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Found 28 results

  1. From the album: My Game Collection

    2000 Slim-Style Sony PlayStation "PS1". works good.
  2. From the album: My Game Collection

    Sony Playstation 1 Console, Given to me by my cousin in 2003.
  3. Paypal payments accepted. Items shipped in the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Great Britain- postage paid by buyer For sale: PS2 games: $17 (used) Champions of Norrath PS2 with box- disc isn't a flawless surface but it's guaranteed to run on your system $25 (New-shrinkwrapped) Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII $6.50 (New- shrinkwrapped) Everquest online Adventures Frontiers $5.50 (New- shrinkwrapped) Godai Elemental Force $8 (New- shrinkwrapped) Project Eden NES games: $12 (cart only) Super Mario Bros. 3 $6 (cart only) Black Bass $8 (cart only) Galaga PS1 games (with case and instructions): $48 (used with the enclosed poster) Parappa the Rapper- disc in really great condition $12 (used) Ape Escape- disc looks pretty nice $12 (used) Evil Dead Hail to the King (disc has small line scratch) $12 (used) Alien Resurrection (disc in really great condition) $6.50 (used) Darkstone (disc in really great condition) $3 (used) R4 (Ridge Racer Type 4)- disc will run and there are fine scratches $3 (used) You Don't Know Jack- disc imperfect but just a few fine scratches $14 (used) Spyro Year of the Dragon- disc in really great condition $6 (used) Iron Solder 3- disc in really great condition $8 (used) Resident Evil Director's Cut- disc in really great condition $30 (used) Final Fantasy VII (not greatest hits)- discs in very good condition $6 (used) Blazing Dragons- disc in good condition $3 (used) Ten Pin Alley $13 (used) Croc 2- disc in very good condition $14 (used) South Park (not greatest hits)- disc in very good condition Atari 5200: $12 (NEW- no shrinkwrap) Galaxian $12 (NEW- shrinkwrapped) Qix $15 (NEW- shrinkwrapped) Missile Command Atari 2600 quite rare game: $800 (NEW- Shrinkwrapped) Glib Atari 2600 Starpath Supercharger cassettes with plastic cover/label: $40 (used) Rabbit Transit $15 (used) Fireball (perfect label) $14 (used) Communist Mutants from Space (moderately mottled label) Atari 2600 carts (many of the non-Imagic carts mostly are going to have ok but not great labels): $8 Sub Scan (Sega)- actually a nice label! $7 Quick Step (good label) $5 Wabbit $3.50 Trick Shot (good label) $16 Solar Storm (good label) $3 Fire Fighter (good label) $1 Enduro $0.50 Joust $0.50 Realsports Volleyball $0.50 super Challenge Football (good label) $0.50 Sears Circus $3 Barnstorming $2 Star Voyager $2 Encounter at L5 $9 Return of the Jedi Death Star Battle $3 Frogs and Flies $8 Bump and Jump $2 Ice Hockey $4 Vanguard (good label) $2 Realsports Football (good label) $3 Epyx Summer Games (mottled label) $8 Off the Wall (plastic casing has name of owner written in pink marker, but the label is good) $5 Super Cobra $19 Frankenstein's Monster $7 Krull $0.50 Super Breakout $7 Kung Fu Master $7 Picnic (without spine label) $1 Space Attack $0.50 Sky Jinks (bad label) $5 Wizard of Wor $1 chopper command (bad label) $1 crackpots (label faded at spine) $3 Air Raiders $1 Haunted House $1 Maze Craze $2 Decathalon $5 No Escape (nice label) $5 Deadly Duck $8 Stellar Track (pretty good label) $2 River Raid $5 Pitfall $2.50 Freeway $15 BMX Airmaster (TNT white label has some mottling) $4 Tutankham $2 Video Chess (nice label) $3 Kangaroo $3 Warlords $8 Challenge of Nexar $45 Atari 2600 console made by Coleco- "Gemini" Comes with power supply, one genuine Gemini joystick/paddle controller, and wire