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Found 13 results

  1. Following the reports on Stuart's web browser, people again suggested to use an old TI console and put a Raspberry PI inside. As I already said, at least MESS won't really run well on a Raspi, at least with its current performance, but faster models seem to come soon. I got another idea that should be perfectly feasible: What about using the TI console as a USB keyboard? Remove everything inside except for the keyboard Attach the keyboard lines to the digital inputs of a microcontroller; I suppose an Arduino should be enough, don't need a full Raspi You would then connect the TI console to the USB port of the PC, where it shows up as a keyboard Does anyone know more about how to make an Arduino pretend to be a USB device, particularly a keyboard?
  2. http://www.mess.org The front page seems to exist, but as soon as you click on any other links on the site, it says, "This topic does not exist yet". Someone should let them know.
  3. I tried theoldcomputer.com, but 8-9 times 8 times out of 10 you have to at least be a standard registered user in order to download the bios files. Plus, I'm having trouble getting my username recognized by the site when I attempt to reset my password. Zophars Domain: No such luck. Any ideas?
  4. Intel has announced plans to release a quad-core Atom-based computer-on-a-stick later this year. For less than a hundred bucks, it will come pre-loaded with Linux. For about sixty bucks more it will have more RAM, more SSD memory, and will be pre-loaded with Windows 8.1. This thread seemed to reach the conclusion that the most pain-free approach to building an emulation PC should use some version of Windows. The new device, dubbed the "Compute Stick" seems to imply a more "ready to go" device than what we've seen with Beagle bone, Raspberry Pi, and the host of various Android plug-and-play sticks. It will include Bluetooth and WiFi, connect directly to your high def display via HDMI, and is powered (or charged?) through a USB port. I have been a big supporter of the idea of repurposing off-lease desktop computers as a way of getting inexpensive Windows computing power and supporting sustainability for aging technology, but if this product lives up to its promises, it could be a game changer...
  5. I remember asking this several years ago. Since I fiddling with the 99/8 again I thought I ask again. The roms for the 99/8 on MESS never worked with disk drive controllers a while back. tape worked but not drive. it was because the rom or system uploaded for the 99/8 hadn't gotten far enough in development to support drives. this was about mess .149. just wondering if new mess has a working 99/8 as some newer 99/8 board been found since then?
  6. INFO: Sorry, this tool is no more running on the newer Mame-Versions, there were many changes. Since then I am still working with version 166b, this is the old style, this works. So I will stay there. Maybe on this base, I will do some correction in future, fon´t know. So please do not use this tool on newer Mame or Mess versions (!) It won´t damage anything, but it won´t run, too. (I will use this thread here for a totally other topic next time, as I am able to edit post #1 here) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ORIGINAL POST #1, so far: Hi, the MAME & MESS-STARTER-BATCH for Windows (32/64bit) will help you with starting the Emulator. Any suggestions and requests welcome. Just unpack the Small-Zip into the wanted Mame/Mess-folder, but reading the manual is mandatory. For the Big-Zip with full install please send pm. Good luck Schmitzi The Batch.... IS ABLE TO START: with PEB-Slots: [ 1 ] = GENEVE-9640 2:MEMEX 3:HRD4000 5:SPEECH 6:RS232 8:HFDC [ 2 ] = TI-99/4A AE 2:32KMEM 3:HRD4000 5:SPEECH 6:RS232 8:HFDC [ 3 ] = TI-99/EV 2: --- 3:SPEECH 4:SAMSMEM 6:RS232 8:HFDC [ 4 ] = GENEVE-9640-UDS 2:MYARCMM 3:SPEECH 4:RS232 5:HORIZON 8:HFDC [ 5 ] = TI-99/EV HSGPL 3:SPEECH 4:SAMSMEM 5:HSGPL 6:RS232 8:HFDC download the actual version here (Small-ZIP): MAME-MESS-STARTER-v124a_0166b-32-64bit_SMALL-ZIP-Batch-ONLY.zip download the small manual here: MAME-MESS-STARTER-TI99-1.24-MANUAL.pdf RMSAAED Find the older version here: MESS-STARTER-TI99-1.10J2.zip MESS-START-TI99-1.10d-MANUAL.pdf
  7. Extract from RXB thread: Hello Rich, QMC2 is not within my responsibility, and I cannot fully elaborate on its usage. What I can say, though: The system you want to start (TI-99/4A) is on the very left. Your video looks as if you clipped the left edge. Only consider the systems without a "D" in the blue disk. D means device, but don't ask me why QMC2 offers to start sub-devices. For you, "TI-99/4A Home Computer" should be the correct choice. Right-click and choose "To favorites". There is a tab "Favorites" so you don't have to look for it next time. You can directly start the emulation by right-click on the favorite and "Play". However, you usually want to start up with cartridges or disks inserted. So you should define one or more suitable configurations. Look at the right half of the window. There is a row of tabs. One of them reads "devices". Enter a name for your configuration, like "Config 1". Once you type into the field, the "save" button on the very right becomes active. Choose the sub-tab "Device mappings". You can use the buttons to open a file chooser. For example, to launch RXB you should insert the path to the RXB RPK file in the "cartridge" line. Go to the next sub-tab "slot options". In slot 8 you should now insert a disk controller. I recommend the HFDC controller. You can select further peripheral cards in the other slots. Save the configuration. The name of the new configuration should show up in the "Stored device configurations" field. You can now launch the emulation by double click on the configuration name. Always keep in mind that if you want to swap disks or change cartridges you should use the OSD menu that you activate by first changing to partial keyboard mode, then press TAB. QMC2 is only used on startup; it cannot replace the internal menu system. ----------------------------------------------------- With much help from another member of this forum about a year ago I set 4 configurations of MESS. Two configurations under each of TI-99/4A Home Computer and two configurations under TI-99/4A EVPC. The difference between each of the two configurations is that one uses HSGPL and the other does not. All use a HRD configuration. I would like to restrict comments under this thread to those that use QMC2. I have set up Mess on an Acer 32 bit NetBook running Windows 7 Starter version. I am not an expert on using QMC2 but I would like to share some comments on the comments quoted above. 