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Found 10 results

  1. Select all the different memory configurations for machines you own (multiple selections possible). Include any plug-and-play devices used to boost memory too. I've probably missed a few esoteric upgrades. If you don't see yours, just pick the next lower amount on the list. I know there are upgrades far above 1088K, but memory above 1088K is pretty meaningless at this point -- other than bragging rights. If you have something that isn't mentioned and you want to talk (or brag) about it, go ahead and post. You can also post about your specific memory upgrade type if you like (i.e. Rambo 256K, etc.).
  2. Hello everybody, Recently I acquired an Atari 520 STFM (My first ST) whit the "rainbow" TOS (1.04?), and now I wanna upgrade the memory up to 1MB. I have some chips (HY514400A J-70) coming from an old memory module, but I don't know if they're compatible. Anyway, I appreciate some help to find a compatible (and cheap) chip to upgrade the computer. If help, my board look like this: Regard.
  3. (Before commencing: I'm looking for open ended advice on laying out memory as a whole subject, feel free to add your own ideas, even if not addressed by my questions. Perhaps this may become a good reference article) When assembly programming, I am sat there with a pen and paper, planning out how I am going to lay out the RAM for my program and all of it's data. Occasionally I rejig it, moving blocks around. Do any of you have a best practice which you apply when deciding how to lay out RAM? My Perl based build system is pretty good at the moment and I am toying with the idea of having a parseable .csv file to decide how to lay out memory. Has anyone else done this before? People mention that they switch out the OS for extra memory. 1) How? 2) What is the knock-on effect of this, do I have to rewrite OS routines such as PMG collision detection and anything else in high RAM? Is this more trouble than it is worth? 3) Any tips in general?
  4. I love memory games of the flip the card and make a match type. Scare Pairs is basically one of those with a Halloween theme: graves instead of cards, monsters, etc. for icons, a graveyard landscape where an ominous jack-o-lantern, eyes, and ghost watch you instead of a gameboard. There is also a timer in this game which puts the pressure on. I am the library and couldn't check the sound or music out (no headphones with me). If you like memory games and are trying to get into the Halloween spirit give this one a try. Download here GideonsDad
  5. Hello, I was wondering, if the Atari 1064 Expansion memory for Atari 600XL, could be used in any Atari 800XL, improving the Atari 800XL RAM, or not work? Any comment, suggest, are welcome. Thanks! Regards.
  6. Im trying to learn how to use bank switching in Action! ; PORTB banking bit scheme ; SLF,NA,ANT,CPU,BNK,BNK,BAS,OS = FLDS ; 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 = BNUM ; 128,64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1 = BVAL ; 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 1, 1 = 243 M ; 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1 = 227 1 ; 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 1, 1, 1 = 231 2 ; 1, 1, 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 1 = 235 3 ; 1, 1, 1, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1 = 239 4 MODULE ; Bank switch defines DEFINE PORTB = "$D301" DEFINE BANKM = "243" DEFINE BANK1 = "227" DEFINE BANK2 = "231" DEFINE BANK3 = "235" DEFINE BANK4 = "239" PROC Main() BYTE ARRAY bMem(16384)=$4000 ; Set bank 1 memory Poke(PORTB,BANK1) SetBlock(bMem,16384,50) ; Set bank 2 memory Poke(PORTB,BANK2) SetBlock(bMem,16384,51) ; Set bank 3 memory Poke(PORTB,BANK3) SetBlock(bMem,16384,52) ; Set bank 4 memory Poke(PORTB,BANK4) SetBlock(bMem,16384,53) ; Set bank M memory Poke(PORTB,BANKM) SetBlock(bMem,16384,49) RETURN When I compile and run this in the Action! monitor, it works fine. PORTB is correctly set at 243, and 4000 to 7FFF is filled with 49. When I include it in a larger program, with the Action! runtime, it crashes the machine. At crash, PORTB is 227, and 4000 to 7FFF is filled with 0. I think its crashing on the SetBlock for bank 1 "SetBlock(bMem,16384,50)". So two questions. 1) Am I doing this right? 2) What could be causing it to crash when in a larger program using the runtime?