to connect to a switchbox (switchbox not included) Atari 7800: $30 F-18 Hornet Colecovision: $8 Rocn Rope $12 Defender (Atarisoft) $14 Super Crossforce $8 Miner 2049er $6 Popeye $8 Q-bert $11 River Raid $14 Pitfall $5 Space Panic $5 Ladybug $4 Donkey Kong $4.50 Space Fury $4.50 Looping $2.50 Cosmic Avenger $4.50 Slither $7 Donkey Kong, Jr. May negotiate if you're interested in my 2nd Colecovision (no power supply or switchbox) May negotiate if you're interested in my spare Atari 7800 console May negotiate if you're interested in my spare PS2 console May negotiate if you're interested in my spare original PS1 console May negotiate if you're interested in my spare Nintendo 64 console Besides cash I'm looking for an Apple IIc or Atari 8bit game, Crisis Mountain and also for Super Zaxxon for the Atari 8 bit computers.
  4. I’ve accumulated many video game systems over the years, which I’ve finally decided to sell. All gaming systems come with one original controller, A/V cables, and power cord. All systems and controllers were game-tested long enough to play multiple games and are sold “as is.” I’ve priced these systems BELOW the lowest price listed on Amazon and/or local stores. Playstation: $25 (Additional original controllers available for $5 each) PS2 (fat): $50 PS2 (slim): $50 Sega Master System (my personal favorite): Base system (one controller, A/V and power cables): $65 (Additional original controllers available for $5 each) Super Master System (base system + light phasor gun + 3-D glasses and adapter): $120 (lowest price on Amazon for a similar bundle is $185) Sega Genesis (model 1 or 2): $30 (Additional original controllers available for $5 each) Sega Dreamcast (tested over long-term and works great): $45 (Additional original controllers available for $7 each or two for $10) Intellivision: $60 I’ll gladly provide video of the systems working (and with corresponding serial number for proof) to anyone interested. Buyer pays shipping (~$10). Pickup (Cleveland, OH) is welcomed.
  5. I will have extremely limited access to AtariAge from July 11 to August 7. If you direct a question at me on the forms or PM me, it is highly unlikely I will be able to reply. Hello everyone! I've got a few things for sale. I can accept trades too! Make me an offer: I'm looking for Neo Geo MVS games and SNES essentials especially. See my signature for wanted thread link! Buyer pays all shipping costs. If you want I can ship at any USPS shipping speed (Priority, 2 Day, Overnight, etc.) if you want to pay for it. All prices are negotiable a bit, or buy a bunch to save on shipping and get a bundle deal! Pics upon request. Here is my AtariAge feedback. I'm relatively new here, so only a bit: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/248558-kreatorkat/ I've currently got some games and cables for sale, highlighted by an N64 Console. 2600: Warlords cart only- $4. Cart great condition. Front label great, a small amount of fading on end label. NES: Silent Service- $4. Cart in great condition! Jordan vs. Bird 1 on 1- $2. This one is in pretty bad condition. There is wear on the label, but it is not ripped. The cartridge itself is a little dirty, could use a cleaning. The game does work, but if you're using a toaster NES that doesn't have its lockout chip disabled, as with many NES carts, you need to try a few times. N64: California Speed- $6. Nice condition, label slightly worn, but just barely. Looks fine really, just mentioning it. Top Gear Overdrive- $5. Front label is ever so slightly worn, but back label is slightly torn at the top. Black Console- $28 Sale This Week (till next Sunday) Only! Console