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Found 5 results

  1. I opened this thread because of two reasons, i know it's problematic to run a program like jtintv from terminal, GUIintv is a very good solution. but also i expect that a lot of users will stumble over the need of "SDL 1.2" to start jzintv in OSX. though to first remind of this fact and offer the link to "SDL 1.2". https://www.libsdl.org/download-1.2.php release 2.0 won't work with jzintv osx! second to give some hints how to start jzintv from the osx terminal and to offer my "run from file" compilation of batch files start the emulator from a gamespecific icon. how to run jzintv from terminal? in general it's something like this: path/jzintv -p path/rom romimagename where "path" is your path to the jzintv folder (wherever you unpacked jzintv), assuming the system roms are named exec.*, grom.* and ecs.*, and present in the "rom" folder of "jzintv", as well as the romimage you like to load is present in "rom". romimagename is the name of the romimage to load without suffix (.int,.bin,.rom), jzintv recognizes the type itself. if there are spaces in the path or in the names like "home/my jzintv" or "some game.bin" the whole path or name will have to be in quotes with this call jzintv will open in a 320x200 sized window. we want a larger window or fullscreen of course. there are a vast amount of flags you can set for jzint if you type path/jzintv -help jzintv will type out all the flags for jzintv the flags for jzintv: that's quite alot! we won't need the most if you just like to run a game path/jzintv -p path/rom -z1 -a11025 romimagename -z is the resolution mode (640x480,8bitplanes) in this case, -a the samplerate or path/jzintv -p path/rom -p path/romz -z960x600,8 -f1 -a11025 -q romimagename -z is now a custom resolution, -f1 determines it should open in fullscreen mode, -q suppresses the output in the terminal. an interesting flag is the scaler (--prescale=), looks a bit funny if the games loose their blockyness. after all no big thing to start jzintv. no one except a keyboard fetishist likes to type in these commands each time he likes to play a game. it's obvious if you don't have a GUI like GUIintv is you will need small executables witch contain your most used flags to run jzintv this is how "run from file" was born, i made the tedious work to create for almost all games a small batch file on which i attached my icons while they will call a general batch with the most used flags the games batch are still editable to set specific flags like -s1 (use ecs). i hope this covers the questions one can have how to run jzintv osx. but of course as long as i'm present in web i can answer questions.
  2. Does anybody else here collect IndieBox? For those that don't know, they publish custom made boxed versions that are packed full of little goodies like color manuals, soundtracks, stickers, physical versions of the game, plushies, action figures and more. Every game is also 70% or higher on Metacritic and runs on Windows, OS X & Linux. Pretty impressive stuff! This is my list of their Top 10 releases. * This was not a paid sponsored video and the opinions are my own, if curious.
  3. hi folks, yes, i'm still alive. after a big loss of data and a big loss of blood. while i still recover from a surgery i used the time to fiddle around with the new jzintv osx release resp. GUIintv. following is only relevant for OSX quickly i grabbed out my icons and attached them to the rom images, resulting in a nice looking GUIintv intyicons.zip to attach the icons to the files folders and aliases i used "fasticns" (i used the intellicart rom format to keep the rom folder clean) additionally i attached a icon to jzintv though it displays a symbol when it's runnig but i'm not very satisfied with the limited flexibility of GUIintv, thus i created some batch files to start the games in a neat folder showing large icons to identify the games. i named the whole tard "MyIntellivision" and it looks like this, it's very comfortable to start a game and the batch files can be easy edited with any hex editor. it was quite a work to create all the batch files for almost all available rom images. thus i decided to share this special jzintv installation. the most flags are set in "run_a" which executes jzintv the rom images path and and few flags are set in the game specific batch files the attached zip file contains everything to run jzintv out of the box IF IT'S EXTRACTED TO APPLICATIONS (as well as the complete jzintv, miniexec, minigrom, miniecs and a couple of PD rom images, documentations) i hope i didn't infringed any copyrights. inty171111.zip when uncompressing this folder or included compressed folders make sure you don't clean off mac specific system files, else the attached icons get lost this is what you should see when you open the alias "INTY"
  4. I started a new topic: "OS X issues" with focus only on the OS X specific problems/changes, etc. The Logic Analyzer helped me to understand the lower communication speed over Bluetooth. The timing of the Bluetooth stack in the OS X seems to be ugly. Instead of expected ~50ms pauses between data chunks I observed ~250ms pauses (200ms additional delay in OSX BT stack?) Additionally bigger data chunks were not transmitted in one shot. With "bigger" I mean a diskette sector + checksum (129 bytes), There was a 200ms pause in between. The virtual serial port is opened with O_NDELAY parameter, so the "read()" and "write()" calls are non blocking. The "write()" call will not necessarily process all bytes. It returns the number of bytes that could be written. The still awaiting bytes have to be sent in the next "write()" call (in a loop) and this happens for 129 bytes (sent in to chunks: 126 + 3) At the end, the data transfer was successful, but I don't have any idea how to improve that
  5. I'm trying to get OSX 10.9 (mavericks) to recognize the SIO2PC/10502PC Dual device. The kext file is present, but not loaded after boot. I can load it. However I cannot seem to get OSX to create the /dev/tty.usbserial so the AspeQt, SIO2OSX, or SIOServer programs can use it. If I look in System Profiler I see the device on one of the USB ports. Whats the trick to getting OSX to see the device correctly?
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