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Found 39 results

  1. From the album: My Collection

    The label Was glued on upside down. How does that happen?
  2. From the album: Games and Their Stories

    Not much story to this one, but this is easily my rarest game that I own. I got this from a Gamecube lot that my friend sold me. It came with a bunch of other uncommon/rare games, but this one definitely caught my eye.
  3. Well I finally registered to this excellent site. I find myself on AtariAge afew times a day. I'm happy to finally register. I'm a HUGE 2600 and all things Atari enthusiast. I've had a joystick in my hands since 1981. Thank you for having me. Pleasantries aside. I just posted some gems of my personal collection to ebay. I thought I would let the awesome people's on this site know. If you would like to check out my listing, have any criticisms or welcome me to this site just message me. Again, Thank you for having me. Richard Joseph Pierre III P.S. I also have a huge Commodore 64 listing up as well. . Feel free to visit http://r.ebay.com/BG7AfT Also http://r.ebay.com/LwZm6z
  4. Hello 2600 Experts, I was on the video game critic page the other day and was looking up seasonal games (for Halloween) and came upon a good review for Halloween for the 2600 based off the slasher flick. http://videogamecritic.com/2600hl.htm?e=61310#rev224 I was shocked to find it was a few hundred on fleabay. Being someone who likes to play games on carts in the original hardware, I asked a friend on here to make a repro for me. He agreed and I can't wait to add it to my seasonal 2600 mix (along with Haunted House.) What I am thinking is, I may as well have a few other repros done now while its in my budget and get them done and shipped all at once. So my question to you is: What are the Atari 2600 games that are awesome and fun to play, but are prohibitively expensive to get an original copy for practical purposes (over $50-100)? I am looking for games to PLAY that are well worth having a repro made up. Thanks!!
  5. Hello. So I bought these cartridges off of a guy on Ebay, who had bought it from Youtube Channel bgP (Who is the person who recorded the clip below). They are for a Canceled Atari Jaguar Fighting Game called "Thea Realm Fighters". It was a 1v1 Fighter which used digitized actors. Some of the Actors include Mortal Kombat Veterans such as Daniel Pesina (Johnny Cage, Scorpion, Sub Zero etc.) and Ho Sung Zak (Liu Kang). I haven't been able to play them Yet because I don't own a working Jaguar, but I hope to get one and try these out. I have a Test Cartridge, and Alpha Cartridge and a Beta Cartridge. The game was about 95% complete until the project was canceled when Atari ceased supporting the Jaguar. Here are some gameplay clips. Let me know if you have any concerns or comments. I'd also appreciate it if someone could help me with acquiring a working Jaguar with two controllers (Also Kasumi Ninja, Ultra Vortek and Atari Karts). Thanks. P.S. NOT FOR SALE
  6. Hello! I purchased this game last year at a thrift store a year ago and was wondering what it's worth I've been looking for information on how much it's worth for awhile and haven't come up with anything yet. It's the rarer color label and it's complete in the box. Does anything know anything about this game? I added a picture to show what the condition is in. DH.bmp
  7. I recently found this game out here in San Antonio, TX. I bought a box with a 2600 and about 50 games. And one of those games was Air Raid. I contacted AtariAge and they authenticated it. I need help trying to value this in the current condition. Its in good cosmetic shape for its age and label is good. The only thing is the pins are dirty and I don't feel comfortable trying to clean them due to risk of damaging the cart or board. Another thing is you need to remove the label the open the cartridge due to screws under it. The game plays but the picture is distorted as shown. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. I wanted to show everyone a test box and cart that I made with the help of some fellow AA members! I made this prototype to see how close I could get to making it look like a official Micro Fun release and I think it turned out great! I have always loved Boulder Dash for the Colecovision and I have always hated Telegames. Boulder Dash is one of those games that is really good and extremely rare. Do to that combination, the price for the game is around $500+ That's a lot of money for a "in my opinion" ugly Telegames box & cart. I have been wanting to make a near perfect copy of Boulder Dash that looks just like Micro Fun would have made it back in the day. I have talked to Collectorvision and if there is enough interest Collectorvision would be willing to make a official homebrew release of "The Micro Fun Boulder Dash" that will look just like my Prototype. This is not a preorder as Collectorvision will take care of that. This is just to gauge interest to get the green light on the project. My question to you is "would you want one?" I'm not sure of the price of the homebrew release as it depends on how many people would want one. The more people interested the lower the price will be. I don't think it should cost much more then a normal homebrew release but that would be up to Collectorvision to make that call. Here is my video showing off the game: http://youtu.be/-NQCfD_ZJXc As a bonus to all my Canadian Colecovision fans I also incuded in the video a special Beer Review of the best Canadian Beer I have ever had!!!! Let me know what you guys think!
