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Found 14 results

  1. From the album: My Retro Stuff

    Just got my SIO2SD and it brilliant,I still load disks from my 1050 too.
  2. Went down a rabbit hole with an 800XE with a badly discoloured case and built-in Mega-HZ SIO2SD. It was all architecturally soldered with the wiring buried in hot glue, and the screen assembly had to come out for case renovation (this is the machine I ended up painting). It was impossible to document the wiring when ripping this stuff out. Now, unlike more recent SIO2SDs, this Mega-HZ made board has headers for two different kinds of LCD module. The wiring description for the non-standard screen (the one fitted to this machine) is about half way down this page: http://www.mega-hz.de/Angebote/SIO2SD/SIO2SD%20rev.2.html The LCD connections aren't a problem, but the LED backlight is - it appears - driven off a 7v supply, hence the DC/DC converter pictured below: There are no marks of any kind on this unit and the plan was to simply jettison it and the red LCD and replace it with a modern standard unit. Unfortunately the bezels on the newer screens are too small for the hole cut in the case (leaving a huge 4mm gap), so I'm exploring the possibility of re-using the original screen pending purchase of an alternative (a Batron unit with a 30mm high bezel). The old screen is red, however, and it would be kinda nice to get it working again. The wiring plan for the backlight makes sense to me aside from the DC/DC converter section. Coupled with the unmarked black box, I have little idea how to proceed. Anyone seen one of these before or have any ideas?
  3. Hello, I just looking for some info about copy files .atr or other files can be copied to real Disk on Indus GT Disk Drive. Is this possible?. If it is possible, how is the process? Comments, suggests i will apreciate. Thanks.
  4. Is it possible for the SIO2SD to sit mid way in a daisy-chain of devices? Obviously one would need to modify it somewhat as mine has just one screw-down header on the main circuit board. I also only have the bare version so do not know if Lotharek's cased units come with two SIO sockets or just one. Presumably it would not be as simple as just wiring a socket in parallel to the connector? A second, unrelated (except in the general sense of modding the bare device) question; the SIO2SD website mentions that the hardware can support a wider display with I think 40 characters. Can anyone point out a part number or eBay auction for a compliant LCD unit?
  5. Spanner

    SIO2SD XEX loader menu

    From the album: My Retro Stuff

    This is what comes up when you load the SIO2SD
  6. Hello, I recently purchased v1.3 SIO2SD with loader software v3.5 from Lotharek and need help setting up and operating (and perhaps even modifying) the SIO2SD in trying to connect it to a real Atari floppy drive. I am attempting to make .atr files of some programming software I have on floppy disk that I would like to contribute to atarimania's archive: 1) APX Basic Renumber Utility (RENUM), 2) APX Ultimate Renumber Utility, 3) Hofacker 6502 Program Files disk, 4) Hofacker Games for the Atari Program Files disk and 5) Antic Basic View. Thank you very, very much in advance for your time, help or suggestions. And patience! Although I am very much still learning to use SIO2SD, I really enjoy SIO2SD and it's many capabilities. It is very cool technology! I have both Philsan's instructions and instructions from Lotharek's website for loader v3.5. I asked Lotharek via email about my issue and I've copied and pasted Lotharek's replies below: his suggestions seem to be a) modifying my SIO2SD SIO connector b) but first trying another Atari 8 bit computer to see if SIO capacitors may be to blame. As I have very limited modding/hardware modification background, I am hoping to find another possible alternative to modding my SIO2SD SIO connector, though that may not be possible. I understand how to use the cfg tool and .xex loader and I understand how to work with .atr files loaded onto the SD card. I have made my own blank formatted .atr files in Atari800MacX, loaded them onto the SD card and then used these to make data disks and game disks while using the SIO2SD. For example I have made game disks for Wizard's Crown and Eternal Dagger and a Character Disk for Alternate Reality The City. For what it's worth everything works well when loading and saving games on the SIO2SD: Stunt Car Racer works perfectly with game progress save ability, best time save ability, etc I am trying to connect v1.3 SIO2SD with loader software v3.5 with a 130XE and one or both of two real Atari