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Found 54 results

  1. I know several of you have functioning Interton VC 4000s that you play on modern NTSC sets. I'm getting one shipped from Germany as we speak, and I was looking for advice on what I needed. From what I understand, I need: + A power transformer to convert the 220V signal to the American standard. + Some means to convert the PAL signal to NTSC. The transformer is straightforward, though I was hoping someone could suggest the maximum wattage I needed. For signal conversion, someone suggested the Orei XD-1190 PAL HDMI/RCA to NTSC HDMI Converter, though it appears to only support signal resolutions as low as 480i, and I don't know the VC's output. (I also don't necessarily need an upscaler.) Any suggestions are welcome, either for display on CRT or a modern HDTV. I'd also love any suggestions for multi-carts or other add-ons—I'd eventually like to run my own code on this thing. Lastly, if anyone has a manual scan for the system (not its games or hardware clones), I'd appreciate a link. I can't seem to find one online. Thanks!
  2. From the album: Atari 2600 Gameplay on YPbPr Component

    My high score on Activision's H.E.R.O. played on my woodgrain 4-Switch Atari 2600 using YPbPr Component Video Output.

    © SavyIsJoshoArts aka Activision Man

  3. Hey everyone. Im looking for a copy of General re-treat/Westward ho ,the European version of custers revenge. Unboxed would be nice but boxed would be great! So If anyone has one for sale please let me know! Thanks in advance.
  4. I noticed a lot of good games are only for sale out of the UK or Germany. Can I buy these with the assumption that they are "region free," or are they PAL and therefore not compatible with my US model 1040STe? Thanks
  5. Last night I ordered an Atari 2600 Custom Cartridge from Atari Age. This was after reading the description for it, because It appears that you can order a reproduction of a rare game with the original artwork, with added text saying "Reproduction Cartridge." This is fine for me because I only want to be able to play games on actual Atari hardware that I would never be able to afford otherwise. And I don't much like Everdrives. Before getting to the PAL question, the rare game that I wish to have a reproduction of is Demolition Herby. It's like Amidar and Spiderdroid, except it's faster, adds a touch of vehicular combat, and is loads of fun to play. So far I've only been able to play it thru emulation, but I want to be able to play it on actual Atari hardware. After I ordered and paid for an Atari 2600 Custom Cartridge, I added the following note to the order: I need a reproduction of "Demolition Herbie" for my own use. https://atariage.com/software_page.php?SoftwareLabelID=132 (I meant Herby) Now on to the PAL question. Can PAL games be placed onto an NTSC cartridge? There are PAL exclusives that I want to be able to play on my Atari hardware, which use the NTSC standard. Those games include Acid Drop and Meteor Defense for example. Can anyone answer the PAL question for me? Both of the mentioned PAL exclusives run on my emulator, EMU7800, but Acid Drop cuts of the bottom 30% or so off the screen, and Meteor Defense runs, but in black and white only. Most PAL games run fine though. Thanks in advance. -Mark
  6. Stella has an option which emulates color loss on PAL CRT TVs. This color loss, where only grays instead of colors are displayed, happens in Stella when the scanline count is an odd number and a PAL mode is selected. This has always been assumed to be correct. But there exist a number of ROMs, which produce an odd number of scanlines and are clearly meant to be PAL. This finally made me wonder. And therefore I wrote a simple test program and tested it on my own PAL CRT (14" Sony Trinitron KV-14LT1E), attached to my composite modded console. And no matter what number of scanlines I try, there is no color loss at all! Now I wonder if this is special for my TV/console combination (most likely) or if color loss doesn't work like we assumed for 20 years now. If you own a PAL CRT, please give the attached program a try. Use joystick up and down to change the number of scanlines. Do you get a colored picture for odd scanlines too? When you report back, please provide some details about the TV and the input (antenna, composite, RGB...) you have used too. Thanks in advance! ColorLoss.bin
  7. Since I have begun dabbling in programming for the Atari 2600, I have become interested in running a PAL system for testing purposes. I have one wood-grain 4-switch NTSC VCS, and there are multiple PAL VCS's for sale on eBay at reasonable prices. My main question is about displaying the signal. I obviously don't have a PAL CRT, and the only way to get one would be to pay a fortune to ship one from across the pond. Not to mention that I would need to power it with the proper voltage at 50Hz. I have heard that the Commodore 64 1080/1084 monitors will accept PAL signals, though (I think), but getting a PAL CRT is pretty much out of the question for now. I was thinking of instead getting a signal converter so I could display the picture on a NTSC CRT, something like in this video. It seems too good to be true, but could something as inexpensive as this converter be all I need? One other question. I noticed that my power supply converts from 110V 60Hz to 9v DC. If I plug a PAL system into a US wall outlet, will it work properly? Or will I need a different power supply? I would assume that both NTSC and PAL systems run at 9V, but I may be wrong.
  8. I'm almost done with my new release for PAL and found I might have enough screen & ROM space to include an NTSC toggle. Now I generate 262 scanlines, but Stella runs it as 60HZ PAL... Any ideas?
  9. Here in the USA my actual machines are all NTSC of course ( I have several stock 800XL's and a few stock 130xe's... all are NTSC, none of them have been modified in any way ). I have run into an issue where my program works fine on all my NTSC hardware, and also works fine on both NTSC and PAL emulation ( both in A800win and Altirra, in 800XL and 130XE settings ), but now when somebody else is trying to run the program on actual PAL hardware they are seeing some PM graphics as garbage on the screen. I have never seen this garbage issue with the program in all the modes I tested above, but of course I do not have an actual PAL system to test on. So my testing has all be actual NTSC machines and emulation(both PAL and NTSC). Do any of you have any ideas as to why an actual PAL system (which I am told is fully stock PAL 800XL) would be having garbage on the screen when it works fine when I test it on actual NTSC hardware and in PAL emulation? Really appreciate your help! Thanks, Eric
