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Found 1 result

  1. I've finally made the switch to GPU coding and ported majority of features of my C code for the Road Rash prototype (that was in past running only under emulator) into GPU. This build is obviously very early, but shows all the most performance-hungry engine features, like: - 3D transformation (World+View+Projection) - World Frustum culling - Polygon clipping - Texturing of buildings and road (texturing on GPU gives much higher quality/precision than via Blitter) Processors used: - Blitter : 0% - DSP : 0% - OP : ~10% - GPU: ~65% - 68000: 5% Level: - currently only 5 buildings, on a loop, as I don't want to waste time creating a mesh for big city manually, before I have working hills/curves Framerate: - Locked to 30 fps (e.g. stable, exact 30 fps, never less than 30) - Without the lock, the framerate actually oscillates around ~42 fps. It's entirely within the reach to get it to run at 50 fps on PAL jaguar. Here are the reasons: - 1. I am currently using very generic texturing functions, and all texture data gets fetched from slow main RAM. - 2. I did some benchmarks with different versions of those routines (I wrote about 5 different versions), that had partial local caching from within GPU, and their performance jumped more than 25%, so 50 fps is entirely reachable (if I can be bothered to optimize it) - 3. There is literally 0% use of DSP, and quite a few engine features could run in parallel from DSP. The Audio won't use more than 10-15% of DSP anyway, so it's free to help GPU. - 4. Road texture is very high-res, gets sampled too much, which means it's hitting the bus more often than needed (as you can't even see all the texels even at closest camera position) Memory footprint: Binary has 175 KB: - 78 KB : Textures - 64 KB : Framebuffer - 20 KB: 68000 Code (from initialization, through loading of textures, to handing over control to GPU) - 5 KB : Data - 4 KB : GPU code - 0.5 KB : Level Video: Here's the YT link, captured on my $10 AV device (the capture quality obviously corresponds to price of the capture device). Next Features: - 2D Props (hydrant,trees) - basic terrain layer - Curves/Hills Since I just made the jump to GPU, I'm very curious about its various performance characteristics, so I'm going to get distracted by various experiments/effects (e.g. won't be working just on this). Ultimately, I was always a huge NeedForSpeed / Screamer fan, so eventually I'd like to create one fully playable track with a proper 3D terrain, and I believe 3D textured cars are also within playable framerate (e.g. 20+).
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