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Found 17 results

  1. I've just uploaded my scans of these to dropbox (305.22 MB) Someone care to make a PDF of these and repost? https://www.dropbox.com/s/4qk4cu0vngxuic1/My%20Scans.rar Thanks, Jay
  2. Looking for the following TI software Manuals/instruction sheets... TI branded: - Alligator Mix - Equations - Computer Math Games II - Facemaker - Multiplication 1 - Story Machine - Reading Flight - Reading On - Reading Roundup - Scholastic Spelling 3 - Scholastic Spelling 5 - Sneggit - Fathom - Weight Control and Nutrition Now the ones that people are less likely to give up if they have them (but figure I'd better ask anyway)... Scott Foresman White Label (looking for color graphic covers, not the generic white covers) - Number Bowling - Frog Jump Funware: - Henhouse - Driving Demon Atarisoft: - Jungle Hunt - PacMan I'm in Canada, so take that into consideration if you feel uncomfortable shipping across the border (not as uncomfortable, I'd wager, as I feel at paying the outrageous exchange rates of late)
  3. I decided to open a own thread for the "StudioVision" artworks, might it will gain a little more attention in this way as when i post the stuff in decle's "StudioVision" thread http://atariage.com/forums/topic/260554-studiovision-an-rca-studio-ii-emulator-for-the-intellivision/ It has grown a lot because i wasn't satisfied with my first versions which was based on the original box art of the "RCA Studio II" cartridges. When i started to write the manual and quiz booklets for "TV Schoolhouse I" i used first downloaded cliparts, but i felt it won't be good and started to create own cliparts for this manual. Cause the result was pleasing me i started to create alternative series of "Box Front Images" for "StudioVision". A lot of work for this tard you might think, but i like the "Studio II" games, i'm aware i can play them as well emulated using i.e. "Emma O2". But i have to state and it's no joke they are better to play "emulated - emulated" as with "Emma O2". However, the manuals are especially created for "decle presents StudioVision" and reflect the controls as if you would use a Intellivision, but they can also be used for the original games, since they are quite lightweighted and especially the "TV Schoolhouse I - Quiz Booklets" are designed to print them out. For the recent release of manuals and box fronts i used only "RCA Studio II", "Intellivision" and own artwork, the few screenshots from "Pioneer Space Sim" and "NFS4" are based on own models which i either converted (Corvette '67 - custom SportsCarGT, Tie-Fighter - SW-XWA), build from scratch (X-Wing, scripted geometry) or are 100% my own creations ("Hullcutter" on "SpaceWar C" and the Pilot on the "Space Pilots Guild" label. For "SV600B - Blackjack" obviousely i used the "Visicom - Blackjack" box art. You might feel it's funny to have a manual for a virtual demo cartridge, it's just for completeness, there isn't much to explain. Also i've OCR'ed and edited the full description for the "programmable cartridge", there won't be much use for it i guess, also for completeness and to have as a clean publishing. let's have a look at the complete 39 box fronts, which also reflect the artwork for the icons and the title page for the manuals. The icons are ment if you like to run JZIntv using batch files, there is also i icon for each manual (i'm slowly adding these manual icons also to the rest of Intellivision games). Example: Click on the program icon to view the "Box Front Image". That's quite a cool image for this game: You can use either the quite large box fronts or the icons to assign them to your batch files, if you don't use large icons and a very high screen resolution i recommend to use the icons. Click on the icon for the manual to open the manual. If you're interested you can download the zipped folders or browse the repo and download only what you like. Browse (read or download) Manuals Download all Manuals Browse Box Front Images Download all Box Front Images Browse Icons (GIF) Download all Icons (GIF) Download all Icons (ICO)
  4. Sorry. Dey be gone.... To acquire a handful of manuals I needed, I bought a bulk of ones I didn't need. So I'm making the spares/duplicates available here for the price of postage. They are: Frogger Qbert Alpiner The Attack (classic /4 graphics) Blackjack and Poker Car Wars (classic /4 graphics) Football (classic /4 graphics) Hangman (note: this manual has been hole-punched for a binder (idiots!)) Hunt the Wumpus (classic /4 graphics) Munchman (re-release /4A graphics) Parsec Super Demon Attack Tombstone City (classic /4 graphics) TI Invaders (re-release /4A graphics) Video Games 1 (note: this manual has been hole-punched for a binder (idiots!)) Addition Addition & Subtraction 1 (classic /4 graphics) Adventure (classic /4 graphics) Alien Addition Early Reading (classic /4 graphics) Minus Mission Touch Typing Tutor Home Financial Decision (classic /4 graphics) Personal Record Keeping (classic /4 graphics) I know first hand how hard it is to find manuals sometimes (albeit most of these are pretty easy to find), so please don't say you want them all just to flip 'em on ebay (gawd I hate that). I'm giving them away for free a day after I paid for them so that folks who might need one or more of them can check them off their wish list, not so someone can make a quick buck. I got the ones that I needed, so I'm sharing the rest. Please make your requests within the spirit of the offer. Cheers.
