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Found 23 results

  1. On Hold I have this left over from my previous sales. It works great. This includes the box and piece of paper which I forgot what it said. I'm just trying to pay off my credit card and any kind of loose change is fine with me. PM me if you have any thoughts or questions. Thanks for looking! Saturn Action Replay 4M Plus $40 shipped ready to go!
  2. Hello. I dug my Saturn out of storage and I forgot how good a system it is. I would like some (preferably cheap) games for it. Here is my have list, so nothing on it, please: http://www.atari2600land.com/saturn.pdf I prefer puzzles, platforming, and racing, but will probably take anything I don't have.
  3. We have an international treaty not to explore water on other planets in fear of Earth germs and bacteria contamination. Had that treaty since 1967. Alright, call me daft if you want, but I did not know this. All these years of all the Mars missions hitting everywhere BUT the polar caps and me going "Yeh, that's is cool, now how about the caverns or polar caps?" And now to find out we've been purposely avoiding them? That is like on Christmas morning someone saying "See all this cool shit under the tree? Yeh it's there, but don't touch it." So what are our billions in tax dollars going to go for in the indefinite future with NASA and space exploration? Tons of DESERT photos. There might be oceans out there on Titan, or polar caps on Mars, some would say possibly lakes. Or subsurface oceans on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, but hell if we're going to go there. http://qz.com/512974/if-there-is-liquid-water-on-mars-no-one-not-even-nasa-can-get-anywhere-near-it/ The above also posted on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DoctorClu/posts/10154135781303651
  4. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uWzUjvV5hsC7NAdC9aj5SGtMy9cpffCUo-EykDRr0nY Long ago I decided to cut some parts of the collection that I never use. I would rather trade this stuff for something cool, but I can also spend money on cool stuff so if you don't want to trade, or have nothing to trade I have no problem taking your money . As far as what I want in trade, I can't give you a full list. Hopefully you also have a list of things you could trade so we can work something out. I can say I would like a few Nintendo Power mags from the NES or SNES era just to have a few in the collection as examples. The same could be same for any magazine with Mortal Kombat 1 - Ultimate 3 or Street Fighter 2 related cover or articles. Other Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter swag would be on interest as well. I would like to get into the C64 and as of yet have nothing for it, so there could be a lot of room to trade there. I'm not only interested in hardware, but books of the C64. I know there were a lot of programming books and such BITD, I would like to have some of that around here too. I could always use more universal game cases. All disk games are likely to have some light scratches or marks on the game side. Every game has been tested in the last 2 weeks and all listed games work as they should. Most things are priced, somethings are not (mostly) because I have a hard time pricing foreign games. There will be more stuff coming to this list in the near future.
  5. I'm looking back a couple of generations and have toyed with the idea of adding a console or two to the collection. I've always thought the 3DO was a sexy machine, but lately I've had a desire to add a Saturn too. I was PSX in that gen, but now think a Saturn might be calling my name, so it can find a comfy home next to my Genesis/32X/Sega CD rig. And then there's the Dreamcast... Each console has it's own killer app or two that look attractive. My real question for the gang is how is this hardware holding up? I've heard rumors of motherboard battery issues, etc. What should I be looking for, or avoiding, when you are searching for a 3DO or a Saturn? I think the Dreamcast may have to wait.
  6. Hi, Looking to get hold of these games in the condition listed if possible please: (also any other unusual Rise related items like Brian May signed photos for example). RISE 1 PC DIRECTOR'S CUT (complete only) RISE 1 Mega Drive (sealed Acclaim blister pack version) RISE 1 US Game Gear version (complete or with manual at least) RISE 2 Saturn (sealed blister pack version) RISE 2 Macintosh (does it exist?) Cheers!
  7. Was apparently bug infested, but now cleaned the best i can. Anyone need specific parts from this Sega Saturn Model 1? I like to repair consoles, but I give up on this one. Even with a new laser and laser assembly, it reads everything as an audio CD. I know the power supply works as it's been tested on another system. The shown laser assembly only reads as audio CD even with a good laser (the laser included here is bad). Everything has been visually gone over for bad traces or broken solder joints and I can't figure out what's wrong. Could be something in the primary motherboard, most likely NOT AN EASY FIX. Case looks nice, will sell whole console for $15 OBO +ship or part out cheap.
