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Found 29 results

  1. Hi, some weeks ago another ABBUC member ask me for a way to update his Atari 400 to 48K main memory. Until the end of 2016 mostly I prefer the usage of the genuine Atari 400 48K Factory Upgrade Kit - Atari part number CO61553. BEST Electronics offer them until somewhere up to the end of 2015 for approx. 25 USD each w/o any additional parts or manual. In 2016 the price rises up over 35 USD and now it´s sold out. Due to this impossible mission to get more of the CO61553, I create my own solution - even better than the original Here´s the Atari 400 48/52 KB RAM-Card with "external" OS-ROM support using standard EPROM sizes: This card is a full replacement for the 16 KB built-in RAM card. At least only two wires must be soldered at the bottom side of the Atari 400 mainboard. My RAM-card uses the same pinout like the CO61553 by Atari, but only 2 of the 4 wires suggested by Atari are really needed. But it works also, if you have already equipped an Atari 400 wit the CO61553, you can easily change to my RAM card, if you want. The 74LS243 chip has to be removed, it´s not needed any longer. After soldering the 2 (or 4) wires, just plug in the DIL connector into the socket were the 74LS243 was before, the other end has to plugged on the new RAM card. That´s all. The new RAM card uses SRAMs instead of DRAM and provides 48 KByte or 52 KByte main memory. When enabling the 52K RAM mode, the address range of $C000-$CFFF is also RAM. Please remind, that this area isn´t usable under BASIC (or, to be more precise, I didn´t know about that). A jumperfield on the PCB let´s you choose which size is active. The second new feature is the possibility of using a standard 27128 or 27256 EPROM for the operating system (and math-pack). When the "external" OS-ROM mode is enabled, the three ROMs on the Atari 400 mainboard won´t be used anymore. You can remove them or leave it in their sockets. The EPROM´s first 6 KB are unused, then 2 KB math-pack will be followed by the 8 KB OS-ROM code. A third jumperfield switches the highest address line A14 of the EPROM, so you can hold two different operating-system sets in one 27256 EPROM. What you get? - PCB "Atari 400 48K/52K RAM Card" with ENIG (Gold contacts) surface levelling. Picture shows only standard HASL, but I offer only the better quality with ENIG. - Ready-for-use crimped ribbon cable for the 74LS243 socket to connect with the RAM card - some wire for the 2 or 4 solder connections at the Atari 400 mainboard´s bottom - Installation instructions with pictures in english, sent by email Price? - from 20 up to 25 euros each depending on the amount of orders - Shipping costs to any place in the world for up to 5 pieces is 9 euros Schedule? - Please show your interest and how many you want to order here in this thread - I will collect inquires until 2017 July 2nd (end of date) - If 10 or more orders will be placed, everyone who´s interested get the payment details - Shipping out at the end of July 2017 Best regards, Jurgen
  2. What are the different models that I could best buy? 400 - 8k of 16k machine and can be upgraded by adding extra memory in the slots of the machine. This was marketed as a gaming machine which it's design to an extend shows as it's a light weight 800. 800 - 8k to 48k machine and can be upgraded by adding extra memory in the slots of the machine. 600XL - 16k, easy to upgrade (if socketed) by popping in new ram chips and soldering a couple/few wires, depending on the method. 800XL - 64k, the most common - almost ALL software will work on a 64k XL...some 1990s (and onwards) demos and games require more ram. almost ALL Taiwan 800XLs are soldered - which makes upgrading harder. 50% of Hong Kong 800XLs have socketed ram. 1200XL - 64k, the easiest to upgrade, but easier to buy in the USA than europe. most ICs are socketed which makes installing a 256k wizztronics clone, Ultimate 1mb or the newer Antonia 4mb upgrades much easier. almost all 1200XLs will need a clear pic, UAV or similar upgarde to make video reasonable. 