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Found 18 results

  1. As I said on my previous post, I got a Mega STE from my good friend Beetle whom I met at Outline 08. As one would expect the Mega STE is in top form. I'll add pictures in my gallery (heh, I just found about this feature ). Now, I need to install the necessary software so that the machine becomes at it's best. Let's say a few things about it and compare it to the falcon. The MegaSTE is pretty fast, sometimes more so than the falcon. BUT it can only take up to 4 MB's of RAM. So, mirroring my falcon isn't a real option. Well let's start: 1. I need a boot manager: STOOP, XBOOT or Start-IT. XBOOT I have original, STOOP I don't, Start-It I got from an STFORMAT cover disk. I think I'll go to the last, if only for the something new factor, plus it seems nice. 2. I need GDOS. Luckily I have version 2.5 of NVDI. But I could just as easily go for SpeedoGdos. NVDI offers screen acceleration too. I think I'll go for NVDI. 3. I want Multitasking. MiNT+ XaAES will leave me with 1.5MB's free. So what if I use an old kernel and Geneva? Interesting project I think 4. I need a desktop. That's easy: Teradesk! 5. I need a text editor. Here we have a lot of options. QED (fully featured but...slow). Everest (I really like that one). Others I need to look for. Any suggestions? 6. I need a music player. There is a problem here. I don't know of an all around music player for the STE, so it will be Player v1.0 for mods, snd player for sndh. I think I am covered. 7. I need something for my uber drawing skillz. Crackart or Dpaint? I'll ask! 8. I need demos! I'll start from here. Only problem is I only have 1gb of HD. 9. I need games... D-BUG!!!!!! You all know the link and if you don't you should! 10. I need to code! GFA GFA GFA BASIC! That's about it. Any additions? Please comment!
  2. For those who wonder about my pixel painting skillz!
  3. Christos

    TeraDesk 3.92

    Hello, As you may already know, a new version of Teradesk was released. You can also find attached the Greek translation for this current version. Please contact me for any problems or comments, complaints etc regarding this translation. Στο συννημένο αρχείο θα βρείτε ένα RSC αρχείο που αποτελεί την Ελληνική μετάφραση του TeraDesk για την έκδοση 3.92. Παρακαλώ επικοινωνήστε μαζί μου για οτιδήποτε σχετικό με αυτή τη μετάφραση.
  4. What happens when two Germans and a Greek meet in Dusseldorf (where the Germans pick up the Greek to get him to Outline in the Netherlands)? Well the idea of a new web 2.0 magazine is born. The Low Res Magazine, hosted on wordpress and visited over 1000 times since its publication 3 days ago. It was a warm sunny day, the last one of a summer that had caused so much pain but somehow managed to fill our hearts with hope. In that spirit the team had joined IRC. We had the articles, we had the interviews and we had the desire to release them. So it was done, sequenced and announced. (Yeah I could become a great writer of cheap romantic novells, flare for the melodramatic checked) So what was issue 1 all about? 12 well written and informative articles, posted using the blog format. This has it's drawbacks though, people may get confused and it doesn't remind them a magazine that much. Still it's a new format, unlike other electronic publications that are just a pdf, a paper magazine on your screen, this format has a dynamic potential that we haven't tapped into.. yet. Well, I am loosing consistency, but to everyone that pointed out our mistakes and our "haste", be reassured, issue 2 will be great!
  5. You might have read the announcement and you might have not. But with the help and kind offer for hosting from D-Bug, I released (and I use the I in a relatively loose sense) a small preconfigured software collection. You can find it at http://morethangames.dbug-automation.co.uk/ . What's the deal with it? As I write in the web site, nowadays most active people in the community or people that want to get into it, get an atari ST with a hard disk. But setting that hard disk up, a complete atari computing system, can be and in many cases it is, a tedius task. There is an awful lot of software one can put in. Most of it will work on anything. Others are not MiNT or Magic compatible or need a lot of RAM, or need TOS extensions. What I did was to try to minimise that searching time, include the software that I felt would work best on any atari system but won't limit the user from finding the proper tool for his job or customise it on their own. In that sense it's much like a Linux distro. Only difference is that you get a bare hard drive, unzip the packs contents on it and you are ready to go. Are there things missing? You bet. That's why your input is needed. Point me to things you'd like included. Only rule, don't point me to commercial or limited stuff. To the best of my knowledge everything in there is free to distribute and unhindered. Some are open source. Some are just freeware. You'll ask, why not abandoned stuff? Well, I just prefer free stuff. And in about 90% of the cases these are newer and better than what there was on the ST's peak. Why not use the free stuff, why not give feedback to people still active who are really interested in making most out of the Atari 16/32? Why go back to the same old thing? In any case this is an ongoing project. Updates are planned, they will be released with both a full package and an update one. The second will be for the people who've already installed the previous one. The first for those who haven't downloaded it yet. That's about it. Have a happy 2009 everyone. Many thanks to D-bug for all their help.
  6. Time to start uploading demos. Those of you who happen to know some things about me know I am a big demoscene fan. So here's my first video grab of a Falcon demo: . Here's it's Pouet page and Paranoia website under reconstruction. As usual other demos I might record in video will appear as comments under this post. Enjoy.
  7. Το Teradesk είναι το μόνο open source desktop για του υπολογιστές Atari ST και συμβατούς. Επειδή πάντα ήθελα ο υπολογιστής μου να μιλάει ελληνικά και επειδή το Teradesk είναι ανοιχτό λογισμικό αποφάσισα να το μεταφράσω. Σε αυτό το post επισυνάπτω τα αρχεία rsc τα οποία και πρέπει να αντικαταστήσετε για τις εκδόσεις 3.82 και 3.86-3.87. Θα με ενδιέφεραν πολύ τα οποιαδήποτε σχόλια, θετικά και αρνητικά.
  8. This is not a game so a new post. I used Didier Mequignon's Aniplayer and a tune kindly donated by 505 and I placed it on youtube. This is the . 128Kbps Joint Stereo MP3.
  9. Christos

