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Found 28 results

  1. I don't know how the Pi is doing in other parts of the world put I do know that it is everywhere in the UK & I know my children are already using them in school any way a bit of fun for today! https://twitter.com/...errypi&src=typd
  2. Saw this article (http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/09/random_fans_ask_for_a_philips_cd-i_classic_philips_says_we_will_try_our_best) in another thread. If this is true (and I highly doubt it), it looks like the 1990s may be alive and well once again.
  3. On 12th October, Software Freedom Day (SFD) will once again be coming to Rugby. The event is a global celebration that focuses on raising awareness of free and open source software. At this time each year, thousands of teams in towns and cities across the world are busily working to provide an opportunity for computer users to experience first hand the benefits of high quality free software. First celebrated in 2004 with just 12 teams, SFD has been held annually and has seen significant growth. With the current economic strains affecting everyone, computer users everywhere are looking for ways to save costs without compromising on functionality and creativity. Many of the world’s largest and most reliable platforms are built using free software; some typical applications used by people every day without realising that they are based on open source technology include Google,Facebook and Moodle. Functionalities range from professional bookkeeping through to graphic design packages. Focus on Home, Business and Education Rugby and the surrounding areas are home to a number of companies specialising in services for free and open source software. Experts will be available on the day to offer professional advice and provide live demonstrations of a variety of web, email, educational and office software and games, giving visitors the opportunity to experience them first hand and ask questions. Visitors will be welcome to take away a FREE CD full of sample applications to download. There will be light refreshments available, as well as free t-shirts and other goodies. If you are unable to make it to the event but want to find out more, get in touch to receive information, a sample CD by post or to arrange a meeting. Who’s Invited? Rugby Software Freedom Day is open to everyone, from individuals who want to know how free and Open Source software can be used at home, to large organisations, charities and government representatives. Local media have also been invited to cover the event. Includes breakout sessions covering programming, music creation and graphics, as well as demonstrations with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. When and Where? Saturday, 12th October 2013, 12:00 noon - 4:00 pm at Lawrence Sheriff School, Clifton Road, Rugby, CV21 3AG Event organised by Rugby Linux User Group: http://www.rugby.lug.org.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/events/166273326906330/
  4. We TI'ers have a LOT to be thankful for here at AtariAge. There are so many people who contribute their time, expertise and experience helping others. We also have the software, hardware and 3D printer gurus that make us all the cool toys and accessories, and so much more! The fact is we have so much to be thankful for and so many people to thank, we cannot cover them all in one simple post, so I thought a devoted thank you thread was a good idea. To start this thread off, I'm going to thank both Sparkdrummer & Shift838. Those two guys have spent literally years bringing us their awesome newsletters. This has taken a lot of time, energy and devotion. I personally enjoy their newsletters so much that I print every single issue, before reading them and storing them for posterity. They have contributed much to our enjoyment of the TI-99/4A hobby. THANKS GUYS!
  5. From the album: My Home

    Here's a photo of my Amiga A1200, the final Amiga microcomputer from Commodore after the A500 and A600 (of course, there were also desktop Amiga computers with more expansion capabilities, but I like the micros) which came out in 1992. It's running Workbench 3.1 which is installed on an 8GB SanDisk Compact Flash card in an IDE-CF adapter, and I have a mild expansion in the form of a DKB Cobra accelerator with a 28Mhz 68030 and 64MB RAM.
  6. SmellyJelly

    My Retro Handhelds

    From the album: Smelly's Setup

    I don't have many handheld games, but the ones that I do have I enjoy playing frequently. The lynx definitely gets the most use out of all of them.