  5. My recent purchase of several dozen manuals (and the acquisition of several more carts) has altered my list considerably, so it is far easier to start anew than to edit/bump the original post. Again, any assistance in completing these sets would be greatly appreciated (as only an addict can truly understand)... Apps: Disk Manager (original not II) Terminal Emulator (original not II) Weight Control and Nutrition Learning/Kids Computer Math Games II, III, VI Division Early Logo Learning Fun Equations Frog Jump Measurement Formulas Multiplication 2 Number Bowling Number Readiness Picture Parts Reading On Story Machine Games: Sneggit (the last game cart left without a manual!) Also looking for Scholastic Spelling Levels 3 through 6. but because of their binder size and the nature of the 'activity' sections of these, I'm sure there are not many out there in decent shape. Figured I'd ask anyway.
  6. Hi everyone! Time for another posting of goodies for sale. Some of these are going to be really inexpensive... I plan on having $1 items, $2 items etc as well as some more normal priced items. I'll also have bundled items and of course, if you purchase a bunch of items, I'll try to make a deal. Let me know your thoughts. I want to make a minimum order of say $10 or more. Shipping will be actual postage price.. no handling fees or anything like that. One thing to note is that I am in Canada and shipping is sometimes high. At this point I am adding photos and will start adding the prices when I finish uploading the photos. And of course, without further delay... the items.... MegaMan NES $30 (only as I can get $40 in trade for it) Vic 20 Xonox Manual for Sir Lancelot $5 Metroid 2 promo keychain $5 Club Nintendo Playing Cards $5 Code of Princess 3DS - Game with artbook and CD soundtrack $25 5200 Manuals $1 each or the whole lot for $5 $2 items or $3 for 2 items Ok... that's all for now. If I find anything else, I will be sure to add them but this is it for the time being. See something you like... let me know and we can make it happen. Thanks for reading!
  7. I am interested to hear what the folks down at Atari Age think about collecting game manuals. Do you collect manuals for all games, or only certain types of games? Where do you keep them (storage)? If you try to avoid manuals for loose games, why? I'd love to know. For me, I like to get manuals for a few types of games. Especially RPGs, or Atari 2600 games that might need some explaining without previous knowledge (Yars Revenge). I also keep my manuals in a big ziploc bag in my desk drawer. Nothing fancy. Oh, and I avoid manuals sometimes (to save space, and to save on costs), usually I only get them when I mean to, or if it seems like a bonus. Excited to see your opinions! -Codester78
  8. Hello Everyone! As a few of you already know, I have a massive amount of Atari 2600 games and accessories. I've been looking to sell them off for some time now and I believe it's time for a dedicated thread! So over the next week I'll be listing everything I have in this thread, I am going to organize it by manufacturer and then by variation and I will have separate sections for carts, manuals and boxes. If I have something CIB, I'd be willing to sell the individual parts separately or all together, but will list them separately. I will also have joysticks, paddles, systems and miscellaneous 2600 related items like comics or posters here as well. Numbers in (parenthesis) will indicate how many I have of said item. Anything in [brackets] will be additional information about the item that's not already self-evident and anything in {braces} are additional information unrelated to the [bracketed] information. I will also put cross-outs through items which I'm holding for someone and remove anything that's been sold. I don't really want to get into the extra time of pricing everything so if you're interested in something, post here or pm me and I will respond with High-Res pictures