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Found 17 results

  1. It's been almost a week, but here's the Sonic X blog again. In Depths of Danger, Sonic and his friends try to retrieve the fourth chaos emerald from a sunken ship. However, Robotnik has his heart set on the emerald as well, and Sonic's dislike of water presents problems. What's to say that hasn't been said? It's another worthy episode, and it's got a few unexpected things in it. Seeing Sonic trying to overcome his hydrophobic tendencies was pretty entertaining, too. Watch episodes here.
  2. With the month of March dawns the new edition of the Sonic X Blog, going over Party Hardly. As it goes, Chris's mother is having a party, and Chris has to keep Sonic and Co. hidden while it happens. This is complicated by Cream's desire to help with things, which usually creates a mess that has to be explained away. As well, Chris's teacher invites himself to the party, in an effort to find out if Sonic is hiding there. It seems the creators of Sonic X were out to prove that they could do a Chris-centric episode well, after the dissapointment of Techno Teacher. The writing has gotten better, the characters don't act ridiculous, and the story isn't centered 100% around Chris. The only reason you shouldn't watch this episode is if you don't like the human characters Watch episodes here.
  3. Time for another Sonic X Blog, and on to episode 4. In Chaos Emerald Chaos, a chaos emerald is found in a construction site, and Sonic and Robotnik both race to try and get it first. As per usual, there are plenty of high-speed thrills to be found here, as well as some neat plot development. What's more, we're finally able to see Chris getting involved in the action, instead of just being a bystander. If you've been watching up to this point, you won't want to miss this. Watch episodes here.
  4. Well, I'm back to blogging again! This time, and from now on, this blog is going to be for Sonic X. In case you don't know, Sonic X is an anime TV show based on the Sonic the Hedgehog games. The premise is that Sonic and his friends have been caught in a huge explosion of chaos control and sent to Earth, where they befriend the household of one Christopher Thorndyke, and try to get back home. It follows the art style of the Sonic Adventure games, and even has episode series based directly off of those two games (among others). It ran for six seasons, with 13 episodes per season and a total of 78 episodes. Though it was very popular and well liked, it received some harsh criticism from some people, who complained that the 4Kids editing and voice actors destroyed the show. Now if you want my opinion, I think that Sonic X is a great show. It has an imaginative premise, great characters, well-written stories and dialog, and very good voice acting. What's more, it's one of the only shows I've ever seen that had a really awesome first episode. This first episode, Chaos Control Freaks, is what this blog post is really about. It shows us exactly how Sonic and Co. get to Earth, and introduces Sam Speed and Chris Thorndyke. However, instead of being plot-y, this episode throws us into its world via two fight-and-chase scenes that last almost all through the 20 minute running time. There really is no better way to introduce yourself to Sonic X, and you should definitely see this episode if you're interested in it. BTW, this Sonic X blog is going to be done by episode, in order, throughout all six seasons. To make it easier to find individual episodes, each post will bear the tags "Sonic X", and the season/episode number, like this: 1-1 = season 1, episode 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ODCnNkK8AE&list=SL
  5. Season 2 has begun for the Sonic X Blog, and the HOT!, NEW! episode is That's What Friends Are For. Due to Sonic's recent defeat of Robotnik, he has become quite the popular one (Sonic, not Robotnik). This has begun to intimidate the president's aids, who think that Sonic might run for presidency next and ruin their chances of re-election. Their plan is to invite Sonic to a party and have him shake hands with the president, in order to show people that they're "in" with him. However, Sonic has plans to take a girl named Helen out to a flower-covered island instead. I fully expected this to be unbearably sappy, so my review of That's What Friends Are For is based partly of on the fact that it wasn't. I was half-thinking that Sonic and Helen were going to spend all 20 minutes crying in a flower field or something. However, nothing really like that happens. So, it is with relief that I say that this episode is recommended. Now go watch it on Youtube.
