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Found 2 results

  1. Note: I couldn't figure out how to change the title of an existing topic, so sorry for starting a *third* topic on basically the same homebrew game... Anyway, I'll be using this topic to keep you posted about new releases of... Amoeba Jump - I promise this will be the final name :-) I already got a lot of useful feedback in the old topics and on the ZeroPage Homebrew Twitch stream, but please continue to give me feedback on any bugs and/or suggestions. Downloads (last update on 05/11/2018) Latest versions: Amoeba Jump v1.3 NTSC.bin Amoeba Jump v1.3 - NTSC version Amoeba Jump v1.3 PAL.bin Amoeba Jump v1.3 - PAL60 version Amoeba Jump - R77.bin Amoeba Jump - RetroN 77 version Older versions: Amoeba Jump v1.2 NTSC.bin Amoeba Jump v1.2 (release candidate #2) - NTSC version Amoeba Jump v1.2 PAL.bin Amoeba Jump v1.2 (release candidate #2) - PAL60 version Amoeba Jump v1.1 NTSC.bin Amoeba Jump v1.1 (release candidate) - NTSC version Amoeba Jump v1.1 PAL.bin Amoeba Jump v1.1 (release candidate) - PAL60 version Amoeba Jump v0.1.bin Amoeba Jump v 0.1 amoeba_jump_NTSC.bin - NTSC version amoeba_jump_PAL50.bin - PAL 50Hz version amoeba_jump_PAL60.bin - PAL 60Hz version Changelog [v1.4] VBlank optimization for AA release version [v1.3] Title music is now playing a tad louder (sound level conform other homebrews) [v1.2] Returns to the title screen if the game has ended and left idle for more than 21 seconds [v1.2] When a new game starts and the joystick isn't moved yet, the score bar shows the score and high-score alternating. Note: saving your high-score on SaveKey/AtariVox is only supported in the cart version. [v1.1] Changed the acceleration curve for the amoeba a tiny bit so it feels close to the original controls, without being "too sensitive". And in the NTSC-version the red springs are now slightly darker red. [v1.0] Added a title screen with music, where the Amoeba is bouncing on the big "AMOEBA JUMP" title. [v1.0] The grey springs have been replaced by red and green spring-buttons, which I think look better on the screen. The red spring-buttons give you the normal boost, while the green ones boost you even higher! [v1.0] Jumping from spring to spring (i.e. a "spring run") will give you extra bonus points and you will hear a higher-pitched sound effect. [v1.0] When your score gets beyond 1000 points, little oval-shaped bacteria start appearing on the platforms, which can be eaten by the amoeba. Each bacteria holds one of the six letters from the word A-M-O-E-B-A. Collect all six and the single next time you jump on a spring, you will get a super long boost. While doing this super boost, the amoeba will show all kind of rainbow-colors, which is done by using code-bytes as colors (just as in Yars' Revenge) [v1.0] I did some (minimal) changes on the controls to give you more precision. You can now move the amoeba just a tiny bit my moving the joystick left/right briefly. On the long jumps, the deceleration is stronger when you stop moving the joystick, hopefully resulting in a better precision. Also, moving in the opposite direction while in mid-air works much better now, which makes it easier when you’re stressing to find a good landing spot for your amoeba. [v1.0] The all-white and all-blue screens are now half the size, which makes it a bit more doable - or less brutal :-) [v0.1] Unified NTSC/PAL version. Use the 'TV TYPE' switch to choose between NTSC colors (=switch set to 'COLOR') or PAL colors (=switch set to 'BW'). Both versions run at 60Hz now; 50Hz PAL is no longer supported, as most PAL CRT TVs support 60Hz. 07/11/2018 - Moved the "press fire" message *below* the playfield to better support older versions of Stella (like 3.7.5, which is used in the Retron 77) 07/10/2018 - After amoeba dies, the message "press fire" appears above the score bar 07/05/2018 - Added a PAL 60Hz version 07/04/2018 - As requested, an extra challenge: screens with all white or blue platforms! 07/02/2018 - Blue platforms now move independently from each other 06/29/2018 - Springs are no longer guaranteed on each screen but now appear randomly, which improves the game-play and makes "combo spring-jumps" more special. But don't worry speedrunners: 2- or 3-combo jumps are still possible now and then 06/26/2018 - Renamed game to "Amoeba Jump" and updated the graphics and animation About Amoeba Jump is a homebrew platform game for the Atari 2600. It's the first Atari game developed by me, Dion Olsthoorn (or Dionoid as I'm known on the AtariAge forums). I initially planned to build this game for the Commodore 64, but after reading the book "Racing the Beam" I decided to buy an old Atari VCS and challenge myself to write a game for this strange, limited but wonderful machine :-) The game is free for personal usage, and available in both NTSC and PAL versions (see downloads). An extended version of the game will be available in the AtariAge store somewhere early 2019 and features alternating 2-player mode (introducing Ms. Amoeba) and SaveKey/AtariVox support for saving your high-score! The game will be available on Hyperkin's Retron 77 as one of the pre-installed homebrew games (I think it will be part of the next batch of systems). Objective The aim of the game is to guide the amoeba (a single-celled creature) up a never-ending series of platforms without falling. The higher you get, the higher your score will be. There are three different platform types: Yellow - these are the basic, stable platforms White - these are unstable platforms that disappear after you bounce off them once Blue - these platforms are harder to hit because they move back and forth horizontally Jumping on a red or green spring-button will give you a short boost and some bonus points, but best of all: it makes the little amoeba rejoice! When your score gets beyond 1000 points, little oval-shaped bacteria start appearing on the platforms, which can be eaten by the amoeba. Each bacteria holds one of the six letters from the word A-M-O-E-B-A. Collect all six and the single next time you jump on a spring, you will get a super long boost. While doing this super boost, the amoeba will show all kind of rainbow-colors, which is done by using code-bytes as colors (just as in Yars' Revenge) The screen wraps around, which means that the Amoeba can leave one side of the screen and immediately reappear on the opposite side. You're going to need this to reach some platforms! Controller This is a single-player game which uses a joystick as controller. Support for the Driving controller (the one used in Indy 500) is in development. Videos Recorded livestream showing the latest build of Amoeba Jump on ZeroPage Homebrew stream:
  2. New name, new graphics!! <<<<< Poodle Jump >>>>> This release is really stable and very playable. Changes: starring a cute poodle dog with ears that go up & down new platform types (white "disappearing" platforms and blue "moving" platforms) the platforms are twice as thick after you die, the game resets after you press fire (allowing you to see your end score) fixed some glitches to make the gameplay better speed-up of PAL version (now plays as smooth as the NTSC version) no more "stacked" platforms cartridge size from 4K back to 2K The .bin files are attached here! (choose PAL or NTSC depending on your system) Screenshot: ...and this is the Youtube video of yesterday's ZeroPage twitch stream, with the debut of Poodle Jump: Cheers! --Dion poodle_jump_NTSC.bin poodle_jump_PAL.bin
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