works perfectly, decent condition but could use a small cleaning. Comes with Jumper Pack! No cords or controllers, but if you would like I do have N64 composite cables for sale below and a couple of controllers in bad condition I might be willing to part with. No expansion slot lid, but to be honest I prefer the look of no lid if you purchase an expansion pack, which is a necessary accessory IMHO. SNES: Family Feud- $5. Label has some wear in a few places. PS2: Breakin' Da Rules (CiB)- $5. Box has a bit of wear all around but very nice. Disk and manual are great. Wii: The Amazing Race (original disk, manual, and art, fake case)- $4. Manual and disk perfect, box not perfect. NBA 2K11 (CiB)- $6- Manual and disk perfect, box great with some residue on spine. Accessories: Adapter to replace your RF switch box! Similar to the ones in the Atariage store, provides convince and a slightly better picture- $2. Works, nothing else to it lol. Radioshack RF switch box- $3. Works, nothing else to it lol. All AV cables and Nintendo switchboxes $3 (all official)- -XBox 360 AV -SNES/N64/GC AV -NES/SNES RF box (also works with Genesis) -Genesis RF box (also works with NES/SNES) Thats all for now, Thanks! KreatorKat
  6. Metal Jesus & Reggie tell you all about one of their favorite gaming handhelds: the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). This was a very success handheld with over 80 million units sold, 5 different models, lots of color variants and over 800 games released for it! Do you want to know where to start when collecting for the PSP? This is the video for you! I've been looking forward to doing this Buying Guide for a while now... The PSP really is a great handheld. Hope you guys like it! What are some of your favorite PSP Games?
  7. The Sony PS3 was home to great High Definition Remasters based on classic PS2 franchises. Here are some of my favorites from the game collection along with what is new and special about each. Games Shown: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster God of War Collection (GW1 & 2) God of War: Origins Collection (Chains of Olympus & Sparta) Jak & Daxter Collection The Sly Collection Silent Hill HD Collection Zone of The Enders HD Collection What game or series never got the HD treatment that you wish would get remastered?
  8. 1 Sony Playstation (PS1) with 1 Sony PS1 controller, power supply and composite (yellow, white, red) A/V cable. You also get: 1 Fission Fishing Controller, 1 Ultra Racer Steering Controller (Like New--only used a few times), 1 V3FX Racing Wheel 2 with gas and brake pedals (The steering wheel also works with a Playstation 2 (PS2), but the gas and brake pedals don't work with the PS2), 1 Memory Card, and 4 Games: San Francisco Rush Extreme Racing, Gran Turismo, Big Bass Fishing, and Saltwater Sportfishing (However, I do not think the fishing games are compatible with the fishing controller). Everything has been tested and is guaranteed to work. $50.00 Shipped. Parcel Post with Delivery Confirmation. PayPal only. PM if interested. Must sell by Monday, August 6th!
  9. I don't accept PP MO/CC only. http://i.imgur.com/FrZVp.jpg Final Fantasy IX - $9 Vagrant Story - $20 Legend of Dragoon - $15 Chrono Cross - $10 Driver 2 - $5 Lunar 2 Omake Box (With Map/Standees/Soundtrack) (Currently made a deal at Nintendoage for it) http://i.imgur.com/YEI0T.jpg Kirby's Dream Land - $5 Operation C - $5 Vampires (Going via GTZ) Threads of Fate - $15 (This game has the "BP" intials on the front/back of manual, on game disc, and inside the manual one near the index and one on the business reply card.)
  10. TheAtariBoss

