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Found 23 results

  1. Tested and working. In very good condition. Has native support in emulators like Project64 and OpenEmu, so no need for configuration. No drivers needed. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Adaptoid-Nintendo-64-controller-to-PC-adapter-Wish-Technologies-Wishtech/323802247670
  2. Indie games right next to AAA titles at Target? Wild.
  3. Just like the title says. I'm trying to get my N64 library complete in box, so I'm on the hunt for CIBs, or just the box and/or manual. If you have any N64 CIBs, Boxes, or Manuals, Shoot me a message with a few photos of what you have, as well as an asking price, and we can work out a deal. Thanks! EDIT: Only looking for NTSC titles
  4. http://www.ebay.com/itm/121276744852?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  5. SOLD! As a social note, if you have comments, suggestions, or issues on the prices or items on offer below, please PM me, and do not make your OPINIONS a public issue - - thread-crapping is just plain rude. Thanks! Please PM with any questions or interest! Thanks! Shipping is separate, but flat-rate - - whatever it costs to get it to where ever you are is all that it costs! (International OK!) SOLD! $65 Complete in Box "Charcoal Grey" Nintendo 64 w/official Nintendo Memory Pak pre-installed! This is super-nice. Crisp, clean, VERY sturdy box Perfect, unbroken, unworn styrofoam inside Practically new N64 unit Includes the instructions and pack-ins in the original plastic bag ALSO, **BONUS**, INCLUDES the official Nintendo Memory Expansion Pak !! Play Majora's Mask and other N64 games in high resolution !! As well, the original "blank" that typically goes in there until you get the Memory Expansion is also included Really nice. This would look GREAT on the shelf in your game room! Good, tight and responsive controller, very clean as well SOLD! Thanks for looking! -a2a
  6. From the album: My Game Collection

  7. $30 shipped anywhere in the United States takes it. I had an eBay buyer reneg on completing the transaction for only $5 more than what I'm offering it for here, invoking ye olde "financial hardship." Tested and working. No game, controller or video cable included. They are only shown in the photo because I used parts from my own N64 to test it with.
  8. It's been twenty years since Bomberman Hero came out, and I think it was high time to start a N64 Bomberman-related thread. Discuss Bomberman 64, Bomberman Hero, Second Attack, and the JP Bomberman 64.
  9. What are the best 2D Nintendo 64 games? Were there any 2D Nintendo 64 games? The only ones I remember playing were 3D. Also, what were the Nintendo 64's 2D capabilities like? Compared to PlayStation? Compared to Saturn? Is there any good reason why we didn't see more 2D games on the platform?
  10. Polybius

