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Found 77 results

  1. Just like the title says. I'm trying to get my N64 library complete in box, so I'm on the hunt for CIBs, or just the box and/or manual. If you have any N64 CIBs, Boxes, or Manuals, Shoot me a message with a few photos of what you have, as well as an asking price, and we can work out a deal. Thanks! EDIT: Only looking for NTSC titles
  2. I'm looking for a complete Atari 2600 game (Joust in particular if you have it). I don't care if it's sealed, just boxed with instructions. I have for trade the following N64 "bare bones" system: I have no idea if it works..no hookups to test it, but the unit itself looks in good condition. No dings or whatnot. This initially came from a recycling event but the kid (or adult as the case may be) kept all the accessories/games/whatever they had for it. So if you're interested, please send me a PM about this. If you don't necessarily have Joust but have other complete boxed Atari 2600 games, let me know in your message. No cash/paypal/money order, just a straight trade and I'll pay to ship the N64 to you and you pay to ship the boxed Atari 2600 game to me. Thank you. Steve
  3. Long forgot about this, please delete.
  4. SOLD! As a social note, if you have comments, suggestions, or issues on the prices or items on offer below, please PM me, and do not make your OPINIONS a public issue - - thread-crapping is just plain rude. Thanks! Please PM with any questions or interest! Thanks! Shipping is separate, but flat-rate - - whatever it costs to get it to where ever you are is all that it costs! (International OK!) SOLD! $65 Complete in Box "Charcoal Grey" Nintendo 64 w/official Nintendo Memory Pak pre-installed! This is super-nice. Crisp, clean, VERY sturdy box Perfect, unbroken, unworn styrofoam inside Practically new N64 unit Includes the instructions and pack-ins in the original plastic bag ALSO, **BONUS**, INCLUDES the official Nintendo Memory Expansion Pak !! Play Majora's Mask and other N64 games in high resolution !! As well, the original "blank" that typically goes in there until you get the Memory Expansion is also included Really nice. This would look GREAT on the shelf in your game room! Good, tight and responsive controller, very clean as well SOLD! Thanks for looking! -a2a
  5. Check out my auctions! Most end Friday, 5/11 at around 7pm. Thanks for your interest! eBay Seller: Desfeek
  6. Hello everyone! I'm selling some stuff, some common, some rare. Please refer to my feedback forum here on AA or my eBay feedback: hellboy_7 if you would like some background on me before purchasing. All prices are negotiable if you buy a lot, I accept payment as a PayPal gift, or local pickup in cash, if you can't gift payment via PayPal, there will a very small fee added to cover the fee I would incur. Prices do not include shipping btw. Shipping prices will be low, but will ship safely. I will ship anywhere in the known universe and some parallel dimensions. No minimum purchase. All items are loose unless otherwise specified. Thanks for looking, and don't be afraid to ask for pictures or other questions! Also looking to trade for Sega Saturn S-Video cable, controller and games. NINTENDO STUFF CONSOLES: NES Console only. - $20 + FREE lifetime warranty on the pins. Nintendo 64 Console with all wires, no controllers. - $20 GAMES: NES: 10-Yard Fight - $2 SNES: Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball - $2 N64: 007: The World Is Not Enough (Grey Cart) - $5 Armorines: Project S.W.A.R.M. (Black Cart) - $2 Automobili Lamborghini - $2 Bio Freaks - $2 Extreme G 2 (XG2) - $2 MRC: Multi-Racing Championship - $2 Rally Challenge 2000 - $2 Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt - $1 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (Grey Cart) - $3 Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear To The Rescue! - $5 GAME BOY ADVANCE: Asteroids (Game Boy Color Black Cart) - $2 DragonBall Z: Legacy Of Goku II - $5 Ed, Edd n Eddy: Jawbreakers! - $3 Gauntlet/Rampart - $3 The Sims: Bustin' Out (2 Copies) - $4 Each NINTENDO DS: