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Found 40 results

  1. Building „The Voice“ into a PHILIPS G7400/Magnavox Odyssey and staying fully compatible There I was with my PHILIPS G7400 console and a newly acquired „The Voice“ speech-add-on, which was only made for the PHILIPS G7000, not the G7400, and therefore does not fit onto the G7400 housing at all. And which uses an inbuilt speaker, which makes it sounding odd - speech and sound comeing out of two different sources. Wouldn’t it be nice to put „The Voice’s“ circuitry into the G7400? Problems: Electronically - not all extensions and cartridges are compatible with „The Voice“. It must be possible to switch it off and „remove“ it electronically. Mechanical - how to fit all those components into the G7400 housing and attach them firmly. "The Voice" interrupts a few lines of the regular cartridge interface, to control the speech synthesizer's actions and to provide a memory interface for external cartridge speech roms. So far, this has only been used for „SID, the Spellbinder“, but who knows, maybe some future homebrew project will need this too. The memory interface uses lines, that are not used by most of the game cartridges, except i. e. C7010 CHESS and C7420 BASIC. These plugins do not expect „The Voice“ to be sitting on the lines to the G7400 console. Therefore, to stay compatible, it is necessary to reconnect the interrupted lines. „SID, the spellbinder“-PCB. Cartridge with programme rom and the GI speech rom: Looking at PCB and schematics, I identified six affected lines: Leading from G7400 to „The Voice“: A(!CartWriteEnsble) —> to reset logic IC1 pin 2 B(PlusModeSelect) —> ground E(ChipSelect) —> not connected 1(T0) —> to SP256 synthesizer chip !LRQ 10(A10) —> not connected 11(!ChipSelect P14) —> to reset logic IC1 pin 1 Leading from „The Voice“ to cartridge port: A(!CartWriteEnsble) —> memory interface: C2 B(PlusModeSelect) —> memory interface: serial in E(ChipSelect) —> memory interface: C3 1(T0) —> memory interface: C1 10(A10) —> memory interface: serial out 11(!ChipSelect P14) —> memory interface: rom clock All the other lines are just fed through. I decided to use some simple changeover contact relais, which are operated by a mechanical switch turning on and off 12 VDC for the coils. Mechanically there surely are many possibilities. I decided to shorten the cartridge duct, to gain space inside the housing and to put my switch-device between G7400-PCB and cartridge connector. Be warned: It is a lot of work and I had to abuse the PCBs quite badly. This might not be an adequate job, if you are doing something like this for the first time. Some practice is helpful. There is a chance to destroy your console . I wanted the switching-device to consist only of one board and I wanted the whole thing to be plugable, which makes repairs or future changes easier. I’ll present some pictures, just to give you an impression. I have more. If somebody should have more interest and want to do the same, I can provide more pictures and information. Feel free to PM me anytime. „The Voice“ as we know it: The G7400 ripped apart during a test run: The switch device with the new cartridge connector board: Changes on the duct: New cartrige connector attached: Fom the other side: The G7400 PCB with removed cartridge connector and new connector cables leading to the switch device: The speech synthesizers audio line soldered onto G7400-PCB: „The Voice“. Desoldered cartridge connector and "The Voice" rom board, now connected via cables to gain some space below the cartridge duct: The Sandwich: connector board, switch device, speech synthesizer and G7400-PCB. Look, how the synthesizer board is attached to the upper housing. It is just pinched between cartridge duct and the middle plastic distance holder. PCB and holder can be adapted a bit with a file: Everything back into the housing: That’s what it looks like now. The cartridges are sitting a few centimeters higher, now. With voice on/off switch and a volume knop for speech output. Nice, compact — and working:) Special thanks all the guys at http://www.videopac.nl and its forum, who are providing excellent information on all aspects of the Videopac/Odyssey related systems. A MUST-website for all friends of the platform! And of course to all the guys on all the other VIDEOPAC related websites, where people posted schematics, service manuals or their own papers, with explanations, how the G7000 works. Best regards!
  2. While going through the Astrocade patents I stumbled upon a lawsuit that is Magnavox vs. Bally from 1975. It deals with the Odyssey patent. Or, at least, I think that it deals with that "console" from 1972. Does anyone know the details about this lawsuit? Here are some possibly helpful links: Magnavox Vs. Activision (1983): https://www.ipmall.info/sites/default/files/hosted_resources/Activision_Litigation_Documents/12-29-82_to_02-04-83/Civil_Action_C82_5270_Teh_10Am_10Jan83.pdf Copy Game for High Score: The First Video Game Lawsuit, by William K. Ford (2012): https://digitalcommons.law.uga.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=https://www.google.com/&httpsredir=1&article=1035&context=jipl Can anyone find the original lawsuit? Did Bally get a license from Magnavox/Sanders to make the Bally Arcade home system? Adam (The was originally posted Nov 6, 2018 as BallyAlley Yahoo Group message #16138.)
  3. From the album: My Collection