    Nintendo 64 in Box

    From the album: My Game Collection

    Nintendo 64 in the box, from same deal as the SX-64.
  11. Looking for the following games one each system- Make sure the labels are in great condition (No rips, discoloration, peeling, or fallen off) Sega Genesis- *Games MUST come with case and must be in great condition. Manual is optional though. *Also no Mega Hits versions Pac Mania $6 Chakan $6 Mutant League Football $8 Thunder Force II $12 Ghouls N' Ghosts $13 Phantasy Star 2 $15 Phantasy Star 3 $15 Phantasy Star 4 $15 Mystic Defender $7 Nintendo 64- *No Players Choice versions, please. *For Star Fox 64, please make sure the back labels say "Patents issued and pending" instead of the newer ones that say "More patents issued and pending" Gauntlet Legends $15 Star Fox 64 $10 Robotron 64 $10 Glover $10 Mortal Kombat 4 $10 Yoshi Story $10 Mario Golf $15 Ogre Battle 64 $30 Extreme-G $5 Sega Saturn- *All games must come COMPLETE IN BOX (Manual and Case), no broken hinges please. In the Hunt $25 Tempest 2000 $25 Mass Destruction $25 Clockwork Knight 2 $30 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 $30 Astal $30 Atari 2600- *Asking prices are 4 dollars for each Chopper Command Circus Atari (I will trade you my text label version for the picture label version) Demons to Diamonds (Picture Label Version) Jr. Pac Man Return of the Jedi Robot Tanx Star Wars Video Pinball (Lower Case Version) NES- *Make sure the contacts are clean - they are VERY difficult for me to clean for some odd reason. The Legend of Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link (Gold Cartridge) $15 Kirby's Adventure $15 Donkey Kong $10 Donkey Kong Jr. $10 Donkey Kong 3 $10 Balloon Fight $10 Mario Bros. (NOT Super Mario Bros.) $10 Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse $15 Ducktales $15 Mega Man 1-6 $15 each PlayStation 1- *No greatest hits variants, please. Make sure disc and case are in great condition. Jumping Flash 2 $15 Wild Arms $25 Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (I will trade you my greatest hits version for this one) Spyro the Dragon $10 (I will trade you my collector's edition version for this one) Spryo 2: Ripto's Rage (Disc Only, Original Version please) $10 Devil Dice $10 Doom (Longbox) $20 Die Hard Trilogy (I will trade you my greatest hits version for this one) Rayman $20 Pac Man World (I will trade you my greatest hits version for this one) Mortal Kombat Trilogy $15 Master System- *Complete in Box, please Alex Kidd in Miracle World $20 Rampage $10 Ghostbusters $15 Fantasy Zone $20 Penguin Land $10 Dreamcast- *No re-issues, please Outtrigger $15 Crazy Taxi 1 $10 Jet Grind Radio $15 Sonic Adventure 2 $20 Super Nintendo (SNES)- Killer Instinct $15 Super Mario RPG $40 Yoshi's Cookie $10 Tetris 2 $10 Tetris and Dr. Mario $15 Mortal Kombat 2 $10 Super Metroid $30 Secret of Mana $40 Super Castlevania IV $25 PM me if you have an offer and be sure to include pictures as well. Thanks!
  12. What you are about to see is the tip of the iceberg - this is ONLY part one - but if you've never seen an Intellivision or ColecoVision store kiosk before this will blow your freaking mind.
  13. About a year ago I got the UltraHDMI kit installed in a N64, which does some things few other mods like this do like capturing video as digital RGB, optionally adding processing like scanlines and crop/fill, producing up to 1080p HDMI output with digital audio. Plus it's anti-blurring process is something that needs to be seen to be believed! This my review of the kit and whether I think it's worth the high cost. As a side note, I love how you can output SD video through the normal AV port at the same time, which allowed me to capture both in real time and make this exact comparison possible!
  14. Around ten years ago, I got a Nintendo 64 for pretty much nothing. It came with a bunch of games and that afternoon, me and my cousin had a lot of fun playing Quake 2 and Super Mario 64. But as soon as I took it home and spent more time with it, I noticed that the joystick were pretty much broken and you really need to push them for them to work. I'm aware now that that's a common problem with those controllers (that a lot of people hate and a lot of people swear by,) but is there any way to fix them? I remember opening them up with my dad, cleaning every part, trying to figure out what was wrong with them and so on. That took hours and they're still pretty much unusable. I know there are replacement parts on eBay, but I also know that they are pretty poor quality and suck. Should I get one of those anyway? Should I clean them again? Should I get "new" ones? Anyone who has some experience with them and is willing to help let me know what you think. Thanks!
  15. I'm over 80% of the way to a complete set!
  16. Trying to complete my N64 collection - but these two set me back quite a bit!