  8. I'm looking to get rid of everything I've 'collected' over the years. I don't really consider myself a collector, I just rarely get rid of stuff I buy. More like a hoarder. Most of what I have came from buying it retail when it was available. I have boxed stuff from Colecovision and Intellivision from when I was a young teenager so the boxes suffered a little but survived. I don't have any rare titles, it's the condition that make it unique. The ColecoVision is 'like new' in the box complete. The Genesis, SegaCD, SNES, 3d0, Saturn, and Dreamcast are all complete in box as are most of their games. They are all US / NTSC versions (except for one import [Japan] SNES cart). Also available are some Playstation longbox games. These items are headed to EBay but listing is going to take way too much time and I've had varying results in the past. I will sell as lots or break them up. I'll consider all cash offers and don't wish to trade. Buyer pays shipping and payment will be accepted through Paypal. My list and pictures can be seen at www.kozscorner.com and I can be contacted through this the link or through Atariage. I can also take more pictures and send upon request.
  9. Cleaned, polished, tested, working, and PRICES ARE SHIPPED. Feel free to bundle! I prefer cash or trading a bundle of my stuff for one or two items of similar value. Much love, folks. Thanks for all the games you've given a good home thus far ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NES: Dragon Warrior (in clamshell case) - $12 Metroid (Yellow Label/in clamshell case) - $20 NES OEM controller - $10 Nintendo OEM NES clamshell protective cases (not pictured, about 15 in total) - $5 apiece SNES: Donkey Kong Country 3 - $25 SOLD Final Fantasy II - $40 Gradius III (manual only) - $10 Mario Paint w/ manual - $10 MLBPA Baseball - $6 Mortal Kombat - $15 Pilotwings - $15 Secret of Mana 2 (PAL Reproduction) - $40 Super Mario All-Stars w/ manual - $25 Star Ocean (Reproduction Cart) - $55 Super Metroid - $40 Super Street Fighter 2 - $20 Terranigma (Repro) - $40 AC Adaptor (3rd Party) - $7 N64: Donkey Kong 64 w/ manual and paperwork - $22 (no custom case, can be created if requested) GameShark Pro V3.3 - $35 Goldeneye 007 w/ manual - $25 Mario Kart 64 - $35 Mario Tennis w/ manual - $25 Perfect Dark (Factory Sealed) - $45 Star Wars Episode I Racer w/ manual and paperwork - $13 Super Smash Bros. (CIB) - $90 N64 AC Adapter (3rd Party) - $11 Gamecube: Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue (missing manual) - $12 Hitman 2 - $10 Mario Party 5 - $45 Lego Star Wars - $8 Controllers: Interact SuperPad Black - $14 Mad Catz MicroCon Black - $17 Nyko AirFlo w/ built-in fan - $18 Game Boy Advance: Action Replay GBA (missing logo) - $60 Game Boy Advance Cobalt Blue (battery fully functional, no charger) - $35 Game Shark SP (CIB w/manual, CD rom, USB cable, and promo card) - $180 Pokémon Sapphire (cart only with Nyko protective case, needs new battery) - $17 Wii: Epic Mickey - $8 Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 - $15 Super Paper Mario - $15 Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World - $15 Wii console box (complete with manual and all inserts/bags/cardboard) - $20 Sega Genesis: (Custom case games in top row, original case/CIB games in bottom row) Alien Storm (game only in custom case) - $20 Bulls Vs. Blazers (Game, new case, all original inserts) - $8 Cool Spot (game in original case) - $13 Mortal Kombat 3 (CIB) - $20 NBA Jam (CIB) - $15 Phantasy Star IV (game only in custom case) - $45 Shaq Fu (game only in custom case) - $8 Sonic the Hedgehog (game and Sega Classic Box) - $15 Super Baseball 2020 (game and original case) - $15 Wayne’s World (game only in custom case) - $13 OEM Genesis 3-Button Controller - $14 Sega Saturn: High Frequency Controller - $15 Daytona USA - $8 Dragon Force - $75 SOLD Fighters Megamix (JAP manual only) - $5 Nights Into Dreams (US Not for Resale Version CIB) - $28 Pebble Beach Golf Links (game, custom case, original back insert and manual, no longbox case) - $8 Sonic R - $35 Virtua Cop (US Not for Resale Jewel Case Version) - $13 Virtua Cop (game and custom case) - $10 Virtua Fighter (US Not for Resale Version CIB) - $15 Imports (CIB