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Found 44 results

  1. Are you thinking of getting into PS2 collecting? This video explains the different models of Playstation 2, what to look for that tends to fail, some different controllers and 10 games we highly recommend to get you started! What are the 10 PS2 Games a new collector should snag Day 1?
  2. I am selling the following games and movies for the Sony PSP system: Games: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - $8 Gran Turismo - $6 Ridge Racer - $6 Movies: Appleseed - $2 Into the Blue - $2 Ren & Stimpy: Volume 1 - $4 Resident Evil - $4 Resident Evil: Apocalypse - $4 Spiderman 2 - $2 Steamboy - $4 I open to offers for multiple items purchased or trades. I am mostly looking for CIB Intellivision games right now. Games will be packaged so that they are well-protected during transit. Shipping costs for the items are based on the shipping location. If you have any questions, please ask and thanks for looking! Thanks for looking.
  3. As you can see from the title this is what I hope to be the first of many videos to come. Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated. I'm really aiming to do something different here. I'm not out to just "chase games" or complete a collection or score the coolest rarity ever. If I get a rare game in the course of filming that would be awesome, but if it's not a bargain, then it won't make the cut. I vow to look for good deals and inspire those of you who want games for less than the insane collector's market prices to do the same. Thanks for watching!
  4. These days portable games from the last generation really speak to me.
  5. My references: https://www.heatware.com/u/55794/to Also see my signature for my AA feedback thread. Prices including shipping in the USA. Modded PS1 - The system isn't one I ever had much nostalgia for, though I did have one back in 98/99. I've had it for around 5 months and have played it exactly twice. Since it's in great condition and plays CD-Rs and is region-free for imports, I figure it's better off going to an AA member who will love it. SCPH-9001 modded PlayStation 1 system 1x 3rd-party Dual Shock clone controller. As clones go, it's pretty nice, honestly 1x Sony-branded composite AV cable 1x power cord with the keyed connector to match the system 3x Retro-Bit PS1 memory cards - two are still in the package 1x other third-party PS1 memory card Looking for $70 shipped. SOLD TO SCOOBY105 Everdrive N8 - $95 shipped - comes with 4GB SD card. NO ROMs are included, but the latest firmware is on there. SOLD TO SCOOBY105 RetroUSB AVS - turns out my nostalgia for the NES can be sated by emulation. Got this in the latest batch of preorders in February. Comes with the following: Original mini USB and power adapter HDMI cable Original box with manual OEM Nintendo controllers with Tomee extension cord Asking $160 shipped.
  6. Metal Jesus & Reggie tell you all about one of their favorite gaming handhelds: the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). This was a very success handheld with over 80 million units sold, 5 different models, lots of color variants and over 800 games released for it! Do you want to know where to start when collecting for the PSP? This is the video for you! I've been looking forward to doing this Buying Guide for a while now... The PSP really is a great handheld. Hope you guys like it! What are some of your favorite PSP Games?
  7. I am looking for a CRT tv for retro gaming. I cam across the Sony Wega KV-34XBR910 (also known as Sony Wega KV-XBR910). Does anyone know if this is a good model? Supposedly you should get one with 50hz, but i am not sure if this model has 50hz. Is there one you would recommend if not this one?
  8. 1 Sony Playstation (PS1) with 1 Sony PS1 controller, power supply and composite (yellow, white, red) A/V cable. You also get: 1 Fission Fishing Controller, 1 Ultra Racer Steering Controller (Like New--only used a few times), 1 V3FX Racing Wheel 2 with gas and brake pedals (The steering wheel also works with a Playstation 2 (PS2), but the gas and brake pedals don't work with the PS2), 1 Memory Card, and 4 Games: San Francisco Rush Extreme Racing, Gran Turismo, Big Bass Fishing, and Saltwater Sportfishing (However, I do not think the fishing games are compatible with the fishing controller). Everything has been tested and is guaranteed to work. $50.00 Shipped. Parcel Post with Delivery Confirmation. PayPal only. PM if interested. Must sell by Monday, August 6th!
  9. I stumbled on to the PSP just recently, and am absolutely loving it. I'd like to start this thread in order to learn more about the must-play games, hacking capabilities, and everything people love about Sony's first hand held system. At the time it came out, I wan't really playing handhelds, and my most recent system was a GBA, not to be replaced until the 3DS came out. In retrospect, the PSP did quite well against the juggernaut DS, and the library is deeper than many realize. Info on the PSP: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation_Portable I look forward to hearing about your favorite DS games, UMD Movies, and hacks/projects you have done with your PSP!