  9. I got a email from a AA member that gave me a wonderful idea that I'm super excited about! In fact I was so excited that I couldn't sleep last night just thinking of how I wanted to make this work. As everyone knows I have been helping JF raise money for his Cartridge Mold which is super important! Just in the last year Colecovision common games have really shot up in price to a average of about $5 per game (now I know there is always exceptions to that price, but that's not the point) so it is unrealistic to keep trying to recycle existing Colecovision Cartridges for homebrew games. So without this mold homebrews would go away as far as CollectorVision goes. So in a effort to raise some money so he can pay for this mold which costs a ton of money. I have a super rare prototype and I wanted to do something special for the AA Colecovision members. I'm setting up a raffle for Mario Bros #4 Prototype CIB. Every Atari Age member is welcome! The random winner will have this super rare game mailed to them for FREE no matter where they are in the world! Canada, USA, Europe, Japan, I mean anywhere I will ship this to you for FREE! This is the way the raffle will go. I will be selling numbers 1 though 105 for $10 each. You can buy as many numbers as you would like! In this thread if you would like to buy a number PM me and put PM sent in the thread. You can pick any number you would like from 1 to 105. The time and date of the PM will tell me who will get the number first. I will then send you the paypal info to gift the payment. Once the payment is made I will put your name next to the number that you picked. I will update the list as much as possible so everyone knows what numbers are available if a name is next to it that means the number is taken. As far as the payment goes I can only use Paypal, please when sending the money use the personal tab and pick gift in the paypal send option. I'm trying to raise money for Collectorvision and not paypal ok, paypal will take a cut if you do not do it like this. Also just so everyone knows I am taking a 0% cut on this! 100% of the money raised with this raffle is going straight to the Cart Mold fund! So For example: if John Sena sends me a PM for number 5 at 9:11am but then Zack Ryder sends me a PM asking for number 5 at 9:12am John Sena would get the number and Zack Ryder would need to pick a different number unless John Sena never pays for his number. I hope that makes since and if not feel free to ask. Now once all 105 numbers are sold I will give a 48 hour warning and during that time you can buy bonus numbers still at $10 a number, you can not pick these numbers as they will be assigned to you in the order they are bought. After the 48 hours is up I will post that the numbers are now closed and a winner will be picked at _____ day and at _____ time. I will use RANDOM.ORG to pick the winner. You can read about how the number is picked if you go to Random.org website, it's pretty cool and works perfect for this! It's truly random no matter if you are number 1 or 105 or anything in the middle. If you play around with it you will see. I will buy a paper for that day of the drawing to prove the date this raffle is ran on and video tape the picking of the winner and post it here on AA so everyone can see who the lucky person is. You must be a Atari Age member to be able to buy a number. JF and myself are excluded from this of course. Everyone else here on AA feel free to participated. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to give back to the homebrew community that gives us so much and also you have a chance of getting this Holy Grail game in your Collection for only $10! Thanks so much for everything that you guys and this Community has given me and it feels wonderful to help give back! Also if members like 65Gamerguy or anyone else that has a Youtube following, if they could help advertise this on your Youtube channel that would be great! Just make sure people understand that they must be a Atari Age member or become a Atari Age member to buy a raffle number. Maybe will also have a chance to grow your Community a bit though this great opportunity. I wish everyone Good Luck and I hope everyone enjoys this, I think it will be fun. I Forgot to mention and I'm sorry about that if someone else is wanting the same number as you but you don't pay within 48 hours the person wanting that number then has the option to take that number. I hope nothing like that comes up, but again I'm really trying to make this fair so if everyone can please make sure they pay within 48 hours of when I send them the return PM with the payment info that would be wonderful. When someone has paid they will have a dollar sign next to there name. I hope everyone will be ok with that and I'm going to try to use discretion as far as this goes, but its also not fair if some wants a number but the person who has it never pays so I do need to have a time limit on it. I really hope that will be ok. Thanks again Please go to http://www.atariage....bros-prototype/ to buy numbers as I can only keep one thread up to date.
  10. Hi! I'm selling off my private collection and have a few Videopac rarities up for auction on e-bay. Trans american rally, Helicopter rescue, Rare Swedish/Danish version of Backgammon and a few more. Check it out: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/183711701033 Regads
  11. Hello, im searching some rare gemes for the Atari 2600. The games i would like to have are: Atlantis 2 Pepsi Invaders I would also buy other rare games.
  12. up2knowgood