floppy drives, a 1050 Happy Drive and an XF551. So far I have been unable to figure out how to connect SIO2SD with either real floppy drive and have the SIO2SD and real floppy drive communicate or work with each other: the SIO2SD does not appear to recognize either one of my real floppy drives when they are connected. I have already asked a couple of AtariAge members who own SIO2SD and they have been very gracious and generous with their time and help. So far nothing we have come up with has worked. From everything I've read and learned about SIO2SD, this seems like it should be a relatively straight forward process: connecting SIO2SD with real floppy drives for making .atr files from floppy or making real floppies from .atr files. Over the last 72 hours these steps have been tried a) 1050 Happy Drive as D2 with SIO2SD as D1 (with cfg setting device = 0) and SIO chain order 130XE, 1050 and then SIO2SD b) an alternative SIO2SD unix cfg file and a different .xex loader than those that came preloaded and preconfigured from Lotharek c) SIO2SD with original .xex loader disabled and also removed e) XF551 in place of 1050; with real drive as D2 with SIO2SD as D1 (with cfg setting device = 0) and SIO chain order 130XE, XF551 and then SIO2SD f) all three devices connected with SIO2SD as D1, 1050 as D2 and XF551 as D3 and SIO chain order 130XE, 1050, then XF551 and last SIO2SD g) different cfg options such as loader startup and device number settings on SIO2SD h) disabling all D and V drives on SIO2SD except D drive being used for either loading .atr files or trying to save .atr files from floppy (though this still hasn't occurred as I'm unable to have the SIO2SD communicate with either floppy drive for that purpose) i) using SIO2SD only D drives number D1, D2 or D3 depending on what I am trying to do -- load or copy in the different configurations I've tried (with all other SIO2SD D drives and V drives off) j) completely reversing the process and using the SIO2SD as D2 and real drive as D1 and trying to make floppy disks from .atr files For me no combination of setups has made any difference. With everything tried so far the SIO2SD device seems to control or take over the SIO chain -- or just ignore it altogether? -- and not recognize the real floppy drive/drives in the chain. No matter what physical configuration of the different devices and cfg settings on SIO2SD, the result is the same: SIO2SD only recognizes it's own D and V drives on the SD card but no real drive, physical drives. Here are Lotharek's replies: Lotharek's first reply if sio communication fails, and you have tried all of above, please try with other and / or modfy sio plug what i presume are: capacitors on data lines of sio port Diode at sio2sd on read line (pin 3) (please see attached image for schematic provided by Lotharek that followed the text of his first reply) Lotharek's second reply/update (received while I was typing up this post) First try with other atari as capacitors on sio port may be flaky...(1% od chance,,) Please know I really, really appreciate Lotharek replying directly, twice! I recognize he is very busy with many projects on many platforms. With regard to Lotharek's second reply and suggestion I will try my other Atari 8 bit computer to see if a flaky capacitor in my 130XE is causing the issue; that will take an hour or two to retrieve from storage, set up and test out but it will be the first thing I do after finishing this post. I will update here immediately with results. However much I appreciate Lotharek taking the time to reply and offer suggestions and a possible fix (which again I do really, really appreciate), I have no clue what to do with his first response. In the first reply I believe he's talking about substituting or modifying the SIO connector or "plug" on the SIO2SD, but I am uncertain. If it this is the only way to get my Lotharek's v1.3 SIO2SD to connect with real Atari floppy drives then I will attempt it. Can anyone help interpret Lotharek's suggested fix in his first reply (the one with the schematic) and how I might go about implementing it? I am sorry to have to ask but I will need very specific, rudimentary instructions, if anyone has the time and patience for that; again assuming that modifying my SIO2SD connector is the only way to get SIO2SD to recognize and communicate with my real floppy drives. My 130XE and both of real drives are fully functional and SIO ports on both drives and 130XE are working well when the two real drives are connected together and chained to 130XE. I have tested the Happy 1050 and XF551 separately and together just to make sure they work properly; alternating, I setup both drives as D1 and then connected and setup both drives as D1 and D2. That is, each drive has been configured as D1 and D2 when connecting the 1050 and XF551 together with the 130XE (without SIO2SD which seems to prevent the chain from working properly for some reason when it is connected, when SIO2SD is last in chain). Thank you very much for taking the time to read this very lengthy post; please consider replying if you have the time, patience, willingness to help and are able. Thank you in advance for your patience, time and help. Best Regards Fingolfin