65XE - 64k, an XL with ST styling - many do not have the ECI port. 130XE - again, an XL with ST styling, but with 128k ram. 800XE - 64k, eastern european crossover from XL to XE range - some (about 30%) of these have a buggy GTIA chip, but if you strike lucky you get a nice "XL" with freddie chip and ECI. XEGS - 64k, a consolized 65xe. Why upgrade RAM? To either gain access to 130XE library and to more modern demo's, games, etc. Different RAM standards and why do they matter? Plain and simple comparability as some RAM upgrades have different memory adresses, which means some software might not run or not run correctly under a different standard. Can and is it worth it to upgrade my RAM by filling out empty RAM spots on the motherboard on my 65xe or 800xe? Yes, if you have those slots and if you don't want to go all out on the RAM or keep your machine like it was during the machines production life. Watch out for the faulty GTIA's though. You can check for those buy typing in : 10 GR. 9:D=1:FOR X=0 TO 79 20 COLOR C:C=C+D:IF C=15 OR C=0 THEN D=-D 30 PLOT X,0:DR. X,191 40 NEXT X 50 G. 50 And you should end up with something looking like this: or using my own computers as an example: http://imgur.com/gallery/bAOr0 This is how you can upgrade: Which RAM upgrade kits are still available? (mainly available for 800XL and later models, unless noted otherwise) Ultimate 1MB http://lotharek.pl/product.php?pid=67 ​wizztronics 256K http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/wizztronics%202_256.htm Rambo XL 256k https://www.bitsofthepast.com/?product=reimaged-rambo-xl-adapter 512k SRAM-Extension by Mega-hz: http://mega-hz.de/Angebote/512K/512k.html Due to some upgrades going through production runs of batches and than going out of production until another is announced these might not be available at the time of reading (You could always try and message the creator if they are available still or in the future): 512k SRAM-Extension by tf_hh: Write tf_hh a pm here on AtariAge Syscheck II by tf_hh: Write tf_hh a pm here on AtariAge (only works on 64k machines and higher) Ctirad 576XE http://atariage.com/forums/topic/232856-ram320xe576-order-thread/?hl=%20ctirad (No soldering required, up to 576k of RAM and please not "up to" as it requires you atari be on 128k of RAM before slotting it in to get that amount, otherwise you won't get 576k) Incognito Don't know where it is available (only for the 800) Antonia 4MB http://atariage.com/forums/topic/249405-new-4mb-ram-expansion/?hl=%20antonia (I assume there is a newer location that sells them that I'm not aware of) (please note, the Antonia has 2 different versions one for the XL line and the other for the XE line) (Please note I've excluded older upgrades and self build upgrades, like this, for simplicity reasons, otherwise this would become a very long list. But as wizztronic or Rambo diy build are most common; the chips needed for that are require a 41256. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/122470-ram-upgrade-applications/page-2?do=findComment&comment=1481893) If you have information to add, rectify or remove, please comment so I can change it. Resources: http://ataripodcast.libsyn.com/antic-episode-39-i-need-more-memoryFrom 1:05 Nir Dary talks about RAM upgrades which is a similar to this post. Great podcast overal but that segment is good if you want to know about memory upgrades without this wall of text.
  3. A few questions regarding the Intellivision and memory... Are there any games/demos/ROMs available that use cartridge RAM? Is the RAM typically 16 bit? Are there any games/demos/ROMs available that use bankswitching? I know some of the "LTO" games do... are they still using a simple scheme, or is it a more complicated scheme? Are there any non-LTO games that use bankswitching? What is the method used? ... I'm just laying out the next version of my Intellivision game PCB, and adding an option for RAM (and thinking of utilizing the unused half of the ROM chip). Thanks in advance!
  4. We are currently trying to find out, how real hardware behaves in a certain corner case. That is: Reads from SuperChip extra RAM using a write address cause unwanted writes to SC RAM. The exact values written are what we are looking for. Attached is a F8SC (8K + SuperChip RAM) ROM which returns different results in Stella, Stellerator and (my) console with Harmony. Since we do not know what affects the results (console type, cart used) we need your help. Especially if you are able to put the ROM onto a physical cart and/or have multiple consoles too test. Please post your setup and resulting pictures here. Thanks in advance! testSC_1_f.bin
