. No special drivers needed. Each spinner is hand built. The PCB holder and spinner knob itself utilizes 3D printed parts. For the Background on this project please see: DIY: USB Rotary Control w/Atari style knob. Included is: • Cyclone USB spinner unit with USB connection • Spinner knob (Atari Arcade Style) • Allen key to secure the knob to the spinner unit • Mounting hardware • Mounting template Get yours today for only $40.00 plus shipping. Shipping inside the USA is $7.00 (if outside the USA please state where so I can quote the shipping). There are only 20 units total available for purchase. I’m not sure if I will make more so get yours today! TO ORDER: PM me with the subject line “CYCLONE SPINNER” and state how many units you wish to purchase and what country it will be shipped to. Be sure to include your PayPal email address in your PM. This is so I can send you an invoice. Once the invoice is paid, I should have your order in the mail within 24-36 hours (not including weekends/holidays). Here’s a quick video I made showing the Cyclone Spinner in action: USB ARCADE INSPIRED ROTARY CONTROLLER And don’t forget, if you have any questions at all do not hesitate to ask.
  18. INFO: Sorry, this tool is no more running on the newer Mame-Versions, there were many changes. Since then I am still working with version 166b, this is the old style, this works. So I will stay there. Maybe on this base, I will do some correction in future, fon´t know. So please do not use this tool on newer Mame or Mess versions (!) It won´t damage anything, but it won´t run, too. (I will use this thread here for a totally other topic next time, as I am able to edit post #1 here) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORIGINAL POST #1, so far: Hi, the MAME & MESS-STARTER-BATCH for Windows (32/64bit) will help you with starting the Emulator. Any suggestions and requests welcome. Just unpack the Small-Zip into the wanted Mame/Mess-folder, but reading the manual is mandatory. For the Big-Zip with full install please send pm. Good luck Schmitzi The Batch.... IS ABLE TO START: with PEB-Slots: [ 1 ] = GENEVE-9640 2:MEMEX 3:HRD4000 5:SPEECH 6:RS232 8:HFDC [ 2 ] = TI-99/4A AE 2:32KMEM 3:HRD4000 5:SPEECH 6:RS232 8:HFDC [ 3 ] = TI-99/EV 2: --- 3:SPEECH 4:SAMSMEM 6:RS232 8:HFDC [ 4 ] = GENEVE-9640-UDS 2:MYARCMM 3:SPEECH 4:RS232 5:HORIZON 8:HFDC [ 5 ] = TI-99/EV HSGPL 3:SPEECH 4:SAMSMEM 5:HSGPL 6:RS232 8:HFDC download the actual version here (Small-ZIP): MAME-MESS-STARTER-v124a_0166b-32-64bit_SMALL-ZIP-Batch-ONLY.zip download the small manual here: MAME-MESS-STARTER-TI99-1.24-MANUAL.pdf RMSAAED Find the older version here: MESS-STARTER-TI99-1.10J2.zip MESS-START-TI99-1.10d-MANUAL.pdf
  19. Hi, I would like to play a few arcade games, I managed to assign arrow keys to mouse movements but the movement of the ship is way to slow (when playing scrolling shooter games). How can I set the mouse sensitivity in MAMEUI? I need the ships to move faster. (I am using MAMEUI version 1.50) I found a forum post saying "To change the sensitivity go to Analog Controls in the tab menu and adjust Track X and Track Y Sensitivity.". But I can't find any "Analog Controls" in MAMEUI menus. Not in the menus of the program, neither in the TAB menus (when you emulate a game). Can anyone help me please?
  20. My Tempest MAME cabinet is coming along well. After some initial learning curve frustration, I now have 3D Arcade configured as a front end. It displays the games as 3D cabinets in a spinable cylinder. It still needs some tweaks and some additional setup, but it's now close enough to be usable. The main task is now going through all of the games and making sure they work and making any necessary configuration tweaks. In doing so, I've run into a problem... MAME is, first and foremost, an emulator. The idea is the software should reproduce the hardware as closely as possible - using the original software (ROMs). In slavish dedication to this ideal, the MAME devs flag any games which don't meet those standards with a warning screen, e.g.: "There are known problems with this game. The sound emulation isn't 100% accurate. Type OK or move the joystick left then right to continue." In current releases of MAME this warning message cannot be bypassed, and unlike the "ROMs are copyrighted, so you're almost certainly violating the law" warning, it appears every time you run the game. Which presents a problem for me since my Tempest cabinet doesn't have a joystick or a keyboard. One solution is to recompile MAME after modifying the code the eliminate those warnings. But that's a chunk of error-prone effort which I have no desire to perform. I'm sure if I search I can find someone who's done that for me, but I'm thinking a better alternative is to modify my keyboard encoder wiring to map the buttons to left & right arrows (typical for joysticks) which will allow me to bypass the warning manually. Unfortunately, this has two annoying facets. First I'll have to go back through the reconfiguration process to remap the buttons used by MAME and 3D Arcade to be compatible with the new keys. Second I'll have to physically change the wiring, which will probably involve some soldering. Right now I'm using a keyboard encoder scavenged from an actual keyboard, but I'm thinking I might want to look and see if there's a cheap alternative.
