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Found 11 results

  1. A few questions regarding the Intellivision and memory... Are there any games/demos/ROMs available that use cartridge RAM? Is the RAM typically 16 bit? Are there any games/demos/ROMs available that use bankswitching? I know some of the "LTO" games do... are they still using a simple scheme, or is it a more complicated scheme? Are there any non-LTO games that use bankswitching? What is the method used? ... I'm just laying out the next version of my Intellivision game PCB, and adding an option for RAM (and thinking of utilizing the unused half of the ROM chip). Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello TIer! I recently look for TI-99/4A schematics and found the usual material on WHTech FTP-Server. But these schematic diagrams are not very useful. They contain errors, are badly readable and you can't do nothing else than watching them. Unfortunately I can't find any digitally captured schematics, so I started to make some new by myself. The first schematic I redraw was the one of the TI console. I took this original as a template. Currently this schematic could contain more errors than the original, because I can't decipher all the small printed and unsharp displayed values and reference numbers of the components correctly. But it should be possible to generate or design a new PCB from it. With this work I also try to separate some function blocks into its own schematic sheets. So the schematics for the console is split into multiple files: CPU Sound Video Keyboard (with Joystick and cassette port) RAM/ROM 8 to 16 bit switch, which generates the A15 GROM logic I/O Ports internal address decoding My work is published in a new repository on the well known git hoster bitbucket. All schematics are (and should be) created with the KiCad EDA, a cross platform and Open Source Electronics Design Automation Suite. I hope here are some people who are willing to support this activity. Greetings!
  3. I recently finished a project where I had to gut these from new aftermarket controllers.These function with the Nintendo entertainment system. These would serve as direct replacement in an old worn out NES controller and work great. I have about 19 of them. PM me if you want all or one of them.
  4. I got a wonderful wedding gift from Ermanno from Italy - Astharot on atariage. It is an Extended Basic Plus I didn't know existed. It is from Sebasoft from 1987. There was no single reference to it in the whole The Cyc (cadd99.com). Now after honeymoons I finally had some time to examine it, at least by opening it. Is this some unique PCB layout? It seems it shows ROM and 2 GROM to the TI, but fakes the GROMS to the TI using standard Eproms and some logic. The board uses TMS27128 for some reason, which means 16k per chip if I am right. I made lots more pictures of the PCB parts if anyone is interested.
  5. Hi. I already have a thread in the wanted section asking the question in the title above, but I figured that many arcade lovers and cabinet owners never look there but hang around here. I am looking for a non-conversion Neo Geo cabinet- 1, 2, or 4 slots is fine. Please PM me if you have one available or know of one around NJ. Thanks all and have a good weekend!
  6. Well, it required a lot of repairs, but the 2nd version of my Intellivision PCB is working. This version has much wider pin spacings on the chips (which was one of the goals, for assembly reasons), so the repairs were relatively easy to make. If you recall, the 1st version did not have the large mounting holes at the "top" of the PCB, so if the side holders weren't the wide kind, then the PCB wouldn't fit tightly. This one will fit properly into any open-able Mattel shells and LTO shells. The chip with the resistors on top (in blue) is a RAM chip, which will be offered as an option. I've successfully tested it with USCF Chess. ROM size is 128K x 16, and RAM size is 64K x 16. ROM and RAM can be located pretty much anywhere in the 64K space that isn't being used by the console (or its accessories). The plan is to be able to offer ECS style bankswitching, although I haven't tried that yet. On the (more) technical side, I've added one 8 bit latch to free up some pins on the CPLD (and be able to get a CPLD in PLCC package rather than the harder to deal with VQFP package). The upper connector is for programming the flash ROM chip. The side connector is for programming the CPLD. The bottom connector is for game play.
  7. Hi there everybody, I have the following Issue with a Lynx I. Left on the D-pad is not working. After closer examination of the PCB it is clear what happened: The trace of the left D-pad button runs through the center of the 4 D-pad, exactly where the central tilting axis of the D-pad rests on the PCB. Due to heavy use, the part of PCB directly underneath the D-pad axis has started deteriorating, severing the trace of the D-pad left button. I tried repairing it using conducting ink, but it was for me impossible to only expose the copper of the trace and the trace is very fine. The result was no connection or a shortcut with the surrounding ground, resulting in continues left-input. So I cleaned it up again. I attached a foto of how it looks now. Has anyone experience with repairing this issue or similar PCB damage? I have already been looking into repair using copper or silver wire and using insulating arcylic or silicon based conformal coatings, but I am still a novice at this. Any tips on good PCB repair tools products for hobbyists are welcome. Is it me, or is running this trace directly underneath the area, where the tilt-axis touches the PCB a design fault or not? Thanks advance!
  8. I just wanted to know if anyone has built an actual PCB replacement for the CX52 joysticks. Seems like that would be a better route to go than adding gold contacts to the various revisions of the Flex circuits. Sure, it would probably make it a wiring mess like the Colecovision standard controllers but I'd speculate it would still be doable and reliable...
  9. Hi everyone Universal Grom/Rom Module I have been trying to track down info on this PCB, but no luck here on previous threads or WHTECH about multi-carts, it has similarities to the Super Extended Basic cartridge around the Grom section of the PCB. I am hoping that the wiser people can dig deep into their memory's and illuminate this Boards history. Any info would be a plus.
  10. My former boss used to work at Parker Brothers in the early 1980s, pre-'84. I don't recall his exact position but I believe he was high up on the engineering side, possibly director-level. He told me stories about leading the team at Parker which reverse-engineered the VCS/2600 so they could produce games for it. As I'm sure most know, they also made games for the 8-bit computers in that era. Once he learned of my own interest in Atari and retrocomputing in general, he gave me a couple of small items from his Parker days.
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