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Found 12 results

  1. It looks like the guys at Cracked decided to jump on the arcade craze like everybody else. I haven't been able to find any information on this particular issue and it seems to be fairly rare with the only one on Ebay being listed at $100 and with no sold listings. Here are scans of the magazine for all to enjoy. I'll have a download link to higher quality scans HERE
  2. I'm looking for the alpha, beta, debug, preview, review, press discs of the games below. The discs may be numbered or may have reviewer's name on them. The stuff is really old so please don't worry about it. Any discs with uncovered confidential information like numbers or names will not be showed in the Internet. I have some good preview/review games for trade. I'm interested in any offers. Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Crash Team Racing/CTR Also these DEMO CDs. Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped ["Toys R Us" Test Drive DEMO CD, SCUS-94289] Crash Team Racing ["Toys R Us" Test Drive DEMO CD, SCUS-94459 Resident Evil Resident Evil 2 Resident Evil 3 Resident Evil - CODE: Veronica Dino Crisis Dino Crisis 2
  3. Maybe someone would like to be informed of Retro Gamer magazine articles regarding Atari 8-bit computers. So I decided to open this topic. Issue 129 Way Out and Dandy remembered in Maze Games 8 pages article Issue 128 Karl Hilton (Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark) 6 pages interview (he started programming on Atari 400 and one of his favourite games is Rescue On Fractalus). Atari Blast homebrew work in progress. Dimo's Quest homebrew work in progress. Issue 127 Perplexity homebrew game review. Issue 125 http://youtu.be/tdfmmjDxtlw Atari 8-bit 35 years young: 6 pages dedicated to Atari 8-bit computers. Issue 124 http://youtu.be/0pwofKRB8m8 The History of Boulder Dash: 8 pages article. Atari XE Games System: 6 pages article. Bomb Jake homebrew mentioned in the Bomb Jack article. Issue 123 http://youtu.be/C4otv5RYvm8 ABBUC Software Competition 2013 overview. Issue 122 Frantisek "Fandal" Houra's interview by Jason Kelk. Issue 121 http://youtu.be/w65aMIgZ3-Y English Software: 6 pages dedicated to the company that released many A8 games. Alien 8 homebrew review. Issue 120 http://youtu.be/MqmVdNIsipA Access Software. Issue 119 Zeppelin Games. Issue 116 http://youtu.be/sK5eY5at9ns LucasArts - A Celebration. Minority Report: 4 pages dedicated to A8 games. Issue 115 http://youtu.be/h5Ebti3LXUg The History of Seventies Home Computers. Norbert Kehrer interview by Jason Kelk. Issue 112 Mary Poppins homebrew review. Issue 111 Asteroids Emulator homebrew review. Issue 110 http://youtu.be/-9TpiOj4eAA Ridiculous Reality homebrew game review. Martin "Matosimi" Simecek interview by Jason Kelk. Issue 109 http://youtu.be/W3-2V8h55h4 Jack Tramiel: a 4 page article by Marty Golberg. Issue 106 Line Runner homebrew review. Issue 105 http://youtu.be/wJ3B1Dv9BjQ The origin of Electronic Arts: 10 pages article. Issue 103 http://youtu.be/M44s4qa8760 40 reasons why Atari changed gaming: 8 pages article. Issue 95 http://youtu.be/4HH6b8rSKaI Chris "Sheddy" Hutt interview by Jason Kelk. Issue 94 http://youtu.be/2rV4g5jVFdA Atari Corporation article by Marty Golberg. Space Harrier homebrew review. Issue 93 http://youtu.be/RSKIIdQS1x4 Atari Inc article by Marty Golberg. Octopus homebrew game review. Krzystof "XXL" Dudek interview by Jason Kelk. Issue 92 http://youtu.be/kLu07S2w7MM End of the 8-bits: 10 pages article. Gonzo homebrew review. Issue 91 http://youtu.be/zGlsXsLWXbU Mashed Turtles homebrew review. Jason "therealbountybob" Kendall interview by Jason Kelk. Issue 87 http://youtu.be/WdlZgFBVosU Project M homebrew work in progress. Issue 86 http://youtu.be/PkHKUyUF8uw Changing Words: 6 pages dedicated to early free-form 3D gaming (Mercenary). Issue 83 http://youtu.be/4xH-YESfsEQ Little 15 homebrew review. Dungeon Monsters work in progress. Issue 82 http://youtu.be/elyetpF_j_Q Parker Brothers 6 pages article. Sid Meier 6 pages article. Issue 80 http://youtu.be/-KJWw1mUe5g Atari 5200: 8 pages article by Marty Goldberg. Issue 79 http://youtu.be/ArwO3D0_tF0 Star Raiders 4 pages article. The Kikstart series 4 pages article. David Crane 8 pages interview. Tempest Xtreem and Spy Hunter news. Issue 78 http://youtu.be/35ZHVnEeKj4 Magnetic Scrolls 6 pages article. Diamondz homebrew review. Tomcat homebrew news. Issue 77 http://youtu.be/nGFRA4QBu_c Zork 4 pages article. Gridrunner homebrew news. Issue 76 http://youtu.be/qckvmZ9m22E Hobgoblin homebrew news. Issue 75 http://youtu.be/hYHAFsTXtCk Tynesoft 6 pages article. Steve Bristow 6 pages article. Issue 74 http://youtu.be/feUR5SK3MZE Spy vs Spy Trilogy: 6 page article. Issue 73 http://youtu.be/XJH7H6Opp1M Moon Shuttle VBXE news. Issue 71 http://youtu.be/u_E1q9EYNW0 Kolony 2106 homebrew news. Issue 70 http://youtu.be/iUPA23Gu7YA Galaxian homebrew review. Super Mario Bros WIP. Karolj "Heaven/TQA" Nadj interview by Jason Kelk. Issue 49 Pastfinder article. Epyx article
  4. Do any of you remember a magazine called Video Game Update? I believe it was a small press publication that ran all through the eighties, and it was the only contemporary magazine to review the early NES output, such as Super Mario Bros. (If I'm not mistaken--I've never seen a copy of the mag). I'm looking for issues scanned online, or hard copies to purchase. If you have any info, please let me know. Thanks!
