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Found 25 results

  1. Ninjabba

    Wyvern Tales

    Greetings fellow Atarians and Lynx addicts! Today I give you a preview of the big project I've been working on for a long while now. The main reason to open a new thread for this is because I had to change the name of the project to something new because I overlooked a game with a similar name. Another reason is that it has been shown on e-JagFest this year and I would like to share what has been shown there on the forums as well. With that, I give you a sneak preview of the foundations of Wyvern Tales! There will be dragons coming to your Lynx in 2013! Attached is a small poster that I've been playing around with in 2 formats. I'm gonna try and have a website up and running soon if time allows it. At the moment the website has little priority though, so please ignore the URL in the poster for now. Thanks for 108Stars for helping me out with the project wherever possible. Been a great help so far, and I'll have to claim more of that valuable time in the near future. He also was kind enough to record the gameplay on his Lynx HD: Hope you enjoy the progress!
  2. It boggles my mind why they didn't just release it in the US, but it's a region free system, so who cares?
  3. The Tales of series of RPG games are incredible popular among JRPG fans & Reggie tells us his favorites starting on the Super Famicom to PS1 to PS2 to PS3 and beyond. Games Shown: Tales of Phantasia (SNES / Super Famicom) Tales of Phantasia (GBA) Tales of Destiny (PS1) Tales of Destiny 2 (PS1) Tales of Legendia (PS2) Tales of the Abyss (PS2) Tales of Vesperia (Xbox 360) Tales of Graces f (PS3) Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (PS3) Tales of Xillia (PS3) Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3) Tales of Hearts R (Vita) What are your thoughts on the Tales Of series?
  4. Hi Friends, I was looking out for some good Role playing games for my PS4. can you please help me out by suggesting games. I know it may sound silly, but i like to know about the games from the person who have already played that game.
  5. Hello. I am currently working on an RPG for the beloved Commodore 64. I will share more, but I need to know how to put my charset at $E000 from a BASIC prg. A LISTing would be excellent, but an explanation would be okay too (although I will have a lot of questions.) After I get this in, I'll have more to show and tell.
  6. Nox Archaist is a new role playing game in development by 6502 Workshop exclusively for the Apple II platform and emulators, with floppy and hard disk support. We are excited to announce the first in a series of mini stories using the Nox Archaist engine to demo the newest features in the game. The Nox Archaist story line is still under development. Any names or characters used in these mini stories are not intended to depict real or imagined NPCs, events, or bovines in the actual game. Any similarities are coincidental. ----Nox Archaist S1E1: Shattered Sword---- In this episode our hero travels to town and faces an epic struggle to get his sword repaired after breaking it over an ogre's head. http://www.6502workshop.com/2016/11/nox-archaist-s1e1-shattered-sword.html New game play elements to look for in this video include: *Conversation with NPCs *NPCs moving between locations on the map based on their daily schedule *New interactive tiles ----About Nox Archaist---- Nox Archaist, by 6502 Workshop, is a 2D tile based fantasy RPG with a classic Apple II look and feel. Our mission is to develop a modern evolution of the Apple II RPG genre, while exploring how gameplay might have advanced in tile-based RPGs if large scale development had continued on the Apple II platform after the 1980s. http://www.noxarchaist.com
  7. Welcome to Ancient Legends, a Fantasy Role Playing adventure for the Apple II Computer! We released Seth's latest game creation this morning, a full game which also serves as a tech demo and a starter kit for those wanting to make their own adventures. goo.gl/H8ZBkv (Rated PG-13) The Story: You are Quinn of Thane, the westernmost island in Merkania. Since the last of great wars your family has lived in peaceful seclusion for generations. Raised on ancient legends, you have often dreamed of exploring what lies beyond the island. You surmise that dark times must have befallen the mainland, as dark creatures now sully the sanctuary of your island home as well. Now you are the last of your line and have decided to venture to the mainland and seek your fortune! You pack your things, take your family's heirloom amulet for luck and enter the forest for adventure... Credits: Produced & Directed by Seth Sternberger of 8 Bit Weapon Coding - Martin Haye, Brendan Robert, and Dave Schmenk Font Code - Andrew Hogan Graphics - Seth Sternberger Scenario - Seth Sternberger Playtesting & Quality Assurance - Andrew Schultz To make your own games get your free copy of Outlaw Editor here: https://github.com/badvision/lawless-legends/tree/master/OutlawEditor
