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Found 10 results

  1. Sometimes I go looking for music videos at YouTube and there is a 90 percent chance that if I click on a live version of a song, it's going to suck. The lead singer mangles it or the whole band is off, but many people will post messages about how great it is. Is it stupidity? Fan 'blindness'? Brain gremlins? Random Terrain _
  2. Many people who work in film and television claim that watching violence has no affect on viewers. They say that their product doesn't have that kind of power. It doesn't cause violence or influence people in any way, it's only entertainment. OK, If movies and TV shows don't influence others, what about product placement and advertising? If the entertainment industry really believed their own lies, there would be no advertising. Since they claim to believe that their products don't influence audiences, then it must be true that no movie or TV show ever had an impact on fashion or caused millions of people to recite catch phrases. Sure, no one has ever recited, "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore," "kiss my grits," "up your nose with a rubber hose." "The plane! The plane!," "Nanoo Nanoo," "make my day," "I'll be back," "Don't have a cow," "Isn't that special," "show me the money," or "oh my God, they killed Kenny!" Movies and TV shows affect our attitudes and beliefs. Depending on what our values are, they can either strengthen or erode them over time. TV shows and movies are made by people who want to affect viewers. They want to change minds, they want to 'enlighten' (which means they want to make you believe whatever they do). Most of them would do almost anything to get their project made because they understand the power of film and television. Dick Cavett tried to make fun of the violence on TV issue by saying, "There's so much comedy on television. Does that cause comedy in the streets?" Dick Cavett may think he's being clever, but the answer to his question is yes. Comedy on TV does cause comedy in the streets, at the water cooler, and many other places. You'd have to be locked in a closet all of your life not to know that millions of people repeat jokes and act out skits they got from TV the night before. Hollywood knows what's going on, they just don't want us to know about it because that would force too many changes in their industry. Random Terrain _
  3. I used to watch a lot of those TV judge shows before I got sick of them and I repeatedly saw that if you have an old car that is in good condition and some careless idiot smashes it all to hell, they don't owe you a new or used car in the same working order, they owe you whatever some stupid book says it's worth. If it's $200, that's what you get. It doesn't matter that you can't buy a used car that is in the same condition your car was in with that small amount of money. It doesn't matter if your car had a new paint job and 20 years left before it went off to the great parking lot in the sky. All that matters are numbers in a book. Justice isn't blind, it's decapitated. If someone smashes your car and it's proven that it's their fault, they should have to buy you a car that is similar to how your car was before they destroyed it. Random Terrain _
  4. Since around 1995, I started to notice that the Northern Mockingbird may not be the territorial monster that attacks everything and everyone as some people say, at least where I live. I spent many years watching birds and the Mockingbirds in my area only seemed to attack 'bad' birds such as Crows, Grackles, Cowbirds, and Blue Jays. Mockingbirds often act like the 'bird police' and even seemed to protect other good birds when they were at our feeders. A couple of times over the years, a huge bird swooped down, trying to capture the small birds at our feeders, and one of those times a couple of Mockingbirds flew in and chased that bird off. They didn't just chase it off, they flew with it over the trees and escorted it out of the area. As large as that bird was, those Mockingbirds could have been in big trouble, but they did their duty and the other birds were safe. All of the things I've seen seems to add up to more than a territorial bird looking out for its own. I have no proof, but it seems that Mockingbirds are the police of birds. I wonder if they might be able to copy so many different sounds because they need to communicate with as many birds as possible in the same way that it benefits a police officer to know at least a few important words from another language such as Spanish. I doubt that Mockingbirds only learn those sounds to attract females. Random Terrain _
