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Found 2 results

  1. Just curious if anyone else is going to the Midwest Gaming Classic this weekend. This will be my 5th year I pretty much look foreword to it all year. I'm not sure how many people on here are actually from the Midwest but if you are you should try making your way to Brookfield this weekend. It gets bigger and better every year. I'm sure It's gona be a blast again.
  2. Long story short -- I usually do a DVD sale to help us cover our bills. This year, we need to do some show infrastructure improvements (more Doc Ock power!!), and we've already spent all the proceeds from this year's show! These are all US prices including shipping. Email me if you're international for a quote. This is a 'while supplies last' sale, or until I decide to cut it off. Most of these prices are near wholesale prices, and if you pick 6 or more, some of them will be BELOW wholesale prices... Pick 1 - $16 per item Pick 2 - $14 / item ($28) Pick 3 - $13 / item ($39) Pick 4 - $12 / item ($48) Pick 5 - $11 / item ($55) Pick 6+ - $10 / item Here are the items with short descriptions if necessary: - Tilt: The Battle to Save Pinball double DVD set - Pinball 101 (VERY few left!) - The Pinball Collector (few left) - Star Worlds: Pocket Full of Tokens and I'm Heading to the Arcade Documentary DVD (it's a short film, about 30 minutes, but REALLY well done about this great arcade in DeKalb, IL and even features some footage from the MGC! Oddly, the video quality seems low res, although that may be because I was playing it through my super huge TV. I was surprised by how much I loved it though.) - Once Upon Atari (four 30ish minute documentaries about what it was like to work at Atari during the day. Note - if you get this it may delay your order slightly, as I need to figure out where they went still...) - MGC "Tetris" ringer shirt (these are white with either blue or black rings) - MGC "2600" shirt (Has Midwest Gaming Classic on the front in 2600 cart logo, back looks like a cart with controllers and stuff on it) - MGC "Pinball" shirt (Has Midwest Gaming Classic on front with pop bumpers and flippers, pin layout on the back with "It's more fun to compete at the MGC" on it.) If you're interested, you may add this to your order too: Nintendo DS import - Crystal Mines. Long story short, a few years ago I made some levels for an Atari Lynx game called Crystal Mines II. I found out at this year's MGC that a company from Australia had licensed the Lynx game, updated it and put it out on the Nintendo DS. I LOVE the game, and picked up just a few to stock in my online store (the GOAT Store). It's really hard to get a hold of, and I love it -- I played through the copy I bought myself, and I would guess it was at least 25 hours of great puzzler gameplay! If you'd like to add one of these, I can do it for $40 shipped (usually $40 before shipping). It's VERY hard to get this! For any shirts, please indicate sizing. Because I have some of this stuff both here and in storage, it may take me a little while to complete all orders. (I'll try to get pics of the shirts sooner than later.) Also, anyone who orders, I will include both a free copy of the Dreamcast game Feet of Fury that we produced and was released at our 2003 show, as well as a free Twin Galaxies Midwest Gaming Classic trading card while supplies last! PayPal is easiest, although I'd love to get checks or money orders too, and can set up credit card if anyone needs it. Please either PM me or email me if you would like to order anything, and we can set it up! I and the future of the MGC thanks you!
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