  10. Hi all, Quick question. Is it possible to determine if a STFM motherboard is PAL or NTSC just by looking at it? I have a STFM from a member here which did not have a power supply. Got one ordered, but I noticed the bottom of the STFM case is european. It's possible that the case may have been changed at some point, but before spending any more money and while I wait for the PSU to arrive, it'll be nice to know... the only info from the motherboard is that it's a C070789-00 rev.C... Thanks!
  11. Selling Dig Dug (PAL version) for Atari 2600. Mint Shape, catridge only. $5
  12. I was wondering if anyone might know some specific details about the PAL GTIA. The data sheets that are out in the wild seem only to cover NTSC. Here are my questions: From the schematics of various Ataris, it appears that the PAL pin acts as an input (?) for the PAL color carrier frequency line. Is this right? From my understanding, PAL switches color polarity every line and indicates this via changing the polarity of the color burst. Does the PAL GTIA do this? Does this manifest as every other line having inverted hue (i.e. 15-hue), or shifted hue (i.e. 7+hue%15), or what? Is the PAL color palette really substantially different from NTSC? On NTSC systems, the color clock (one gr.7 or 15 pixel) is 279.4 nS long. For color pixels (hue != 0), the COLOR line goes low at one of fifteen possible times, and the delta between each possible color can be (depending on the CADJ voltage level) anywhere between 16 to 35 nS (that's according to the various data sheets; though only values on or slightly below 18.6 nS would make for "correct" color output, as anything beyond that would result in higher color values bumping into the next pixel). On PAL systems, how does this timing work? Is it relative to the color carrier (PAL line?), or OSC like NTSC? If it's relative to the color carrier, does that mean the possible delay values are much shorter than 16-35 nS? Does anyone have any real-world timing measurements for PAL GTIA, or know of a PAL GTIA data sheet? Thanks in advance...
  13. Can someone please help me with my new Harmony Encore? I just bought this device and it came flashed with the NTSC 1.06 firmware, I am from the UK so I want to put the latest PAL 1.06 firmware on it the problem is it does not seem to exist and I don’t understand where to get it from, assuming it even exists. The addendum that comes with the Encore manual states… “Also, we don’t recommend using BIOS versions older than 1.06.” So what do I do? use 1.05? or wait till PAL 1.06 comes out? I have tried emailing Fred with this question but I am not getting any reply from him so any help this community may be able to offer will be appreciated. Many thanks.
  14. I recently found a cartdridge containg 32 games, Ive tried to find more information about it but i cant seem to find anything about it. So id like to ask you if you happen to know more about it. The game says made in taiwan on the back,and thats all information i found. I do believe that its from the same producer that made the 160 in 1 game.
  15. Checking interest for a BMX Airmaster, ATARI Release. NEW with shrinkwrap. It is a PAL version, not NTSC sadly. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ATARI-BMX-Airmaster-for-the-VCS-Atari-2600-/261587201318? OddIE
  16. If any of you missed SvOlli's post, there is a 512 byte demo competition at the Nordlicht DemoParty this year. I have been working on an entry for the past couple weeks, and it is very close to being finished. The original plan was to have colorful dots slowly raining down the screen with some peaceful sounding music, but I needed something a little more interesting, so I added text as well. As of now, there is no music, but I have 45 bytes of ROM left to work with, plus plenty of unused bits from another table. I will do my best to add a 2-voice soundtrack, and if I have a few bytes leftover, I will try to fix the "R" character. (That might give you a hint to how I am doing the character graphics). I am posting the current .bin here, but I won't be posting any source code until after the contest is over. Any feedback is appreciated! If you have a PAL system and a Harmony cart, please test it out for me, since I don't have a PAL setup. I specifically am curious about whether or not the top of the kernel is aligned properly. demo2018.bin
  17. We hear a lot about the Atari and its NTSC artifact being used by programmers to get more colours in hi-res modes but I don't think I've ever seen (and couldn't find when I searched) any discussion of PAL games that took advantage of the way PAL displays horizontally blur the display allowing for dithering effects to increase the palette and achieve transparency effects or half bright colours the way it was done on machines like the mega drive and spectrum. Are there any PAL games on the Atari that use these techniques?
  18. I just put a PAL ANTIC (C021698) into my Incognito 800 in hopes of running Numen and Dimo's Quest, and all the other good PAL only stuff. The trouble is that my monitor, a Sharp Aquos LC-13B2UA, shows a monochrome picture. It has many modes available: N358, N443, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM, PAL-60, and Auto. It has no NTSC-50 mode. Yes, I tried them all with no luck. Does anyone know of a good monitor that will work with this?
  19. I recently picked up a Model 1 Genesis without the "High Definition Graphics" on it and there is a problem. When I go to play some games, like Outrun 2019, X-Men, Sub-Terrania and Phantom 2040, I get a message like "This Game Was Designed for a NTSC Genesis". When a console says "Genesis" instead of "MegaDrive" on it, it's NTSC as far as I know. It also works fine with my NTSC TV and American AC adapter. Is there any reason for this? I can furnish pictures if requested. I really just want to play some Genesis games and I can't
  20. From the album: SkullBlade's collection.