  21. Due to my basement purge, my Tempest cabinet is getting an upgrade from a P3-450(?) to an Athlon XP 2000+ (1.2GHz). The first step is to install Windows XP. Although this PC previously had XP installed, it's hard drive now contains Mythbuntu and is in a different PC. As I detailed in my previous entry, I spent several hours trying to get a 37GB drive to format before giving up and dropping in a 10GB drive (which I formatted FAT32). I managed to find the XP manual & key and the install went smoothly from there (other than one heart-stopper when it wouldn't boot after I put in the cards). But then came trying to update. I know XP is no longer supported, but would it kill MS to make installing SP3 a little less difficult? The default Windows Update won't work, the SP3 installer won't work without SP1 or SP2 and one of those is broken too. But after digging through multiple dead links and dead ends, I did install SP3, which then asked to download a huge number of security fixes. But it's done. I also installed the current drivers for the motherboard (older) & chipset (newer), so I should be golden for graphics & sound. The second step was to update my ROM set from 0.97 to 0.146 (current). To my shock the ROM set is now 42GB! (0.97 fit on 3 DVDs) And that's without the CHDs (250+GB) and extras (15GB). It's a good thing I kept some of my old drives and could drop in an 80GB to store it. But before joining the torrent swarm, I tried to use ClrMamePro to bring my 0.97 files as close to current as possible. After several hours of trying to TorrentZip the results, I gave up and decided to let the torrent figure out if any of the files hadn't changed. I ended up downloading 39GB for the ROM set and 15GB for the extras - and blew through my 60GB monthly download limit. On the plus side the month starts on the 24th, so I only had to last a couple of days before the limit reset. But on the down side I now know the limit warnings are based upon the previous day, not current. In any case, I'm now complete and ready to rock. One challenge with the Tempest cabinet is it only has the original controls: a spinner and two buttons (plus the player buttons) and a vertical monitor. Great for playing Tempest, not good for 90% of the other games. However, I discovered last night that MAME will let me use mouse left/right for joystick left/right. This means I can play Space Invaders and lots of other games - not just Tempest and Cameltry. I've made up a list of over 100 possible games. MAME also had a primitive, but functional, game selection screen, so I can play even without setting up a front end. I need to do some research to figure out what front end I want to use. Previously I'd used AtomicFE, but it's no longer being developed. 3D Arcade looks cool (especially the cylinder select), but has the same problem. Maybe I need to spend some time on BYOAC and find out what's current and can be used with my spinner CP.
  22. I just tried the newest official release of the 64-bit version of MAME (0.208) for Windows 7. Tape support for "AstroBASIC" is now part of the official distribution! This is a major step in using the emulator. I think tape support for 300-baud and 2000-baud under expansion basics (i.e. Blue Ram BASIC) is supposed to work too, but I have not tried it yet. You can download MAME, as always, here: https://www.mamedev.org/release.html A general video for setting up astrocade emulation with MAME is here: The above video doesn't talk about how to load/save using the "tape interface" in MAME. I guess I'll make a video like that in the next couple of weeks. One last thing, as always, the colors under astrocade emulation are off. When you press the red color key, the screen appears gold. When you press the blue key, the screen appears light purple. This can be a little confusing, especially since red acts as the red key should, but the screen is the completely wrong color. Anyone care to give it a try? I'd love to hear from MAME users who use Linux or Mac computers. Adam
  23. Could any of these new mini arcades such as the Tiny Arcade ($50) or BurgerTime ($30) be modified to run MAME and/or other emulation? The Tiny Arcade already has SD card support, but the BurgerTime cabinet looks better plus has a nice landscape monitor. This is something that is interesting to me, but the closest thing I can find other than the handhelds are hacked Coleco mini arcades from the 80's and these are loaded with a Raspberry Pi then sold for $500-$1,000 on eBay. If I was going to do that, I would rather use a new RoboTech cabinet once Coleco sells them and get help/hire here on AtariAge as it could be done for much less than $500. Troy
  24. In all versions of MAMEUI up to and including .172, every game that could use the mouse as paddle/trackball controls could do so. However ever since .173 (and still continuing into .175) the mouse is no longer "locked into" the game window when a game is running, and you can move it across the computer screen freely, forcing you to use keyboard controls for things like Centipede or Arkanoid instead of the superior analog controls provided by a mouse. I have tried everything to fix this but nothing seems to work.
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