New Super Mario Bros (Case Only) - $2 Wii: Kidz Sports: Crazy Golf (Complete w/ Manual & Case) - $3 Wii Play (Complete w/ Manual, Registration Card & Case) - $1 ACCESSORIES: Grey NES Zapper with Perfect Accuracy - $7 Each Nintendo Brand N64 Rumble Pak - $5 Mad Catz Nintendo 64 Analog Racing Wheel w/ Pedals - $10 Nintendo Brand NES Controllers - $5 Each NES Cartridge Sleeves (Plain Black) - $0.25 Each Clear Plastic Game Boy Game Cases - $0.50 Each Clear Plastic Super Nintendo Game Dust Cap - $0.50 Mario Party 8 Prima Game Guide - $5 NYKO Nintendo 64/SNES/GameCube RF Modulator (Complete In Box W/ Manual) - $10 Nintendo DS Action Replay - $5 GameBoy/GameBoy Advance Link Cable (Bright, Translucent Yellow w/ Red Tips) - $5 SEGA: CONSOLES: Genesis Model 1 "High Definition Graphics" Non-TMSS Serial# 30W 10360. Comes with AC Adapter, Composite Cables & 2 MK-1470 6-Button Controllers - $45 Genesis Model 1. Comes With AC Adapter, RF Adapter & 3 Button Controller - $30 GAMES: GENESIS: 688 Attack Sub - $3 Alien Storm - $5 Art Alive - $2 Barkley Shut Up And Jam! - $1 Battletech: A Game Of Armored Combat - $3 Bugs Bunny In Double Trouble - $2 Chakan - $5 Ecco: Tides Of Time (Comes With Case) - $5 Disney's Aladdin (2 Copies, 1 Has The Case) - $4 Cart Only, $5 With Case DJ Boy - $5 Eternal Champions (Complete With Manual and Case [Hangtab Intact!]) - $6 Fantasia - $3 Final Zone - $6 Jammit (2 Copies) - $1 Each Jurassic Park (Complete With Manual and Case [Hangtab Intact!]) - $5 Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition - $2 Klax - $3 NBA Jam (Case [Hangtab Intact!] and Cartridge Only) - $3 Nickelodeon: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters - $2 PGA Tour Golf II (Working Save Battery) [Comes with Case, Manual and Cartridge] - $3 Shaq-Fu - $2 Shining In The Darkness (Working Save Battery) - $6 Soldiers Of Fortune (Case Only, No Game) - $5 Sonic The Hedgehog (Not For Resale Label) - $3 Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Not For Resale Label) [2 Copies] - $2 Each Stargate - $2 Stimpy's Invention (Ren & Stimpy) - $3 Streets Of Rage - $7 Super Monaco GP - $1 Taz In Escape From Mars - $1 The Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle And Friends - $4 The Berenstain Bears Camping Adventure - $3 The Lion King - $3 The Magic School Bus: Space Exploration Game - $2 Urban Strike: The Sequel To Jungle Strike - $2 Wheel Of Fortune - $1 Winter Olympic Games: Lillehammer '94 - $1 Vectorman (W/ Manual) - $5 Virtua Fighter 2 - $5 SEGA 32X: Doom (W/ Manual) - $5 DREAMCAST: Crazy Taxi (Case & Manual Only) - $2 Phantasy Star Online Ver 2.0 (Disc Only) - $5 Sonic Adventure (Sega All Stars Version) [Disc & Case Only, No Manual] - $8 ACCESSORIES: SEGA Brand Genesis 3-Button Arcade Stick (Model # 1655) - $10 3 Button SEGA Genesis Controller (Model # 1650) - $5 Each 6 Button SEGA Genesis Controller (MK-1470) - $7 Each 6 Button SEGA Genesis Controller (MK-1653) - $8 SEGA Brand RF Switch (Model # 1603A) - $3 SEGA Genesis Model 1 AC Adapter (Model # 1602-2) - $7 SEGA Brand White Dreamcast Controller - $5 Dreamcast VMU (White Or Blue) - $5 (Comes with NEW Batteries) Japanese VMU for Dreamcast (White) - $8 (Comes with NEW Batteries) Intec Brand "Hyper Pak" Rumble Pack for Dreamcast - $3 3DO GAMES: Most Are Very Nice Condition, Ask For Pictures! Blade Force (Complete With Long Box, Jewel Case w/ Artwork, Manual & Disc) - $12 Crash 'n Burn (Disc Only) - $8 Demolition Man (Complete With Long Box, Disc & Manual) - $20 Dragon's Lair (Complete With Long Box, Disc & Manual) - $15 Fatty Bear's Fun Pack (Complete With Long Box, Jewel Case w/ Artwork, Manual & Disc) - $50 Fifa International Soccer (Long Box & Disc Only) - $5 Gex (Long Box, Manual, Catalog & Disc, No Jewel Case) - $20 Immercenary (Complete With Long Box, Manual and Disc) - $10 John Madden Football (Box Only) - $3 Killing Time (Complete With Long Box, Jewel Case w/ Artwork, Manual, Hints & Tips Booklet, Catalog Card, Registration Card, 3DO Games Secrets Order Form & Disc) - $45 Myst (Long Box, Manual & Disc, No Jewel Case) - $25 Panasonic R-E-A-L Sampler CD (Disc Only) - $3 