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Found 27 results

  1. I've been keeping my eye out for a Sega CD Model 2 in nice display quality condition that has been refurbished by cleaning all the old dried up grease out of the gear train and regreasing the gears, cleaning the laser assembly, and any other maintenance necessary so it works perfectly. The reason I got rid of my old Sega CD is that it was always finicky and skipped a lot even after cleaning, and I really don't want to go through that again with my next one. It would be nice if the grounding plate and screw was included but I can live without it if it isn't, the only accessory it must include is an OEM power supply. I'm also looking for a Sega 32X in nice display quality condition, with the Genesis Model 2 spacer, connector cable, and OEM power supply included. I'm flexible on the price but just to give a baseline I'm looking to pay around $150 for the Sega CD and $100 for the 32X. Thanks for taking the time to view my ad and just shoot me a PM if you're interested in selling.
  2. Looking to buy a complete, working Sega CD Model 1. CIB for me includes original cables, rf shield, the included discs(cd audio sample, Sherlock Holmes/4 in 1 game), and manuals. PayPal ready to go, I'm very open to discussing price. Thanks all!
  3. Check out my auctions! Most end Friday, 5/11 at around 7pm. Thanks for your interest! eBay Seller: Desfeek
  4. I'm hoping some has a parted out or broken Sega CD Model 2 that could spare the disc drive assembly as shown: There are a few versions, this one has the wide flat ribbon cable. I don't need the cable or the laser assembly. Of course I don't mind if they are included. Mine won't spin a disc, and after 3 lasers, I'm determined it's something in the disc drive, but can't narrow it down. I could trade for a Sega CD 2 Genesis model 1 extension with plate and screws. I also have some atari 2600 commons, a few loose manuals and misc 3rd party joysticks. I would also pay cash, but want to spend no more than $15 shipped. $10 would be ideal as I've already put too much money into this unit. Thanks!
  5. I was wondering if anyone would be wiling to help fix my sega CD, I could gift you say... 25$ via paypal, i have no idea whats wrong with it, its the sideloader. i dont remember if it will power on or not, i will let the person whom will fix it know. thanks.
  6. So I fixed a couple of model 2 Sega Cd units and thought I would share for folks to keep some from the trash heap. I found 2 versions and fixed both so watch and enjoy folks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Xw_32ElbbM&t=16s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmOAriKXZZA
  7. 3DO Games Gex $5 3DO Game Guru $10 Star Control II $15 Night Trap(2 Disks) $30 Twisted: The Game Show $5 Sega Master System games Great Golf $2 Pro Wrestling $2 Space Harrier 3-D $5 After Burner $2 Hang On/Safari Hunt $2 My Hero(card) $3 Shinobi $5 Super Wonder Boy in Super Wonder Land $5 Gensis Games: Lethal Enforcers $2 Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II $2 PGA Tour Golf $1 Sonic & Knuckles $5 Sonic 2 $3 Jurassic Park $3 Mortal Kombat I $3 Sonic Spinball $3 Sega CD Games: Microcosm: $3 Cobra Command $3 Sewer Shark $3 Mortal Kombat I $5 WWF Rage in the Cage $3 Wirehead $5 Jurassic Park $5 32X Games: Virtua Fighter $3 36 Great Holes Staring Fred Couples $2 Discounts available for multiple game purchases.
  8. Hey Guys! I love the Sega Genesis and it has always been one of my favorite consoles. I've owned a Sega Genesis for a few years now and have a decent amount of games. Lately, I've been feeling a bit curious and also conflicting with myself on buying a Sega CD or 32X. Are they just things you get for novelty sake? Will I actually have fun with them? If so, what games should I pick up?
  9. I started a Sega Saturn instruction manual scan project over at The Cover Project: http://www.thecoverp...hp?topic=6791.0 Today, I started up my Sega Dreamcast project, and with it being Halloween, I queued up all of the "horror" related games: http://www.ratigators.com/ From here on out, I'll be pulling one from each end of the alphabet (similar to what I did/still doing for Sega Saturn). I also got a jump start on my Sega CD project, clearing out the "horror" themed games there as well.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQoGZ0yEdOI&feature=plcp Above is a Video of my Game Room. I know it is a little small and stuff is crammed in there but I am trying my best. The drums aren't always set up they fold away into the closet for the most part. Please enjoy and below is a list of ALL my systems. Thanks for looking and if you guys know why my Jag CD causes interference when attached please let me know. It does it now and it did it back when my Jag was brand new with a brand new CD attachement so I am not sure. XBOX 360 XBOX PS1 PS2 Neo Geo AES Neo Geo MVS Sega Genesis Sega CD Sega 32X Sega Saturn which I forgot to mention, it has Guardian Heros in it. Sega Dreamcast Colecovision Atari 2600 Expansion thingy for the Colecovision Starpath Supercharger. Supercharger interface multiplied the Atari 2600's RAM 49-fold, from its meager built-in 128 bytes to 6,272 bytes, i.e. giving it an extra 6 KB, allowing for larger games with higher resolution graphics. NES SNES N64 GameCube Gamboy Adapter which plays Gameboy, Gameboy color, and Gameboy Advance games Atari Jaguar Atari Jaguar CD Gameroom Classics Mini Arcade Machines The Video is too dark to show a stack of loose 32X carts next to the boxed games.
  11. I know that there are alot of Sega fans here, so I wanted to share a video I did of my own experiences growing up with Sega consoles. What are yours?
  12. So I was fortunate enough to come across a fully-functioning Sega-CD Model 1 out in the wild. It's also in pristine cosmetic shape with the exception that it's missing the plastic CD tray cover that has the Sega CD logo. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about: (The thing circled in red is the part I need) I was wondering, if any of you have a Model 1 SCD laying around that you're using for parts, or otherwise doesn't work, I would really like this piece of plastic that would complete my Sega CD. PM me if interested, we can discuss price. Will pay using Paypal only. Thank You!
  13. snume

