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Found 11 results

  1. I already have the system, so I just need its box, let me know if you have one you are willing to sell.
  2. I'm getting out of the collecting gig and with things going on in my life, I'm letting most of my collection go. Here's the start: TurboGrafx-16 System with system box and 13 games Pier Solar and the Great Architects Reprint Edition I'll be adding more as time goes on. Any questions let me know. Thanks for checking it out!
  3. Is there any interest in this? Picked it up cause I thought of you guys. Toss me an offer? Kinda large to ship. Will meet up locally in Spring, Tx if interested, or ship out on your dime. http://imgur.com/a/AXkaP
  4. Atari 2600 Games I Want 1. Frog “N” flies (white label) 2. Tron: Deadly Discs (Black/Hong Kong) 3. Raft Rider (Standard/Square Label) 4. Superman (sears picture) 5. Mangia 6. Burgertime (telegames silver) 7. Survival Island (cassette) 8. Sword of Saros (cassette) 9. Assault (Q.C. Passed N) 10. Great Escape (Q.C. Passed N) 11. Wall-Defender (Q.C. Passed N) 12. Z-tack (Q.C. Passed N) 13. Gauntlet 14. Cakewalk 15. Video Life 16. Magicard 17. Atlantis II 18. Lochjaw 19. Air raid 20. Eli’s ladder 21. Karate (square case) Ultravision 22. Karate (t-handle) Ultravision 23. Gamma-Attack 24. Red Sea Crossing 25. Birthday Mania 26. Pepsi Invaders 27. Color Bar Generator 28. Copy Cart 29. ECPC Cartridge 30. Cubicolor (Imagic) 31. Xante: Alien, Beany Bopper, Crypts of Chaos, Demon Attack, No Escape, Solar Storm 32. Black Jack 1986 33. Maze Craze 1986 34. Outlaw 1986 35. Surround 1986 36. Star raiders 1986 37. Star raiders 1987 38. Missile command 1985 39. Asteroids silver label 1986 40. Stargate silver label 1986 41. Dig Dug silver label 1986 42. Kangaroo silver label 1986 43. Moon Patrol silver label 1986 44. Realsports Baseball silver label 1986 45. Swordquest earthworld silver label 1986 46. Swordquest fireworld silver label 1986 47. Adventure 1987 48. Battlezone 1987 49. Indy 500 1987 50. Sworddquest 1987 51. Battlezone 1985 52. Berzerk 1985 53. Kangaroo 1985 54. Pacman 1985 55. Yars revenge 1985
  5. Greetings all, I've been working on a sealed collection of 2600 Red Label (NTSC) games and I might need a little help finding the last two that I'm missing. Does anyone know where I can find a sealed copy of Donkey Kong (not junior) and/or Yars Revenge? I've been keeping an eye on ebay and Craigslist, but I thought some of you may have other ideas. Thanks! Joshua
  6. I am happy to announce the 6th Annual Cowlitz Gamers for Kids Charity Videogame show to help raise funds for the Childrens Justice and Advocacy Center(CJAC). Over the five shows, the show has helped raise over $24,500 to the Childrens Justice and Advocacy Center (CJAC) and we're convinced we can do better this year with your help! PRGE is once again absorbing much of the cost of putting on this show so that 100% of the admission will go directly to CJAC. It is CJAC's mission to provide children who have experienced sexual or physical abuse a coordinated community approach to investigation, prosecution and treatment that promotes their safety, healing, and well-being. We have moved the show this year to a wonderful venue. The show will be on Saturday, March 28, 2015 at the Cowlitz County Regional Conference Center in Longview WA. 1900 7th Ave Longview, WA. The event will be from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Directions: http://www.thecenterofthenorthwest.com/directions.html This years event is about 1 hour north of Portland or 2 hours south of Seattle on I-5. Doors open at 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Admission is $5, although we invite you to contribute more if you can! All admission goes straight to the non profit CJAC, which will be present at the show to answer further questions about how they service the