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Found 19 results

  1. From the album: My Collection

    This is an old image and I should probably take it down since my entire collection is much larger than this, and this just looks embarassing
  2. I'd like to break any thoughts right now before I get started... This isn't a guide (currently) to buying classic consoles. I'm curious on advice on getting various vintage game consoles. I already own the general group of items. (Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, etc) However, what I'm lacking on is some of the older and lesser remembered (as far as society seems) game consoles. Classic Game Fest is next weekend, and I'm hoping to find a few game consoles to add to the collection. I don't know how successful or unsuccessful I'll be, but I'd still like to try. In general, what I'm looking for are tips and suggestions as to what I should be looking for (IE specific models or avoiding problematic versions) in the various consoles I'll be listing below. I'm happy to offer suggestions and tips as well on many consoles, but my advice won't be the best honestly. I generally don't care about the outward appearance as much unless it's just awful. ANYWAYS! The consoles I'd like to acquire soon would be... Sega Master System - I know there are several models available, but only one or two offer composite output. I realize I'll want an S-Video mod on this if possible. Curious if anybody here at AtariAge does that, or knows someone who does. Atari Jaguar - I'm curious to give this system a shot since I've honestly never played much of any Atari system. (I have a hard time playing the old old stuff though... Sorry >_<) I need to experience more Atari though to figure out what I missed out on. I know nothing of the console beyond it's general look though... Not even sure about titles. Atari Lynx - I've seen pictures of it, but I'm curious to try it as well. I've seen a few on here for sale but never took the plunge. I also always see something about blown caps involving the screen? (Did I say that right...) Turbo Grafx 16 - This one seems to be the most expensive of those I've glanced over. Wouldn't mind having one, but not looking to spend a huge amount on something I have very little experience with. Is the system even worth the effort? If so, need suggestions for games as well. XD Neo Geo X - Forgot to put in this one. I know they have a re-released Neo Geo X "Gold" package or whatever that comes with a bunch of packed in games with the system plus a handheld piece. Is this thing any good and worth getting over the old Neo Geo system? Sega Saturn - This one is probably the lowest on the list, but I would be interested in getting one if I can get it for a low-ish price. However, I also don't know very many games I'd want on it, so it's on the back burner for the moment. Another thing to keep in mind is that my repair (solder) skill is pretty basic (consider a title like SUPER AMATEUR to be appropriate). I do apologize if this seems lazy or something, but I didn't see anything else like this on the forums. (If I missed it, I apologize and please link me. I searched price guides or console buying guides and came up empty.) Thanks for anybody who can give any opinion or suggestions on these consoles. I realize the Classic Game Fest may not be the best place to go for these items, but maybe I get lucky and find some killer deals. Even beyond that, I'd be interested in acquiring these items regardless of the convention. Wouldn't mind a few game suggestions as well of course.
  3. Anybody got any ideas? It's the only SMS cartridge I have with silver screws instead of black ones, and the only cartridge that has stickers on the chips. The caution sticker is absent with no signs of forced removal, it looks like it wasn't even put on in the first place. It's also the only Cart I have that uses third party chips (2 TI's and 2 Toshiba's) all the other SMS Carts I have use SEGA branded chips. If anybody can translate the (I think) Japanese that would be cool too. I'm looking for a friend here.
  4. Last night I went and placed another order here at Atari Age for two home brews for the 2600. Typically I order one expensive game or two low to mid-range priced games with each order, although occasionally when money's tight one low to mid-priced game. The $500+ covers games only. I haven't bought any hardware that I can think of since March 6th. Why March 6th, I hear no one ask. Quite simple really. March 6th is when I purchased an Annual Atari Age Subscription, which entitles me to a 5% discount on all Atari Age Store purchases. I wanted to see if an Annual Subscription pays for itself, taking into account my spending habits (I'll renew it regardless of the out-come of this little experiment). Al will tell you how anal I am about maintaining records on my orders. THUMBNAIL IMAGE A photo I took 2 months ago gathering together my then recent shipments from Atari Age and sellers on eBay into one box PRIOR TO PURCHASING ATARI AGE ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION 09.22.2010 thru 02.28.2019 SUB-TOTAL $1,436.61 This includes 2 orders still being processed at the time of purchasing the subscription, so they weren't eligible for the 5% discount. Order 21876 $83 Order 21905 $83 ORDERS PLACED WITH ATARI AGE AFTER PURCHASING ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION 03.06.2019 to the Present Order 21928 $60.35 Shipped Order 21936 $52.85 Shipped Order 21960 $29.10 Shipped Order 21961 $43.35 Shipped Order 21990 $79.25 Shipped Order 21995 $74.50 Shipped Order 22010 $52.85 Shipped Order 22036 $79.25 Shipped Order 22108 $52.85 Shipped SUB-TOTAL $524.35 GRAND TOTAL $1,960.96 Update I received an email from Al. All pending orders have now shipped, so I've edited this entry to reflect this fact. This encompasses 6 orders. So some great gaming goodness is headed my way. Going by past experience they should arrive quickly. While I am now also buying Home Brews and Hacks from Packrat Video Games and Good Deal Games, I'm continuing to buy the bulk of such games from Atari Age. Speaking of Good Deal Games ... Michael Thomasson of Good Deal Games and myself are working to give Home Brews for the Sega Master System physical releases. If you are at all interested in this I have posted info on this at SMS Power! http://www.smspower.org/forums/17452-GetYourSMSHomebrewPublished
  5. This conversion was made for me by Mr. Wizard. Watch gameplay footage tonight at 8 PM ET!
  6. DoctorSpuds

