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Found 9 results

  1. My latest project is called SDD 99 and is both a multi-function expansion card and a PEB replacement. It's currently in the prototype stage and about 80% complete. The SDD 99 features an SD-card based disk, 32 or 64 MB of SAMS-compatible RAM, Wifi and a remote file server, and various ports. This video shows how to use the SDD 99, but be warned, I suck at YouTube. The SDD 99 uses an ARM Cortex M microcontroller and one SDR SDRAM IC. Programming the Cortex M has been both a breeze, and a nightmare. It's been super easy to create logic such as the cartridge emulation, but dealing with its peripherals such as SD, RAM, and Wifi has been major stumbling blocks that cost me months. I started this project end of last year, mostly since I wanted to see what a Cortex can do. Of course I'm fully aware that TIPI has long since been released, but I never meant to compete with or best TIPI. In fact, I abstained from AA for the past view months, since I didn't want to learn too many facts about TIPI. So, I'm aiming for completing this by next spring, but of course my original plan was to show the prototype in May.
  2. I'm not sure if it's anecdotal evidence, but it appears (at first glance) a portion of the active TI community may be shifting away from the peripheral expansion box as their primary configuration. This poll is designed to ascertain quantities, trends and actual use overall. I would appreciate your participation whether or not you own a P-Box. Thanks!
  3. I recently acquired a Peripheral Expansion Box for my TI-99/4A. The box is in pretty rough shape, so I thought I would tear it down, clean it up and reassemble... I'm running into some issues, however... Does the front plate (the plastic face) some how SNAP onto pegs or something, or do I have to unscrew it from behind? If the latter is the case, gaining access to the screws (apart from the ones in the middle) is proving difficult. Also, is there an easy way to gain access to the floppy to replace it (should I need to do that)? Oddly assembled beast... Any help would be appreciated! ~Scott
  4. For the next few weeks I want to spend some quality time with my real iron and spice up my working standard PEB (featuring TI 32K, TI serial, TI controller and a single TI SSSD drive). Some immediate improvements would be to replace the noisy fan and to add a Lotharek drive to the box. Further down the road I also have a non-working US PEB I would like to run on 230 V. Much further down I might even tinker with some custom-designed expansion cards. Now I'm a noob when it comes to the analog aspects of hardware, but the one thing I remember about the PEB is that it can provide only 1A of power safely. For running non-standard stuff, e.g., dual drives, one should do the 2A mod. On the other hand, back in the day my original (and now lost) PEB did have two slim drives, and I doubt that the vendor applied this modification to the PEB. Question 1. Will I be able to run the TI Disk Controller with a single TI SSSD Drive and the Lotharek drive (plus the other cards) safely together, or do I need the 2A mod? The 2A mod refers to the 12V line, but Lotharek uses 5V only. Question 2. Could I additionally power a standard 12V PC fan from the drive power line? This has been done, but what about the 1A power limit? (On second thought: Papst 2600 rpm @ 1,3 W / 12 V = 100 mA, but Papst 1000 rpm @ 0,35 W -> 30 mA seems OK?) For my broken PEB I would at the very least have to replace the fuse, which is hard to get at (rocker switch PEB). Worse, I need to handle 230 V. So I considered replacing the entire power supply with a modern PC one, knowing full well that this is obviously considered a bad idea by several people. If I understood above articles correctly, the PEB requires 8V and 16V instead of the PC 5V and 12V, but all cards will do their own voltage regulation anyway and thus can handle 5V and 12V as well. I absolutely do not doubt these experts and their experience, but still ... When I look at the TI RS-232 interface card, which happens to lie on my table right now, it states as input power requirements . + 7.5 TO + 10.0 VDC @ 0.600 AMPS + 14.0 TO + 18.0 VDC @ 0.100 AMPS - 14.0 TO - 18.0 VDC @ 0.100 AMPS . Question 3. Is it really safe to run a PEB on 5V/12V? Would that also solve the power (amp) shortage from above? If I'm not mistaken, the (European) console power brick also delivers 8V and 16V. Question 4. Couldn't you butcher something for the PEB out of that? And if I ever get around to play with PEB prototyping, I only have the "TI 99/4A and Peripheral Expansion System Technical Data" manual right now. According to that manual, a PEB card may draw up to 250/500/30 mA. Question 5. So did I get this right that the 1 A limitation above only refers to the floppy drive power cable and that I could run up to 8 cards at 500 mA each on the bus? (If so the fuse part confuses me ...) Question 6. Are there any other good resources for creating PEB cards? Are the schematics and/or sources for the PEB prototype board available somewhere? Sorry, that's a lot of questions ... Have I already mentioned that I'm a power noob?