    Got me a PS1

    From the album: Yes my collection

    I went to get a haircut and my barber was just giving it out.
  11. As always I am open to trades as well as Ca$h! All prices are OBO if something is too pricey for you! Here are my trade wants: Atari 65XE (loose with power supply) CIB 2600, 5200, 7800, ST, 8 bit games Vintage Star Wars or 70s/80s toys (looking for some original Tron figures, also some Captain Power) C128 boxed, Atari & Commodore hardware/Peripherals boxed Sega Master System boxed Here are my sale items as of Saturday 10/6/12: Saitek X52 Flight Control System controller - in great condition, looks hardly used. Includes the box but not the inner styrofoam. Missing the manual and the CD but you can easily download the drivers/software from Saitek.com. Tested and all buttons/controls work. Everything lights up and displays as it should as far as I tested it. Includes the eight suction pads. $50 plus shipping. SOLD PC Games: Half-Life 2 Episode Pack. You'll need a STEAM code cause I used this one when I first bought the game. I don't know how that works or if it even can work but this includes Half Life 2, Episodes 1 & 2. Awesome series. If someone knows whether or not you can get new codes or use your existing STEAM account or if selling this is futile let me know. $3. Ghostbusters w/manual $3, Star Trek Legacy w/manual $3, Microsoft Works Suite 2004 $5, Star Wars Battlegrounds Saga (discs only - no jewel case) $8, Command and Conquer Generals $5, Emperor Rise of the Middle Kingdom $5, Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga $15 (discs only), Homeworld 1 & Homeworld 2 & Homeworld Cataclysm (sold as a lot of 3) $10, Civilization 3 Complete (like new in box) $5, Neverwinter Nights Gold (includes Shadows of Undentride expansion) new & sealed $4. All of the discs are in good condition. Microsoft Works and the no jewel case Galactic Battlegrounds discs have been cleaned as they were a bit dirty. There are a few marks here and there on most discs but they are minimal and everything worked the last time I used them. Empire Earth & Expansion Pack + Prima Guide $3, Quantum of Solace $2, Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun $2, Myst 10 year Anniversary DVD (includes MYST 2 and Riven) $2, Starlancer + Strategy Guide $3, Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion $2, Age of Mythology $2, World of Warcraft (4 discs) $2, Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring $2. Again all discs are in good condition, a few minor marks here and there but everything worked the last time I ued them. City of Heroes/City of Villains $2, Dungeons and Dragons Stormreach $2, Battlecruiser Millennium $2, World of Warcraft III $2, Battlefield 1942 Secret Weapons of WWII Expansion Pack $2, Arthur's Knights $2, Hitman 2 $2, Pitfall the Mayan Adventure $1, Ground Control $1, Heavy Gear II $1. Same deal on these discs. Lot of manuals/extra discs: This lot of various manuals and discs includes Mass Effect disc 1, Splinter Cell complete (disc 2 is broken but discs 1 & 3 are in great condition), & Age of Empires III discs 2 & 3. - $3 for the entire lot. Atari 2600 games: Pac-Man $1.00 plus shipping Combat $1.00 (text) plus shipping Centipede $2 (has comic but missing manual) plus shipping - SOLD Tunnel Runner $8 (free shipping) The Atari 2600 boxes are pretty torn and they smell a bit of smoke. The carts are in goode shape (Combat is missing the end label). All carts tested and work NES control deck untested, a little dirty, not sure if it works or not. $5 plus shipping - PENDING Paperboy 2 sold Phillips CD-i Wacky World of Miniature Golf a bit scratched but they don't look like deep scratches. Jewel case is a bit messed up. Untested. $4 (free shipping) PS1 Gran Turismo 2 black label A few scratches on the discs but they are still pretty clean looking. Jewel case is a bit messed up. Both manuals included. Tested up to the first race and played fine on my PS2. $4 (free shipping). PS1 game lot all games include the jewel case, manual and CD. All tested and work on my PS2. A few scratches on the discs but they all look pretty good: Defcon 5, Cyberspeed, Oddworld Abe's Oddyssee, Spec Ops Stealth Patrol, Pro PInball Fantastic Journey, Gran Turismo 2 (GH), Driver 2 (GH). All tested up to the first level/race. I'd like to sell these as a lot - $15 plus shipping PS2 game lot all games include the box, manual and CD (except no manual for Ratchet & Clank Going Commando). All CD's have a few marks here and there but they still look good and were tested to work at least up to the first level. I would like to keep these together and sell as a lot - $15 plus shipping Older items: Gameboy Caesars Palace. Includes box, game, protective case, manual, ads. Missing the tray. Untested but everything is in very good condition. $5 shipped for Caesars Palace. Q Motions X Board Complete, appears unused, like new. Tested and works great. $10 plus shipping. Thanks for stopping by the Garage! sold items:
  12. It blows my mind how many games could have been so much better with a multiplayer option. This one especially stands out. What ones can you think of?