    Choplifter prototype

    From the album: My Collection

    The cartridge has no warning sticker on the back and the screws are a different size and color than the ones found on normal SMS carts.
  7. WANTED TO BUY OR TRADE: Sega Master System - Space Harrier 3D Manual NES - Back to the Future 2/3 Manual NES - Back to the Future Box/Foam Sega Genesis - Ghouls N Ghosts Insert Sega Genesis - Gunstar Heroes Manual AVAILABLE FOR TRADE: Sega Master System - Rampage CB Sega Master System - Control Stick Sega Genesis - NBA Action '94 CIB Atari 2600 - Asteroids w/Instructions Atari 2600 - Combat loose Atari 2600 - Defender w/Instructions Atari 2600 - Donkey Kong loose Atari 2600 - E.T. loose Atari 2600 - Riddle of the Sphinx loose Atari 2600 - Solaris w/Instructions Atari 2600 - Space Invaders w/Instructions Atari 2600 - Super Challenge Baseball loose
  8. Looking for the following games one each system- Make sure the labels are in great condition (No rips, discoloration, peeling, or fallen off) Sega Genesis- *Games MUST come with case and must be in great condition. Manual is optional though. *Also no Mega Hits versions Pac Mania $6 Chakan $6 Mutant League Football $8 Thunder Force II $12 Ghouls N' Ghosts $13 Phantasy Star 2 $15 Phantasy Star 3 $15 Phantasy Star 4 $15 Mystic Defender $7 Nintendo 64- *No Players Choice versions, please. *For Star Fox 64, please make sure the back labels say "Patents issued and pending" instead of the newer ones that say "More patents issued and pending" Gauntlet Legends $15 Star Fox 64 $10 Robotron 64 $10 Glover $10 Mortal Kombat 4 $10 Yoshi Story $10 Mario Golf $15 Ogre Battle 64 $30 Extreme-G $5 Sega Saturn- *All games must come COMPLETE IN BOX (Manual and Case), no broken hinges please. In the Hunt $25 Tempest 2000 $25 Mass Destruction $25 Clockwork Knight 2 $30 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 $30 Astal $30 Atari 2600- *Asking prices are 4 dollars for each Chopper Command Circus Atari (I will trade you my text label version for the picture label version) Demons to Diamonds (Picture Label Version) Jr. Pac Man Return of the Jedi Robot Tanx Star Wars Video Pinball (Lower Case Version) NES- *Make sure the contacts are clean - they are VERY difficult for me to clean for some odd reason. The Legend of Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link (Gold Cartridge) $15 Kirby's Adventure $15 Donkey Kong $10 Donkey Kong Jr. $10 Donkey Kong 3 $10 Balloon Fight $10 Mario Bros. (NOT Super Mario Bros.) $10 Castlevania 3: Dracula's Curse $15 Ducktales $15 Mega Man 1-6 $15 each PlayStation 1- *No greatest hits variants, please. Make sure disc and case are in great condition. Jumping Flash 2 $15 Wild Arms $25 Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back (I will trade you my greatest hits version for this one) Spyro the Dragon $10 (I will trade you my collector's edition version for this one) Spryo 2: Ripto's Rage (Disc Only, Original Version please) $10 Devil Dice $10 Doom (Longbox) $20 Die Hard Trilogy (I will trade you my greatest hits version for this one) Rayman $20 Pac Man World (I will trade you my greatest hits version for this one) Mortal Kombat Trilogy $15 Master System- *Complete in Box, please Alex Kidd in Miracle World $20 Rampage $10 Ghostbusters $15 Fantasy Zone $20 Penguin Land $10 Dreamcast- *No re-issues, please Outtrigger $15 Crazy Taxi 1 $10 Jet Grind Radio $15 Sonic Adventure 2 $20 Super Nintendo (SNES)- Killer Instinct $15 Super Mario RPG $40 Yoshi's Cookie $10 Tetris 2 $10 Tetris and Dr. Mario $15 Mortal Kombat 2 $10 Super Metroid $30 Secret of Mana $40 Super Castlevania IV $25 PM me if you have an offer and be sure to include pictures as well. Thanks!
  9. I have a cartridge complete US Sega Master System collection and was wondering what a realistic value for it is. Most of the games are boxed/complete. Buster Douglas Boxing is minty but loose. I have the 3D imager variant of the console boxed/complete. On eBay someone is listing their collection for $5K but that doesn't seem realistic. What are your thoughts? I'm looking to slim down the space my collection takes up and focus on higher end items. I'm looking for Panesian NES games, Stadium Events, AdventureVision, pricey SNES games, and similar items. It would need to be an equitable trade both ways. Thanks for looking!
  10. Hello, as this is my first post, just thought I'd say I've been lurking for a while and finally realized I should make an account since I'm spending too much time here. Anyway, I picked up a couple Sega Master Systems recently and want to sell them. (I know, I know, this isn't the marketplace) I have one console that powers on, but doesn't produce a picture with the AV jack or the RF jack. Any ideas? And the other one I have has a Phaser and 3D glasses. The phaser I can't get to work with my flatscreen, but I've heard this is just a technological problem. The 3D glasses work fine, but it seems I have to stealth slide the connection into the slot as I'm getting the fun error sounds whenever I'm starting the games (Missle Defense, Space Harrier) with the glasses inside. Is this common or did I pick up a damaged system at this flea market? (Hey, either way I might just keep one to have on the shelf "for looks".) Thanks in advance.
  11. I know that there are alot of Sega fans here, so I wanted to share a video I did of my own experiences growing up with Sega consoles. What are yours?
  12. I'm pretty new to the SMS, and I was wondering which game(s) are considered the best. Here are the ones I have already: Shinobi Choplifter Black Belt Rambo II Rastan Hang-on/Safari Hunt The one name I keep hearing pop up again and again is Wonder Boy III. What's the max I should pay for a CIB copy? I'm also open to any suggestions that aren't space shooters--I already have more than I know what to do with on the 2600 . Thanks!
  13. From the album: My Collection