  5. I turned on MSNBC today and Newt Gingrich said in a sound clip that Bush "deserves the benefit of the doubt that he's picked the right person." Since when does Bush deserve the benefit of the doubt? When has he been right about anything? When did he earn anyone's trust? He has repeatedly earned our contempt or at least our distrust. At one time I was as close as you could come to being a Republican without being one, but Bush cured that. Harriet Miers is just one more mistake in a string of mistakes. It's as if Bush cannot learn from his mistakes. Even a smart bomb can adjust its course. Is he trying to tell us that his bombs are smarter than he is? Random Terrain _
  6. I wonder if no space after punctuation marks is a sign that a person has a disturbed mind? Some people can manage to put a space between words, but somehow they can't tap the giant space bar after things like commas and periods. Example with normal spacing: Gernoopal snerf dittle. Blorp zerfloof nipalipluc tekamucker, camdipple, strumpopple, and zipdoopie. I rax tipal dimdoodle. Example with disturbed mind spacing: Gernoopal snerf dittle.Blorp zerfloof nipalipluc tekamucker,camdipple,strumpopple,and zipdoopie.I rax tipal dimdoodle. I suspect that no space after punctuation marks is a sign that something is horribly wrong with their brains. It's probably a sign that they are turning into those creepy people who don't take showers and don't throw anything away, so their houses or apartments have an awful stench and become almost impossible to move around in. Random Terrain _
  7. Stevia is supposed to be sweeter than sugar and have none of the harmful problems that sugar has. I went to the health food store the other day and tried packets of Stevia from a few different companies. Sweeter than sugar? Holy cow! Stevia is bitter! It tastes nasty! I can't believe anyone would say that it's sweeter than sugar! I was expecting super-sweet, not super-bitter. Horrible stuff. You might have read about the FDA Stevia/Aspartame controversy, but although the government is corrupt, I guess we didn't miss out on much if Stevia tastes nasty. Random Terrain _
  8. MEMOIRS OF A NOVELTY ACCOUNT VOL. III, ISSUE I I wanted to use this entry to state my opinion on The Last Jedi and the recent backlash. I want it to be known that: 1. I am a huge Star Wars fan 2. I, too, dislike what Disney is doing to Star Wars 3. But I LIKED The Force Awakens 4. And I LIKE the prequels 5. And I LIKED this movie. People should stop romanticizing Star Wars so much that nothing new is allowed to be tried. Star Wars has never been a masterpiece (except for maybe Empire Strikes Back) and should not be held to such high standards. It has always had glaring flaws in either writing, directing, or acting, but we love it just the same. Why? Because it's space samurai fighting with laser swords! It's awesome! I believe that people will grow to like this movie. The Last Jedi has not killed Star Wars -- if anything, The Phantom Menace did that. Episode VIII was competently directed, visually beautiful, and emotionally resonant, even if it had some questionable writing and awkward scenes. There were many good moments, like the flashbacks with Luke and Ben Solo, and the quiet parts where the director let John Williams' brilliant score shine through. I hate what Disney is doing to Star Wars in that the movies (and other media) are starting to feel more like an industry than an art. That's OK -- Disney is under investigation for monopoly and things might get better in the future. At least, I hope they will. Whatever your opinion is, just remember to take it easy, and have a happy new year.
  9. While playing harmonica on Brand New Day, I wonder if Stevie Wonder realized how similar the song was to his own I Was Made To Love Her? I Was Made To Love Her http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pYux5-d1Es&rel=0&fmt=18 Brand New Day (only embeddable version I could find that wasn't from a crappy live performance) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOsQCyGt2u0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOsQCyGt2u0 Making of Brand New Day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxoSk1e7kdo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxoSk1e7kdo&rel=0&fmt=18 Random Terrain _
  10. If you believe what you see with your eyes is all there is, then death is a good thing. The person is gone forever. No more pain. No more daily hassles and frustrations. If you believe there is more to us than what you can experience with your very limited 5 senses and you understand that the organic computers we call bodies are powered by something that exists before and after death, then death is still a good thing. Again, the pain of this world is gone. The dead are in a better place. I think grief is selfish. Death should be a time to celebrate. We should be allowed to feel sad for the loss since the brain hates change and needs time to rewire itself, but if we think about death in a more positive way instead of the usual way most of us have been taught, we'll be able to handle it better and our brains will not become a self-indulgent stagnant pool of sorrow that we immerse ourselves in because it "hurts so good." Random Terrain _
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