Road Rash (Complete With Long Box, Manual, Disc & Music CD) - $30 Samurai Shodown (Complete With Long Box, Manual, Jewel Case & Disc) - $30 Shock Wave (Complete With Long Box, Manual & Disc) - $7 Shock Wave: Operation JumpGate (Long Box & Disc Only) - $5 Slam & Jam (Manual Only) - $1 Star Control II (Complete With Long Box, Jewel Case, Manual, Star Map & Disc) - $80 Super Street Fighter II Turbo (Complete With Long Box, Manual, Jewel Case W/ Artwork & Disc) - $50 The 3DO Interactive Sampler CD #3 (Complete With Cardboard Sleeve, Instruction Card & Disc) - $6 The 3DO Interactive Sampler CD 4 (Instruction Card Only) - $5 The Need For Speed (Long Box & Manual Only, No Disc) - $10 XBOX 360: Guitar Hero 2 Controller (With Breakaway Cable) - $15 Rock Band 1 Wired Guitar Controller (With Breakaway Cable) - $15 Fable III (Complete) - $5
  7. EDIT: Down to the last items... EDIT: Many Prices Lowered Hi, I've got some more stuff for sale. I will post photos soon. - I've tried to price things reasonably, but feel free to (reasonably) counter offer. - Shipping is extra and at cost. - All include case and manual unless noted... Thanks for looking! [PS2] DDR Extreme 2 (complete) with two dance pads $20 [PS3] Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed (complete) $12 SOLD Duke Nukem Forever (sealed) $1 SOLD Professor Layton & the Curious Village $12 SOLD Professor Layton & the Diabolical Box $8 SOLD Animal Crossing (no memory card)+eReader+Nigh Complete Animal Crossing card set in Binder (missing one promo card) $50 SOLD Super Mario Sunshine $18 SOLD Micro Machines (with manual) $3 SOLD Moonwalker (cart only) $15
 SOLD Richard Scarrys BusyTown (cart only) $1
 SOLD McDonalds Treasure Land (complete) $15 SOLD Vectorman (with manual) $2 SOLD Lifeforce (cart only) $4 SOLD Sonic (complete) $1 SOLD Sonic 2 (complete) $1 SOLD Castlevania (with manual) $8 SOLD Castlevania 3 (with manual) $15 SOLD R-Types $10 SOLD Skyrim (complete) $10 SOLD No More Heroes (complete) $5 SOLD No More Heroes 2 (sealed) $10
  8. From the album: My Game Collection

  9. Hi all, As some of you may or may not know, I'm the founder of a small company which is finalizing development of a Retro Game Console, and soon to be launching on Kickstarter. I've created this post here, as we believe it's important for us to connect directly with the community for transparency and development reasons. We fully understand the past situations with other game consoles that created bad reputation for parts of the market, and that pushes us even more to provide a fantastic product to our customers. Introduction of Myself As some of you may have seen from my introduction post here, I'm a Canadian who has been living in China for the past 4 or 5 years. I'm a graduate of Computer Systems, and have been in the retro gaming community for about 10 years, most notably BenHeck and AssemblerGames. I'm from way back when people like Palmer Luckey were creating console portables, heh. Also, Like some of you, I grew up playing various retro consoles (most notably N64 and Genesis) with my family. Previously, I've worked short contracts with Square Enix/BigPoint, Microsoft and Mockworld. For Square Enix/BigPoint, I was a community moderator for Gameglobe, and for Microsoft I was an EN/FR SEO coordinator on the Bing project. Lastly, for Mockworld, I was QC tech for their Shockwave based games. I'm also a certified (TEFL/TESOL) English teacher, and previously have worked as a volunteer English teacher, as well as Foreign Leader at a few Middle Schools and extra-curricular facilities. Introduction of RetroATK RetroATK (short for Retro Attack), was founded by myself back in 2015, as way to start providing the growing retro game market with quality hardware. During these last 2 years, we've grown internally and have staff members in China, Germany and America. For example, our Engineer is known in some circles for creating various dumpers for NES, SNES, GBA, N64, NeoGeoPocket, and flash carts for GB and Wonderswan. Our website is: https://www.RetroATK.com *Please note, our website is currently pushing updates. So you may see some abrupt changes!