    WP 20160424 001

    From the album: Sega Stuff

    My collection of Sega Genesis models with Add-ons
  14. I got a 32x recently, and now looking for a Sega CD, model 2 setup to finish up the collection. This is being connected to a model 2 Sega Genesis so I don't think I need anything related to connecting it to an original Model 1 Sega. I don't need any games with it at this moment. I just need the CD unit. Not interested in another Genesis console or anything. X3 Must also be working. EDIT: Only interested in offers from people, direct only. Thanks. I know how to search Ebay, etc and wouldn't be posting here if I found what I'm exactly looking for.
  15. Hey Everyone, It appears that the box for my Sega CDX has gone missing after a recent move. I am very heartbroken by its loss. This was always one of my favorite consoles. I am looking to buy just the packaging and inserts for a Sega CDX. No reasonable offer refused. Thanks very much.
  16. I have one new DUO-M2 Sega Genesis Model 2 Power Adapter listed for sale here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/RetroGameCave-DUO-M2-Power-Adapter-Premium-Sega-Genesis-Model-2-Sega-CD-Adapter/143029332841?hash=item214d366b69:g:XnAAAOSwkFZb~Jk- The awesome thing about this power adapter is that, it powers both the Model 2 Genesis and Sega CD with one Adapter. Freeing up one socket in a power strip. It is also very well designed. I am selling this adapter for $20 with free Priority Mail shipping. If you have been wanting to get one of these, here is your best chance.
  17. OUTDATED, you can ask about this stuff, but it may not be current. I've got a number of Original PSP 1001 systems for sale. Used black 1000 series in working order. Includes charger, battery cover, and battery for $50 each. Sega CD 2 with generic power. Fully tested and working, just add your Genny. Four Three available. $50 each. Genny 1 to Sega CD 2 Extender Plate $20 Sega CD / Saturn Games just added: Why are the prices are slightly higher than the typical for the following Sega CD and Saturn games? These are from my collection. I took painstaking efforts to make sure that my cases were not broken. This often meant buying cases or taking them from other games and selling the extras at a loss with broken cases. I do have a FEW broken cases I can swap out if you want to knock a few bucks off the price of any of them. $5 Games: Links NHL 94 NFL 97 NHL 97 NHL All-Star Hockey Quarterback Club 97 Quarterback Club 96 Madden 97 Worldwide Soccer Worldwide Soccer 97 Slam N Jam 96 Slam N Jam 96 Bottom of the 9th $7 Games : Jeopardy Cliffhanger Tomcat Alley NFL's Greatest World Cup USA 94 NBA Live 98 Madden 98 World Cup Golf World Series World Series II Fifa Road to world cup 98 Pebble Beach Golf PGA Tour 97 $9 Games: Thunder Strike Dracula Ground Zero Texas Trivial Pursuit Double Switch Racing Aces Wrestlemania Criticom Battle Stations $12 Games: Rage Cage Surgical Strike Midnight Raiders Alone in the Dark Decathlete Steep Slope Sliders $15 Game: Iron Helix $18 Games: Dragons Lair Masked Rider Creature Shock $21 Games: Third World War Wing Commander Star Wars Battle Chess Wirehead Revenge of the Ninja $24 Game: Space Ace $30 Games: NFL Football Trivia Challenge Double Deal Frankenstein / Dracula 3d Baseball $45 Game: Fatal Fury Special $99 Game: ESPN NBA Hangtime 95 New Sealed (one of the hardest games to find to complete a SCD set) Dreamcast: Evil Dead $5 Surfer $3 Trick Style $3 Quake III Arena $5 Dino Crisis $12 Wild Metal $4 Kiss Psycho Circus $6 D2 $40 Rare Boxed Blue Justifier Light Gun $69 NOW pending for Mancavearcade : Dark Blue clone Justifier 2nd Player for either SNES or Genesis (cord color my differ) $29