  5. Select all the different memory configurations for machines you own (multiple selections possible). Include any plug-and-play devices used to boost memory too. I've probably missed a few esoteric upgrades. If you don't see yours, just pick the next lower amount on the list. I know there are upgrades far above 1088K, but memory above 1088K is pretty meaningless at this point -- other than bragging rights. If you have something that isn't mentioned and you want to talk (or brag) about it, go ahead and post. You can also post about your specific memory upgrade type if you like (i.e. Rambo 256K, etc.).
  6. Hello, coming over to Aquarius from other platforms. Just bought one with mini expander and I had some questions. 1) Is it possible to buy a 4K RAM park, take it apart, and replace the RAM IC with a larger size to get a 16/32K upgrade? 2) Haven't come across any internal RAM MODs. Anyone try? 3) Other than the Composite MOD, any other MODs to check out? Think I saw an external keyboard MOD someplace. 4) Can you connect the MODEM to a modern computer over serial to transfer files? Or are we stuck with just the tape interface? 5) Link for making a tape interface cable available? Any other tips? Thanks, Carlos
  7. Okay, taking a look at the chart on this page: http://www.atariarchives.org/dere/chapt01.php It mentions that the RAM portion goes from $2000 to $A000, which is 32 KB. Therefore I suspect that this memory map is assuming a machine with three ram boards (48K). But how would this memory look in the case of a 400, with only 16KB avaiable? Would all the address between $6000 and $A000 be dead space, or would everything else be moved down 32K? I'm wondering this because I'm trying to make a cc65 memory config file which matches the specs of an Atari 400, so I don't end up using more memory than will be available on the 5200. Thanks for any help.
  8. So I got my father's Atari 800 out again recently, and tried to start figuring out just what upgrades he had done to it, and how they might be useful. He told me at one point, and this was something like 30 years ago, that he was trying to get the 800 so that it would work like an XL (I had the 800 XL). The OS board has had work done on it, and the #2 memory card has a switch. Using SysInfo, it shows a 1920K (!) Axlon RAM bank. Searching AtariAge last night, I couldn't find a way to get into that bank for testing it, but I was able to use a couple of ATR files off of my SIO2SD to get it to successfully create a RAM disk. But I still have no idea what the actual capacity is. Here are some photos. All cards in the Atari 800 with the top off. OS Board RAM from slot 1 RAM from slot 2, with physical switch
  9. Hi Guys: Video of my unboxing of the 7800 dev RAM cart from CPUWIZ this is part one, once I get the joystick cable soldered I'll do part two. Bob https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYqu6b13rNU
  10. Bad RAM chips are probably the most common 5200 failure. Here is a small program that will run on a console even if you take out all the RAM chips and show which chip or chips are not working. This will only identify bad DRAM that are fully non-functional, though most DRAM do fail that way. Bad/missing DRAM will show a red bar, working ones a green bar. The u# shown on the screen are for the 4-port 5200. I don't have a schematic of the 2-port model handy to see if they have different PCB markings. The ROM attached is a standard 32K binary. You can use any type of reproduction board to make a cart. If you can't make a cart yourself Albert may still make them, or you can PM me and I will try to find time to make a few. You can load this from the Ultimate SD menu, but the Ultimate SD already requires working RAM, so running it from there is not possible on a system with bad ram. For those cases I have attached a specially packed core_boot.rom that can be used to replace the Ultimate SD standard boot rom. This requires re-flashing your SD cart back to the standard boot rom after use. More information is in the "readme_first.txt" file in the archive about this procedure. If this program fails to run on the non-working 5200 console then the problem is probably bigger than just a bad RAM IC and you can start looking more deeply for other issues. Steve ZeroRAM.zip
  11. From the album: Repairing TI 99/4A