except where noted): Astal - $55 Last Bronx - $25 Magical Hoppers - $25 Nights Into Dreams (Game only) - $12 Street Fighter Zero 2 Dash (Satakore) - $80 Sega Dreamcast: Dreamcast Magazine Vol. 4 and 11 in custom cases - $6 each Phantasy Star Online I case only - $6 Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram JAP (Manual Only) - $5 Web Browser 1.0 - $6 XBOX: Original Xbox (console only, untested) - $35 Tetris Worlds/Star Wars: The Clone Wars CIB (includes Xbox Live Trial Promo Card) - $6 Miscellaneous (PS1, PS2, DS): Diddy Kong Racing DS (Case and Game) - $13 Enter the Matrix Player's Guide - $5 NBA Live 2003 CIB (includes NBA Livestyle soundtrack) - $6 Spyro: Year of the Dragon CIB (Greatest Hits) - $23
  10. I've got a new presentation up on my Youtube channel pertaining to obscure and forgotten controller add-ons of Generation 5 consoles of the 90's along with the Dreamcast (6th gen). Some highlights include the N64 VMU with microphone, Dreamcast microphone for Seaman, the PSX Playstick, Innovation's Racing Fighting games footpedal for the Playstation, Madcatz's Wrist Rumbler, and the Saturn Bomberman multitap. And my cat makes another appearance For anyone here who's curious about video game history, you've come to the right channel.
  11. Top 10 Saturn Games of all time with Anna. The Sega Saturn was a mostly ignored console in North America but it was still home to tons of amazing games you should play and own! Games Shown: 1. Saturn Bomberman 2. Panzer Dragoon Series 3. The Game Paradise 4. Shining Force III / Holy Ark 5. Nights into Dreams 6. Albert Odyssey 7. Galactic Attack 8. Street Fighter II Puzzle Turbo 9. Darius Gaiden 10. Virtua Cop 2 What would be YOUR Top 10 Saturn Games?
  12. The 3DO was released in fall 1993 for $600-700, IIRC. The Saturn was released in spring 1995 for $399, IIRC. The PlayStation was released in fall 1995 for $299, IIRC. (Please correct me on any of the numbers if I'm wrong.) My question is: Does anyone remember what the 3DO price had dropped to by spring and fall 1995? (Also, what was it at Christmas 1994?) Did it go below the Saturn and PlayStation prices as these systems were released?
  13. My name is John Hancock and I am a longtime collector. I go by swlovinist on all forums. Years ago, I decided to create a DVD movie series that showcased a visual guide to collect videogames. These DVD videos are not simply showcasing my videogame collection, but a well organized movie series that breaks down system packaging, accessories, and games for wide range of videogame systems. These videos have been featured at various gaming cons such as the Classic Gaming Expo, Portland Retrogaming Expos, Seattle Retrogaming Expos. They also have been featured on Youtube channels MetalJesusRocks and Gamester 81. Here is what I am offering. The Entire DVD set of all 8 DVDs is $30 shipped. Nuts and Bolts to Video Game Collecting Vol.1 Oddball Systems 70's to Mid 80s This video runs 62 min and showcases the following systems. Each Chapter showcases a different system, game, accessories, and system packaging(If I had it) The DVD showcases the following APF M-1000 ATARI XEGS BALLY ASTROCADE EMERSON ARCADIA 2001 FAIRCHILD CHANNEL F MAGNAVOX ODYSSEY MAGNAVOX ODYSSEY 2 MICROVISION RCA STUDIO II VECTREX Nuts and Bolts to Video Game Collecting Vol. 2 is focused on home NINTENDO SYSTEMS. Each Chapter is focused on system packaging, games, or accessories of a specific system. The DVD runs 82 min and is an excellent guide and overview showcasing many holy grails as well as good value games to pick up. The DVD overviews in detail the following Nintendo Entertainment System Super Nintendo Nintendo 64 Virtual Boy Gamecube Nuts and Bolts to Videogame Collecting Vol. 3 is focused on all US Sega Systems. This project grew in size and is featured on two DVD discs. The DVD runs over 2 hours and overviews in detail system packaging(if I had it), games, and accessories of the following systems Sega Master System Sega Genesis Sega CD/CDX/X'ye Sega 32X Nomad Game Gear Pico Laseractive Saturn Dreamcast ATARI TWO DISC DVD VOLUME 4. IT RUNS HOUR AND A HALF. IT COVERS ALL US ATARI SYSTEMS AND COVERS MUST HAVE GAMES, SYSTEMS, AND ACCESSORIES FOR THE FOLLOWING: 2600 