  6. We're nearing the end of season 1 here, with the second-from-last episode Beating Eggman (part 1). In the first half of this two parter, the president decides to take action against Robotnik. They're going for a full-out attack on his base, and they have the help of Rouge and Topaz, who already know the inside of the structure. Meanwhile, Sonic and co. locate another chaos emerald, and give chase for it. I must say, this is a very good idea. There's no better way to end a season than with an epic battle against the villan, and Sonic X pulls off the first half pretty well. There is never a dull moment in the whole 20 minutes, and it certainly made me want to get right to part 2. The only thing I could have done without was the transition narrator at the end. Watch episodes here.
  7. Here's the blog again, and the 11th episode is what I'm going over now. In Flyspy, Rouge makes her first real appearance by stealing a very large diamond from a museum. She is later cought trying to take another gem, but instead of throwing her in prison, they strike a deal with her. If she helps them capture Robotnik, they won't arrest her (and she gets to keep the diamond). An infiltration into Robotnik's base follows. I typically hate Rouge, but she's actually done really well here. Instead of behaving like a selfish, immature teengirl, Rouge really seems like the cool-as-ice spy she's supposed to be. Even her voice is great, which is certainly welcome here. The only complaint I had is that the Sonic and co. subplot didn't seem to go anywhere. Watch episodes here.
  8. It's been few dsays since I did one of these blogs (due to running out of episodes I've seen), but I do have one more card up my sleeve to occupy the time until I get my Satelite Swindle DVD. That card is the one and only Game Boy Advance video of Sonic X, which contains episodes one and two. It always suprises me how well Game Boy Advance can handle full motion video, considering the nature of the handheld. Unless you're watching something like Spongebob Squarepants, the animation tends to be just as smooth as it is on a TV. Such is the case here, and I really appreciate it. Except in a few instances, everything looked just fine, and the sound was very clear. If you want to watch Sonic X while you're out and about, this is the best you can do (besides a portable DVD player). As an interesting aside, a second Sonic X GBA Video was in development (and was probably pretty far along too, considering that there was a box image released). However, this was canceled before release.
  9. It's time for the new Sonic X Blog, with the 5th episode: Cracking Knuckles. This time around, Robotnik convinces Knuckles that Sonic sent them all to Earth on purpose, and is deliberately trying to keep them there. Of course, Knuckles flies into a rage and challenges Sonic to a fight to the last man. Meanwhile, Chris, Tails, and Amy have discovered the possible location of another chaos emerald, and set out to find it. If you've ever wanted to see Sonic and Knuckles duke it out, here's your chance. That's not all that happens here, though. Everyone's favourite frenemies deliver the smackdown on Robotnik (what? Did you think he wasn't going to show up?), and Amy actually gets to do something helpful. Next to Chaos Control Freaks, this is the best episode yet. Watch episodes here.
  10. Well, after having internet problems for the past two days, I'm back to writing the Sonic X Blog. Anyway, in Missle Wrist Rampage, Robotnik (no, I won't call him Eggman) has decided to try taking over the city with a robot called Missle Wrist. Meanwhile, Knuckles and Amy try to get out of the sewers and find out where they are. Missle Wrist Rampage continues the last three episodes' trend of high speed action and interesting conversations between the characters, a trend I don't want to see die. Knuckles fans will find something extra to appreciate about this episode, since both he and Amy get involved in the action this time around. Oh, by the way, Youtube has been causing me a lot of problems lately, so I'll just include a link to 4KidsTV's Sonic X Youtube page in each blog post. Watch episodes here.
  11. It's been a while, but here I am again, and this episode is Skirmish in the Sky. Since Sonic and his friends have been publicly recognised, they can go anywhere without getting busted now. Ella takes advantage of this by taking Christ, Tails, Amy, and Cream to the mall. However, people won't leave them alone. What's worse, Robotnik shows up in his emergency hover base, and starts wreaking havok on the city. Overall, it was a very good episode, and the idea of the Sonic characters trying to insert them selves into humane society is interesting. The only problem was this: why does Robotnik have to show up again so soon? They only went one episode with no Robotnik to steal the emeralds and cause crap. In that respecy, I am dissapoint, Sonic X. Watch episodes here.