    An image of my TI 99/4A motherboard soon after I pulled the 8 VDP RAM chips (TMS4116).

    © David Vella

  12. 32K RAM pulled working from a TI-99/4A Peripheral Expansion Box. Includes manual. Also have a non-working Flex Cable Interface. I'm told it is "probably" an easy fix (replace a couple of chips and capacitors.) Don't have the ability to do this myself as my hands are not steady enough for the solder work. I do own a cat, so apologies, but please expect some cat dander 32K RAM card: Asking $50 plus shipping & PP fees. SOLD Flex Adapter: Asking $20 plus shipping & PP fees. SOLD Will consider reasonable offers.
  13. I just opened my 600XL to install Antonia 4MB. AFAIK there is no other mod on the MB (a capacitor and a resistor are soldered to one pin of the UHF modulator). The Motherboard has a "Rev. A" stamped next to the joystick connectors and says CO 61677 7/1983 Rev X9B on the bottom). Do I have to attach EXTSEL if I want to use an Ultimate Cart with that machine? I want to use SIDE2? or is this only required if I use the old firmware (no Idea which one I have). I also read something about taking out the delay lines (CO60472) and shorting two pins of the socket. Is this required, optional, required in certain cases only? Thanks for your help! While the machine is open, is there anything else of use that can be modified to improve operation? The SIO2SD page mentions adding a resistor and removing capacitors from DATAIN/DATAOUT but doesn't name where they're located on a 600XL. (I do have a Rev. B UAV here but will try the stock video before deciding on an upgrade.)
  14. I recently started upgrading my Mega ST4. With the RAM upgrade it is now a Mega ST 12. I bought the RAM upgrade from Best Electronics, this is in addition to the IDE /TOS 2.06 board from Alan H. I added the Eiffel 3 and ordered the EtherNEC card. Will let you know how the RAM upgrade works out.
  15. Well I figured this is probably the best place to ask. I got an atari 600xl a year and a bit ago, didn't come with a power supply and didn't get one till about 6 months ago. I got some cart games and software to play around with and when I was messing with the self-test, the RAM test kept going for a long time, up to 48 blocks of RAM were tested. Concerned that there was a bad RAM chip, I opened up the machine and discovered a massive Applied Engineering RAM daughter card installed over where the stock RAM would've been. I thought Applied Engineering only produced upgrades for the Apple II, Mac and Amiga machines? I looked up the data sheet for the RAM chip type on the board, and it turns out there's a bunch of 4K chips that add up to 64K total. Can someone shed some light and tell me what the hell have I got? An apple II upgrade that was modified for a 600XL, or an actual AE stock product sold for the 600XL? Will post pics later when I crack the machine open again.
  16. Davvel

    Replaced RAM

    From the album: Repairing TI 99/4A

    Finally all the 4116 chips are in their new socket.
  17. Hi All. First time poster here. I recently bought a Bally. It has the overheating problem, but with a laptop cooler and having removed the RF shield it seems to run fine enough to play games without crashing. However, it has permanent, frozen stuck pixels at the top of the screen in the MENU screen and in every game (see pics). And these pixels annoyingly interact with and affect the game mechanics. Allen has been nice enough to work with me and suspects a RAM issue and suggests replacing the MK4096N-15's I have. I'd like to keep de-soldering and soldering to a bare minimum so does anyone know which of the 8 physical RAM chip of U24 to U31 would relate to the top of the 1/8th of the screen with the screen map? According to the Nutting Manual the screen RAM takes up 4K and there are 102 lines on the screen with each line using 40 bytes. So would it go sequentially top to bottom starting from U24 with each chip representing about 13 screen lines or am I missing something? Thanks, Cliff
  18. I got a PAL 65XE with a 130XE motherboard with 4-bit-RAM, i.e. two empty RAM positions. Sorry if this has already been posted here but I can't seem to find instructions on how to upgrade this to 130XE standard (or 256K). Any pointers? Thanks!
  19. I have new old stock RAM for the 400. Manufactured byIntec Peripherals Corp. I have several and going to keep a few for my system but figured someone here would enjoy and have a need for it. Pay actual shipping and maybe original cost or trade.
  20. So as I've mentioned in my "ST Gaming" thread, I recently picked up a 1040STe that is new in the box and bone stock. What I'm wondering is: -What should I do to it? -Why? -And where do I get the part/mod? I have heard "upgrade the RAM" okay great where can I get that. I have seen the "ultrasatan" drive on ebay, what is that for? I have heard whispers of a processor upgrade, does anyone do that stateside? There are several local good computer shops, so if I get the parts I'm sure I can have stuff done locally. Thanks, and appreciate the input! Looking forward to souping up my ST and having all sorts of fun with it!!
  21. I was starting to add information about RAM upgrades, for the 400/800 series of machines, to the website I'm building for Atari Hardware. To my dismay, I've found there is very little in the way of documentation for commercial upgrades available online in this area. The only one I've been able to find thus far is the 400 48K RAM expansion instructions. Looking at the Atari FAQ (and from my own recollections of conversations on these forums) I know there are many more that were available. I have documentation for the Axlon RAMPower 32, which I'll be scanning. Does anyone else have 400/800 commercial documentation that they can scan and contribute to the community? Also, pictures of the live modules would be nice for the record as well. I have found pictures on AA of some modules such as: Chrystal Computer Products 256K RAMCard, Mosaic 32K RAM Board, and a few others; but no documentation for these. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  22. xCoduster