and a price, which would be negotiable as anything is only worth what someone will pay for it. I am also open to trade for just about anything and everything, even non video game stuff. All games are tested and in working condition with top and end labels intact. You can get as many or as few items as you want, even just one. I will ship anywhere, in anyway you want, no matter how big or small an order. As long as you pay the correct shipping. I prefer PayPal gifts so there are no fees, but if that's not possible it will cost a slight bit more to cover the fees, but not much. *THIS LIST IS STARTING SMALL BUT WILL GROW RAPIDLY OVER THE NEXT WEEK AND ONWARDS* *I WILL BUMP THE THREAD AND CHANGE THE DATE IN THE TITLE WHENEVER I ADD THINGS TO THE LIST* Cartridges Atari Text Label 1. Adventure 2. Air-Sea Battle 3. Backgammon (2) 4. Basic Math 5. Basketball 6. Breakout 7. Canyon Bomber 8. Casino (2) [1 is Green, 1 is Yellow] 9. Championship Soccer (2) 10. Circus Atari 11. Codebreaker (2) 12. Combat (13) 13. Dodge 'Em (2) 14. Flag Capture (2) [1 is Green, 1 is Red] 15. Football [Green] 16. Golf 17. Hangman (2) 18. Home Run 19. Human Cannonball 20. Hunt & Score 21. Maze Craze 22. Miniature Golf 23. Night Driver 24. Outlaw 25. Sky Diver 26. Slot Machine 27. Slot Racers 28. Space Invaders (4) 29. Star Ship [black and Yellow Version] 30. Street Racer 31. Surround (3) 32. Video Checkers Picture Label Adventure Air-Sea Battle (2) Asteroids (7) Basketball (2) Berzerk (3) Bowling (3) Breakout Casino (4) Circus Atari (3) Combat (3) Defender (4) Demons To Diamonds (2) Dodge 'Em Football (2) Home Run (2) Indy 500 (3) Maze Craze Missile Command [Lower Case End Label] Night Driver (3) Othello (2) Outlaw (2) Pac-Man (7) Slot Racers (3) Space War (3) Star Raiders (8 ) Street Racer (3) Super Breakout (1) Superman (2) Surround (2) Video Pinball (2) Warlords Yars' Revenge (4) Silver Label Centipede (3) E.T. The Extra Terrestrial (2) Jungle Hunt Kangaroo (2) Krull Moon Patrol Ms. Pac-Man (2) Phoenix (3) Pole Position Raiders Of The Lost Arc RealSports: Baseball (4) RealSports: Football (4) SwordQuest: EarthWorld (3) SwordQuest: FireWorld Vanguard (4) Atari Corp Labels (Post 1984 Gray, Picture & Red) Donkey Kong [1988 ©] {Red} E.T. The Extra Terrestrial [1986 ©] {Gray} Math Gran Prix [1987 ©] {Picture} Mouse Trap [1988 ©] {Red} Pole Position (2) [No © Date Other Than Original Namco ©1982] {Gray} Q*Bert [1988 ©] {Red} Sentinel [1990 ©] {Red} Solaris [1988 ©] {Red} Vanguard [1988 ©] {Gray} Venture [1988 ©] {Red} Sears Text Label 1. Asteroids (2) [64 Games] 2. Blackjack 3. Missile Command (2) 4. Night Driver 5. Pong Sports (3) [1 with Squiggly "S"s, 2 without] 6. Race 7. Space Combat 8. Target Fun Picture Label Demons To Diamonds (2) Pac-Man (2) Activision (All Standard Labels) Barnstorming Bridge Dragster Fishing Derby (2) Freeway (2) Grand Prix (6) Ice Hockey Kaboom! (2) Laser Blast (4) Pitfall II: Lost Caverns Pressure Cooker River Raid Robot Tank (2) Seaquest (2) Skiing (4) Sky Jinks (2) Space Shuttle: A Journey Into Space Stampede Starmaster (3) Tennis Imagic Text Label 1. Atlantis (2) 2. Demon Attack 3. Moonsweeper 4. Star Voyager 5. Trick Shot (2) Picture Label 1. Cosmic Ark 2. Demon Attack (4) 3. Dragonfire 4. Riddle Of The Sphinx (2) 5. Star Voyager Coleco (Sorry For The Long Descriptions Here, Many Variations) Carnival (2) [1 With "Atari® 2600 VCS" & Short Text] [1 With No "Atari® 2600 VCS" & Long Text] {Both "MADE IN U.S.A."