  13. There are some rumors milling (could like some articles, but they are all pretty similar) that Sony is working on a handheld "switch killer." Anyone think they are actually working on something like this, or are these completely unfounded internet rumors? Discuss..
  14. So what's your favorite item that came packaged in with a video game? Is it the 2600 Omega Race Booster Grip or maybe the Coleco Roller Controller with Slither? Maybe you liked the mouse that came packed in with Mario Paint or the Rumble Pack you first got with Starfox 64. . . or coud it be that you liked the Reel Fishing fake fishing reel? Can you honestly say you weren't tempted to buy a Saturn when you noticed that Virtua Cop came out packaged with the Stunner? I spent quite a bit of time researching the great pack-ins of video gaming, and here are the ones I'm convinced are in the top eschelon: http://n4g.com/news/....ed-with-a-game What are your top 5?
  15. Cleaned, polished, tested, working, and PRICES ARE SHIPPED. Feel free to bundle! I prefer cash or trading a bundle of my stuff for one or two items of similar value. Much love, folks. Thanks for all the games you've given a good home thus far ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NES: Dragon Warrior (in clamshell case) - $12 Metroid (Yellow Label/in clamshell case) - $20 NES OEM controller - $10 Nintendo OEM NES clamshell protective cases (not pictured, about 15 in total) - $5 apiece SNES: Donkey Kong Country 3 - $25 SOLD Final Fantasy II - $40 Gradius III (manual only) - $10 Mario Paint w/ manual - $10 MLBPA Baseball - $6 Mortal Kombat - $15 Pilotwings - $15 Secret of Mana 2 (PAL Reproduction) - $40 Super Mario All-Stars w/ manual - $25 Star Ocean (Reproduction Cart) - $55 Super Metroid - $40 Super Street Fighter 2 - $20 Terranigma (Repro) - $40 AC Adaptor (3rd Party) - $7 N64: Donkey Kong 64 w/ manual and paperwork - $22 (no custom case, can be created if requested) GameShark Pro V3.3 - $35 Goldeneye 007 w/ manual - $25 Mario Kart 64 - $35 Mario Tennis w/ manual - $25 Perfect Dark (Factory Sealed) - $45 Star Wars Episode I Racer w/ manual and paperwork - $13 Super Smash Bros. (CIB) - $90 N64 AC Adapter (3rd Party) - $11 Gamecube: Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue (missing manual) - $12 Hitman 2 - $10 Mario Party 5 - $45 Lego Star Wars - $8 Controllers: Interact SuperPad Black - $14 Mad Catz MicroCon Black - $17 Nyko AirFlo w/ built-in fan - $18 Game Boy Advance: Action Replay GBA (missing logo) - $60 Game Boy Advance Cobalt Blue (battery fully functional, no charger) - $35 Game Shark SP (CIB w/manual, CD rom, USB cable, and promo card) - $180 Pokémon Sapphire (cart only with Nyko protective case, needs new battery) - $17 Wii: Epic Mickey - $8 Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 - $15 Super Paper Mario - $15 Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World - $15 Wii console box (complete with manual and all inserts/bags/cardboard) - $20 Sega Genesis: (Custom case games in top row, original case/CIB games in bottom row) Alien Storm (game only in custom case) - $20 Bulls Vs. Blazers (Game, new case, all original inserts) - $8 Cool Spot (game in original case) - $13 Mortal Kombat 3 (CIB) - $20 NBA Jam (CIB) - $15 Phantasy Star IV (game only in custom case) - $45 Shaq Fu (game only in custom case) - $8 Sonic the Hedgehog (game and Sega Classic Box) - $15 Super Baseball 2020 (game and original case) - $15 Wayne’s World (game only in custom case) - $13 OEM Genesis 3-Button Controller - $14 Sega Saturn: High Frequency Controller - $15 Daytona USA - $8 Dragon Force - $75 SOLD Fighters Megamix (JAP manual only) - $5 Nights Into Dreams (US Not for Resale Version CIB) - $28 Pebble Beach Golf Links (game, custom case, original back insert and manual, no longbox case) - $8 Sonic R - $35 Virtua Cop (US Not for Resale Jewel Case Version) - $13 Virtua Cop (game and custom case) - $10 Virtua Fighter (US Not for Resale Version CIB) - $15 Imports (CIB except where noted): Astal - $55 Last Bronx - $25 Magical Hoppers - $25 Nights Into Dreams (Game only) - $12 Street Fighter Zero 2 Dash (Satakore) - $80 Sega Dreamcast: Dreamcast Magazine Vol. 4 and 11 in custom cases - $6 each Phantasy Star Online I case only - $6 Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram JAP (Manual Only) - $5 Web Browser 1.0 - $6 XBOX: Original Xbox (console only, untested) - $35 Tetris Worlds/Star Wars: The Clone Wars CIB (includes Xbox Live Trial Promo Card) - $6 Miscellaneous (PS1, PS2, DS): Diddy Kong Racing DS (Case and Game) - $13 Enter the Matrix Player's Guide - $5 NBA Live 2003 CIB (includes NBA Livestyle soundtrack) - $6 Spyro: Year of the Dragon CIB (Greatest Hits) - $23
  16. Hi It may be a long shot but I'm hoping someone will sell and/or trade me a PSX or PS2 to Vectrex adapter/converter. These were supposed to be made again, but so far, nothing has come to light and while I'd like to make my own, I've not seen any plans out there. I'd really like to play Robot Arena on the Vectrex with twin analog (or digital) sticks, so using this adapter would be the way to go. If anyone has one to part with or even knows how to build a twin stick controller of any sort, please contact me. Thanks!