    I probably should stop getting hold of these now. On the plus side, I will never need to bother modding them with region switches I guess lol.
  21. From the album: Atari 2600 Gameplay on YPbPr Component

    My high score on Activision's H.E.R.O. played on my woodgrain 4-Switch Atari 2600 using YPbPr Component Video Output.

    © SavyIsJoshoArts aka Activision Man

  22. I've been dying to buy POKEY games for the 7800, but it's getting to be expensive and troublesome. Copies of Ballblazer for the 7800 are getting harder to find and this was to be expected. On eBay things are quite limited. Boxed copies can be had for about $30 to $50 dollars, but I'm not buying a mint or sealed boxed copy just to get the cartridge. Loose copies, well I'm only finding the ones with the red end labels, and they tend to go for $50 to $80. I sometimes see loose PAL cartridges for around $25, but I don't even know if they are compatible. POKEY chips can be found in a 5200 console, but then I'd have to buy one, pay to have it shipped to me, destroy the console to get at the POKEY chip, remove the POKEY chip (which I don't even know how to do), and then ship it to Atari Age. POKEY chips can be found in some Atari Arcade games, but no way am I going that route either! The cheapest option that I can find is to buy just a board with a POKEY chip on it. Cost $30. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ballblazer-Atari-7800-Pokey/152564067928?hash=item238586ee58:g:RJ8AAOSwjKtccao9 The one POKEY version that I'd really like to own is Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest. Cost? $52.25. So if I could go with the board that I found on eBay, which includes free shipping, my cost would be $82.25 not counting the shipping charge from Atari Age, and assuming that I can have this board shipped directly to Atari Age. And that's the CHEAPEST option! If these boards like the one that I've linked to are common, and I have no idea if they are, perhaps Atari Age could buy them in bulk. The seller seems to be offering that option (for $25). If Atari Age passed that expense along I'd be willing to do it. Actually, I'd also be willing to buy the board, have it shipped directly to Atari Age, and have them use that. But I am disabled now so my options are limited.
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