  17. The Nintendo 64 is, despite it's flaws, one of the greatest systems ever made. It bridged the gap for Nintendo from 2D to 3D, and was the last cartridge based home console until the release of the Switch earlier this year. The "Fun Machine" was just that. A true four-player local multiplayer machine, it was the last bastion of the "pre-online" console world, where local play was the goal, the more friends the better. Many would say the N64 graphics haven't aged well, that the games look "ugly." I disagree. It's no uglier than PS1 or Saturn in my book. Yes third party titles that were rushed and have minimal textures with maximum fogging don't look great these days, but many titles by Rare and Nintendo have really stood the test of time and look great to this day. Much has been happening with the N64 in recent years, including: -Some homebrew and hack/port action -RGB and HDMI modding for greater picture clarity and quality -An excellent Everdrive with a built in NES emulator -Custom system art, case modding, and LED modding -New gamecube "ball" style joysticks to replace the aging and deteriorating stock sticks The NES may have been my childhood system, but the N64 was my teen year "coming of age" system, and it will always hold a fond place in my heart as a result. For those of you that lived under a rock, here is a recap of 20 games that defined the system: Where to pick up and N64 everdrive: http://www.stoneagegamer.com/flash-carts/everdrive64-nintendo-64/cartridges/ RGB Mods: PM Yurkie on AA HDMI Mods: https://www.facebook.com/mobiusstriptech/?pnref=lhc, Also: http://www.retrofixes.com/ with more challenging availability Where to pick up the new Joysticks: https://www.amazon.com/Redesigned-REPLACEMENT-Joystick-Controller-Thumbstick/dp/B009MRZAUC/ref=sr_1_3?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1500479935&sr=1-3&keywords=n64+joystick Please post all your info, finds, memories, and news on the amazing N64 here.
  18. A few years ago, I got a Nintendo 64 with a bunch of games and the transfer pak. The accessory was part of the Pokemon Stadium bundle and I recently discovered that you could use the transfer pak to transfer your monsters to the N64 game, but also to play Pokemon Yellow, Red and Blue. I was wondering if that's a good way to experience those games on the big screen, since tracking down copies of Pokemon Stadium and any of the Game Boy games is going to be an expensive proposition for me. I know the N64 resolution is quite low and I don't know how its controller handles a traditional Pokemon, so does any of you have any experience with this? Is it worth adding those games to my collection so that I can play Pokemon on a big CRT? Or do you think that's just a waste of money? Any resources that you can throw my way will be greatly appreciated since the only thing I've found was a video on "My Life as Gaming". Thanks in advance!
  19. Cleaning out some stuff in my collection that I don't need anymore. Everything has been confirmed to be working in the past few months and will be tested before shipping and payment if possible. See photos for the exact condition each item is in. If you want to offer a different price on anything then feel free to send me a PM. All games include manuals unless stated otherwise. Atari 2600: Pair of 2 Keyboard Controllers - $9 Arcade Golf - $3.50 Basic Programming - $12 Crystal Castles - $4 Dig Dig - $8 Frogger - $6 Golf (No Manual) - $2 Grand Prix (No Manual) - $2 Home Run - $1 Ice Hockey - $5 Joust - $6 Kaboom - $3 Missile Command - $3 Pele's Soccer - $1 Spy Hunter - $22 Telegames Backgammon - $3.50 Telegames Basketball - $2 Telegames Chess - $3 Telegames Golf - $1.50 Telegames Othello (No Manual) - $2 Video Pinball (No Manual) - $1.50 ColecoVision: Burgertime - $15 Congo Bongo - $15 Destructor - $8 Q-Bert - $1 (missing original label) Slither - $8 Turbo Coleco - $8 Victory Coleco - $6 Nintendo 64: Turok II N64 (no manual) - $4 Armorines Project S.W.A.R.M N64 (no manual) - $3.50 PSP: Little Big Planet - $4 Burnout Dominator (no manual) - $4 Original Xbox: Fight Night Round 2 - $2 Pariah - $1.50 Project Snowblind Xbox - $1.50 Rallisport Challenge Xbox - $4 Street Racing Syndicate - $2.50 (missing original case, in replacement black case) Original Playstation: Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere - $7 Grand Theft Auto Collectors' Edition - $14 (numbers written on game disks, should be removable with magic eraser. Only has the GTA London poster, missing GTA/GTA2 posters.) Small Box/Sleeved Windows: Dungeon Siege - $5 Dugeon Siege Legends of Aranna - $8 Silent Hunter 3 - $3 Big Box Windows/DOS: Baldur's Gate 1 - $12 Baldur's Gate 2 - $12 Far Gate - $4 Lords of Magic - $8 MechWarrior 2 Mercenaries - $10 Sim Farm CD-ROM Classics - $10 Test Drive 4 CD-ROM Classics - $4 Jewel Case Windows/DOS: Driver - $1 Microsoft Pandora's Box - $10 Nascar Racing II - $1 Rome Total War - $1 Red Baron II - $2 Space Hulk - $3 Star Trek Armada - $15 Star Wars Force Commander - $4 All pictures can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/kn2HL
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