    I'm running out of real estate Please ignore the bed.
  4. I've got an older Odyssey 2 (the kind with the beige switchbox that it needs), and I'm having video trouble. I've attached a quick video of what it does. It looks like it switches on for a split second, turns off, repeat..? I had a buddy go over and check the power supply, check the traces on the board, and still no difference. We also tried tapping the RF directly off the internal RF convertor, bypassing the proprietary cable that comes off the back. I'm hoping this is a problem someone else has encountered.
  5. So I recently acquired an Odyssey 2 and some games. When I bought it, I checked to make sure it booted up and everything, which it did. Unfortunately, I didn't actually try playing a game. I sat down today to play one, and it seems the player 1 controller has an input problem, because the player is always walking to the left. Its acting the same as if on an N64 where if you have the analog stick held down when you boot the console, that input repeats itself until you reset. I plan to open up the controller and console this weekend and give it a cleaning, but I was wondering if anyone had insight as to what to look for or any videos to point me to. Thanks!
  6. I'm looking into procuring a Magnavox Odyssey. I was wondering if there are any resources or forums out there for it? I've looked around and while I've found a few places where it's referenced as part of video game history on the net, I haven't seen a whole lot of discussion. I have noted that about half a dozen homebrews were developed, but I haven't seen anything in the way of console mods or hacks. There also appears to be an emulator that was started but never finished. So my questions are: 1.) Does anyone around here know if there are any forums on the net for the original Odyssey? 2.) Does anyone know if detailed schematics are available for it like they are for the Atari? 3.) How did the overlays work? Were they printed on some sort of transparency? I'm concerned because I have a CRT 36" TV, but the overlay is a static image and was probably designed for a smaller TV. I'm assuming that the image won't scale properly from my TV to the overlay and therefore would render the system useless. 4.) Is there anyone around who refurbishes/repairs these units or even possibly mods them? It'd be nice if there was a composite out mod similar to what's available for the Atari. Any information is greatly appreciated.
  7. I've been using John Dondzilla's marvelous 233-in-1-multicartridge for the Odyssey 2 for years. A great cartridge, for which I probably would have had sold my mother, back in the day . Game selection is done with the help of ten dip-switches (address) and another four dip switches defining game rom size (2/4/8kBytes). The manual contains a look-up table where one can read the required settings for each of the games. That's what the opened cartridge looks like: I wanted to facilitate the game selecting procedure. I chose the "retro-approach", building it, like something (only a toy) that would have been built 30 years ago: simple and cheap. The cartridge itself is too small to built something into it. An external device must be used. If all dip-switches are set into the off-position, more comfortabel parallel switches can be used for game selection. I put a 15-pin dsub-connector into the back part of the shell, near the handle in a way, that is does not immerse into Odyssey's cartridge shaft. And I connected short cables, taping the dip switches. Not all of the switches are needed. Selector-dip-switch#10 switches on and off "The Voice". Romsize-dip-switch#3 always is "on". The nine remaining selector-switches can be "replaced" (parallelized) by 3 BCD-coded switches, one digit representing three dip switches. There are only three valid combinations for rom-size-switches: 2k - on on on on 4k - on off on off 8k - off on on off This can be replaced by a cheap 3x4 rotary switch (4 poles, 3 positions), connected like: romsize-dip-switch#1 -> rotary switch pole#1 (pos1:on pos2:on pos3:off) romsize-dip-switch#2 -> rotary switch pole#2 (pos1:on pos2:off pos3:on) romsize-dip-switch#4 -> rotary switch pole#3 (pos1:on pos2:off pos3:off) Got the idea? Simple and working . I built the 3 BCD-coded switches, the rotary switch and a LED into a separate housing, attached a cable and a dsub connector and ended up with this: If you want to build something like this you can get uncountable types of switches, that can be used. Some BCD-coded switches really are expensive, so take what you can get cheaply and figure out the cabling for your switches. It's not hard to do. Finally I made a new look-up table for all games. Selecting games now is easy! Want to play KC? Put rotary knob to position 2 (4k) and enter code number 374. Freedom Fighters+? Rotary knob to positon 3 (8k) and code number 136. I hope, you found this one entertaining. I know there is a new mulit-cartridge with a screen selection menu. That's very cool. But I happen to have the "old" one.
  8. Hello Sadly I noticed that the Magnavox Odyssey games have risen in price. Personally I want to preserve light gun gaming as much as possible. Therefore I started to do a multi card which can be used as cards 9 & 10. Then I realized that this was a waste of silicon an time and that I should better make a 12 in 1 mutli card. Myself I just own 3, 9 & 10 so I was very into the idea once I had it. Here is a picture of the final card: I put all the PCB files onto my website, so everybody can print one for personal usage. I uploaded the files as GERBER and as .brd files (I prefer the latter...). I wish you all happy gaming! Here is a short video of proof, which shows that the little thing actually works: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFJGMqS9hTI&t=4m27s
  9. From the album: My Collection