* Our Core Team Myself - Founder and Marketing Peter (Byemu) - Engineer and Hardware Expert Carlos (Foxlet) - Software/Product Designer and Marketing Hameer (Habbasi) - Software Engineer & UI Developer Hameer's Introduction Hameer is a Pakistani engineer with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and is currently pursuing a Master's in Information and Communication Engineering from TU Darmstadt, Germany. He has been programming as a freelancer for 3 years and has worked professionally for a year in the past. Peter's Introduction Peter, also known online as Byemu, is a hardware engineer, living in Shanghai, China. Peter has developed dumping hardware for consoles such as WonderSwan, N64, GBA, SNES and more, for the Japanese and Chinese market. He has also developed flash carts for the applicable systems as well. Carlos' Introduction Carlos is a software developer currently joining the RetroATK team to deliver the Lythium console according to the community's needs. Our Product: Lythium Lythium is a stackable modular retro game console, that has been built from the ground up, with the retro community in mind. As you can see below, Lythium has 3 major modular components, which exist to fit the various needs of our customers. Lythium Core is a USB based device which is capable of dumping SRAM & ROM, and can instantly play cartridges through our Windows/Linux/macOS client. While, the Lythium Controller Hub is a stackable add-on, to allow for native controller usage. Lastly, the Lythium Standalone box is a stackable add-on that allows the user to use Lythium on their TV, just like a traditional game console. So, no matter the situation, Lythium can fit your lifestyle. Lythium was developed, to fill the needs of various retro gaming enthusiasts, which means it supports ROM & SRAM dumping out of box, from an easy to use interface. Additionally, it supports instant game playing through the Core & Pro bundle, as well as the option for dedicated controllers, through the Controller Hub. Lythium supports a wide range of different consoles, and we aim to constantly add new console support to it, upon request from customers. Lastly, Lythium's front-end software is multi-platform, and can run on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. Lythium's software is created with the community in mind, and will be able to push screenshots, and other information to social media platforms. We are also aiming to provide small contests which the community can partake in, through our social media platforms, in order to encourage users to connect while playing. Supported Consoles NES Famicom Master System SNES Super Famicom Genesis/Megadrive TurboGrafx 16 / PC-EngineGame Gear Gameboy/Gameboy Color Wonderswan / Wonderswan Color NeoGeo Pocket Gameboy Advance N64 More Consoles possible upon Request! Lythium Modules Lythium Core (Base module) Lythium Controller Hub(s) Lythium Standalone Lythium Bundles (Prices are preliminary) Lythium Core (Base Unit + All Cartridge Adaptors) - $120~ USD Lythium Premium (Base Unit + All Cartridge Adaptors + Controller Hub) - $160~ USD Lythium Pro (Base Unit + All Cartridge Adaptors + Controller Hub + Standalone Module + Homebrew Demo Cart) - $300~ USD Specifications CPU: STM ARM @ 75 Mhz (Core), x86 CPU (Standalone) Memory: 2GB (Standalone) Storage: 32GB (Standalone) - Preliminary Dimensions: 108 x 62 x 23mm (Core), 130 x 130 x 23mm (Standalone) - Sizes are Preliminary and subject to change. Modular Connector: Lythium Proprietary Connector FAQ Is Lythium just another "ARM Emulation Box"? Fortunately, it is not. The ARM CPU on the Lythium Core base exists to handle PC to Lythium communication, as well as interfacing Lythium with Cartridge side. We chose the STM ARM processor to handle these tasks, as it is flexible enough to do so. Additionally, the Lythium Core base PCB is custom designed, and the firmware running on it is custom made. So, in other words, the Lythium Core base is not an "off the shelf product that runs Linux". It is designed entirely from the ground up, by our team. The Lythium Core