    Outline worms

    Back in Outline 08 my good friend beetle (whom you all know by his moto: Have you modded atari today?), showed me on his laptop a BASIC program that an Amstrad CPC scener had written on his laptop (yeah, I mean THAT laptop). So I took over the task to port it to the ST GFA BASIC. Most of the work was done on site but today I revisited it. Beetle wants it to become a screen saver, but since I don't really know how to do that yet, here is worms vs 0.5. Enjoy. Music replay routine by gwEm/phf, music by Jess (as ggn said). Original code: An Amstrad CPC scener whose name I don't know or can't remember. ST port and additions: Yours truly.
  10. Hi, just to announce the release of Quick Extract v 0.3. This is a small program that will allow you to easily extract files with just a double click from your desktop. Just install it as an application to open those zip, rar and other archive files. Everything else is explained in the docs. Have fun!
  11. Christos

    QEXTRACT 0.4

    Version 0.4 of QEXTRACT. Some minor improvements in tar.gz handling and full source code included under the WTFPL version 2. I should have mentioned that you need the files from the ARC folder in version 0.3. This is an update.
  12. Thorn, Simonsunnyboy and I, decided to start a small gamedev compo for the fun of it. The game doesn't have to be from a coder, a text adventure written in a text adventure creator would be great. Seeing that many people have some game idea they started working on in the past we thought of offering a chance to fame and glory if you decide to complete it. Like I said it doesn't have to be fancy or anything. Just fun for you! Anyway, here's the link: http://forum.dbug-automation.co.uk/cgi-bin...num=1241873485/
  13. Christos

    STOT website

    My good friend kRadD has done it this time. The new STOT website is up at http://www.npoi.de/page.php?2 . Bookmark it and enjoy the content. Also not to let it slip by, this is your last chance to participate in STOT season 1. The final game is on and it's the Bitmap Bros classic Xenon II.
  14. Christos

    STOT game series

    Hi, Regular readers will know about STOT. After Outline 08 we started a series of 3 newly released games for the Atari ST line of computers. The three games are Dma-Sc's Manical Drop, Sh3-rg's Sudokunivers and now is concluded with Piccrosst. Read more about them at the official STOT forum over at atari-forum.com. Link: http://www.atari-forum.com/viewforum.php?f=53
  15. Christos

    STOTro released.

    Hi, This is my first intro, done in GFA Basic. It's planned to announce STOT @ Outline 08. Enjoy watching. Intro is for STE only and needs 2MB's of RAM (a bug discovered today hopefully will be fixed soon). Update: STOTRO 1.1 released. Now works on Falcons as well! Also the memory bug is fixed. Now needs 1MB. Edit: It's also on pouet.
  16. Christos

    XaAES video

    A video of MiNT + XaAES + Teradesk running on 768x576 on the Falcon.
  17. It's obvious that falcon gaming videos are rare in this world. This will change soon. With the help of SSB, whom I thank, I made a composite video cable for my falcon and I recorded the first video last night. You can find it . It's from the game Running which as you can tell is a Doom clone. Unfortunately there is no audio there but this will change in the next videos, I totally forgot I need an audio cable as well.. Enjoy.
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