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Found 8 results

  1. Has anyone ever tried to fix paddle jitter by code? Simple averaging seems to be too simple to really work. Here is my idea for an algorithm: ; n = number of frame ; inp[n] = paddle value of current frame ; out[n] = jitter suppressed resulting value factor = 0.0 .. 1.0 ; e.g. 0.5 (1.0 means no jitter suppression and immediate response) dfactor = factor ^ (1 / abs(inp[n] - out[n-1])) ; the larger the paddle delta, the less jitter suppression out[n] = inp[n] * dfactor + res[n-1] * (1 - dfactor) Due to the math, this cannot be implemented 1:1 in 6502 assembler, but an ARM based game could use it. And Stella too. Does anyone have a better idea?
  2. *** NOW AVAILABLE !!! *** Special Collector's Box Edition of Rain of Terror... with Joystick support !! By popular request, Rain of Terror now includes Joystick support !! (also still supports the original Paddle experience as well of course) Rob and I have also made some other minor enhancements to the game. This updated version with Joystick support is available now as a physically-packaged Collector's Box Edition including: - Custom full-color Collector's Box (illustrated front+back and inside) - Illustrated User’s manual - Program disk with printed label and disk sleeve: Side 1: Rain of Terror (New Joystick + Paddle version) Side 2: Bonus material - Each limited box and disk is printed with a unique serial number - Some additional surprise items will be included in the box, just for fun For a limited time: While supplies last, the Collector's Box Edition will feature a very cool BLUE floppy disk! $28 USD plus shipping from the USA. To order or get a shipping quote: PM me on AtariAge, or you can email me at erichennekeATgmailDOTcom Thanks!!! -Eric
  3. Hello guys, I'm looking for a lot of joysticks and/or paddles for Atari 2600, they dont need to be in perfect shape, I can repair them, unless you know they are really useless due to broken cable or stuff like that. To be shipped to Brazil. Thanx
  4. After having done some successful Trak-Ball hacks lately, I wondered if adding paddle support might be possible too. Both have (do they?) to be polled during the kernel, but I found that the Trak-Ball polling is surprisingly tolerant to irregular timing. E.g. if you poll every 8th scanline, no one will notice, if you skip some of those polls. And it doesn't matter where you skip them. So you can poll in 8,16,32,40 and then in 8,24,32,40. The intervals do not even have to be identical. A poll e.g. in 5, 14, 31 and 39 would work too. And since my hacks only poll during the main kernel, skipping a big number of scanlines is still not noticeable. I haven't tested this, but probably polling outside the kernel a number of times with not too large gaps between the polls would somehow work too. You do not have that flexibility for paddle polling. There the timing has to be very strict. And the kernel is the only part of the code, where you have such a timing over a longer period. I think most of the Trak-Ball flexibility results from relative positioning based on the previous position, where in case of a paddle, we start from scratch with each frame. So as of now, it seems that adding paddle support to an exiting game is much more complicated than adding Trak-Ball support. But maybe some of us can come up with some new ideas? E.g. can we do relative positioning with a paddle? Awaiting your input...
  5. Will there either be, a) An Xbox and Playstation version of Joysticks, Paddles, Trackballs, Steering controllers, and keypad, (Modern TVs wont allow light guns for the single light gun game on the ilist, unless there is a USB-to-RF out adapter) or b) an authorized adapter that lets you plug in said original Atari controllers? Also, wondering if Red Baron is the "unlicensed version of Star Wars" insofar as this uses a flight yolk and both vector 3D games, and if so, will there be a flight yolk for modern machines? Also I'll Start a public "opponents on call list" for Atari Flashback online head-to-head games I'm Brian Ciesicki, Xbox Live name "TripleTopper321". I Will accept on-call challenges if I'm by my Xbox between 9AM and Midnight New York time. Both copies already reserved. I'll pick it up November 1st.
  6. Got something unique for everyone here who might want to try a really different analog control method which is effective on a good number of 5200 games. This mod brings a new purpose to your Atari 5200-compatible Wico Command Control Splitter cable along with your 2600 analog paddles. This project goes a step beyond just modding a 5200 controller to have a paddle added in place of the joystick which many have accomplished over the past number of years. It allows for two paddles to be utilized simultaneously on certain games that might use two fire buttons (ie. Moon Patrol, Tempest, Dreadnaught Factor) or on games that have only one fire button, but two axes of motion in action (ie. River Raid). I'm figuring this way of control is new territory for all Atari fans, which could give just about anyone here a new desire to retry some of the old favorite games they may not have plugged in for quite a while. 5200 games are really quite unique when compared to the games of the other 80's game systems because of the analog aspects of its controllers. This mod takes advantage of that, and gives you a totally unique and fun avenue to breathe new life into some of the classics. Enjoy
  7. I just bought a sears telegames off ebay, and only the button works on the paddle controllers. Turning the wheel does nothing at all. I have tested these on a standard 4 switch 2600 and they work fine. It works fine with normal controllers though