    The Japanese チョップ translates to CHOP with the date 1/7 or July first (in america we have the numbers reversed look it up if you don't believe me). The Chips aren't Sega branded like on normal carts and neither is the board
  14. From the album: Custom Arcade

    This is the Japanese version of Spellcaster for the Master System!

    © Jay "Papa" Caraway 2015

  15. Hey guys wondering if anyone can make one of these... http://www.pelikonepeijoonit.net/files/vec/kevec3d.html I have been looking for a way to contact the guy who made them on this website and have come up empty >.>. It would be so awesome to be able to use my SMS Glasses for my vec! Cheers!
  16. June 9th Update: New items added. June 8th Update: Prices dropped. Working on adding more. I'm looking to sell all the duplicates from my collection. I'm currently going through my collection, removing items as I go. As I find duplicates, I will post them here for sale. All items are priced on the low side to help them move. Free shipping on purchases that contain three or more items. I am Paypal verified. PS3 Game(s): Grand Theft Auto IV (Complete) $8 + Shipping (ALL PS2 games $3.50 ea. + shipping unless otherwise noted) PS2 Game(s): Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Complete) Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal (Complete) Naruto: Ultimate Ninja (Brand-New/Factory Sealed) $7.00 + Shipping EOE: Eve of Extinction (No Manual) Xbox: Unreal II: The Awakening (Complete) $5.00 + Shipping Texas Instruments: Parsec (Complete, but writing on box by previous owner.) $6.00 + Shipping Atari 5200: Blue Print (Cartridge Only) $7.50+ Shipping More to come! Thank you for looking. Edit: Added photos.
  17. I noticed one thing unusual about right handed joysticks. The Sega-made Sega Master System joystick, which has a right handed joystick, maps left-to-left, which means if you’re rapid firing the 1 button, you’re rapid firing with your middle finger if you want access to both buttons simultaneously, and boy, that is tiring. Thankfully, the Beeshu joystick for the Master System and Turbo Grafx 16 have a right-handed stick mode, AND the buttons are mapped with the main button on the index finger. (the one you press fastest) which for most games work perfectly. But I own one game for the TG-16, and know of another I might like which might a problem with, has the buttons reversed. Namely Side Arms, and possibly Pac-Land have te same problem. With a normal joypad and a Turbo Stick, and the Beeeshu Ultimate Stick when left handed, have Left shoot in Side Arms and (assuming the controls are the way I think) Left Run on the Left, and the respective rights on the right. I also own a Colecovision Tutankham and Front Line, which have a similar problem. But because the right handed mapping is Index-to-index, It’s reversed. I don’t know if the controllers are as easy as a pin swap or not. I know some machines are, some machines aren't. I also assume it’s cheaper to buy a physical pin swapper for a system that works for instead of an electronic converter, especially if one doesn’t currently exist. If a PIn-swap adapter can be made for the TurboGrafx 16 that a) is cheaper than the Tototek