  7. So I've got myself a new, or to me at least, Atari 800XL PAL (Manf. Taiwan) version that seems pretty much untouched. I've just built an SIO2PI, and SIO2Arduino to start getting software on to it but with regards to memory and video upgrades I'm a bit lost with all of the options mentioned in the forums. Firstly with the video. I've got an s-video to VGA converter which I want to use, and I've seen a lot of recommendations to go the way of UAV but as I understand Bryan's got a lot going on these days and won't be producing more boards until next year at the earliest. I took a quick look at the s-video modifications thread which started in 2009 but it's really hard to figure out what the latest suggestions/methods are in this thread with a number of changes made in the last few years. Unfortunately Sophia is out of price range for me at the moment, especially with shipping and import taxes where I'm located. What are the options for improving the video signal these days? Homebrew/DIY preferred over trying to get boards into the country. Secondly, I'd like to upgrade the memory a little. Again, U1MB seems to be the go for solution these days but though the board is only $80 I'm looking at another $100 on shipping and customs fees. Looking at the stuff I want to do, 256K would be sufficient but I've no idea if there's any highly compatible, reasonably straight forward upgrades currently available, or again homebrew/DIY. Soldering is not an issue so not necessarily needing plug-in solutions. Anyway, great to be accepted into the community; the last one I was part of was the FaST club in the UK back in the 90's but feel more at home with my 800XL on my desk. Any help or advice on getting started also gladly accepted.
  8. HI All, I have an Atari 520STfm and a 1040STfm. I am about to upgrade both of them to Rainbow TOS 1.4 and I am thinking about the 4meg Marpet memory upgrade. My question is it really worth it? are there big benefits in doing it? I am mainly just going to be playing games on it for nostalgia :-) I have read that it can cause problems with some games. I know you can install a hardware switch to switch between 1mb and 4mb modes but I think that might be a bit beyond my expertise. I can do simple stuff like installing the Marpet and disabling the on board RAM banks but I would be worried I would stuff up the switch. Anyway any advice would be great Cheers Rel
  9. Should a BASIC program reference APPMHI ($0E/$0F), or MEMTOP ($90/$91) to determine the end of the memory used by the BASIC program? Or does it not really matter? Some peeking around shows they have the same value in all the situations tested so far. Is there a circumstance where they would not be the same? Oddly, the description of each location in Mapping The Atari does not mention the alternate location, though they seem to be doing the same thing. My theory here is that APPMHI is specific for the OS, and works to limit OS functions (allocating screen memory) for any program, not just the BASIC cart. And MEMTOP is specific to BASIC and redundantly tracks the same value.
  10. There is a lot of good advice on the forum about fixing 130XE's with broken memories. When mine failed I found all the information I needed here and here, but there are many other good posts too. Thanks to everyone who has posted on this topic. I'm not very experienced with hardware, and there is no way I could have repaired my machine without your guidance. Just for the record, here's a description of the fault and repair in pictures: The machine starting booting to the ROM/RAM test. Case opened, showing the 16 RAM chips on the left hand side. Original chips. One is an NEC 4164, but the other fifteen are the notorious MT 4264's. Chips removed by snipping the pins, withdrawing them one at a time with a soldering iron and tweezers, and finally clearing the holes with a solder sucker. Sockets soldered in place and new chips installed. I chose 41256's to give me the easy option to upgrade the machine to 320K in future. Fixed! I still have one question on my mind. Opinions vary on whether it is necessary to tie the unused address line (A8, pin 1) on the 41256's to ground (or possibly I have misinterpreted the opinions). I have not done this yet, but the machine has run perfectly well for days on end. This seems to imply that the chips respond in a predictable manner to disconnected address lines. Can anyone confirm if this is the case?
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