community. Cowlitz County Conference Center 1900 7th Avenue Longview, WA 98632 What Can you Expect? Over 30 vendors from around the Northwest will be present. It will feature classic video game vendors, a freeplay gaming console arcade, a silent auction, and a retro videogame tournament. All this done for a good cause. Expect a ton of good deals on classic video game merchandise including video game systems, games, artwork, and accessories. In addition to outside video game vendors, there will be T-shirts and other merchandise specifically made for the event that will also be sold specifically to suport CJAC. The event is child-friendly so please feel free to bring the entire family! Further Announcements will be made, so stay tuned... for more info also stay connected by visiting our website for further announcements http://www.cowlitzgamers.moonfruit.com./ also visit our facebook event page made for the event! https://www.facebook.com/events/326631830818492/?ref=2&ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming
  7. Elektronite presents Jeff Minter's Hover Bovver for sale and ready to ship now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mowing the lawn has NEVER been so much fun! The object of the game is to take on the role of Englishman Gordon Bennett and score as many points as possible by mowing as many as 16 different lawns with his Air-Mo Lawn mower! As you guide Gordon Bennett on his mowing mission, try your best not to annoy your dog Rover or the gardener, and avoid your neighbour's unwelcome attentions! Game Play Video You've never played a game like this before! Your lawn needs mowing and your mower doesn't work. What now? Borrow your neighbour's mower when he's not looking! Mow your way through as many as 16 lawns whilst avoiding 3 angry neghbours trying to retrieve their mowers! Set your dog onto the neighbour to help you out of tight spots. Make sure you do not overheat the mower or run over your dog! Do a good job! If you run over the flowers, the gardener will not be pleased! Save your high score permanently on the cartridge. It talks! INTELLIVISION VOICE SYNTHESIS CARTRIDGE. 107k / 84 seconds of digital voice. Realistic dog barking! 16 Different Lawns with the first 8 selectable at start. Background story from Jeff Minter. Programmed by Óscar Toledo Gutierrez Reservations listed below will be honored for 1 week from today (through 6/22/2018), then released to the next purchaser. If the serial you reserved is numbered 1-10 contact me directly by Email here. All others go to https://www.naberhood.com to order your copy. When ordering, please include your Atari Age user name in the PayPal comment section of your payment please post your order number in this thread so I can match the serial number you reserved with your purchase. Half-Cut carts can be upgraded to the full version. Contact me directly by Email here and I will reply with instructions. Cost breakdown by serial number: 1. $200 - Free Shipping & fees 2. $150 - Free Shipping & fees 3. $150 - Free Shipping & fees 4 - 5 $125 ea. - Free Shipping & fees 6 - 10 $100 ea. - Free Shipping & fees 11 and beyond $70 ea. plus shipping and fees Shipping and fees for 1 in the US is approx. $8. Shipping and fees for 1 to Canada is approx. $18. Shipping and fees for 1 to the remainder of the world is approx. $27. Add $3 for each additional copy. All dollar amounts in US dollars. Reservation list: 1. cmart 2. Steve G [E] 3. RetroAl 4. gunoz 5. ianoid 6. AtariBuff 7. mjarnold 8. MTLGUY [E] 9. atariron82 10. Hyperboy ------------------------ 11. intellivotion 12. intvsteve 13. Lathe26 14. WaveRider1970 15. Soulbuster 16. Eric7100 17. Eric7100 18. Terry [E] 19. Special Teams 20. BriceZ 21. Rick Reynolds 22. nurmix 23. TrekMD 24. Special Teams 25. Mark [E] 26. Spadafermo51 27. Spadafermo51 28. MIKEY LIKES InTv 29. 