  5. I remember asking this several years ago. Since I fiddling with the 99/8 again I thought I ask again. The roms for the 99/8 on MESS never worked with disk drive controllers a while back. tape worked but not drive. it was because the rom or system uploaded for the 99/8 hadn't gotten far enough in development to support drives. this was about mess .149. just wondering if new mess has a working 99/8 as some newer 99/8 board been found since then?
  6. 32K RAM pulled working from a TI-99/4A Peripheral Expansion Box. Includes manual. Also have a non-working Flex Cable Interface. I'm told it is "probably" an easy fix (replace a couple of chips and capacitors.) Don't have the ability to do this myself as my hands are not steady enough for the solder work. I do own a cat, so apologies, but please expect some cat dander 32K RAM card: Asking $50 plus shipping & PP fees. SOLD Flex Adapter: Asking $20 plus shipping & PP fees. SOLD Will consider reasonable offers.
  7. Hi, So I'm getting my computer room/office set up and I just got my TI 99/4a setup and now I've run into a strange issue. When I turn on my TI 99/4a with the PEB turned on, the screen flashes for a moment and then turns black. When I turn the TI 99/4a on without the PEB being on, I get the usual ready screen and can access basic or cartridges. the disk drive in the PEB spins the disk with the red ractivity light on for a moment when the computer is turned on. I've tried cleaning out the connectors on the 99's expansion port and the PEB's connector with quick drying contact cleaner, which got a lot of grime out but hasn't change the function. Anyone here know how this is supposed to work/know whats up? I've got a couple floppies that are supposed to be new with games and an auto loader on them as well as the disk manager 2 cartridge.
  8. I know the trend has been mini ... cost is an issue, even designing multi-function cards to reduce slot count. I look at the polls too. But I've been slowly moving forward with alternates - even if it ends up cost prohibitive to produce in mass the same time as applying power/fan mods to existing but dwindling PEBs. Metal forming isn't my forte nor do I have the equipment to reimagine existing products. I do love the mental challenge and the design process though. I took Thiery's Hyper-AMS idea and combined it with a 68-pin round cable, widen data path to replace the PEB interface. This would be a removable card, but not accessible - add another slot and give 9 back to the user. 14-16 lines leftover to bring out a lot of the inaccessible PEB backplane. Convinced myself may as well throw in a full 16-bit wide data path and perhaps expand AMA.A - AMC.A up to the equivalent addressing of A23-A0 with still plenty of ground/shield mixing on data pairs within cabling. Of course, a standard console couldn't utilize the additional signals, but I would have solid footing as I continue MB redesign to accommodate/utilize those. Weight would be an issue, which is why clear, acrylic cell cast square stock and sheet would help keep price down. $30 Meanwell 133 watt triple rail ( +5V @10 amps, +15V @ 4.5 amps, -15V @ 1 amp) power supply would do. I needed a +8V and a +12V supply, but those can be had with two more buck converters from the strong 5V rail - make each individual PEB slot able to jumper between +15V and +12, also +8 and +5 for those cards out there that people have removed regulators from to reduce heat. That should allow a mix of original + new designs. Perhaps adding a 16-pin card edge connector to a couple of the slots would allow future multi cards access to the benefits of a 68-pin cable interface. Heck lets get rid of most of the internal drive power cables too and let the PCB carry the drive power to a molex connector ... it was doing that already. Just one of another vaporware projects that keep my bench happy strewn with parts and schematics.
  9. So I came across a PEB yesterday. It was sold as is untested for $50 I figured thats less then shipping alone would be if I was even able to get a deal on ebay. At first I passed on it, but later I went back and talked him down to $40. I figured theres a decent chance I could fix this thing if it is broken. It cleaned up pretty nice a few dings and scratches. So I hooked it all up and tried to save a basic HELLO WORLD program to a blank disk. No luck I got I/O error 66. I still think the results are somewhat promising. All the lights on the PEB seemed to light up at the right times including the floppy drive led. The drive never makes the sounds I have come to expect from a floppy drive. So my initial thought is that its the floppy drive thats the issue. No problem I wanted to do the 3.5" mod anyway. I have a half height 5.25" and I'd like to have that and a 3.5". I haven't really started looking into to much yet but I'm curious if my assumption of the drive being the likely culprit is way off. Any other tips or ideas of what I can do with this PEB would be appreciated. I know this is going to give me a lot more options for my little TI and I'm very excited.
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