  8. I picked up this title at release because.... Because it had the Final Fantasy XV demo code in it. XD I played that demo almost immediately and really liked what it showed off of the game. Definitely needs some polish... but that's not what I'm talking about here. Final Fantasy Type-0 is an HD upgrade from a PSP title only released in Japan. I only got to play an hour or so of the game, but my impression so far? I'm not sure what to think. There is a lot of story here, but I've really just barely scratched the surface. There's four crystals (big surprise), a war between nations, an Empire, and a lot more. The opening sequence and cutscene last quite some time, so it's definitely not a game you can just jump into without some time. (I guess that's a given for any RPG?) Once past the big opening, I finally get to try out this game and it's... gameplay? I don't really know how to describe it. It makes me think of an action RPG with doing real-time fights and attacks. This would be pretty cool if the main character here had some kind of real weapon. Unfortunately, he's armed with cards. You can throw the cards for a range attack, but you can also "cut" the cards to charge up some sort of super or special attack. I'm still learning the ropes. I had to finally stop at one point because I ran out of time to play and my interest was kind of dwindling. I need to give it more time before I make a final decision, but it's possible I come to love it. Only other note here? The HD upgrade is very visible here. The look and design really makes me think of a PSP title. It's not really something I'd expect as a "PS4" title as far as visuals go. Normally, I wouldn't judge by that angle, but the game is a full cost title ($60), so I would hope for something that looks a bit... better. I'll post again when I get more time to really wet my nose. Anybody else pick the game up? If nothing else... Did you get it for the Final Fantasy XV demo? XD
  9. We are excited to introduce Nox Archaist, a new role playing game we are developing exclusively for the Apple II platform and emulators. Currently we are targeting a release date late this year. Nox Archaist will be available 100% free and the complete assembly source code will be posted on our blog. One area that we have been kind of winging is tile graphics art. We would like to offer a chance for members of the retro gaming community to participate in the design of Nox Archaist while hopefully improving the final result and getting the game into your hands more quickly. We are running a tile graphics contest! The top three submitted tiles will be determined on 7-31-2016 and the winners will receive the benefits below: *One custom in-game NPC named and based on input from the winner *Copy of the initial release of Nox Archaist on 5.25” floppy disks *Pre-release digital copy of Nox Archaist *Printed manual *Name mentioned in Nox Archaist game credits *Announcement of winners on our blog and in this forum *Any other goodies we can come up with To participate, just send us one or more tile designs using the criteria provided at the link below. Submissions can be sent via email to [email protected] Here is a link with contest details: http://www.6502workshop.com/p/graphics-contest-rules.html =====ABOUT NOX ARCHAIST===== Nox Archaist is a 2D tile based fantasy RPG with a classic Apple II look and feel. We are taking advantage of the full 128k available on the IIe and later models which will help us create features and effects that may not have been seen in vintage 1980s Apple games. Our goal is to explore how gameplay might have advanced in tile-based RPGs if substantial development had continued on the Apple II platform past the late 1980s. Game play videos and screenshots showing the current evolution of the Nox Archaist game engine are available below. http://www.6502workshop.com- Nox Archaist website with our blog, current gameplay videos, screenshots, and gifs. - Demo gameplay video featuring the current game engine. - Demo gameplay video featuring sunrise/sunset and in-game clock features
  10. It has a locket music box that plays the Undertale theme!!!!
  11. Hi, I am just learning my way around the 7800 scene. And I used to be more active in the Colecovision scene. But I had not enough time for so many different Consoles. My main systems are the C64 & Atari 2600 so it just seemed natural when I needed to replace my 2600 to get a 7800. I really think there's a lot of potential with the 7800 but as I am new I don't know how big the Homebrew base is that would support more homebrew projects. So I started this thread to put out there what I would like to see done. I really would like to see more classic 80's arcade ports like in the Colecovision scene. But I also would like to see some multiplayer strategy games like M.U.L.E, that I think was on the 5200 and some classic games like Archon, Mail order Monsters. Anyway this is just my humble attempt to get the conversation started between 7800 gamers & home brew developers. Thanks to all who contribute.
  12. For those who do not check out the Programming subforum, Atarius Maxiums has recently released a WIP of his latest creation, an expansive RPG entitled, Legend of Silverpeak.