  12. Season 1 is over, and the last episode is Beating Eggman (part 2). Coming off from the previous episode, Sonic has to rescue his friends, get the chaos emerald, beat Robotnik, and destroy the fortress. Meanwhile, Rouge and her team continue their infiltration, with the help of Knuckles. Well, Season 1 certainly ended on a high note. There hasn't been this much action in an episode since Chaos Control Freaks, which is actually upstaged here. As a whole, I give Beating Eggman (part 2) and Season 1 as a whole a thumbs up. Watch Episodes here.
  13. The Sonic X Blog is at it again, and this time we've got Techno Teacher, the 6th episode. The center focus is here is Chris, who gets a new robotic teacher at school, courtesy of Robotnik. Though the teacher-bot was sent there to make the kids respect Robotnik, he soon finds that it's much more enjoyable to have them respect him instead. While this is going on, the real teacher tries to get back into his classroom. With that out of the way, what happened here? This isn't nearly up to the standard of quality set by previous episodes. The writing was noticably lacking, and the teacher-bot's character is too overdone. Still, it is a decent episode, but you should only watch it if you're a Sonic X fan. Watch episodes here.
  14. It's that special time again where I write stuff about Sonic X, and specifically about episode 10 for today. In Unfair Ball, Tails finds another Chaos emerald in a baseball diamond after the emerald's energy spikes force him to land. Through a series of sudden events, both Robotnik and the Sonic team find out about it, and race to get it. Once there, a squabble over the emerald ensues, but Robotnik decides to settle things in an uncharacteristically sporting way: a game of baseball. I'll admit, this sounded kind of stupid. However, the Sonic X writers seemed to realise just how ludicrous this plot was, and made the episode a full-on comedy piece. It works really well, too. Both I and my other viewers laughed pretty hard all the way through, which gets this episode a solid recommendation (which is more than can be said for most comic relief episodes in action shows). Watch episodes here.
  15. With my Satellite Swindle DVD in my possession, I can get back to business with episode 9, The Last Resort. The plot is that Amy, Tails, Cream, and Chris are going to the beach. Amy offers for Sonic to come along too, but he refuses, due to his extreme dislike of water. However, Sonic is coerced into coming later on when Robotnik shows up with the Octorog, and proceeds to demolish everything. Also known a, "The Episode Where Amy Kicks Azz", The Last Resort is a really wonderful episode. Not only is the premise great, but everything is pulled off spectacularly. Amy gets her well-deserved spotlight, while not stealing the whole runtime from everyone else. There really isn't anything I can complain about here, so this comes whole-heartedly recommended to Sonic X viewers, and Amy fans especially. Watch episodes here.
  16. Here I am again, and here's the Sonic X Blog with Satelite Swindle. Right from the start, we see that Robotnik has sent a new robot called the Super Sweeper into space, in order to suck up satelites and recycle them for robot parts. After one failed attempt at stopping the mashine, Tails realises that the Tornado will need an upgrade in order to beat the Sweeper. Thus, the X Tornado is born... "A little less talk, a little more action" seems to have been the motto for this episode. Very little time is spent discussing things, instead spending almost all the episode blasting away at the Sweeper. Of course, there's really nothing wrong with that. The only flaw I noticed is that there didn't seem to be any good reason for Sonic and Tails to take Chris with them, other than simply having him there. Watch episodes here.
  17. It's time for the second Sonic X Blog, and todays episode is Sonic to the Rescue. In this episode, Sonic and Chris find out that Cream and Cheese have been captured and taken to a facility called Area 99, where they are going to be tested on. Naturally, they (and Chris's Grandpa, who finds out about Sonic) rush to the rescue, and what follows is another great episode. Once again, Sonic X has managed to dish out an action-packed, well-written episode that left me wanting more. It may not be as fast as Chaos Control Freaks, but it never felt slow and there were no scenes that interrupted the flow of the story. What's more, there's a pleasant suprise at the end (no spoilers for you!). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOe4ZDD65vs&list=SL
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