uses your computer's hardware as it's performance platform, and the Standalone base uses our x86 compatible platform. Additionally, the Lythium Standalone Base uses an x86-based system integrated with our software, powerful enough to give users an excellent gaming experience. The software for Lythium Standalone is not locked down or TIVOized, and able to be changed to a third party software. Why Kickstarter? Currently our product is past the prototype stage, and Kickstarter gives us the opportunity to generate interest and customers. This allows us raise funding directly for meeting mass production scale, while retaining exclusive rights over our product. In other words, this allows us to raise funds directly from the community, so we retain creative control, which doesn't always happen if you seek private investment at this stage. It's also worth mentioning that Kickstarter gives us a platform to share our progress, and connect to a large scale of customers, effectively and concisely. Why is the cost so low, compared to other similar consoles? We are working directly with component manufacturers, to provide high quality components for a reasonable price. Additionally, we have a strong relationship with many of our parts manufacturers, due to our staff members working with them for many years, to date. Lastly, since we have a team in China, we are able to communicate directly with the manufacturer, and bypass any middle man or service. Why different versions of Lythium? As mentioned, Lythium is the first truly modular retro gaming console. Right out of the box, this allows for customers to "build their setup" in the way that they want. We realize that different customers require different setups, depending on their lifestyles, and this allows us to provide that. All Lythium bundles ship with the Core module. Additionally, we will sell the other modules separately, so you can upgrade your experience as you see fit. Why modular? Designing our console to be modular, goes hand in hand with the reason for having different versions (see above). However, a modular design also allows us to continuously develop new add-ons for the console, therefore extending the feature set of the console. Also, Lythium is designed and developed with the community in mind. So in turn, we are open to idea of third party add-ons, created by the community, that can connect directly to Lythium. What's the current stage of Lythium? Currently, we have finished 2 major prototypes of our PCB board, and are finalizing our release candidate version. Concurrently, we are also finalizing our concept shell design and retail box. Lastly, we have finalized our beta version of our firmware and GUI. As we develop our product, we will continuously post updates to this thread, to keep everyone in the loop! What's the large scale plan for Lythium? After our Kickstarter, we will prepare and set the console to be mass produced and marketed. This means, a high quality molded or CNC shell, with an eye catching retail box, as well as targeting online and retail customers. Additionally, we will be manufacturing under appropriate safety and quality certificates such as CE/UL and RoHS. After this, you can expect to see us connecting with trade shows and conventions, as well as promoting the creation of third party addons. All of this is in order for us to really provide product that not only lives in the community, but also among it. Lastly, we will continuously update the console's firmware and software to remove bugs, and add support, to create a more joyful gaming experience for our users. What about the front-end software? The front-end for Lythium is developed in Qt and is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux. It uses libretro's API for its emulation back-end. Because of the nature of the libraries it uses, it will be licensed as GPLv3. This will allow the community to look into the software and analyze it. On the standalone unit, the user can choose to install a modified firmware of their liking (although the resulting operation may not be supported), preventing Tivo-ization