5200 7800 8-bit COMPUTERS LYNX JAGUAR JAGUAR CD VOLUME 5 Playstation Playstation, Playstation 2, and thePlaystation Portable. This DVD series showcases packaging, accessories, and games for Playstation systems. This DVD series is to be enjoyed by anyone who wants to find out more about videogame collecting. The following game systems are covered: PlAYSTATION -System Packaging/System Variations -Recommended Accessories -Greatest Hits/Longbox Game Variations -Hidden Gems -Top RPGS/Strategy Games PLAYSTATION 2 -System Packaging/System Variations -Recommended Accessories -Greatest Hits and TopRated Games -Hidden Gems -Top RPGS/Strategy Games PLAYSTATION PORTABLE -System Packaging/System Variations -Recommended Accessories -Top Recommended Games Vol 6 Neo Geo Turbo Grafx DVD Turbo Grafx Turbo Grafx CD Turbo Duo Turbo Express AES MVS Neo Geo CD Neo Geo Pocket Neo Geo X ALL EIGHT DVDs ARE FOR SALE FOR $30 shipped. The best way to contact me is to pm me. I have appreciated the positive support of this homebrew project.
  14. So what's your favorite item that came packaged in with a video game? Is it the 2600 Omega Race Booster Grip or maybe the Coleco Roller Controller with Slither? Maybe you liked the mouse that came packed in with Mario Paint or the Rumble Pack you first got with Starfox 64. . . or coud it be that you liked the Reel Fishing fake fishing reel? Can you honestly say you weren't tempted to buy a Saturn when you noticed that Virtua Cop came out packaged with the Stunner? I spent quite a bit of time researching the great pack-ins of video gaming, and here are the ones I'm convinced are in the top eschelon: http://n4g.com/news/....ed-with-a-game What are your top 5?
  15. OUTDATED, you can ask about this stuff, but it may not be current. I've got a number of Original PSP 1001 systems for sale. Used black 1000 series in working order. Includes charger, battery cover, and battery for $50 each. Sega CD 2 with generic power. Fully tested and working, just add your Genny. Four Three available. $50 each. Genny 1 to Sega CD 2 Extender Plate $20 Sega CD / Saturn Games just added: Why are the prices are slightly higher than the typical for the following Sega CD and Saturn games? These are from my collection. I took painstaking efforts to make sure that my cases were not broken. This often meant buying cases or taking them from other games and selling the extras at a loss with broken cases. I do have a FEW broken cases I can swap out if you want to knock a few bucks off the price of any of them. $5 Games: Links NHL 94 NFL 97 NHL 97 NHL All-Star Hockey Quarterback Club 97 Quarterback Club 96 Madden 97 Worldwide Soccer Worldwide Soccer 97 Slam N Jam 96 Slam N Jam 96 Bottom of the 9th $7 Games : Jeopardy Cliffhanger Tomcat Alley NFL's Greatest World Cup USA 94 NBA Live 98 Madden 98 World Cup Golf World Series World Series II Fifa Road to world cup 98 Pebble Beach Golf PGA Tour 97 $9 Games: Thunder Strike Dracula Ground Zero Texas Trivial Pursuit Double Switch Racing Aces Wrestlemania Criticom Battle Stations $12 Games: Rage Cage Surgical Strike Midnight Raiders Alone in the Dark Decathlete Steep Slope Sliders $15 Game: Iron Helix $18 Games: Dragons Lair Masked Rider Creature Shock $21 Games: Third World War Wing Commander Star Wars Battle Chess Wirehead Revenge of the Ninja $24 Game: Space Ace $30 Games: NFL Football Trivia Challenge Double Deal Frankenstein / Dracula 3d Baseball $45 Game: Fatal Fury Special $99 Game: ESPN NBA Hangtime 95 New Sealed (one of the hardest games to find to complete a SCD set) Dreamcast: Evil Dead $5 Surfer $3 Trick Style $3 Quake III Arena $5 Dino Crisis $12 Wild Metal $4 Kiss Psycho Circus $6 D2 $40 Rare Boxed Blue Justifier Light Gun $69 NOW pending for Mancavearcade : Dark Blue clone Justifier 2nd Player for either SNES or Genesis (cord color my differ) $29
  16. If I have too few posts for this, just let me know. I'm here from Racketboy. I don't need CIB or anything, but THE CART AND LABEL HAVE TO BE IN GREAT SHAPE. Even minor tears/deterioration will make me uneasy. PM me a picture if you're unsure. Thanks, guys! Saturn Battery door Nintendo 64 Mario Kart 64 WIT DAT MINT LABEL Super Smash Bros MINTY LOOKIN LABEL Rubber feet (anyone have those?)