20ohm20 30. Soulbuster 31. Zamp1968 32. Ambrosine 33. wolfy62 34. wolfy62 35. Marco Miccoli 36. cvga 37. fsuinnc 38. rhcocker 39. Intymike 40. m-crew 41. Nibunnoichi 42. mdoerty 43. AJChandler 44. mr_intv 45. AtariBrian 46. AIntellivet 47. intellivotion 48. toymailman 49. toymailman 50. Darrin9999 51. stupus 52. RayXambeR [E] 53. Larry [E] 54. TED-SCS [E] 55. JohnPCAE 56. TPR 57. ataridan 58. Fushek 59. Intellfan 60. gershbec 61. Brian [E] 62. Brian [E] 63. mammothservices 64. jeffgamer 65. TrickyMoon 66. Steve J 67. KevinMos3 68. Intellivisioner 69. AtariBuff 70. TestaOn 71. infraMan 72. Oscar G. 73. spaceman 74. spaceman 75. ArcadeJunkie 76. cmart 77. cmart 78. bradd1978 79. RetroAl 80. Binth 81. JoeM_Intellivision 82. JoeM_Intellivision 83. stebsy 84. Herkamur 85. scobb 86. WispFollower 87. Crazy Climber 88. JasonlikesINTV 89. CMUalum 90. gavvv 91. Zamp1968 92. Cownschool 93. segasaturn 94. harveyjcat 95. Troy_Whelan 96. revolutionika 97. revolutionika 98. revolutionika 99. revolutionika 100. mthompson 101. First Spear 102. Certifiable 103. reims_de 104. mylok 105. fandenivoldsk 106. BBWW 107. BBWW 108. FABombjoy 109. rpgcollector 110. killersqirel 111. Ashley Bottoms 112. alevin16 113. furor 114. Glenn C. [E] 115. Decologix 116. Mufla 117. Alex.Pace 118. Jonas C [E] 119. Jonas C [E] 120. Jonas C [E] 121. GenetixJ 122. imstarryeyed 123. bunion1971 124. Charon 125. DMonroe 126. DMonroe 127. Todd [E] 128. y-bot 129. Gaztee 130. Mike S [E] 131. Clownschool 132. Rick Reynolds 133. Fabio G [E] 134. Stuart M [E] 135. killersquirel 136. zodiacprime 137. Dane S 138. Edward K [E] 139. Brian R. [E] 140. Brian R. [E] 141. BenG76 142. bikeguychicago 143. Colorado Rockie 144. Steve Jones 145. Michael F [E] 146. veritas 147. Phil P [E] 148. jfng 149. Humblejack 150. tw1sted1981 151. lorenzogino69 152. lorenzogino69 153. lorenzogino69 154. fdr4prez 155. SiLic0ne t0aD85 156. river9999uk 157. Imstarryeyed 158. travistouchdown 159. Zachary W. 160. Daniel F. [E]
  8. OK folks they are finished, finally going to start selling these Parker Brothers Atari 2600 Reproduction labels. I took all the best images I could find of the game titles and completely reworked and touched them up. This was not an easy task as I sometime had to mix multiple pictures to get the full image including the copyrights. Then most scratches and blemishes that I found were gone over and fixed. These are printed on a high quality photo paper that has a strong peel and stick backing. They are made slightly larger then the original dimensions and should be a perfect fit for those games that no longer have the decent titles attached or are missing entirely. I have incorporated my trademark on all and written Retro Reproduction onto the bottom of some matching the original copyrights. Since these are early copies, I thought I would give the group here a discount price before I sell them on eBay. If you would like to order some you need buy a minimum of 4 labels. It will be just $2 for each single title copy and $2 for the S&H. Just send me a PM of your PayPal eMail account and list of what you want. I will then send you an invoice of your order so it can be tracked and insured by PayPal. I only have about 5-8 of each PB title already made. I won't be making them for Mr. Do's Castle or Q*bert's Qubes as I want those to maintain their original values. It's going to take a bit to get additional peal and stick Photo Paper, and I had to order a bulk shipment of ink for my new Epson printer. Some of these are not perfect as the copyrights are a bit blurred, yet others are really excellent and you can barely tell them from the originals. As the angular size of these are strange, they are DIY and you will have to cut them out and attach the labels yourself. This way you get the pleasure of "Restoring" your own games. Most of these I have already cut out individually, so you will likely get them ready to stick onto your own games.