of the included Lythium software client. We have gone through the trouble to make sure everything we are developing is legal and that we don't violate any licenses, open-source or otherwise. What's the Future of RetroATK? In the future, RetroATK will be entering the Hong Kong Cyberport or Science Park Initiative, in order to grow at a stable pace, and to increase our industry connections. Additionally, this will allow us to receive grant-based funding and seed mentorship, so we can become larger and more powerful. And, As per our growth, we will also aim to provide additional products to the retro gaming community. In other words, you could see a portable version at some point. How can RetroATK avoid the problems encountered by previous crowdfunded retro consoles? From day one of public presence, we are aiming to be as transparent as possible with the gaming community and backers. This is quite unprecedented, as some other developers have chosen to use marketing mumbo-jumbo and hide behind the walls of the internet. Additionally, we are developing our system with license agreements in mind, and are in compliance to license agreements. Lastly, with the cooperation with the retro gaming community, and government initiatives, our presence will continuously grow and we will always stand by our community. In other words, this all means we will continue to develop with the community in mind, while respecting the hard work that the community has done before us.
  10. Hello everybody, today I have a simple question: what's your favorite mario party game: 1 through 10? Actually, its more complex than that. It would be cool to hear two answers: what is your favorite game, including biases like your first mario party, a favorite gaming party or experience, etc, as well as which game you believe is all around the best, unbiased. I personally had the most fun with Mario Party 8 because it was my first even though some other entries in the series were way better. I'm exited to hear your answers!
  11. I've got a "glitch gremlin" in my N64 that's so bad, for a while today I was convinced my N64 was dead--every game I played froze either on startup or within 2-3 minutes of gameplay. It would freeze and get all scrambled. Sort of like a NES game. Now to be completely honest....I might have caused or exacerbated this issue.... Earlier today, I took out my expansion pack, cleaned it with rubbing alcohol, and put it back in (this was in an attempt to fix a different unrelated issue) then, the above-mentioned crashing started to happen. After a while I came to the conclusion that my over-use of only 70-ish% pure rubbing alcohol maybe have caused some moisture to get into the console to cause this new problem. Soooo.... I gave the N64 a while for the alcohol to evaporate and played it just now. For the first 20-25 minutes of gameplay it seemed fine, like the alcohol and whatever made up that unaccounted-for 30 something % had evaporated and the freezing was gone. Then it froze/crashed again Right now I'm letting the N64 sit there, on but with no one playing it. It hasn't crashed but then again the glitch might have something to do with high CPU use, or whatever that equivalent is in console gaming (don't know the right terminology) Anyone had a similar problem? I really need help here.....
  12. Well, the time has now come for me to permanently end my modding/repair services. I no longer have the energy for it, and I plan to get a full-time job and save up for a potential move, so I figured now should be the time to put the Mod & Repair Shack to an end. I want to thank everyone who has dealt with me over the past few years, and I will still be around to give out references and technical advice. I will also stand behind my work and should any previous customer of mine need help with their modded/repaired system, I'll be there.
  13. Hi ,I have some SNES and N64 games for sale (make me an offer) or trade -TMNT 4 : turtles in time -mario kart 64 -Diddy kong racing I'm looking for sega 32x games , colecovision , Doom on pc ,resident evil 1 on gc or saturn thanks for looking