  7. I'm trying to make SDX 4.46 work properly with my SIO2SD, but I've run into trouble and I'm looking for ideas. I have a stock 130XE, and an SIO2SD running version 3.1 firmware. I burned SDX to an AtariMax 8Mbit cart. No other devices are on the SIO bus. The SIO2SD works just fine normally, and I can boot OSes like MyDOS 4.53 and Atari DOS 2.5 just fine. It also loads .xex games and PicoDos formatted game ATRs no problem. I boot the system off the SDX cartridge and with a DOS 2.5 ATR mounted. SDX prints its banner, then stalls with the "fart" sound for what seems like a minute or so. The farting is punctuated with a bleep of attempted sector access maybe once every 10 seconds. When that happens, the SIO2SD displays "$3F (?)" on its display. Eventually SDX gives up and gives me a D1: prompt, but I still can't get a directory listing - just more farting and error 170. I tried turning off SIO high-speed mode on the SIO2SD, as well as turning off "top drive" mode on the SIO2SD, but that didn't help. Can anyone provide some suggestions to what might be wrong? Thanks!
  8. I have finally managed to update my SIO2SD to the latest (3.1RC2) firmware and to create an EMPTY disc in D2: Trying to Format that Disc from DOS XL results in SIO2SD showing a new ATR file but DOS XL shows an access error and does neither fully format nor otherwise access the new .ATR (which is shown mounted to D2: on the display. As the DOS XL is my workig copy from the 80s it might have been configured (patched?) to be used on a single drive only to save buffer memory. Unfortunately I didn't find any online reference on how/where to set/POKE what to ensure enough buffers to use more drives. Is there such a thing for DOS XL? Thanks for any hints - especially a manual link!
  9. Hi all, I've been looking for this information all day yesterday, but could not find a specific answer to my question... I have a stock 600XL (16Kb of memory) and I wanted to test my SIO2SD on it yesterday, but could never get to the screen to select the game or software I wanted to launch. I was thinkng I did sometime wrong and the SIO2SD was not properly configured. But I tested it on my 800XL, and it worked right away. So the questions I have are the following: 1) I guess it is because it does not have enough memory and BASIC is going over/before the SIO2SD software can load. Does this make sense? 2) is there a way to tell it not to load BASIC and load the SIO2SD software first? 3) I read that 16Kb of memory may not be enough for most games, ­is the only solution to use a 600XL is to upgrade it to 64 Kb? Thank you all
  10. I would like to make a SIO2SD - SDrive comparison. INSTALLATION: both are easy to install, you only have to put a loader/create a folder on the SD card; then you just copy all your .xex and .atr from your PC without compatibility problems. PROGRAMS SELECTION: both offer on screen selection, SIO2SD let you select programs from the lcd display too (useful to swap disks or create them on the fly). ON SCREEN MENU: SIO2SD displays long filenames of all files, SDrive displays long filenames of selected file only. http://youtu.be/QGtoUvxmJxY NUMBER OF DRIVES/DISKS SUPPORTED: SIO2SD 15 - SDrive 4 (f.e. Alternate Reality, The Dark Crystal, F.R.E.E., Gunslinger need more than 4 disks) SPEED: according to this thread, SIO2SD seems faster but IMO more tests need to be done. SD CARDs: SIO2SD up to 32GB - SDrive up to 2GB LAST SOFTWARE UPDATE: SIO2SD 2012 - SDrive 2009 PRICE: SIO2SD parts are more expensive but SIO2SD devices strangely seem cheaper. EDIT: recently AtariAge user santosp started selling cheap SDrives (look my topic for newbies). VARIOUS CASES: SIO2SD SDrive CONCLUSIONS: SIO2SD and SDrive are both good devices. SIO2SD has the advantage of drives/disks supported (15 instead of 4, important for some games contained in more than 4 disk), disks selection/creation on the fly thanks to lcd display and loader long files names display (all files, not selected ones only). Please feel free to fill voids, add fields and correct me if I am wrong. I will update this post accordingly.