} Donkey Kong (4) [All With Long Text & "MADE IN U.S.A."] Mouse Trap (2) [All With Long Text & "MADE IN U.S.A.] Venture (4) [1 With Long Text & "MADE IN U.S.A."] [1 With Long Text & Blank] [2 With "Atari® 2600 VCS", Short Text, "MADE IN U.S.A.", Different Hue On Label & Different Color Plastic] Zaxxon [Long Text & "MADE IN U.S.A."] Parker Brothers Amidar Frogger Mr. Do!'s Castle Q*Bert Reactor (2) Tutankham M Network (Sorry For The Long Descriptions Here, Many Variations) Adventures Of Tron (2) [both Made In Singapore] {1 With M Network Logo Stamped on Cart & No Square } {1 With No Logo & Square On The Underside} Armor Ambush (2) [1 Singapore] [1 Korea, Has Square} {Both Have No Logo} Astroblast (3) [2 U.S.A. With Square & No Logo] [1 Korea With Logo & No Square] BurgerTime [u.S.A.] {With Logo, No Square} Dark Cavern (2) [both Korea, No Logo, Has Square] Frogs and Flies (3) [1 Philippines, Has Logo, No Square] {2 Korea, No Logo, No Square} Kool-Aid Man [singapore, Has Logo, No Square] Lock 'n' Chase (3) [1 Philippines, Has Square] [2 Korea, No Square] {All No Logo} Space Attack [Korea, No Logo, Has Square] Super Challenge Baseball (2) [1 Korea, Has Square] [1 Singapore, No Square] {Both No Logo} Super Challenge Football (3) [1 U.S.A.] [1 Korea] [1 Philippines] {All No Logo, Have Square} INTV Adventures Of Tron [singapore] US Games/Vidtec Commando Raid Sneak'n Peak Space Jockey (3) Word Zapper Data Age Bugs (2) Encounter At L-5 Journey Escape (2) CBS Video Games/CBS Electronics Bluprint (3) GORF Solar Fox TigerVision King Kong [black Text] Threshold Mythicon Fire Fly Star Fox 20th Century Fox Mega Force Turmoil Porky's Worm War I SEGA Congo Bongo (2) Games By APOLLO SpaceChase (Unique Label) Manuals Atari Slim Manuals 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe [Rev. 1] Adventure [Rev. 2] Air-Sea Battle [Rev. 3] Backgammon [Rev. 1] Basic Math [No Revision # + Black Back] Bowling [Rev. 2] Brain Games [Rev. 3] Breakout (2) [both Rev. 3] Canyon Bomner (2) [both Rev. 2] Casino (2) [both Rev. 2] Circus Atari (3) [1 is Rev. 1 with Driving Controller Misprint] [2 are Rev. 2] Codebreaker (2) [both No Revision # + Matrix Back] Combat (2) [both 01 Variant & Printed in Taiwan] {No Revision # + Matrix Back} Dodge 'Em [Rev. 1] Flag Capture (2) [both No Revison # + Matrix Back] Hangman [Rev. 3] Human Cannonball [Rev. 2] Hunt & Score [No Revision # + Matrix Back] Indy 500 [Rev. 5] Maze Craze [Rev. 1] Miniature Golf [Rev .1] Night Driver [both Rev.2] Othello (2) [1 is Rev. 1, 1 is Rev. 2] Slot Racers (2) [both Rev. 3] Street Racer [Rev. 5] Superman [Rev. 3] Surround [Gatefold Version with Big Atari Logo and Matrix on Back] Video Olympics [Rev. 4] Video Pinball [Rev. 1] Large White Manuals Backgammon [Rev. 1] Basic Programming [Rev. 1] Defender [Rev. 1] Demons To Diamond [Rev. 1] Haunted House [Rev. 1] Indy 500 [Rev. 1] Pac-Man (3) [All Rev. 1] Sky Diver [Rev. 1] Space War [Rev. 1] Surround (2) [Rev.1] This is just the beginning, thanks for looking and pm me with any questions. Cheers! ~Matt
  9. PDF Versions [All pics are 300 dpi in PDFs] Intellivision Club Newsletter - Issue #1 Intellivision Club Newsletter - Issue #2 Intellivision News (Autumn - Winter '83) Intellivision Cartridge Availability The Intellivision Entertainment Computer System Intellivision Master Component And General Instructions Intellivision Catalogue Intellivision [booklet] Intellivision [booklet] [2] Intellivision - A Lot More Fun.. And A Whole Lot More! (More will be added as i scan them) (I do have 1200 dpi *.tif available on request only as they are such a big upload) (If you have anything like this you want get rid of or lend me to scan let me know it would be good to get a bit of a library going)
  10. Hi Folks, I collect carts, then try and find the manuals and buy custom game cases to house my collection. Currently I am looking for 4 manuals for Atari Jaguar Games: 1. Rayman 2. Brutal Sports Football 3. Zool 2 4. Ultra Vortek Please PM me or respond to this thread if you have any of these extra that you are willing to part with. I will pay fair market value, and all shipping costs. Thanks! -Rick Sorry for the repeat just wanted to add tags. Thanks
  11. DoctorSpuds


    Alright... So I've got got some manuals here that I have scanned and cropped, and I know that the site doesn't have these... So is there any way to get these to the mods? The HTML manuals are nice but they don't compare to the real thing. I'm asking for a friend here.