  14. Could you recommend some N64 games? I already have Perfect Dark and Pokemon Stadium.
  15. Will ship anywhere. Make an offer on something if you don't want to trade. WTB thread can be found here Wii Has Homebrew channel, 2GB SD card, wires, stand, sensor bar, and 4 remotes. $60 Mario Party 8 $20 New Super Mario Bros. $16 Wii Play $4 Nascar Kart Racing $6 Bowling World Lanes $5 Carnival Games $5 Dance Workout $4 DDR Hottest Party 2 with mat in box $15 Gamecube Paper Mario Thousand Year Door (Players Choice) $24 Nintendo 64 Atomic Purple controller. Joystick is loose but it still functions. $5 N64 AV and power cables $12 Games! (reference the list as some games in picture have sold) $80 shipped for the rest of the 64 games. Beetle Adventure Racing $5 Blast Corps $7 Diddy Kong Racing $10 Hybrid Heaven $6 Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (gold) $34 Shadow Man $6 Star Wars Rogue Squadron $5 The World is Not Enough 007 $5 Turok $5 Turok 2 $4 Gamecube AV and power cables $10 Super Nintendo Super Mario All-Stars (I will clean it up before it ships out) $15
  16. Hello everyone! I wanted to let you know that there will be a kids' consignment sale at Community Fellowship Church at 612 Cohran Store Road in Douglasville, Georgia from August 21st to August 23rd! There will be the usual stuff you find in a kids consignment sale: Clothes, books, toys, baby stuff, and then there will be about 300 games to choose from, including games for: Atari 2600, Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, Super Famicom, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, Sega Game Gear, PlayStation, PS2, DreamCast, PS3, XBOX360, PS3, Game Boy and more! All for very reasonable prices! So come on over and buy some games and maybe even a couple of systems for your collection today! Hours are: Preview - 7pm - 9pm (Entry fee on Preview Night is $5 or 5 perishable food cans to benefit the church's food pantry! All other days of course, are free admission!) Thursday - 8:30am - 7pm Friday - 8:30am - 7pm Saturday - 8:30am - 1pm Please PM me if you have any questions. Thank you!
  17. It's been twenty years since Bomberman Hero came out, and I think it was high time to start a N64 Bomberman-related thread. Discuss Bomberman 64, Bomberman Hero, Second Attack, and the JP Bomberman 64.
  18. I'm looking for a legitimate set of S-Video cables that will work on the SNES, N64 and GC. From the reviews I am reading on various sites some cheaper S-Video cables are actually just a passthrough for a composite signal. No! What is the point of that. Below are a set that I found on Amazon and appear to be pretty cheap and actually put out an S-Video signal. Can anyone confirm that based on the listing? If not is there another set somewhere you can confirm are legitimate S-Video signal cables in the Nintendo output style? My application is for an SNES mini and N64 being hooked up to my CRT with S-Video inputs. I have found S-Video looks great and is the best way to get a decent picture out of your system without resorting to mods (which I often do anyway, lol) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LE3EAIK/?coliid=I1LBKDS0R8LAYR&colid=3C9JYID8UW0H3&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  19. In the mid 1990s, Nintendo announced the 64DD disk drive add-on for the N64 for the US market ....but it never came out. Instead the Japanese version of the drive crashed and burned upon release and it took all the hopes of US gamers ever buying one along with it. For almost 20 years it was consider a myth that an actual US retail version exists... until now. I have found a working prototype of the 64DD for the US market AND it contains a developer blue diskette inside of its drive. This unit is unique in many ways and in this video I tell you all the things that make it special...and what happens next... For the curious, I got this off Craigslist...but the person is shy and prefers to have their identity kept secret and I will respect that.
  20. Hi all, I have the following items for sale, shipping from Stettler, Alberta, Canada. I have some feedback making sales and purchases here, on eBay and NintendoAge. If you're looking for my feedback record, please check the following links: http://feedback.ebay...tab=AllFeedback http://atariage.com/...__+vanderveen88 I will ship to Canada and the continental U.S. Buyer will be charged exact shipping cost through Canada Post. I accept payment through PayPal. Minimum purchase of $10, please. Games will be tested (and cleaned if necessary) before transaction is made. Interested buyers, please send me a PM. Will send more pictures or information upon request. Looking forward to dealing with you folks! Nothing for sale as of 12/8/2014.
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