  9. Hey guys/gals, I have a working Vectrex system that has been sitting in my room for the past 20ish years, that i just realized was probably worth some dough. I have 23 games (all of them except berzerk) , about 20 or so are CIB with overlays in sheets in good condition and the manuals. The remaining that aren't CIB are missing a manual or the sheath over the overlay or the plastic housing for the game. Light pen with Art Master and I have Animaction all working. Original Controller in great condiition. Minestorm Overlay in great condition and Minestorm 3D I KNOW i had the 3D imager, I just have no idea where it is. Edit: also have all of the original paperwork that includes 25. Two passport game Catalogues 26. Vectrex Owner’s Club Sign-up Card (not filled out) 27. “Important Reminder” for Minestorm 28. Vectrex Arcade System Owner’s Manual 29. Safety Instructions 30. Vectrex Dust Cover Order Form DO NOT HAVE: 3D imager 2nd controller Heres what im hoping for: 1) some help, lol. i've dug around on here and AA and ebay. and im wondering how i should break this down 2)Wondering if anyone has any interest in this as a LOT or any particular game individually 3)I really hope someone with a collectors interest wants this. No offense but im trying to help yall out, and avoid grannies getting a game for the kiddos when they visit. Id prefer if the thread could be expanded on, but if not PM's would help as well. I'll throw up pictures later if I generate some interest As far as I can tell, this is the largest collection of vectrex to be sold online that I can find. Help a brother out =) Read more:http://vectorgaming....1#ixzz2AwHftb2K
  10. !!! ALL SOLD !!! This is an Atari 2600 Jr. with 8 controllers. All there wires and cords and connections are there and everything works. There are 59 games included. For all of it I am asking $110 or best offer and I am very willing to negotiate, I will also sell individual Items. X1 Atari 2600 Jr. controllerSOLD x3 original Atari joysticks,SOLD x2 sets of paddle controllersSOLD x2 Quick Shot joysticksSOLD Defender,SOLD Adventure,SOLD Video Pinball,SOLD Keystone Kapers,SOLD Kaboom!,SOLD Dig Dug,SOLD Circus Atari,SOLD Centipede,SOLD Ice Hockey,SOLD Starmaster,SOLD Bowling,SOLD Night Driver,SOLD Mario Bros.,SOLD Missile Command,SOLD Swordquest Fireworld,SOLD Galaxian,SOLD Berzerk,SOLD Tennis,SOLD Real Sports Baseball,SOLD Super Breakout,SOLD Jungle Hunt,SOLD Towering Inferno,SOLD Skiing,SOLD Combat,SOLD Pong Sports,SOLD Pac-Man,SOLD Dragonfire,SOLD Trick Shot,SOLD Vanguard,SOLD Kangaroo,SOLD E.T.,SOLD Asteroids,SOLD Yars' Revenge,SOLD Raiders of the Lost Ark,SOLD Warlords,SOLD Stampede,SOLD Joust,SOLD Crossbow,SOLD Donkey Kong Junior,SOLD Smurf,SOLD Venture,SOLD Donkey Kong,SOLD Moonsweeper,SOLD Riddle of the Sphinx,SOLD Armor Ambush,SOLD Adventures of TronSOLD, Space AttackSOLD, Airlock,SOLD Bugs,SOLD Sssnake,SOLD Journey Escape,SOLD Bermuda Triangle,SOLD Coconuts,SOLD Spiderman,SOLD Q*Bert,SOLD Frogger,SOLD Unknown gameSOLD (possibly a second copy of Frogger from what I recall), No Escape!,SOLD Demon AttackSOLD ALL SOLD
  11. Hello AtariAgers! I had an idea and shared it with Albert and we are going to be getting some AtariAge posters printed! This poster design will be printed on 18 x 24" 100lb book paper. (thick and good) It is Full of retro colors crazy space noise and a spectrum of colors resembling the old atari game containers, blasting through the center of the moon that is being eclipsed by the shiny space like AA logo. Textured and vintage like, they will look awesome framed on the wall! I have attached the poster for you all to check out. Send me an email here if you would like to Pre Order one: [email protected] PS- I know... This is my first post but been reading and lurking around here a while. My name is Shawn Moran and I am a graphic designer from Iowa. I had this idea and just had to get it up to see if we could get any interest. I believe they will be selling in the store, I will have them on my website for sale and just get the word out! Proceeds are going to be donated to website for all the work they put into this forum. Thanks.
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