1 - In the MESS folder there is a sub-folder called nvram which is updated whenever you exit MESS. It is prudent to make a copy of the contents of nvram. 2 - I have never used the 'file chooser' tab because I could not understand how it worked. Instead each line under "device mapping' has two buttons on the far right. One button clears the field while the other allows you to go directly to the folders containing cartridges or disks files. 3 - It may be a personal preference but I usually first select the slot options, then I access the various options or switches when the TAB key is pressed. Finally, I fill in the various cartridge and disk selections. 4 - MESS does not send data directly to a printer when you select a slot option of tirs232. you must send this data to a notebook file and print it out after you exit MESS. 5 - If you decide to set up a ram disk you need only one because this ram disk file can contain a large number of directories. 6 - Finally the OSD menu results only in a temporary changes while you are running MESS. Permanent changes are made by using QMC2. Remember that you can make different configurations under each computer (standard TI-99/4A or 80 column EVPC configuration). Please offer your own suggestions to implement problems raised and raise your own problems. Try and limit your comments to using QMC2. Jacques
  8. To achieve a match of NTSC_A7800_CRT.pal under MESS 0.148 (Currently downloadable from here), make the following adjustments from default, ensuring hlsl is enabled: red_ratio 1.000000,0.300000,-0.300000 grn_ratio -0.150000,1.000000,0.150000 blu_ratio 0.150000,-0.150000,1.000000 saturation 1.500000 YIQ is disabled (As it is broken under 0.148) regarding the above values. Only title badly affected by this is Tower Toppler. If using another version of MESS with YIQ enabled, the above numbers need to be tweaked accordingly. If you fall into this category though, you're likely making adjustments to your display preference anyway including palette colors. MESS 0.148 has accurately stored the RAW video output of an NTSC Atari 7800 and you adjust video to personal preferences and experience as seen fit via slew of the video tweaks available. HLSL effects with all the bells and whistles turned on can require a relatively respectable graphics card. For just changing the above with no additional effects, a less powerful one is required. Most cards from the last 5 (Even as far back as ~7) years of a mid-level or better performance should suffice. See here for more details. To simplify things further for MESS here are all the files (BIOS, artwork, etc.) and basic settings you need for the palette NTSC_A7800_CRT working with hlsl. You want to unzip this archive in the same folder as your MESS executable: MESSA7800BASIC.zip Here is the same set of files with screen curvature, overscan, and scanlines: MESSA7800BELLS.zip Hope this is helpful.
  9. Can anyone help me with getting the latest version of MESS for Windows to work on my laptop? What I'm hoping is, someone with a working installed system can simply drop a copy of their directory into my Dropbox folder and from there I can get it running. I need it for TF verification. I'm using a rusty old version of MESS that is nothing like the newer shiny versions that Michael Zapf has recently produced. If anyone can help please send me a PM. Ta muchly!
  10. I have now successfully set up MESS using a Horizon ram disk large enough to contain 7 folders running from DSK5 to DSK9 plus DSKA and DSKB. My real TI-99/4A consists of 3 HRD, supporting DSK3 to DSK9 plus DSKA and DSKB, and 2 floppy drives configured as DSK1 and DSK2. I was able to transfer all of the files on my real TI to the MESS emulation and all (except, of course, for any files accessing a serial connection) run properly using Funnelweb installed on DSK5. My problem is if I try to copy a file from say DSK3 (a floppy emulation) to DSK2, the target disk becomes corrupted. The same happens if I try to run say the HRD CFG program on DSK8 and try to save the configuration file on say DSK1 or 2. Because of this I hesitate to try and set the HSGPL emulation or even simple assembly projects. Has anyone else run into this problem? Jacques
  11. I have recently installed a version of MESS running Extended Basic and some Funnelweb files. I had a lot of help from a friend who helped me overcome some of the installation hurdles. He is also at a newby stage but a bit further along than I am. I have been able to set up a couple of HRD cards to match my real TI set-up. At this point in my learning process I have a few questions. 1 - Can I print from MESS? I have selected 'rs232/pio' in one of the Slot Options. 2 - Is the only way to put a disk into one of the HRD disks is to first load it into one of DSK1 to DSK4 and then copy it file by file to the target HRD disk? Jacques
  12. Greetings! I will start by saying that I am new to the C64, and to GEOS - so please excuse my ignorance . That said I will jump right in: As far as I can tell from about 50 internet searches, it appears that .d64 images are not writeable while mounted in an emulator. Running GEOS on MESS (v0.151), I get the following error whenever I try to launch an application: Is there a way to work around this? I noticed that I get the same error with .g64 images as well. It is unfortunate that these .d64 images are not writeable in emulation - it seems like they should be. Have I missed something? Sorry again about my ignorance - TI-99/4A was my first computer, and though I did have a little bit of experience with the Commodore 'back in the day', I'm still pretty green with the system. Thanks for reading .
  13. Hi all! Since making custom carts has been discussed, I thought I'd create a thread for the purposes of helping people make their own RPKs for use with MESS. I downloaded Gazoo's .bin of a 1 meg cart, and have been trying to make an .rpk out of it. I've assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that the .bin is a ROM. I've got the checksum from sha1, and I think I've set the size right (0x100000), but it isn't working. No doubt, I'm doing something wrong here... I've attached a zip of what I've put together so far. 1MegGamecart.zip
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