  8. I have the following Atari 2600 lot up for sale. I would like to sell it as a lot if at all possible. Price is $200 shipped. Shipping includes Delivery Confirmation, but Insurance is NOT included. If you want to pay extra for insurance, I will add it. I prefer to only ship to the USA, but will ship internationally. International shipping will be more expensive. I am aiming to clear $175 on this, but I am an honest and fair person... If the shipping cost is lower than what I charge, I will refund the difference. If it is higher, I will take the hit. Consoles, controllers, and most games have been tested. They will also be cleaned, if they haven't already been, before I ship them. If a game is found to be defective, I will refund 50 cents per degree of rarity and let you keep the cart. I only accept payment in US currency via PayPal gift. 1 Atari 2600 4 switch woodgrain 1 2600 standard joystick 2 Wico Command Control joysticks--2600/7800--Only partially working; One with box. 1 Wico Black Max joystick--2600/7800 3 sets of 2600/7800 paddles--jittery. 2 2600/7800 keyboard controllers--Both work fine, but do have electrical tape on the cords because of holes in the cords. GAME COMPANY LABEL RARITY NOTES 3-D Tic Tac Toe Atari Picture 2 Adventures of Tron INTV White 3 Air Sea Battle Atari Picture 3 Amidar Parker Brothers Standard 2 Armor Ambush M Network Black 3--2 copies Asteroids Atari Picture 1 Astroblast M Network Black ? Label Variation "U.S.A." Astroblast M Network Black ? Label Variation "Philippines" Basketball Atari Picture 2 Basketball Sears Telegames Text 2 699826 2 Tele-Games Berzerk Atari Picture 1--Instructions Blackjack Atari Text # - "51 blackjack" 3 Bowling Atari Picture 2 Bowling Atari Red Text 2 Bowling Sears Telegames Text 2 6 Tele-Games Boxing Activision Standard 2 Brain Games Atari Text 3 Breakaway IV Sears Telegames Text 3 12 Tele-Games Breakout Atari Picture 2 BurgerTime M Network Black 3 Canyon Bomber Atari Picture 2 Championship Soccer Atari Text 2--Instructions Chopper Command Activision Blue 3 Circus Atari Atari Picture 2 Codebreaker Atari Text 3 Combat Atari Picture 1--Instructions Combat Atari Text 1 Box and Instructions Commando Raid US Games Black 2 Cosmic Ark IMagic Picture 2 Decathlon Activision Standard 3 Defender Atari Picture 1--2 copies Demon Attack IMagic Picture 2 Demons to Diamonds Atari Picture 2 Dodge 'Em Atari Text - "dodge 'em" 2 Dragster Activision Standard 2 Enduro Activision Standard 2 Fast Food Telesys Color Standard 3 Football Atari Text 1 Freeway Activision Standard 2 Frogs and Flies M Network Black 2--2 Copies Galaxian Atari Silver 2 Golf Sears Telegames Text 3 No number on cart Grand Prix Activision Standard 2 Gravitar Atari Red 2--Box x2, Warranty Card Haunted House Atari Picture 2--Instructions Home Run Atari Picture 2--Instructions hunt & score Atari Text 3 Indy 500 Atari Text 2 Journey Escape Data Age Standard 2 Jungle Hunt Atari Silver 2 Kaboom! Activision Blue 3 Kangaroo Atari Silver 2?--Upside down label Kangaroo Atari Silver 2 Laser Blast Activision Standard 2 Lock 'N' Chase INTV White 3 M Network--Instructions M*A*S*H 20th Century Fox Standard 3 Maze Craze Atari Picture 2 Midnight Magic Atari Red 3 Miniature Golf Atari Text 3 Missile Command Atari Picture 1 Missile Command Sears Telegames Text 2 34 Tele-Games Mouse Trap Coleco Standard 2 Ms. Pac-Man Atari Silver 2 Night Driver Atari Picture 1 Night Driver Atari Text 1 Outlaw Atari Picture 2 Box and Instructions Pac-Man Atari Picture 1--2 Copies, Instructions Pitfall! Activision Standard 2 Instructions Poker Plus Sears Telegames Text 3 4 Tele-Games Pole Position Atari Silver 2--Box Raiders of the Lost Ark Atari Silver 2 RealSports Baseball Atari Silver 2--Instructions RealSports Football Atari Silver 2--Instructions RealSports Tennis Atari Silver 3 RealSports Volleyball Atari Silver 3 River Raid Activision Standard 2 Skiing Activision Standard 2--2 Copies Sky Diver Atari Text 2 Sky Jinks Activision Standard 2 Solar Fox CBS Electronics Standard 3 Space Attack M Network Black 2--2 Copies Space Invaders Atari Text--1 Instructions Speedway II Sears Telegames Text ? Label Variation 27 Tele-Games Spider Fighter Activision Standard 2 Spider-Man Parker Brothers Standard 3 Stampede Activision Standard 2--Instructions Starmaster Activision Standard 2--2 Copies, Instructions Star Wars Jedi Arena Parker Brothers Standard 3 Star Voyager IMagic Picture 2 Street Racer Atari Picture 2 Street Racer Atari Text # - "12 Street Racer" 3 Super Breakout Atari Picture 2 Super Challenge Baseball M Network Black 2--2 Copies Super Challenge Football M Network Black 3 Super Football Atari Red 2 Instructions Surround Atari Text # - "41 surround" 3 Swordquest: Earthworld Atari Silver 2 Tank-Plus Sears Telegames Text 2 Red 27 Tele-Games, same as Atari Combat Target Fun Sears Telegames Text - 49-75102 2 27 Tele-Games, same as Atari Air-Sea Battle Turmoil 20th Century Fox Standard 3 Vanguard Atari Silver 2--Instructions Venture Coleco Standard 2--Atari Box, Instructions, and Warranty Card Video Checkers Atari Picture 2 Video Checkers Atari Text 2 Video Chess Atari Text 3 Video Chess Atari Picture 3 Video Olympics Atari Text 2 Same as Sears Pong Sports Warlords Atari Picture 1--2 Copies, Instructions x2 Yars' Revenge Atari Picture 2--2 Copies Some of the other games may also have boxes now, but I haven't updated this list for a few years. I do know for sure that everything that is listed I have. PM me if you are interested, have questions, or want to see more pics. TIA. Updated June 10, 2013 to remove games I just sold and lower the price of the lot. Edited on June 25, 2013 to remove the Wico Ball Top Joystick. Sold on eBay.
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