  11. If you like disk images from the Homesoft collection: http://www.mushca.com/f/atari/ perhaps you faced the same problem as I did. Each ATR image contain several games and to find a game on SIO2SD you need to have the table of contents (GAMES.TXT or better GAMES_S.TXT) printed out. I tried to extract the XEX files with Total Commander and ATR plugin, but the files have short names: GACCRR.XEX for "The Great American Cross Country Road Race" That's why I wrote a small HomesoftExtractor tool: http://www.abbuc.de/phpBB3/download/file.php?id=2784 Manual: 1) Download the ZIP files (GAMES001.ZIP, GAMES002.ZIP, etc.) and extract them (to ATR files) 2) Download the GAMES.ZIP file and extract it (to GAMES.TXT file) 3) Copy the HomesoftExtractor.jar file to the folder with GAMES.TXT and ATR files 4) Double click on HomesoftExtractor.jar or start it from the command line: java -jar HomesoftExtractor.jar After some time you should get over 3500 XEX files with long names. I recommend to copy the XEX files on the SD card (for SIO2SD) with nvc.jar: http://sio2sd.gucio.pl/wiki/SoftwarePC_en This way you will easily and quickly find the games you want to play!
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm ~30 years late to the party but I finally bought my first Atari computer this week, the 800XL!! As a complete beginner to Atari and this whole scene I'm excited but also a little confused and would love some advice. The computer came with a 1010 Cassette deck (I've replaced the belts) and about 8 games on cassette - the computer and tape deck work fine but unfortunately none of the games load, I keep getting BOOT ERROR - so I haven't been been able to do anything on it yet The main purpose of this is for games, programming (basic and assembly) and the general fun of discovering what this thing can do. I have seen many great looking devices such as: sio2pc, sio2bt, sio2sd, Ultimate 1MB, Side2, Pokey Stereo Sound Where do I start, what should I get? importantly, who should I get these things from and what should I avoid? Please tell me which devices you have yourself, what you found the most and least useful and your recommendations. Thanks to everyone in advance - hopefully this post can help future noobs like me. All the best - I look forward to some good advice!
  13. Doing a refit of one of my SIO2SD units (Retr0Brite, new LCD, etc), and I fancy adding activity lights on the SIO2PC component: I did this on a unit I made for AA member Philsan, but that one had an AtariMax SIO2PC in it, with ready-made hook-ups for the LEDs. This one is the standard home-made MAX232/RS232 version. What I have in mind is two additional LEDs on the front: one for transmit, one for receive. Any ideas how best to wire these up to the back of the DB9?
  14. Just got Lotharek's SIO2SD for my stock XEGS. I can meander thru with the k1-k4 hardware buttons and load ATR's - but if I just press start to get the keyboard navigation'able menu - I get a continuous "BOOT ERROR". I tried mounting the card and deleting the "SIO2SD.CFG" file, thinking that maybe after it wrote a new one, that would fix things. Well, it wrote a new one, but still get the "BOOT ERROR". Any help would be much appreciated!!
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