PS2-> TG16 adapter, and b) has less delay because there’s no processing, I’d like to purchase one, and use it with my Beeshu. But if not, I’ll use a PS2 -> TG16 adapter from Tototek and flip the buttons on my discrete input telephone operator switchboard device. By the way, I only see 2-button mapping for the TG16 on the Tototek website, I heard Street Fighter has a 6 button mode, and Forgotten Worlds has a 3 button mode. Any other "more than 2 button" games I should be aware of? And does anyone own a Tototek PS2-> TG16 or PC Engine adapter, AND a 3 button and/or a 6 button game? Also wondering if any games for a pre-Genesis system have a similar problem with righthanding the game. Especially ones where there is no software-based button swap option.
  18. I've got a crap load of retro stuff I've decided to get rid of. Anyway. Updated list of what I have available. 3DO Games: Gex $5 3DO Game Guru $15 Star Control II $20 Super Street Fighter II Turbo $10 Night Trap(2 Disks) $40 Twisted: The Game Show $5 Sega Master System Games Great Golf $3 Thunder Blade $3 Space Harrier 3-D $10 After Burner $3 Hang On/Safari Hunt $2 My Hero(card) $5 Shinobi $8 Super Wonder Boy in Super Wonder Land $10 Nintendo 64 Games: WCW/NWO Revenge $4 WWF Attitude $3 WWF Warzone $4 WCW vs NWO World Tour $4 Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey $5 Top Gear Overdrive $5 Top Gear Rally $5 ECW Hardcore Revolution $5 Top Gear Rally 2 $5 WCW Mayhem $3 WCW Backstage Assault $3 California Speed $3 WWF No Mercy $8 MRC $3 Gensis Games: Lethal Enforcers $5 Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II $5 PGA Tour Golf $1 Sonic & Knuckles $10 Sonic 2 $5 Jurassic Park $5 Mortal Kombat I $5 Sonic Spinball $5 Sega CD Games: Microcosm: $5 Cobra Command $5 Sewer Shark $5 Mortal Kombat I $10 WWF Rage in the Cage $5 Wirehead $10 Jurassic Park $10 32X Games: Virtua Fighter $5 Mortal Kombat II $5 36 Great Holes Staring Fred Couples $2 PS2 Games: Rule of Rose: $60 Ico: $15 Klonoa 2: $15 Psychonauts: $20 PS1 Slim with one controller $20 Hot Shots Golf $5 Final Fantasy IX $10 Rage Racer $5 Ridge Racer Type IV $5 Tomb Raider $5 Tomb Raider II $5 Tomb Raider The Last Revelation: $5 Wrestlemania The Arcade Game $5 Gex $5 WCW Mayham $5 Gran Turismo $5 WWF Attitude $5 Road Rash $5 WCW Nitro $5 Or $50 takes it all(the PS1 lot). Updated Pics: http://imgur.com/a/RwycG#0
  19. Sega Genesis James Buster Douglas Boxing cartridge $2.50 Sega Genesis Caesar's Palace cartridge $2.50 N64 JPN Import Doreamon 64 cartridge $2.50 Sega Genesis Family Feud CIB $3 Sega Genesis Desert Strike CIB $3.50 Sega Genesis Jungle Strike CIB $4.50 Sega Genesis Urban Strike CIB $5.50 Mega Drive Micro Machines 2 $4.50 Sega Master System Gangster Town in box $3 Logitech USB Extreme 3d Flightstick $12.50 UltraBots NP Poster $1 Battletoads advertisement $1 Vallis III advertisement 50¢ Generation Nex Messiah Controller - Wireless with battery cover $8.50 Night Trap for the 3do in box $39 Sewer Shark for the 3do with Box $26.50 The Need for Speed for the 3do with box and manual $10 Super Wing Commander for the 3do with both box halves and jewelcase with back insert $12.50
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