  13. From the album: My Collection

    © Photo by Michael Luenzer

  14. I waited so long to get this one that I just have to share now that it arrived.
  15. I'm doing a whole week of Undertale content on YouTube. Feel free to tune in every morning at 11 AM ET, 10 AM CT!
  16. It's so Earthbound, and so adorable, that I wish it was on more than just Steam!
  17. The 6502 Workshop team has launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce a collector's edition of Nox Archaist. Help make this project a reality by backing Nox Archaist today at the campaign website below! http://kickstarter.noxarchaist.com This is an opportunity to get your hands on all the cool physical stuff we are creating to go along with Nox Archaist, such as: *Full color collector’s game box *Fabric map *Printed manual *Game artifacts All with professional custom artwork. The Nox Archaist collector's edition is available either on floppy disks for real Apple II hardware or on a flash drive for PC/MAC emulators. The game will also run on real and emulated hard drives with ProDOS installed. You can choose to receive the game in a game box or in an old school plastic bag. We hope to earn your support! Mark Lemmert 6502 Workshop Website - http://www.6502workshop.com Twitter - @6502Workshop Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/noxarchaist Kickstarter - http://kickstarter.noxarchaist.com
  18. Hi, I just need some quick tips on the original Final Fantasy, all the guides I can find refer to the PS1 version, I find the game a little confusing, especially the weapon hierarchy. Just to be clear, the NES version being played on the Wii Virtual Console. I would like to know, 1. What are the best weapons and armour available if I have just arrived at Crescent Lake for each character class. 2. What level should I be for the airship quest? 3. Are there any items or magic with misleading names? Thank you
  19. What Advance Dungeons and Dragons style Fantasy Role Playing Games had been done on the 8-bit? I had been going around and doing research on MS-DOS based Role Playing Games. Seen a few also been ported to the Commodore 64, Apple II, Atari ST, Amiga, but is another thing that had been skipped over with the Atari 8-bit. There is something called the Gold Series by SSI for PC DOS and "Dark Heart of Uukrul" by Brøderbund. These got my attention, but I am sure there are many others. I have been researching some of this stuff for improvements for Secretum Labyrinth. Video 61 suggested an ideal of the combat screen when you come upon enemies. However Secretum Labyrinth was never intended to be turned based what so-ever. It is more Zelda and 2600 Adventure inspired. I want to keep the top down view action adventure type game. Save turned based ideal for a different turn based RPG game. There are many types, action or turned based. 3D first person, top down, isometric, point of view. Ones I am speak of here are usually turned based, when doing combat, you are usually prompt where to move, attack, use spell or item, flee. Shows hitpoints of the characters in your party, hitpoints of the enemy(s). If you kill whatever, you get rewarded some experience points, if you get enough experience points, you can go up in skill level. I know a few the played non computer Advance Dungeon and Dragons game with cards, character sheets, fancy dice, and books, know all about this stuff. Books have tables and rules, and something that computers are great at handling. Books with Data Tables = great Database application. They really like seeing these games done on the computer. I know there also been stuff done in Basic, here, and on other platforms. Some RPGs done on other 6502 based machines, so these is a chance a few can be ported to our Atari 8-bit world. I can assist IF anybody else is up to the task, I have no intentions of doing more games all myself. I have no-intention to re-sale anything done by someone else unless I get permission or work with them. That is something someone needs to discuss to me through PM and Email. Some games have copy protection in the form pictures in books or with those decoder disk shape things. Might be collectors items. Some DOS games where hacked and pirated back in the day to get around this.
  20. I ducked when I should have dodged, or vice versa!
  21. I am pleased to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for the boxed edition of Nox Archaist is now live! Click here to pledge! What's better than a brand new, hand-coded 8-bit classic 80s era tile based RPG? Answer: One that comes in an awesome collector's edition box with lots of cool physical goodies! What's even better than that? When the game will also feature an NPC appearance by Lord British, the alter ego of Richard Garriott, the creator of the Ultima series of games! Pledges include the following awesome stuff: *Full color collector’s game box *Cloth map *Printed manual *Game artifacts such as coins of the realm and various other cool trinkets All Nox Archaist boxed editions will include 5.25" floppy disks for real Apple II hardware and a flash drive for Mac and Windows PC emulators. The game will also run on real and emulated hard drives with ProDOS installed. We can't wait to get Nox Archaist into a collector's edition box and put it in your hands. Click here to pledge!
