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Found 12 results

  1. Recently I coded up a program to allow converting ASCII and ATASCII files. The program is command line driven and intended for use under SpartaDOS X (earlier versions may also work). I posted this program in the Sparta DOS 4.47 topic, but am moving it here to its own. I am hoping for testing and feedback. When the program is finally done to the level of performance I am happy with, hopefully it can be made part of the SDX Toolkit. But if not, anyone will be free to add it to their own tools collection as they see fit. So, download it and give it a try if you like. Keep the following program usage in mind because right now, very little user entry validation is performed. It is therefore important that you spell out your device:filename entries. AAC (ASCII ATASCII Converter) is designed to copy a source text file to a destination text file, doing a text translation in the process. Only the output format is specified. It will be assumed the input file will be the opposing type. For example, if an ASCII, (either DOS/Win or Unix) output translation is used, then the input file is assumed to be in ATASCII form. Usage: AAC <source> <dest> /[T|A|U|H] /T = convert to ATASCII /A = convert to ASCII (DOS/Win) /U = convert to ASCII (Unix) /H = this help summary Eg: X AAC.EXE D1:COOLINFO.ASC D2:COOLINFO.TXT /T If using COMEXE you can get by with this: AAC D1:COOLINFO.ASC D2:COOLINFO.TXT /T Download the program.
  2. I was reading up on the MiST over lunch and was wondering if this remarkable device can run Spartados/X when the atari800 core is loaded? I've been unable to find anything online to confirm or deny this. Has anybody tried this? If it does work, can a partition (disk image) of a few Mb be mounted and used (read/write)? I don't own a MiST so I can't try it myself, or at least not yet. I'm asking because this might influence whether I order one or not. Jeremy
  3. OMG this is frustrating .. I have installed my Incognito, and as far as I can tell it seems to be working.... BUT.. I cannot get SDX (I dont know another OS for this) to read the FAT16 partition on the CF card. The cf card is a 8gb sandisk Ultra - BIOS (FJC latest) reads card.. Fdisk inits it, partitions it.. I can put in in a PC and format the Fat16 I get all OKs on the chkfat. The partition seems fine. APT partitions I can build directories, I can transfer files etc.. no issues - it seems to be just the FAT16 - In the BIOS SIDE LOADER - I can see the FAT16 partition fine. FJC has loaded this CF image into Altirra and it works fine (Image is available for anyone) BUT - if I just load SDX 4.47 from the incognito, (I am waiting for a 192k GUI friendly size 448) .. I get 148 unknown file system (SO?? is Fatfs.sys loading from 447?? FJC works on Altirra?) IF I run fatfs.sys from the 4.48 toolkit.. and try and dir d3: the system locks up - I can do nothing.. but after reset (not cold - so 448 fatfs.sys is still in there) I run dir again - I get 181 file system corrupt.. I can run a chkdisk on it.. but nothing else. FJC and I have tried as much as we can see .. he thinks hardware... I really dont have and idea.. Any one know enough.. Could one of the wires that are specific to PBI function on the build be an issue?? Looking for ideas please!!! James
  4. Hi everybody, I tried to use symbol U_LOAD of SpartaDos 4.46 to run another program but I don't understand how to deal with FLAG symbol. I don't see the solution in the documentation (translated by Google). Basically, I am doing something like this: ldy #0 lda #<executable_filename sta FILE_P,y iny lda #>executable_filename sta FILE_P,y sty FLAG jsr U_LOAD It does not run anything. Of course, all uppercase labels (FILE_P, FLAG and U_LOAD are binded at runtime). I can see the value in Altirra ($0CE3 for FILE_P,...) The filename is also correct. When I place in executable_filename a wrong filename I got an error. With a right filename, the call to U_LOAD returns but nothing is run. Maybe the problem is with FLAG symbol ? I am not sure about 1) the way to fill it and 2) the value to set to run the executable. I don't know if I should store something in FLAG or consider FLAG as a pointer and if I can/must change FLAG to point to a byte inside my program ? And which value to use (the doc says bit 7 should be cleared but what is the use of the other bits, if any) ? Thank you for your help.
  5. I think FlashJazzCat runs the 'http://www.atari8.co.uk' "A8" website? I wonder if he could explain to me the differences between the version of SDX446 that comes from the official website - with a SIDE flasher - and the SIDE ROM available from A8?
  6. I'm trying to make SDX 4.46 work properly with my SIO2SD, but I've run into trouble and I'm looking for ideas. I have a stock 130XE, and an SIO2SD running version 3.1 firmware. I burned SDX to an AtariMax 8Mbit cart. No other devices are on the SIO bus. The SIO2SD works just fine normally, and I can boot OSes like MyDOS 4.53 and Atari DOS 2.5 just fine. It also loads .xex games and PicoDos formatted game ATRs no problem. I boot the system off the SDX cartridge and with a DOS 2.5 ATR mounted. SDX prints its banner, then stalls with the "fart" sound for what seems like a minute or so. The farting is punctuated with a bleep of attempted sector access maybe once every 10 seconds. When that happens, the SIO2SD displays "$3F (?)" on its display. Eventually SDX gives up and gives me a D1: prompt, but I still can't get a directory listing - just more farting and error 170. I tried turning off SIO high-speed mode on the SIO2SD, as well as turning off "top drive" mode on the SIO2SD, but that didn't help. Can anyone provide some suggestions to what might be wrong? Thanks!
