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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am happy to annouce this new release of MLC that was harder to develop as there is no F18A emulator... So I had to run between the living room and the old-compurter room with my CF card to test the software. Thanks a lot to Matthew for his patience and fast replies. Now MLC gives access to the GPU (TMS990 coprocessor) with intructions: $GPU section to define the assembly code GPURUN adr GPUWAKE GPUSLEEP GPUSTATE Access to the BitMap layer with instructions: BMLSET m adr BMLPLOT x y c BMLDRAWTO x y c BMLFILLRECT w h Access to the timer with instruction TIMER options options can be: CLEAR, READ, SUM, TOFLOAT RESET, RUN, LOAD, INC MLC with DSK images and full PDF english manual, (some videos too) can be downloaded here: (english) http://gtello.pagesp...ge.fr/mlc_e.htm (français) http://gtello.pagesp...ge.fr/mlc_f.htm Some pictures for the F18A installation here: (english) http://gtello.pagesp...e.fr/ti99_e.htm (français) http://gtello.pagesp...e.fr/ti99_f.htm Guillaume. :
  2. Here's a little TI Basic demo. It sets up a few colors and squares, and then plots them randomly to the screen. Originally designed to be the background for a move-up-and-down block game menu. The game itself was supposed to feature a little boy in a platform environment. 100 CALL CLEAR 110 CALL SCREEN(5) 120 A$="007E7E7E7E7E7E" 130 FOR A=0 TO 3 140 CALL CHAR(A*8+40,A$) 150 NEXT A 160 CALL COLOR(2,8,1) 170 CALL COLOR(3,6,1) 180 CALL COLOR(4,10,1) 190 CALL COLOR(5,15,1) 200 X=INT(RND*24)+1 210 Y=INT(RND*32)+1 220 C=INT(RND*4)*8+40 230 CALL HCHAR(X,Y,C) 240 GOTO 200 I took this to demo the speed of my TI Basic emulator called Strawberry (WIP with integers only etc.). matthew180 also took this to show how one could do it in 9900 assembly. It was also compiled using the Wilhelm's TI Basic Compiler. Also done in MLC. See last part of post #3.
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