  22. Check out our latest mini story using the Nox Archaist engine to demo the newest features in the game: In the last episode the wizard Ojithar warned us that the nearby ruins contain a great evil. Of course that's where we are headed, there's bound to be treasure! Some new game play elements to look for in this video: *Combat Scenarios *Spellcasting Special Effects *New Tile Graphic Animations *NPCs Outside of Towns Check out our blog: http://www.noxarchaist.com Follow us on Twitter @6502workshop
  23. Help, My RPG fix is being thwarted!!! Legends II keeps crashing to the *Ready * prompt when I enter a Dungeon, and I have a feeling that it has to do with the way nanoPEB formats it's partitions as I've had similar problems with other software requiring disk access (that work fine under emulation, but not on the real console. Haven't test Legends I, but that's not the one I'm hooked on. Unfortunately I still have no way to copy to floppy from .dsk's (a Lotharek HXC or an HDX modded RS232 has GOT to be my next purchase), so I'm hopping someone could lend an assist with copies of the disks...2x 90k's or 1x DS please, as I'm using a stock TI controller. (I believe disk 3 is only the character convertor, so unneeded for play) I will of course pay for shipping, and more than happy to compensate for the disks/time/effort. Name your (non-ebay) price. Speaking of other software that crashes with the nanoPEB, if someone has a copy of the Spacestation Pheta (among the top 10 TI platformers?? It should be) disk, that would be brilliant too. (from CF, I can only load the first two screens...classic 99 loads em all, so I think it might be the non-standard format again. Thanks in advance for this big ask.
  24. Any get this? Mine arrived today....been waiting for this co-op RPG. Just over a week till Fallout 4 so I'm not sure what to do lol. Think I'll play this with the wife or a friend and Fallout on my own. Get both done eventually.
  25. The Mystery of Ultima V for the Atari Hello everyone, I am the (infamous) Rob that worked on the Atari 8-bit port of Ultima 5...sort of. For the sake of history, allow me to tell you a story to help clarify what the disk images you all have for Ultima 5 represent. It's quite a long story, so bear with me. First of all, I have no idea how these ever got out. They were my own personal copies that I made images from. Must have included them on some disk images I converted for some people somewhere along the way. Just for the record, they were never intended to be released or seen in this form. I should also clarify that I am NOT the "official" programmer hired for the project. I don't even know that there ever was an official version in the works (more on this later) but I have seen some posts to that effect. If so, thats not me, thats some other guy, and I hope someday maybe he would release whatever he had gotten done as well. So lets case out minds back to 1988, and see if we can reconstruct how these disks came to be. Origins, as it were So it's 1988, I'm all of 22 years old, and I have started my own first neo-company, Creative Software Systems. I didn't really know what I was doing, or what I wanted to do, except that I wanted to have my own software company and I wanted to write programs for the Atari. I was working on a couple of utility programs for the Atari that I thought the world could use. My work system consisted of a 130XE that I bought when they came out in 1985, a 1050 drive and a recently acquired Indus GT. The main program I had been working on was a disk utility program called Sleuth, which was a heavily modded and expanded version of one of the type in programs from an issue of Analog. I added full menu-driven support for it, and a bunch of other features for managing disks. The sector editor portion took a great deal of time to get it to do what I wanted, and is one of the more full-featured ones I think was ever done for the Atari. It supported full text/hex/asc searches, as well as allowing you to edit the data in a variety of ways, like being able to type text directly into the sector. It was pretty slick, and I tried very hard to make it a user-friendly and advanced program or the 8-bit world. This would come in very handy when trying to put together Ultima 5 on the Atari. One of the other utilites was a program I called Ultimapper, which was a program that allowed you to load and print maps from the Ultima 4 disks. Nowadays, you can just look all this stuff up on the net, but back then there was very little way for someone to get access to maps like this. Maybe you could buy a book, but that was about it. These two utilities, and what I learned from programming them and how the Ultima games were laid out, would lead me to try my hand at doing a port of Ultima 5. Inspiration I had played Ultima 4 back in 1985 on a friend's Apple II. I couldn't wait to play and finish it on my Atari, but it took a while for it to come out on that platform and before I was able to get it. When I was finally able to get it for my Atari, I spent weeks playing it, and loved it. What a great game! I was excited about the prospects for an Ultima 