  10. From the album: My Game Collection

    2000 Slim-Style Sony PlayStation "PS1". works good.
  11. From the album: My Game Collection

    Sony Playstation 1 Console, Given to me by my cousin in 2003.
  12. I used to think it was just a nagging habit. (If you get that reference you get a gold star.)
  13. You can get some good titles for this system for pretty cheap!
  14. The thrill of unboxing a new console. You only get to do it once!
  15. Update to the thread that Nuclear Pacman started here (thanks NP). Only starting a new thread in order for the title to be more open-ended. As reported on Engadget: Sony revises projections, sees $6.4 Billion Net Loss for 2011 This newest loss projection for 2011 is more than double what the company projected in February. Silver Lining: They're making money in the US however, compared to a US loss of $1.16B last year.
  16. I've got a new presentation up on my Youtube channel pertaining to obscure and forgotten controller add-ons of Generation 5 consoles of the 90's along with the Dreamcast (6th gen). Some highlights include the N64 VMU with microphone, Dreamcast microphone for Seaman, the PSX Playstick, Innovation's Racing Fighting games footpedal for the Playstation, Madcatz's Wrist Rumbler, and the Saturn Bomberman multitap. And my cat makes another appearance For anyone here who's curious about video game history, you've come to the right channel.
  17. I know this has been discussed already but i was curious to see the results of a poll. In todays competitive marketplace, three is a crowd, especially when your market is slowly becoming a niche when compared to mobile gaming (sadly.) Each company has pros and cons: Microsoft Pros: Combined entertainment device, has captured mature gamers Cons: Has always had issues with profitability of the Xbox devision, which shareholders/executives can't be happy about Nintendo Pros: Cash rich company, has captured youth and loyalty niches Cons: Shrinking market share, minimal adoption of Wii U (to put it kindly) Sony Pros: Market leader, top notch devices Cons: The rest of the company has been hit HARD by competition from South Korean manufacturers. Who do you think will be next, and why? I see it being a two-console market by the next generation.
  18. Metal Jesus & Kinsey attempt to come up with the Top 10 PS3 Games - All Time Games Shown: Ni No Kuni Uncharted 2: Among Thieves The Last of Us Wipeout HD Journey Heavy Rain Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Dragon’s Crown South Park: The Stick of Truth Valkyria Chronicles What games did we miss?
  19. I am happy to announce the 6th Annual Cowlitz Gamers for Kids Charity Videogame show to help raise funds for the Childrens Justice and Advocacy Center(CJAC). Over the five shows, the show has helped raise over $24,500 to the Childrens Justice and Advocacy Center (CJAC) and we're convinced we can do better this year with your help! PRGE is once again absorbing much of the cost of putting on this show so that 100% of the admission will go directly to CJAC. It is CJAC's mission to provide children who have experienced sexual or physical abuse a coordinated community approach to investigation, prosecution and treatment that promotes their safety, healing, and well-being. We have moved the show this year to a wonderful venue. The show will be on Saturday, March 28, 2015 at the Cowlitz County Regional Conference Center in Longview WA. 1900 7th Ave Longview, WA. The event will be from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Directions: http://www.thecenterofthenorthwest.com/directions.html This years event is about 1 hour north of Portland or 2 hours south of Seattle on I-5. Doors open at 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Admission is $5, although we invite you to contribute more if you can! All admission goes straight to the non profit CJAC, which will be present at the show to answer further questions about how they service the community. Cowlitz County Conference Center 1900 7th Avenue Longview, WA 98632 What Can you Expect? Over 30 vendors from around the Northwest will be present. It will feature classic video game vendors, a freeplay gaming console arcade, a silent auction, and a retro videogame tournament. All this done for a good cause. Expect a ton of good deals on classic video game merchandise including video game systems, games, artwork, and accessories. In addition to outside video game vendors, there will be T-shirts and other merchandise specifically made for the event that will also be sold specifically to suport CJAC. The event is child-friendly so please feel free to bring the entire family! Further Announcements will be made, so stay tuned... for more info also stay connected by visiting our website for further announcements http://www.cowlitzgamers.moonfruit.com./ also visit our facebook event page made for the event! https://www.facebook.com/events/326631830818492/?ref=2&ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming
  20. I have too much stuff and between a few sites including ebay I've been selling off chunks of my collection for a few years now. I'm now under 400 physical games, like to push it under 300. If anything is marked as pending there's an ebay bid or someone has interest in it. Prefer to only sell or trade within the US, but if you're in good standing I may work it out with you but shipping below is for US only. Sales Terms: - Shipping usually on anything first class mail will be $3, up to $4 if closer to the 15oz limit. - US Shipping Only (may make per person exceptions) - I will trade, but few games I want (ask) but I do like G1 Transformers and other 70s/early 80s Japanese Robots, also some Lego I will bundle and drop the price with more stuff picked up. I have images of anything up for sale in my photobucket account: http://s232.photobucket.com/user/tanooki-suit/library/sales?sort=9&page=1 Current Gaming Stuff for Sale: Game Gear: $7 (GG) Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse $7 (GG) Dragon Crystal $7 (GG) Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse $7 (GG) Legend of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse $15 (GG) (The) Lost World: Jurassic Park $6 (GG) Revenge of Drancon aka Wonderboy $15 (GG) Ristar the Shooting Star $15 (GG) Samurai Shodown $25 (GG) Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya Genesis: $8 (GEN) Disney's Aladdin $15 (GEN) Exile $8 (GEN) Mystic Defender $15 (GEN) Sonic the Hedgehog 3 $20 (GEN) Steel Empire $10 (GEN) World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck $15 (GEN) ASCIIWare Fighter Stick SG-6 Arcade Joystick NIntendo Handhelds (All Gameboys, DS, 3DS): $12 (GBC) Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine w/manual $5 (GBC) Rampage World Tour $35 (GB/C) Pokemon Yellow Version Special Pikachu Edition - (9/17) Freshly Installed NEW Battery $30 (GBC) Pokemon Silver Version - (9/17) Freshly Installed NEW Battery $5 (GBC) Batman Beyond Return of the Joker $5 (GBC) Lemmings / Oh No More Lemmings $65 (GBA) Pokemon LeafGreen complete in box with wireless adapter, box is damaged $5 (GBA) Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition: Stairway to the Destined Duel (Plays in English) $7 (GBA) Godzilla Domination $15 (GBA) Ice Nine $20 (GBA) R-Type III $6 (NDS) Prince of Persia the Fallen King NIntendo Consoles (NES, Famicom, SNES, N64): $10 (FC) Twinbee $7 (FC) Macross $15 (FC) Daiku no Gen San $15 (SNES) Prince of Persia $7 (SNES) Smart Ball $40 (PC) Civilization Chronicles Complete, Card Game Still Sealed and Maps never unfolded, most discs never used, spotless Sony Playstation 4 Games (ALL CIB, Like New or New): $7 (PS4) Call of Duty Ghosts $10 (PS4) Destiny - The Taken King: Legendary Edition $10 (PS4) God of War III: Remastered $10 (PS4) Tomb Raider the Definitive Edition $10 (PS4) Wolfenstein the New Order $10 (PS4) Wolfenstein the Old Blood $15 (PS4) Godzilla $20 (PS4) The Pinball Arcade NON-Gaming Stuff -- Vintage Toys, etc: $7 Terminator Endo Skull LootCrate Exclusive $30 Samurai Giral Real Bout Highschool DVD Box Set w/audio CD complete excellent $15 NEW - Lupin the 3rd Castle of Cagiolstro BluRay Sealed w/sleeve $30 New (w/busted box and 1 of 4 bags but 100%+ -- Lego 8011 (2002) Jango Fett Complete mostly sealed/new $70 GI Joe 1989 Sgt Slaughter's Marauders Armadillo Tank Sealed NEW IN BOX $5 Low-Light (v1)(Series 5-1986) - Red/Black goggles $5 Cobra Commander (v3)(Series 6-1987) - Blue/Silver helmet $(LOT) Crystal Ball (v1)(Series 6-1987) - Gray/black hair-brown Psyche-Out (v1)(Series 6-1987) - Blonde/Green shirt Star Wars Vintage Kenner Action Figures --Empire Strikes Back-- $5 Bossk (1980)- missing blaster rifle (lizard head) --Return of the Jedi-- $7 AT-ST Driver (1984) -missing blaster (gray helmet, shades) $10(LOT) Bib Fortuna (1983) -missing staff, soft-goods cloak, chest armor General Madine (1983) -missing baton Klaatu (1983) -missing vibro lance, soft-goods skirt (green head) Rancor Keeper (1984) -missing headdress, staff
  21. Thanks to the "premiere" feature I now schedule each episode to air live on Monday nights!
  22. As good as Final Fantasy IV is how could I say no to that face?
  23. I own FOUR different physical copies of X3 - and this is the strangest one of the bunch.
  24. Looking to buy a Sony Playstation 3 (PS3)? This is the Buying Guide for you! We cover the three different PS3 models, accessories and we list some of our favorite games to get you started! Oh yeah...and we even talk about the PS3 Move controller... What PS3 games would you recommend to a 1st time collector?
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