  18. Looking to clear some space off my shelves. All the games for sale here are boxed. Not all are complete, and most (not all) of them are former rentals, so you will see alot of markings and stickers and damaged labels. I'm providing a picture of each game and the contents, so what you see is what you get! If you don't see a white insert cartridge holder in the picture, that means you don't get one with that game. Most of the games have a bad back label, so just assume the back of the cartridge has label residue, or scratched off labels etc... The good thing is that the boxes are all in pretty good shape and weren't marked up for the most part. Items will be price adjusted according to condition. All N64 games tested and working. The 2 Sega CD games I cannot test and will be sold as-is. Let's keep this to USA only sales. Buyers pay shipping costs. I prefer to use USPS Priority Mail so that we can track shipments, so I'd guess $5-10 depending on how many games you get for shipping. Paypal only please. Please note that I work long hours and may not get to your PM's until after 5pm EST during the week. Thank you. SEGA CD -Lunar: The Silver Star (CIB) Disc looks very clean and unblemished on this one. $35
  19. Looking for the Japanese consoles listed in subject: Mega CD (front-loader) - NTSC-J 32X - NTSC-J Multi-Mega - NTSC-J (Japanese CD-X equivalent) PM or reply here, thanks!
  20. I've recently purchased a non-working Sega CD off of e-Bay that had a problem with the tray constantly ejecting and not spinning discs. After some minor gear realignment and a belt change I was able to get the tray working 100% but for some reason I am still not able to load any games . Strange thing about this is I am still able to play audio CDs just fine. I've tested the games it came with on a modchiped Xbox and they played fine so I am begining to think this may be some kind of laser issue. I've already tried all the basic cleaning steps and am ready to consult the experts. I want to bring this thing back to life! P.S. Any experience with generic KSS-240A laser pickups?
  21. I recently purchased a broken Sega CD Model 1 off an auction and did a bunch of small repairs. So far I've gotten everything to work perfectly except one annoying problem that I can't seem to figure out, stuttering choppy audio. All of the obvious things have been checked & contacts have been cleaned thoroughly and the Genesis runs fine on its own. When connected to Sega CD the sound is stuttering from the Genesis headphone port as well as the TV and even when the mixing cable is used. The only time it sounds clear is when a aux cable is plugged into the Sega CD mixing jack with nothing connected to the other end, which I assume is disabling the sound that is coming out of the Sega CD side of things. Anyone ever experience this before?
  22. Ok, I think it is time for which TG-16/PCE CD and Sega CD games you would want to see on the Jaguar CD. TG-16 CD: Castlevania: Rondo of Blood Image Fight 2 Tengai Makyo/Far East of Eden 1 and 2 Faussete Amour (with improved controls) Götzendiener (with improved controls) Valis 3 and 4 Ys 3 and 4 Beyond Shadowgate Fiend Hunter (with improved controls) Basted
  23. I've wondered this for a While, and as far as I know, there are no multi-disc Sega CD games! Why not? Is it beyond the system's handling, or was it just never tried?
  24. relo999

    WTB Sega mega CD

    I'm looking for a reasonably priced Sega CD, I don't mind a system that need fixing, but I'd like to know what is broken before hand.
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