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Found 46 results

  1. I am selling this as a set for the time being - messages asking me to piece this out will be ignored - fair warning. This lot is being offered as a set only for now - All games are CIB and in protectors - The only thing missing is the Math Wizardry book from Nimble Numbers Ned I am asking $550 shipped in the US friends and family, or add enough to cover fees. I will cover $15 of the international shipping cost to help out the buyers outside the US. I will ship internationally but that shipping cost will suck and is all on the buyer. The box is 22 x 18 x 12 and weighs 21 lbs. Alien Invaders - Plus! Alpine Skiing! Armored Encounter! / Subchase! Atlantis Attack of the Timelord! Baseball! Blockout! / Breakdown! Bowling! / Basketball! Casino Slot Machine! Computer Golf! Computer Intro! Cosmic Conflict! Demon Attack Dynasty! Electronic Table Soccer! Football! Freedom Fighters! Hockey! / Soccer! Invaders from Hyperspace! I've Got Your Number! K.C. Munchkin! K.C.'s Krazy Chase! Keyboard Creations! Killer Bees! Las Vegas Blackjack! Matchmaker! / Buzzword! / Logix! Math-A-Magic! / Echo! Monkeyshines! Nimble Numbers Ned! Out of this World! / Helicopter Rescue! P.T. Barnum's Acrobats! Pachinko! Pick Axe Pete! Pocket Billiards! Power Lords Showdown in 2100 A.D. Sid the Spellbinder! Smithereens! Speedway! / Spin-out! / Cryptologic! Take the Money and Run! Thunderball! Turtles! UFO! Volleyball! War of Nerves!
  2. Awhile ago I purchased an Odyssey 2 to add to my collection. I knew it didn't work when I tested it ,but it powered up to some lines and jumbled up letters. I immediately thought "Why not?" Being a "Genius" with other cartridge games i immediately bought it figuring that it needed cleaning. After a thorough cleaning of the carts and games I plugged the system back, shoved in a cartridge, and hit the on button. Waiting for my moment of triumph I was puzzled why my work didn't pay off. After an hour of going over the system and re-seating any chips, I found the problem. Checking the Capacitors was one of the last things to cross my mind, yet it should have been a priority. 2 of the 4 electrolytic caps were bad. 4 new Caps later another system had been saved from the trash.
  3. From the album: My Collection

    I'm running out of real estate Please ignore the bed.
  4. Hi, I've head a rumor but, never saw one... I wanted to use a Odyssey 2 in my cabinet when get started but, the controller wire length is just too small and with them attached I cant keep the shelf clean. So was there such a unit that had removable controllers with extensions available (if it's a standard plug, it can be created)? If your wondering about the cabinet project I am doing, this was the starting and my thread for it. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/284807-connecting-many-classic-consoles-to-modern-tv-revisited/
  5. Can you survive 112 Ocean Avenue??? This game will ship with the current open order for Forbidden Lands. [media] [/media] You enter in the house ... into darkness. You can only see where your flashlight shines. You can move left, right or forward. You must find the Master key to open chests. You must collect diamonds hidden in the chests. There are 4 different magic spells in the chests that you can use against creatures. There are 4 different evil creatures hiding in the dark strength: 8, 10, 12 or 14. -Then you enter in fight mode. -You must roll the dice to fight the creature. -The dice indicates how much strength the creature will lose. -Each time you roll the dice, the creature will advance one step toward you.... Will anyone survive???? This is the newest game by Rafael Cardoso ! Released 31 Oct 2016 by [email protected] Limited run: 50 copies for Odyssey2 & 50 copies for Videopac(+) 29e Please let me know the following when you reserve: 1) How many copies? 2) Version - Odyssey 2 or Videopac+ 3) Case Yes or No - Odyssey 2 case - 4e - VP+ case - 8e Pre-order lists: ScottyDont00 O2 with Case - Paid Tigerinatlanta O2 with Case Doug0909 O2 with Case Rhcocker O2 with Case KylJoy O2 with Case Scobb O2 with Case Rick Reynolds 02 no case Atarinut76 O2 with Case Darrin999 O2 with Case Necron99 O2 with Case byonddrivn O2 with Case How this works and why I am awesome: 1. I don't not charge any extra, you will pay only the actual cost of the game, case, and poster if you decide to get them as well as your portion of shipping from Belgium and shipping from me to you. 2. We split the shipping from Belgium to my house in the US which is $36 for up to 5kgs - the more people that reserve a copy the less it costs us all. 3. This provides tracking from Belgium to me at huge savings ( 1 game alone would be $12+ with tracking). 4. I'll update everyone once it ships to me and then I quickly send them out to you to start playing.