  17. LaXDragon

    System Unit

    From the album: LaXDragon's Collection

    My retro entertainment center that contains the following systems: Atari 2600, NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, NeoGEO AES, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Genesis (with CD and 32X), Turbo DUO, PS2, and X-Box.
  18. I'm gonna be needing quite a bunch of cases for my genesis games- Altered Beast Space Harrier II Super Hang On Zoom Quackshot World of Illusion Columns ESWAT: City Under Siege Klax Gauntlet IV After Burner II Columns III *Mercs Bio Hazard Battle *Kid Chameleon DecapAttack Sonic the Hedgehog 1 Sonic the Hedgehog 2 *Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (My game doesn't save) Sonic Spinball Side Pocket Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine The Jungle Book Dynamite Headdy Sub Terrania Rocket Knight Adventures Beyond Oasis NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Jungle Strike Ms. Pac Man Golden Axe Ecco the Dolphin Pitfall The Mayan Adventure Shadow Dancer Wonder Boy in Monster World Alien Storm Super Monaco GP Jewel Master Battletech If anyone can afford to part with them, I'll pay 4 dollars for each case. I know that's outrageously underpriced, but I got a big chore list here. Also, I'd like them to be american releases (NTSC) and in the hard clamshell cases and in good condition. PM me if you'd like to sell some. * indicates that I need a game with a better label too. For those we can discuss a price on that case. As for the rest of them, I have the games, just need the cases and manuals. Also could use some empty Sega Saturn cases. I'll pay 5 dollars for each empty case. Make sure they are not broken. I will also need manuals for Rastan and Shinobi on the Sega Master System. I will pay 2 dollars for each manual.
  19. Not sure where else to post this, so I'l put it here... I have a Sega Saturn that was given to me. No controllers, cables, games, anything. I've been trying to get it working to no avail. I have an AV cable and a power cord and a controller. When I power the device on, the left direction on the controller doesn't work. I've replaced the carbon pads inside, as well as the controller board in the Saturn to no avail. I don't have any other accessories.Any ideas?
  20. For trade here is my own Sega 32X. I bought it on a whim last January, but I can't really justify owning one given how few games there are, the pain of having it hooked up with my Genesis/Sega CD at the same time, and how it forces me to use composite instead of the component that my Genesis has been modded for. I'm better off just trading this and emulating the 36 games it has. Works fine, I had no issues with it. Here's my trade interests: INTV games (Tower of Doom, Thunder Castle, Hoverforce, Slam Dunk Basketball, Slap Shot Hockey, Pac Man) AV Modded Light Sixer VCS Atari VCS Homebrew/Repro carts Mario Bros for Atari XE Good, loose original B/W GB or GBA games NEW ITEMS: Here is a CIB Wico Bat Handle I bought NIB. Great condition, works perfectly, has controller, box, cardboard insert, and manual. Here is a CIB Saturn Pro Action Replay, lets you play import games on your Saturn, is a memory backup, and works as a 4MB RAM cart. Last is a loose copy of Phantasy Star IV for the Genesis. More items coming soon.