  5. Hi all! I just wanted to share with everyone a link to a new mini-magazines for retro video games. It is free to download. Enjoy! http://www.mediafire.com/?ii5y4ulodv4wrmr
  6. I had a good find at Goodwill yesterday in Great Lakes Atari Digest newsletters from the late 80's and early 90's. This was a cool piece of history as an Atari fan. I've messaged some people on Facebook who share the names with the authors of some of the articles in hopes of finding some of them. Atari STs seem to get talked about a lot in these. Did anyone ever write or subscribe to one of these?
  7. I've been messing around with magazine type-in games again these last few weeks, at the minute I'm on Compute!. I came across Meteor Storm and couldn't get it working under XE OS. Tried all sorts but it wasn't happening. MC was the only way, but my MC-fu is weak. Several hours later and I've found a memory move routine that works backwards (necessary in this case). Several more hours later and I've got it working after figuring out how to do addition in MC (very painful). A couple more hours and I've integrated it into the game and it is working fine, to my eternal joy. Fix notes: This game refuses to work on XL/XE systems as originally printed. The reverse scroll of the meteors is achieved by fooling the OS into thinking it is in mode 0 when it is actually in mode 1, and then printing an insert line character at the top of the screen. While this works on the 400/800 OS, under the XL/XE it does something evil to the display RAM, corrupting it and making the game unplayable. To fix this, I have added a small MC routine to replace the print of the insert line character. The MC routine detects the address of the start of screen RAM, and copies lines 23-3 to the next line down in reverse order. A normal memory move wouldn't have worked as the source and destination overlap. And here they are; bootable ATR (Basic required), and the BAS and LST (as a TXT) files for your pleasure. Enjoy! PS, Atarimania are more than welcome to add this to their database as a fixed version. Meteor Storm (XL fixed).atr METEORXL.BAS METEORXL.TXT
  8. Announcing "the Greatest Entertainment System since Television Itself"... Does anyone know if there were any other numbers of this particular Fan Club UK Newsletter? Cheers, Oscar
  9. I'd half scanned these, when I did a search online and found they were available. Then I noticed that my issue three had a correction slip inside that the others were missing. Added to the end of the pdf. Input-Output - Issue One - Winter 82-83.pdf https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KWUlzPoxfCnEkCxKZeOtQeZkcws8ydM7/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZE0v_Ntf9fFvhVxWkAyOOzpCWWo8k1aX/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DKM0f-gVI5kXy3QHKJYoNBw5qMWne8Lr/view?usp=sharing Input-Output - Issue Five - Spring 84.pdf
  10. With the upcoming issue #6 of Excel magazine now is the perfect time to catch up with the first 5 issues. As a limited offer we have 4 sets of issues #1-5 available at a bundle price Regular US price is $10.00 per issue (shipped) Buy a full set of 5 issues for the special price of $35.00 (shipped) If you have been on the fence, or if you have purchased the PDF version and would like to upgrade to print please PM me directly. For interested non US customers please visit http://excel-retro-mag.co.ukdirectly. Excel is a full color, full size, professional quality Atari 8bit focused magazine.
  11. With the upcoming issue #6 of Excel magazine now is the perfect time to catch up with the first 5 issues. As a limited offer we have 4 sets of issues #1-5 available at a bundle price Regular US price is $10.00 per issue (shipped) Buy a full set of 5 issues for the special price of $35.00 (shipped) If you have been on the fence, or if you have purchased the PDF version and would like to upgrade to print please PM me directly. For interested non US customers please visit http://excel-retro-mag.co.ukdirectly. Excel is a full color, full size, professional quality Atari 8bit focused magazine.
  12. Hey, I have some Tilt magazines (Numbers 1 to 22) and the first number (very rare and it is a real collector magazine in France because Tilt was the most famous videogame magazine in the 80's) was talking about INTV... and I wanted to share with you : Here the number 1 (September/October 1982 ) : http://www.abandonwa...num=9&album=oui Check pages 10, 12 and don't miss pages 54 to 57 Have a nice day !
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