  6. I have decided to attempt the G7400 RGB Mod as described here. I have purchased all the required components on the parts list. Everything seems pretty straight forward except for one thing. A BC547B transistor is to go into 684 location on the PCB. See figure below. My question is how to orient the transistor (i.e. where to put the emitter-base-collector)? Can anyone help? This is the only thing I am hung up on at the moment.
  7. From the album: My Collection

    These four consoles are by far the cheapest to buy and easiest to collect for. If you want to collect for Studio II, Astrocade, Channel F, Arcadia 2001 (Why are there so many of these?), APF-MP1000, Creativision, Adventure Vision, 5200(?), or vectrex (Sadly) you are a bit crazy perhaps. I'm looking at the Wikipedia page for second generation consoles... Why are there so many?!? No wonder the market crashed There were like... 18 different consoles worldwide... and that's just silly.
  8. Won an as is lot with system, voice, and 8 games. Really only wanted it for the Voice and was hoping the system was working but alas it has a bad motherboard. The Voice works perfectly. Know I have one for my G7400 whenever I get around to buying one. Have the following games available. All are CIB but the boxes are in rough shape as Odyssey boxes tend to get in. All are tested and working: Alpine Skiing Alien Invaders Plus Math-Magic Echo Cosmic Conflict Blockout Breakdown! KC's Krazy Chase Speedway Spinout Cryptologic Pick Axe Pete I'll give it a little time to see if anyone wants them before I send them to the home brew developers. Selling as a lot only $15 plus shipping. If you want pictures message me your email address as I find it much easier to email them as opposed to posting them on the forum.
  9. Anyone here know of a good place to pick up Odyssey 2 hombrews that are actually on cartridges? I saw some on "Epay" (As BurritoBeans would call it) for an insane price. Real insane like over $100 insane. I wouldn't even but a console at $100 let alone a game. I feel like it is actually a challenge to find homebrews for the Odyssey 2. If this issue persists, I'll be in the market for a Multicart. I hate the Ebay issues. It is an endless cycle. People look up the price of the game then think they can get more $$$ so they post it for more. Then another person sees that post and has the same idea. It is a shame. Please comment below if you know a safe and secure website!
  10. I live in the US and I recently bought a G7400 VideoPac from Europe. Can anyone comment on whether it would be possible to swap an internal power transformer in an odyssey 2 with the transformer in the G7400 to get the correct voltage to the system? It seems like a reasonable alternative to buying a step down converter, but I don't have the technical background to know for sure. Suggestions or comments? Thanks
  11. After converting the output of my Odyssey 2 to composite, I have been playing it much more lately. I also have "The Voice" accessory and im just getting annoyed with the fact that the sound comes from the speaker on the unit and not from the TV. I was toying with the idea of hooking up the red/white RCA output jacks to the back of the voice unit and tie them in with the already existing red/white output on the console itself. I have a fair amount of knowledge when it comes to electronics, but I was just wondering if anyone knows what would happen if you hook up 2 audio outputs into one audio input? Would they both play through the TV speakers together without issue? (ive attached a crude diagram for reference) Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Can anyone tell me what the volts and amps are for the power supply and if it is center positive or negative at the console plug? Also does anybody have a working set of controllers they would part with for a fair price?
  13. At the flea market I probably hit he best possible place. I didn't find anything rare or something like that but I did find some amazing deals.So here's the story: I wanted to burn a hole in my pocket that day so I looked up all the local flea market or swap meet or whatever you call it. The closest one that I haven't been to yet was this small one that was actually 2 hours from where I live, but had a great website, so then I packed some water and started driving away to this place. Once I got there it was actually double the size of what had been described on the webpage. Although its size I did't find one game until I came to one stand. It was a two brothers(I think) who were renting a double booth and selling old and new records. At the corner of my eye on their stand I saw a Colorsport 8 (pong clone) complete in a 70s like box. It screamed 70s more than anything else! The box was in PRISTINE condition.The two guys knew what it was and we talked over it alot and one of them told me that he had owned a game store but wasn't interested in that stuff anymore. He knew prices but never gave a price over the fair line. When I finally asked him where he would land the price on that console he said $10 .I screamed inside my head. Bought it in a heartbeat but I also asked if he had anything else then he took out from under part of the table a HUGE chest. The chest was covered in controllers of all types games for the nes, snes, VCS you name it. I bought almost everything for about $20. AWESOME :-o !!! I looked around the other part of his stand and found the jackpot: I saw an Odyssey 2,an intv, and a 5200 all lined up with all of the correct hook ups. He said a dollar a piece. I couldn't control my excitement. Next to all of that he gave me a complete Super Metroid for $5. Since he didnt care much he also gave me some 2600 commons for free . When I went back to my man cave I found that not one thing he sold to me was non-working. A couple weeks later I bout a gamecube ps1 cib dreamcast and a sega saturn 5 each and all also worked. I completely cleaned the guy out. so happy :) :-D ;-) :grin: :thumbsup:
  14. Hi, folks! Found a working O2 locally. Thanks for anyone that responded. Steve
  15. This reservation list is for US buyers only. Outside the US please PM and I send you the correct contact information. Reservations will stop on September 2nd and the money will by due by September 9th. You can pay anytime starting 8/9/16. [media] [/media] New release (limited run of 100 copies) SPACE CAVERN available now for Odyssey2 & Videopac (the Videopac version has an extra sleeve & manual). Cardbox only. It's a homebrew, not a dump of a prototype from the 80's. Released by: VideopacBelgium Cost 45e - cost is higher due to Cardbox and royalty fees. They say it's only a game? They lie ! We are organizing the next US shipping group for Space Cavern by Apollo games released by VPB. There are three variations available all three play on both Odyssey 2 and Videopac systems and all 3 cost the same: Odyssey 2 version : Cardbox without sleeve - Blue English manual Videopac version: Cardbox with English sleeve - White English manual Videopac FR version: Cardbox with French sleeve - White French manual Shipping & Payment: Shipping from Belgium to US is $36 - divided by the number of copies ordered = cost per copy Shipping from my house to you should be about the following: 1 copy = 8 oz first class package. 2 copies = 16 oz first class package 3 copies = 1.8 lbs box Payment will be a 1 time deal - You will pay for game(s), your portion of shipping from Belgium, and shipping from me to you. If you want 1 or multiple copies please indicate which variation you would like and the specific serial number from the list below in comment if you have preference. Available serial numbers: 52, 53, 54, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 66, 67, 68, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98 We can fit about 20-25 copies into a box to ship from Belgium. Name (version) Serial # ScottyDont00 (VP) 11 - Paid ScottyDont00 (VPFR) 13 - Paid toymailman (O2) 44 - Paid Kyljoy (O2) 45 - Paid Kyljoy (O2) 46 - Paid Rpgcollector (O2) 47 - Paid zodiacprime (VP) 55 retrogmr (O2) 48 - Paid Atarinut76 (VP) 49 - Paid Atarinut76 (O2) 51 - Paid Liquid_sky (O2) I Paid Arcade Junkie (O2) 88 -Paid doug0909 (O2) 19 - Paid
  16. So I have the voice module for my Odyssey 2 and I want to take it off and put it on my other Odyssey 2 that I modded for AV. I took it off before but now it is stuck somehow? I hear it's one of those peripheral's that you put on once and never take off...sorta like the sega cd and jaguar cd's. I looked online and couldn't find any guide to take them off with out damaging them...thanks for any help!
  17. This Magnavox Odyssey 2 games console has been completely refurbished, is in perfect working order, comes with 17 games (12 complete in box) and also comes with some rare spare items. Console refurbishment included: - All plastics thoroughly cleaned inside and out. - Joysticks thoroughly cleaned and tested (both work perfectly). - Motherboard and cartridge contacts thoroughly cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. - Motherboard graphics colour issue fixed by replacing the colour encoder chip (colours are now perfect). - ALL electrolytic capacitors replaced with new high quality ones. - Power supply and motherboard voltage regulation tested and verified to be providing correct voltages to all components. - Installation of a Type 1 composite video modification (using a PCB that I designed). Looks incredibly good on my LCD TV. Includes adjustable potentiometer to tweak to look the best on your TV/monitor. Game refurbishment included: - All game boxes cleaned and where necessary/practical repaired. - All game cartridges cleaned externally. - Electrical contacts of all game cartridges cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. - All games tested and working. Apart from the console, the following are also included: - Original power supply (working). Due to its age I do recommend that you consider replacing this with a new one to prevent possible future damage to the console. - Original RF modulation box and associated RF cable both of which were removed from the console to make way for the composite video mod that I installed. The RF box and cable can be reinstalled by you if you desire. - TWO SPARE ODYSSEY 2 MOTHERBOARDS. I bought these to provide spare parts in case anything goes wrong with the console. These are rare and difficult to get hold of, and in particular are invaluable as they provide spares for the proprietary chips used by Magnavox for this console. - An alternative (Type 2) composite video mod that again I designed the PCB for. On my TV this gave a slightly lower quality image than the one I kept in the console. I'm providing this as an alternative for you in case this actually gives a better picture on your TV. I've put in an enormous number of hours work refurbishing this console and the games. You'll be hard pushed to find an alternative in better working condition. Looking for US$225 + shipping but open to reasonable offers.
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