    © SmellyJelly

  7. Hey all, I have had a few threads here on my retro consoles that I am trying to setup. I was about to stick with US standard of S-video with everything possible but, as I am leaning towards a Framemeister for my setup, this opens the door to RGB and can upscale/line double up to 480p over HDMI, this is claimed to be one of the best pictures you can get from Retro consoles. This thread is not for comparing the Framemeister vs. the OSSC. I still will have some consoles that have S-video and will leave them like that for reasons. The OSSC cant do S-video with out a converter of some type, that I don't want to deal with. So the Framemeister looks like my winner here. This brings up another issue. SCART switching. It's been a long quest for a lot of people. For 8 or more, you only have a few options and the price seems to sky rocket from there. If I am going this route, I need to go all in, as much as possible within affordable range (not going tp spend $400+ for switching). My setup is going to contain 20 retro consoles from the Wii back. HDMI devices will be treated differently (and thinking about starting a YouTube channel on this subject). This could have more than 8 RGB type consoles. Also if S-video and Composite is treated natively with SCART (as I have read) with no conversion, running the switch into a SCART port on the switch could simplify things a little. What I would like is Auto switching but, would love and PREFER a IR override with it. IR gives me what I really want is to force control the change in a automated setup via remote. Something I really want and pretty much need. So looking for options... and see what others are using. This is the larger ones I have found... gRetrostuf - gscartsw 8:2 about $220.. http://www.gretrostuff.com/store/gscartsw/ Over all good quality from reviews. No IR control but, auto should do. Can be daisy chained but, to get 15, it's going to cost $440+ shipping. Big cost. Lotharek - Hydra series. https://lotharek.pl/products.php?id=35 A selection of sizes... 8 to 16 (OMG !) switchers.. Kind of eyeing the W-Hydra 2. It's 16:2 that does everything. INCLUDING IR control (something that seems hard to find). Price is not too crazy compared to other options 999.00 PLN or about $264.43 US. A little pricey but, for what it offers, I don't know of anything else that could fill the bill. I don't know much about this W-Hydra 2, anyone use their series of switches ? Any good or bad on them ? What are others using ? Anyone using MORE than 8 devices that can do SCART ? This is the type of thing I am losing sleep over so I wanted to start a MODERN discussion on options or MODERN switchers..
  8. Night Raider is a new iPad game which is currently available on the App Store. Night Raider is a retro submarine game, influenced by the old Seawolf coin-op arcade game (the original 1976 game, not the ticket redemption remake). I have fond memories of playing that game as a child back in the late 70s. Seawolf as you all should know, was a relatively simple game. Night Raider has embellished the concept somewhat to make it a bit more attractive and interesting to play. Yet retaining some of the charming traits of the old 70's game. This is a very retro, coin-op style game, so I thought some of the users of this forum might be interested in hearing about it. www.celtroniclabs.com/NRgame.html
  9. . Events in Europe Vintage Computer Retro Hi ho finally we got it managed !! We found a great location for the TI Treffen 2018. I will post some pics later, from my meeting with Berry at the Kongresshotel This will be fun xXx Please find the full invitations here: INVITATION-Treffen-2018-ENGLISH-006.pdf INVITATION-Treffen-2018-GERMAN-006.pdf ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. The Black and White console switch; what are you favourite games to play in grey scale? I've seen a few related threads but there are none I can find ranging the aspect of the Black and White switch I'm contemplating: The colour palette of the VCS is tremendous but it's grey scale compliment is also impressive and has a retro feel and ambiance all it's own - some of my favourite games to play in greyscale are: 1. Defender - even more fun than in colour. 2. Breakout - enough said 3. Pacman - has to be level six as well and it becomes an awesome game; more retro than any other pac version. 4. Space Invaders 5. Combat 6. Video Pinball 7. Chopper Command 8. Alien 9. Frogger 10. Boxing 11. Computer Chess 12. Pitfall There are some others that aren't implemented right like Mr Do (though it's great in colour) and some I'm not particularly inclined to play but playing these classics in greyscale makes me wish more of the greats had the BW palette option - I'm glad black and white Televisions were popular in the 70's
  11. Post a photo of the FIRST computer you ever OWNED in it's least expanded configuration as "THEN". If you still have it, or re-acquired one, post a photo of it as "NOW"
  12. Does anyone know if someone has any NEW & UNUSED cartridge boxes? Are these things even still obtainable? If not has anyone ever had a Retro-Run of them made up? I'm not looking for a large quantity, actually only a couple, (still folded for easy mailing) as I don't want to display crappy looking stuff in my "TI-Shrine".
  13. Hi, I would like to introduce Retro Computer System, a comprehensive collection of retro computer emulators, for Raspberry Pi 2 or Pi 3 with huge number of software titles. Indiegogo campaign starts next week, more info and video reviews here: https://www.indiegogo.com/project/coming_soon/preview/ad330d08 (Amiga) (Commodore C64, Commodore Plus 4, Tandy Color Computer, Dragon 32, Macintosh) (Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari 8-bit, Atari ST, BBC Micro) (TRS-80, ZX Spectrum, ZX 81) (Acorn Atom, Acorn Electron) RCS currently supports about 80 different home computers from mid 70's up to early 90's. Here's a complete list of supported models: Acorn: Atom, Electron, BBC B, BBC B+, BBC Master Amiga: All official models Amstrad CPC: 464, 664, 6128, PC 1512 Apple: Apple II, Macintosh, Macintosh II Atari 8bit: 400, 800, 600XL, 800XL, 1200XL, 65XE, 130XE Atari ST: ST, STe, TT, Falcon Commodore: C64 (with ReSID), C128, C16, Plus4, VIC-20, PET Tandy: Color Computer, TRS-80 Dragon Data: Dragon 32/64 ASCII: MSX 1, MSX 2 Oric: Oric 1, Atmos, Pravetz IBM: PC, PCjr, XT, AT, 286, 386, 486 Miles Gordon: Sam Coupe Texas Instrumets: TI-99/4A Sinclair: ZX Spectrum 48k, 128k, +2, +3, +2A, ZX 81, ZX 80 and variuos clones Others: Jupiter Ace, Aquarius, Galaksija, Orion, Orao, Lynx, Lola 8A, Pecom 64, Sharp MZ-700 Stay tuned!
  14. You guys all need to check this video out, this guy has one of the most well rounded collection I've ever seen. He has some of the best stuff out there and a few things I didn't even know existed. http://retrogamersociety.com/rgs-video-collectors-edition-episode-4/
  15. watch this space for news on Video Game Summit 2017(we announced it on last week,but we open registration on jan 2nd that when we announce full details)
  16. I have decided, to reduce the number of adaptors I need, to buy an NTSC tv for NTSC consoles. I have a question though, would I need to buy a transformer? What is the difference between US and UK voltage? Thank you for any help.
  17. Replay Events Ltd is currently doing a deal where societies and groups can get money off their event tickets for Play Expo in Manchester! Play Expo is a Video games event with Lan Gaming, Cosplay, Retro and Next Gen gaming, Arcade and Pinball machines, Celebrity Guests courtesy of Showmasters and a Unplugged gaming section brought to you by Dark Cleo Productions! The current deal is that if you buy: 10 or more tickets you can get 10% off 20 or more tickets you can get 15% off 30 or more tickets you can get 20% off All you have to do is visit their website at www.playexpo.net and buy tickets, making sure to make a request for discounts for groups! Thank you, hope to see you fellow table top gamers there!
  18. From the album: Games and Their Stories