    Odd label

    So I just found this Grand Prix blue label. It looked odd to me but I couldn't put my finger on why, then it hit me, its on wrong! I bought it, and now can't help but wonder how rare/uncommon this is. I'm also curious how hard it would be to remove a label from an Atari cartridge, as I've never attempted it before.
  13. From the album: My Collection

    The label Was glued on upside down. How does that happen?
  14. Hi everyone, I made a "grail" addition to my collection this weekend and thought I'd share. I finally found the elusive Magnavox Odyssey 4305! I'd love to know who else on here owns one, as I 'd love to work up some numbers on how many are left. I bought it with 2 sets of paddles, and the guy said his grandmother had originally bought 3 (I gathered that this was the last one they still had), which explained the extra controllers. I never thought I would find one, especially since they dont stand out obviously, But I am ecstatic to start the cleaning processes and a few minor repairs to make it a bit safer. (sorry for the picture being sideways, I can never get it to post them correctly )
  15. Hello fellow Atariage fans & Atari Jaguar fans, Haven't been on in awhile as real life problems have interfered. Hard times have now hit me like a pile of bricks, hate to let it go but I've made some terrible life mistakes, unfortunately, and I must sell my Atari Jaguar Battlesphere cartridge with custom high quality 3M plastics end label. Its CIB, in very good condition just listed it on ebay. Please take a look and spread the word to anyone that might be looking for an nice "authentic" copy, not a reproduction or any of that jazz. Haz gold edge connector contacts and all as specified by 4Play, lol haha! I set the start price going by the last real Battlesphere cart sold on ebay last month(Feb 04, '19). Willing to ship worldwide. http://ebay.us/HPmvBX?cmpnId=5338273189 Thanks for checking out my sales thread, any suggestions please let me know. Hopefully I can rejoin active posting here soon, as there is so much going on, especially in the Jaguar Forum, i am looking forward to it.
  16. I Just opened up pre orders on these Limited Edition 30th Anniversary ColecoVision Patches! These are Super High Quality Patches and are sure to become Collector Items in the years to come. This is another effort in order to raise money for CollectorVision so JF can get his cart mold and continue the amazing flow of unbelievably awesome homebrew games for the ColecoVision. I also have another fund raising event going on for a Raffle of the Ultra Rare Mario Bros Prototype going on right now. Here's the link to that event: http://www.atariage....bros-prototype/ I'm giving all my friends here at Atari Age a $10 discount, as I will also be selling these on ebay and other outlets so every ColecoVision fan in the world can enjoy these 30th Anniversary Patches. These are in a Limited Number and when there gone there gone and no more will be made. The Normal price that will be listed on Ebay will be $29.99 + shipping while supplies last The Discounted price for people here on Atari Age will be $19.99 + shipping while supplies last Everyone here at Atari Age will have there patches first before anyone else! Shipping anywhere in the U.S. will be $2.00 Shipping to Canada will be $4.00 Shipping anywhere else in the world, please PM me and I will get you a price. I only charge true shipping cost If you are interested please let me know here and I will put you on the list. I will PM each of the pre orders with payment instructions once I have everything ready to start shipping. I hope everyone will enjoy this!
  17. Hello Kitty Kruisers, one of the rarest Wii U games, is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Apparently it's a passable kart racer that is fun to play with younger kids. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/01/hello_kitty_kruisers_is_racing_onto_switch_both_digitally_and_physically Hope none of you paid $150 for a Wii U copy as an "investment" lol
  18. I have recently acquired an atari 2600 in box for 20 dollars.the box says "PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY NOT FOR RESALE" on the front and sides. I've also noticed that on the bottom of the system it says "promotional use only not for resale". And the switches seem to be less shiny than the regular 4 switch model. Does anybody know how many units were made of this, and how people still have these models to sell and keep?
  19. Hi Everyone, Thought i'd share this link, I know the guy personally who has these posted. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/282060723440 Just in case someone is looking for some fairly rare sealed games for the collections! Thanks.
  20. Hello everyone, I was going to post this sooner so my appoliges for the late notice, but I had some issues accessing the site I've only just been able to resolve. Anyways, I've posted up on ebay what could very well be the nicest sealed box copy "The Music Machine" for the Atari 2600 we'll ever see. The Auction ends in roughly 24 Hours if you want to join in on the bidding. I do offer FREE World Wide Shipping! I've got both Photos and Video up of the game, as well as a link to my site with plenty of info about the game. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 271226633317 Good Luck to anyone that bids and thanks for looking!
  21. From the album: My Collection

    The label Was glued on upside down. How does that happen?
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