  17. I've got a new presentation up on my Youtube channel pertaining to obscure and forgotten controller add-ons of Generation 5 consoles of the 90's along with the Dreamcast (6th gen). Some highlights include the N64 VMU with microphone, Dreamcast microphone for Seaman, the PSX Playstick, Innovation's Racing Fighting games footpedal for the Playstation, Madcatz's Wrist Rumbler, and the Saturn Bomberman multitap. And my cat makes another appearance For anyone here who's curious about video game history, you've come to the right channel.
  18. Metal Jesus & Kinsey attempt to come up with the Top 10 PS3 Games - All Time Games Shown: Ni No Kuni Uncharted 2: Among Thieves The Last of Us Wipeout HD Journey Heavy Rain Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Dragon’s Crown South Park: The Stick of Truth Valkyria Chronicles What games did we miss?
  19. Playstation 3 had some great games released for it and in this video I highlight some of the lesser known Hidden Gems for your PS3 game collection. Games Shown: Nier Yakuza 4 AquaPazza: AquaPlus Dream Match Ski Doo: Snowmobile Challenge Dragon’s Crown Brutal Legend The Bureau - XCom Declassified Valkyria Chronicles Ridge Racer Unbounded
  20. Today I've got some information to share on how you can get your Playstation controller working on your Colecovision with adapters. This required some experimenting with using a current-day USB hub with power supply. Check out my results here: Here are the adapters you'll need: 1) 9 pin Sega Genesis extension cords (2) 2) Edladdin Seagull 78 controller adapter (converts Genesis controllers to be fully-compatible with the Atari 7800) 3) Tototek Joypad Converter version MD (converts Playstation controllers to be compatible with the Sega Genesis console) 4) PS1 Multitap 5) Speedlink Redeemer Beyond Total Control Playstation 2 mouse/keyboard adapter 6) powered USB hub with power supply The method: 1) Plug in a Colecovision controller into port 2 of your Colecovision (consider connecting a 9 pin extension cable to it in case you want to sit a little ways away from the console.) 2) Plug a 9 pin extension cable into port 1 of your Colecovision, but don't plug any adapter into it yet. (wait) 3) Connect all the above adapters/PS1 Multitap together but leave the Seagull78 adapter unconnected to the 9 pin extension cable that's plugged into port one of the console. 4) Plug your Playstation controller into port A of the multitap 5) Plug the Speedlink Redeemer into port B of the multitap 6) Connect a powered USB hub (with power supply plugged into the wall) to the lower USB connector of the Speedlink. 7) Turn on your Colecovision and use the keypad of the port 2 Colecovision controller to make your game selection and start up the game. 8 ) Now plug in the adapters to the extension cable that's plugged into port 1 of your Colecovision and play your game with the connected Playstation controller. This method works for many, but not all Colecovision games. The ones that are incompatible with this method are the ones which don't allow a keypad controller that's plugged into port 2 of the console to start up the game, but only a keypad that's plugged into port 1 of the console. If you want to know how to get around that with a 9 pin splitter cable method, take a look at the video presentation. The nice thing about using Playstation controllers is that both buttons- not just one button- will work in the games that have the 2 button access. Another really nice aspect is that you can use a flightstick to play games like Zaxxon and River Raid. Also, it's nice to be able to use an arcade stick to play games like Q-bert or Ladybug.
  21. Looking for PS1 variant consoles like the Black Net Yaroze, Japanese model DTL-H3000 made for indy devs to create PS1 software. Would also be interested in the Midnight Blue 10 million sold Limited Edition variant (JP version), or to a lesser extent any of the other dev consoles (there was a blue and a green model). Doesn't have to be complete in box, but at least want matching console and controller as close to mint as possible. Please reply or PM if you have one. Thanks!
  22. patjakker


    From the album: PC Big Box

    Playstation 2
  23. Cammy

    Games Room Consoles

    From the album: My Home

    My games room console cabinet with 69cm CRT TV. There is a Playstation, Amiga CD32, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super NES, Nintendo 64, Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive and Mega CD with a 32X installed, and a Sega Dreamcast. It's all hooked up to a couple of AV switchers and a Jukebox amplifier with some boxed car speakers providing bassy sound. I have the Sega Phaser, Nintendo Zapper and Nintendo Super Scope and a couple of Namco GunCons for shooting games.
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