    A huge reason why I moved away from modern gaming was to find a hobby that my brother and I could bond over. He's big into Nintendo games, so his first venture into collecting was with the NES. Our first pickups for the system were Super Mario Bros 3, and McKids. That night we cranked through McKids and had a blast doing it. I could definitely tell that after that night, my brother's interest in all periods of gaming, rather than just the 2010s, peaked.
  19. SmellyJelly

    CRT Setup

    From the album: Smelly's Setup

    Here's my setup with all of my cart games and some of my consoles. From clockwise starting in the top left we have the Pikachu Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, Playstation 1, Toploader NES, Model II Genesis, and a 4-switch Atari 2600. They all get their use, and I constantly am making sure the area itself is clean/dust-free.

    © SmellyJelly

  20. Check out our latest mini story using the Nox Archaist engine to demo the newest features in the game: In the last episode the wizard Ojithar warned us that the nearby ruins contain a great evil. Of course that's where we are headed, there's bound to be treasure! Some new game play elements to look for in this video: *Combat Scenarios *Spellcasting Special Effects *New Tile Graphic Animations *NPCs Outside of Towns Check out our blog: http://www.noxarchaist.com Follow us on Twitter @6502workshop
  21. After 29 days (including waiting for parts) I finally restored (partially) my friends Atari 2600. It had been sitting in his Mom's closet for 25+ years and when I plugged it in, it worked like a charm. I placed a fresh coat of paint (trim) and restored his joystick with all new parts because the parts that were inside were very worn, especially the top of his joystick. I fixed and replaced much more (link provided). I gave his Atari 2600 a nice bubble bath w/ scrub (laughs) and a nice (small) moderate shine. The parts that can be washed that is. LMBO. Enclosed is a before (top) and after (bottom) photo. My friend died in 2007 from a chronic disease at age 38, thus last month his Mom sent me his Atari system as a gift. Enclosed is the entire project at the link below. Click on images for description. The story begins on photo #2. RIP Charley. PS All the games were his (I cleaned and shined them up/contacts), excluding Donkey Kong, which I purchased. https://flic.kr/s/aHsm6ZFZ3Q
  22. I recently bought a Hyperkin Retron System to play my Nes collection on, so I didn't have to put more wear and tear on my Nintendo (replacement cart connectors get expensive after awhile! ). I really liked it, its so easy to set up and small enough to take anywhere with a tv, plus it plays my games pretty easily. Well, it got me to thinking, maybe there is a similar system to play Atari 2600 games on? Well, I had no luck finding one , so, I contacted Hyperkin to see if they would consider making one for the Atari Games. They said they would forward my email to their R&D department and look into possibly making one. Long story short, there may be a new system to play your old Atari games on to where you dont have to hack up your old machine to play it on a newer tv. And yes, the original system is still best, (im not selling my sixers, either one) , but if they put out a Retron System to play Atari games on,( for about $20-25 USD) would you buy one?
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