    TI-99/4A DRAM

    Hi, I've recently begun fixing an old nonworking TI-99/4A and concluded that the problem I'm facing most likely is in the RAM section of the board. Before I buy new RAM chips I'm wondering what the difference is between models. I have the MK4116N-2GP chips but I can only find MK4116N-2 chips. Can I replace the old ones with a different model?
  23. I've seen some topics on upgrading the RAM in a 600XL, and by that, I'm assuming it turns the computer into an 800XL. Since I am using my 600XL for gaming, is there any point in doing so? Will games run faster / better on an 800XL than they would on a 600XL?
  24. After stocking my Atari800XL with new RAM that I had for my C64, I went on a search for some cross-references to find out what other IC's would work as a drop in replacement. I've used several of these types in various C64's (NOT the C64C) with complete success. If you find any errors or additions, please let me know! The 4164 RAM IC has been shown to work in the following computers - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apple IIe Apple IIc (Early - Mid production) — late models with 4464 chips, do not work with 4164's Apple Macintosh 128k Atari800XL C64 - (Early - Mid production) — late models with 4464 chips, do not work with 4164's (C64C) C128 - (Early - Mid production) — late models with 4464 chips, do not work with 4164's C PET (Replaces 4116's) - See note at bottom for modification? COCO 2 - (Early - Mid production) — late models with 4464 chips, do not work with 4164's ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4164 64K x 1 DRAM Cross Reference: Fairchild - MB8264-15 Hitachi - HYB4164P2BD, HM4864 Micron - MT4264-25 Mitsubishi - M5K4164AP-15, M5K4164 ANP-10 Mostek - MK4564N-20 Motorola - MCM4164BP15, MCM6665BP20, MCM6665AP NEC - D4164C-2, D4164C-15, uPD 4164-1 Samsung - KM4164B-15 OKI - M3764A-15 Toshiba - TMS4164-15NL, TMS4164-20NL ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also found some information on replacing 4116 RAM with 4164/4516 RAM. Here is the info from the C64 Wiki about replacing 4116 RAM with 4164 RAM (I'm not sure if the method is the same for the 4516 RAM): Some of the systems that use 4116 RAM are the Colecovision consoles, TI 99/4A computers, and some Williams arcade PCB's like - Defender, Joust, Robotron. How to use a 4164 chip instead the original 4116: Bend pin 1 und 8 upwards so they no longer go into the socket's connectors. Connect Pin 8 and 9 with one another through a short piece of wire. Make sure pin 1 and 8 are not in contact with any other components nearby. Insert the chip like this into the socket. If you need one of the 4164 chips, you can also use a 41256 instead. You have to solder a short piece of wire between pins 1 and 16 of that chip (these are the pins just left and right of the alignment notch on the chip). This mod will make the chip look just like a '64 chip to the system. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE make sure to check my notes before you purchase or install these RAM IC's. It's always good to make double - sure! I hope this list helps you find the RAM that you need!
  25. Can someone confirm the correct specifications for the ColecoVision and the SG-1000? Both of these systems have varying specification listings on the web. However, as a ColecoVision owner since day one, I know its specs as: ColecoVision (1982) CPU: 8-bit Z80A (3.58MHz) RAM: 1 KB Video RAM: 16 KB Video Display Processor: Texas Instruments TMS9928A Colors: 16 Sprites: 32 Resolution: 256x192 pixels Sound: TI SN76489AN. Channels: 3-tone, 1-noise As for the SG-1000 (1983), I'm pretty sure it's the same. However, I see some reports claiming that the SG-1000 has 2 KB of RAM and 16 KB of VRAM. Others claim that it has 1 KB of RAM (like the CV). I tend to think the specs between the two machines are actually the same -- except for the system ROM and the memory maps.
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