  7. Hi, three things first: 1) I've never used SDX and not even loaded a program for it 2) I know the file format though and wrote a parser for it 3) I know 1) and 2) are a somehow a contradiction, but who said this forum is for logical questions only I have a program here as source that was done for SDX. The author (mono) uses the CPP pre-processor because the code uses symbols relative to COMTAB. The latter I assume is the base address for all system routines, like the EXEC ($0004) pointer under Amiga OS. ; In asm source you must include: ; #include "sdxdef.icl" ; and assembly with: ; $ cpp -P source.asm -o source.a && mads source.a DECOUT2 = COMTAB-21 The reason behind using the pre-processor seems to be that MADS cannot result definition like the one above if COMTAB is a relocated symbol. And when I replace DIVA = COMTAB+255 DIVB = COMTAB+$103 FACA = COMTAB+255 FACB = COMTAB+$103 RESI = COMTAB+$107 by FACA SMB 'FACA' FACB SMB 'FACB' RESI SMB 'RESI' it all compiles fine with MADS without the pre-processor but will must likely not load because RESI for example will not be resolved. What's the reason behind this? Does the SDX loader only resolve a subset of the entries known in this "COMTAB"? If yes, why? I'd assume all entries in COMTAB are "public" (at least the code above anyway codes against that assumption/offsets).
  8. Does anyone have the G: Handler? IIRC, You could LIST"G:" to print ATASCII on an Epson printer. I really need to print some ATASCII files I have so I can make them as consistent as possible. COPY MAINMENU.ATA, G: should also work as well. I had this BITD, does anyone remember this? Basically, I want to print all my BBS menus, etc. so I have a reference when editing them. I want to make this look nice. I definitely remember the G: handler. I just hope someone else does as well (that has the file).
  9. If you look at the TDLINE display, you'll notice that it shows an 'a' for AM, whereas the file 'DATA_IN.BAS' which was saved only a few minutes earlier has a time stamp of 12:39P (which is correct). At 1PM the TDLINE display will change to a 'p' for PM as it should be. Everything else works properly, and the date will change at midnight as it is suppose to. Anyone else have this problem? Or is it just me? Has this been fixed in the latest release? - Michael
  10. Since Phaeron added Corvus emulation to Altirra, and considering the excitement which sometimes surrounds these rare vintage HDD controllers, here's an XL/XE Corvus APT driver for SpartaDOS X: corvus_apt_driver_v.0.1.zip This works exactly like the SIDE, MYIDE and Colleen drivers which are already in wide use. Fire up Altirra, add a Corvus via System->Devices..., boot SDX, run CORVUS.SYS and then run the APT partition editor (FDISK) in the usual fashion. Be sure to select XL/XE compatibility (ports 1+2). Volume size is very limited at the moment since only a 6MB HDD is emulated, but it's fun nonetheless. Note: this driver uses the APT partition format, so if you happen to prep a disk (real or emulated), all your old Corvus partitions will be gone. Not sure where this is going, if anywhere, but the next task is to tighten up the driver and make transfers a bit faster (it's very slow at the moment since modularity has resulted in a lot of subroutine calls for every byte transferred). Error checking is non-existent and I have absolutely no idea how this will fare on real hardware. The firmware tracks should be safe since the driver only does block transfers in the user area of the drive. FDISK works transparently with the Corvus with the exception that the Firmware description string spills out of the APT device properties dialog, so I'll fix that eventually. All the APT tools I've tested work with it (APTDISK, APTDEV, etc), and you can explore the disk at the physical or logical level with KMK's excellent EDDY editor. You can even leave your Ultimate/SIDE HDD active and run it alongside the Corvus. Both devices show up in the partition editor. Speaking of Ultimate: if you're using the new BIOS, disable joystick input in the setup menu otherwise the Corvus will move the highlight cursor for you. The driver will eventually sense if it's working on an 800 and configure itself for PORTB, and avail itself of the extra joystick ports Incognito provides in XL/XE mode. Right now, it's XL/XE only.
  11. Hello, SpartaDOS X 4.46 with Toolkit is now officially available for download on: http://sdx.atari8.info (or http://spartados.com and http://spartadosx.com). List of changes is available here: http://sdx.atari8.in...46/whatsnew.txt Since the manual will be updated to 4.46 a little bit later, please review the whatsnew.txt file carefully. You may also like to visit SDX upgrade project on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SpartadosX Although still in the early stage, the page contains highlights of the new release and other announcements. DLT team
  12. I'm looking for a couple of utility disks that don't seem to be in any of the archives. QuickCode is a set of macros for use with Mac/65: QuickCode - Atarimania FlashBack is a backup program for use with SpartaDOS: FlashBack - Atarimania Info for both can also be found here: Antic Reviews - Power Tools If anybody has an ATR of either of these to share, or has a real copy and would be so kind as to make an image, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, MF
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