5. Ironically, I actually called the main story line for Ultima 5 about a year before they even announced it. After finishing U4, I thought what could they do for an encore? You can't got back to the "attain perfection" well again, so I came up with, "well, you need a big story and a big quest. What if someone kidnapped Lord British and you had to spend the game trying to find him?" Seemed to be a good idea, and it really was just a variation on the old RPG trope of rescuing the princess, but with larger implications. So it's about 1988 now and I'm looking for Ultima 5. I played it a bit on my friend's Apple II's, but I really wanted it for the Atari. I read somewhere that an Atari version was in doubt, and no one had any info about it, so I had an inspiration: I would see if I could work on port of it for the Atari, then contact Origin, show them the work so far, and they would naturally go "oh, well, if you've already gotten that much done, by all means finish it!" Right? Either way, it would be a proof-of-concept and it would let me see if I could hack it (hah!) as a programmer. A part of me also just wanted to see how it would look on the Atari. Given that I had no official access or support from Origin, the natural question is: how the hell did you get the graphics and all that for the Atari? Now that is quite a fun hackish-type story. I had a friend, John Hendrickson, who had one of those nifty Commodore 64's that was the portable (the SX-64) with the 5" built-in color screen (an actual 5" CRT no less!). Ultima 5 was out for the C64 and he also had a cartridge that could basically dump the memory of the machine and make a copy. Then you could reboot and scan/copy the data from the memory on the cart. This was going to be my secret weapon. Hacking Ultima Starting on the Apple II that I used from friends and school, I had already spent some time learning how to sector edit various attributes of my characters and even a little map hacking here and there on all the Ultima games. I had already done a lot of hacking on U4 on the Atari (and the whole Ultimapper utility) and had, of course, hacked the characters stats. I also had researched and figured out how the tiling system of the graphics worked, and how the main map was stored. This was WAY before the internet, and there was almost no information on this stuff. All we knew then was the map was 256x256 in size and each element on that map was 1 tile. The rest we had to figure out on our own. For instance, we had to calculate and measure the actual tile size. We figured it had to be 16x16 pixels, and the onscreen area of the map you see was 11 x 11 tiles. This would leave 8 pixels above and below the map area (for the border) on an Atari, which had a screen height of 192 pixels. I went in and sector edited some of the sectors using Seluth to put a string of tiles in the map sequentially from 0 to 255 (there were 255 graphics tiles as well. Some were blank, but they used most of them) and this showed what tile was tied to what number. As an aside, doing this created a permanent chest in the map (as you have probably seen in other screenshots of U4 in various places) that you could mine infinitely. Hacking is fun! Anyway, having messed around with this to create Ultimapper, I knew the basic methodology for extracting the map and tile sets for Ultima 5. John helped me on his 64 to sector hack the map with the sequential numbers, then I walked to that part of the map and hit the "capture" button on the cartridge. This had to be done a few times to get all the tiles, since they obviously wouldn't all fit onscreen at once. This process was used to get all the rest of the graphic screens, like the title screen. The flames were fun to try to capture, as its an animation and I had to keep doing captures to try to get the each of the 4 frames of animation for it. The font was similarily copied from the captures, but I used a mixed method to display them on the Atari. The Atari's supported the ability to user-deifine the character sets. Since the U4/U5 character sets used the same size (8x8) for their graphic characters as the regular set, it was just a matter of redefining them with the new bitmaps and pointing the Atari to use the copy. Displaying the text to the screen was one of the assembly language routines, which we'll get into in the next post. I can't recall if the memory was just in memory on the cart, or already in files on the cart. Whichever way that worked, eventually we got them into files on C64 disks and I was ready to transfer them! How the hell do I get this onto an Atari? We didn't have any drives that could read or write the other's format. But we did both have modems. 300 baud modems. As in, 300 BITS per SECOND modems. Slow? Yeah. It took forever to organize and transfer the data, sometimes several hours per disk, if the transfer didn't fail and you had to start over. It took a long time, but it DID work! So now I was set. I had the basic graphic tiles, font, most of the main title screens, and some other info from the C64 version. All I needed was to program it to life.
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