  21. So not too long ago I picked up a Japanese Saturn lot for a good price. Now I regret buying it since I don't want to pay the crazy prices for shmups on it. The system is CIB and has signs of yellowing but nothing major. Also have a memory cart as well. The system work just fine, just the third party AV/S-Video cable is a little wonky at time but works. The games are in the pictures: Nights Vitura Fighter Kids Fighters Megamix Mr. Bones Sonic Jam Last Gladiators Nissan GT Over Drivin' R Besides the items above I also picked up the following: Thunder Force V Special Pack Steeldom x 2 (one regular edition one special edition with the Saturn Link Cable) Hyper Reverthion Sega Rally Magical Drop III Drift King 97 Puyo Puyo 2 Puyo Puyo Sun Kururin Pa! Shingata Kururin Pa! I was thinking of maybe $250 before shipping for everything? I prefer selling in US due to oversea shipping cost is a nightmare. I don't know if there is any interest in this but I'll post it up here and check first. Of course if you want more pictures I would be more than happy to provide. Trades: Always looking for Famicom and Super Famicom games, message me what you have and we can take it from there. Thanks!
  22. For sale: Wico Command Control with Y-adapter for 5200. Works well, in good cosmetic shape. The sliding locks do loosen after a few minutes of play, but they quickly snap back. Sold! Lot of 5200 games including minty fresh / complete Q*Bert, Vanguard and Countermeasure (Countermeasure box has a couple of creases and a small sticker on top flap). Space Invaders and Centipede are complete with box and manual, manuals in good shape, but their boxes get a condition grade of "RC" for Real Crappy. Cart Only: Gyruss and Ms. Pac-Man have poor condition labels but play perfectly. Lot selling for $15 (shipping $5). Saturn games including Manx TT Superbike (CIB, good condition all around, some scuffs on case, no broken hinges), Crimewave (CIB, disc has a couple of scratches but plays perfectly, manual good condition, scuffs on case but no broken hinges), Nights (generally acceptable to poor condition; cardboard outer box has scratches, nicks and tears, game case cracked & missing hinge, game disc plastered with giant rental sticker but plays perfectly, no manual, 3d controller in good shape and works perfectly), disc only (all play perfectly): Mass Destruction, Mechwarrior 2, Daytona, Daytona Champ. Circuit, Warcraft II (only the console edition of WC2 lets you queue up units!). Sold! Sega CD games in working condition but with poor cases. Midnight Rangers, Links Golf, Tomcat Alley (missing back insert), Prize Fighter and game only Mortal Kombat. Sold! 2 CIB Genesis games from Blizzard: Rock n' Roll Racing (very likely my favorite video game of all time) and Lost Vikings. Both carts in 8.5/10 or better shape I'd say, RnRR manual 6.5/10 or so, Lost Vikings manual 7.5/10, both inserts 7.5/10 or so. Both games work perfectly. Rock 'n Roll Racing $21, Lost Vikings $7 (shipping $4 per game, or $5 to ship both) Box o' Broken Stuff, for the handy fix-it types with any skill whatsoever (apparently not me). 5200 2-port system (once got it to work for about 30 seconds after many trials; poor cosmetic condition, console only / no power supply) Suncom Power Stick (can get it to move left/right but not up/down), Atari Joystick (marked up with paint splotches, works pretty well but doesn't like going left, I'm too lazy to open / clean), Atari 7800 ProStick (works okay mostly but fire buttons quit / stick), 1 (pair coupled) Paddle controller, nonworking. $9.50 shipped, take these from me and fix them up! ( I think I'll be losing a buck or two on the shipping here, but I'd rather they went somewhere useful than just sat around or got thrown away) Sold! Paypal / US only. PM me to buy or with any questions. Thanks!
  23. Hello everyone, I just got finished listing over 40 factory sealed U.S. SMS games. I ship Worldwide as well but unfortunately I can no longer ship via First Class International to anywhere but Canada. It seems the USPS is using some cost saving measures (questionable subcontracting) to some locations that isn't working out very well. Even so, I will help keep shipping costs to those locations as low as possible, using flat-rate boxes if necessary, but Priority Mail International must be used. The best deal on worldwide shipping is $57 to ship 11 games. As always, offers through PM are welcomed and encouraged too.All Auctions:http://rover.ebay.co...o...=1==&_sop=1Thanks!.
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