  12. When Intelligentvision announced Super Pro Baseball, I was really excited to see an enhanced version of one of my favorite Intellivision games. With David's permission, I decided to create a kit for the game, complete with a full manual, overlays, and a cartridge sticker. To make it easy both for myself and people who want one for themselves, I set up a web page to provide information and handle ordering. While I was at it, I added a few other kits that people might be interested in, some catalogs, and some free downloads of other game materials I've done. I'm calling it Intv Extras, and it's ready to go. The Super Pro Baseball kit comes with a self-adhesive cartridge label. It's also got two authentic overlays, which are an updated design and reflect the new features of Super Pro Baseball. The instruction manual is a 12-page rework of the World Championship Baseball instructions. When you buy the ROM at Intellivision.us, you get an electronic version of my manual and an overlay image. If you'd like a physical copy of these plus a cartridge label, I'm asking $7 plus postage for the kit. You can order at my Intv Extras page. BTW, if you're looking for a Super Pro Baseball box, the1hatman is the guy to ask. He's the box whisperer! I've got a few other game-related kits available at Intv Extras as well, along with some free downloads of other stuff. Also, if you're looking for either the Intellivision Revolution or Intelligentvision catalog, I've got copies of those, too. I expect to begin shipping most of these items by the end of the week. If you've got questions, send me a message. Thanks.
  13. Hey guys I have some PS1 manuals and jewel case slips up for grabs if anyone is interested. They are all in decent condition. No sticker marks, mild corner creasing etc. Misadventures of Tron Bonne Front Mission 3 Megaman X4 Megaman X5 Um Jammer Lammy Looking to sell as all together. I know epay prices for Tron Bonne is pretty high right now so that in itself might interest someone looking to make a CIB. $20 + Shipping for the lot Keep in mind I live in Canada and Canada Post is slightly more expensive than USPS.
  14. I would like to request from whomsoever might have it, a copy of the documentation for the Rave MX01 card. I have started going thru my storage and am trying to find out which cards and equipment will work without deeper labor, but I need manual(s) and I have done a pretty thorough search of Whtech, though I may be missing something. Can one of you point me in the right direction. Thanks,
  15. January 2017 Update: Per most recent post, I've acquired most of the items I had been looking for, but still looking for first year/first six issues of 99'er Magazine Volume 1, Nos. 1-6. And also would add that I'm looking for a Prostick II Joystick (Blue). Thanks everyone! ---------- Hello, I'm looking to buy the following: TI Color Monitor (PHA4100A) Operating Guide Slymoids (PHM3197) User Manual TI Editor/Assembler Disks (PHM3055) - Original Part A and Part B Floppy Disks First year/First six issues of 99'er Magazine Volume 1, Nos. 1-6 I have PDF versions of the guide, manual, and 99'er magazines listed above, but would like the original printed versions. I also have copies of the TI Editor/Assembler Disks, but would like the original TI supplied disks. As for the 99'er magazines, I have the 99'er Best Of that has most of the content from the first year of print (Volume 1), but would like to have the original six magazines which are likely rare (even copies with mailing labels are fine). Just trying to round out and complete my collection. Happy to pay for the above items and/or offer in trade any of my extra equipment (TI-99/4a Silver/Black console with power supply and documentation, speech synthesizer, PEB with cable and floppy disk drive - but no disk controller just the drive, black program recorder, beige program recorder, dual recorder cable, TI joysticks, TI-Writer Software, Extended Basic, Neurosurgeon, Adventure (cart only), Star Trek, TI Printer Manual - PHP2500). Everything is tested and works. I have the documentation for most of the stuff including TI-Writer, but I don't have the original TI-Writer binder and don't have any of the original packaging/boxes). Any offers/help appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Looking to fill in missing Colecovision instruction manuals. If you have any from the list please contact me by PM (preferably) or in this thread. Paying cash or trading, whichever you prefer. LMK what ya got and what you want! WANTLIST: Updated 02/07/2013 MANUALS: Alphabet Zoo Aquattack Blockade Runner Dance Fantasy Evolution Frantic Freddy Gateway to Apshai Jukebox Keystone Kapers Learning With Leeper Linking Logic Logic Levels Memory Manor Monkey Academy Montezuma's revenge Oil's Well One on One Robin Hood Sammy Lightfoot Sir Lancelot Slurpy Spectron Steamroller Tomarc The Barbarian Up 'n Down Wiz Math Word Feud
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