    These four consoles are by far the cheapest to buy and easiest to collect for. If you want to collect for Studio II, Astrocade, Channel F, Arcadia 2001 (Why are there so many of these?), APF-MP1000, Creativision, Adventure Vision, 5200(?), or vectrex (Sadly) you are a bit crazy perhaps. I'm looking at the Wikipedia page for second generation consoles... Why are there so many?!? No wonder the market crashed There were like... 18 different consoles worldwide... and that's just silly.
  10. I'm looking for the following games for the original Magnavox Odyssey: Baseball Handball Volleyball Wipe Out Invasion Fun Zoo Basketball Win Interplanetary Voyage Brain Wave Percepts I'm also looking for these homebrews: Odball Dodgeball Mentis Cohorts Odyssey Evil Please let me know if you know of a good place to locate any of the above. I've seen the ebay auctions, I'm curious if there's anything else.
  11. I've got an Odyssey 3000 and I'm tired of using the damn 6C batteries it takes. It has a 9V plug in the back that looks like it fits a 2600 plug but its smaller. Is there a power supply out there that works? It runs on 700mW
  12. All remaining items for sale are at eBay under eBay Seller: nolakl.
  13. Hey everyone, I have up for grabs my Magnavox Odyssey2 collection. The Odyssey2 is in full working condition and the console itself looks great. The box has seen better days and it has a scrape or two, fading on the sides, and tape marks. The game boxes are so so, they're starting to come apart at the sides. Attack of the Timelord and KC's Krazy Chase are in pristine condition as those were bought new. Freedom Fighters is loose. -Magnavox Odyssey2 console with box -Games with boxes & instructions: 1. Cosmic Conflict 2. Invaders from Hyperspace 3. Computer Intro 4. Speedway, Spinout, Cryptologic 5. Alien Invaders Plus 6. UFO 7. Las Vegas Blackjack 8. Keyboard Creations 9. Bowling, Basketball 10. KC Munchkin 11. KC's Krazy Chase 12. Attack of the Timelord -Loose Game: 13. Freedom Fighters PM me with offers and thanks for looking.
  14. Hi, folks! Found a working O2 locally. Thanks for anyone that responded. Steve
  15. From the album: My Collection

    Currently houses all but two games in my collection (boxes were too tall)
  16. From the album: My Collection

    Boxed Odyssey 2 recently acquired in the wild for 30$... Great deal!
  17. I just picked up the Odyssey and all of its games. I was surprised to find that there isn't a lot on the internet about it. I did find one website where a guy was going through all of the Odyssey games and reviewing them, but he never got to any of the 1973 releases. I was disappointed to find out that there are homebrews for the system, but most of them are incredibly rare and it will likely be a long time before any of them become available via auction. The one exception is Red vs Blue, which was offered for free on the Revrob website. From what I can find on the internet the homebrews are: Odball Released by Revrob Mentis Cohorts Released by Revrob (There seems to have been an issue with distribution on this one. Did anyone get a copy or was this something where no one got their order and therefore this doesn't actually exist?) Red vs Blue Released by Revrob Dodgeball Released by Atariland2600 Odyssey Evil Released by ManCaveArcade There are these Homebrews in development: Lava Monster by TheMichaelLant announced 2014 but no word since October. Appears to be abandoned. Captain Bruce by Atariland2600 announced 2014 and confirmed still in development. Hunting Adventure by ManCaveArcade announced 2013 and confirmed still in development. What I'm interested in is if anyone knows of any homebrews not on this list. Does anyone know of any auctions for Odyssey homebrews or anyone who wants to sell one? Failing that does anyone have any of these games and would like to give a review? I'm interested in any information pertaining to them. There appears to be even less on the internet about the homebrews aside from several sites noting their existance.
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