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Found 6 results

  1. Since we want to always share our source code, I have been wanting to post this for some time, but I wanted to add better comments first. I did try to add comments to communicate what the general purpose of a section of code is, but there is still a lot that will need to be interpreted. This was written in MADS and requires BATCMP9.xex to be in the source folder. I hope that this is useful to someone. If anyone reviews the code and thinks of tips you would like to share with us, that would be most welcome. We are relatively new at this as War Room is the first game that we created that was created entirely in assembly. This started out as a movement demo for acceleration, deceleration, skidding, etc. As the ABBUC contest deadline loomed, we didn't have a new entry so we worked quickly to make this an entry which ended up being a very rudimentary game. Since we were developing it up to the last minute, you will see some hard coded memory locations. We also added the Halloween characters for our "final" release after ABBUC since the ABBUC version still had some shortcomings that we thought needed to be fixed. One of the nice aspects is that since the game really doesn't come close to pushing the abilities of the computer so we were able to leave the code pretty straightforward. I don't think there is anything novel here but we hope that since the examples are so simple, they can be beneficial for learning: 1. DLI - a very simple DLI that changes the playfield colors after that top of the screen 2. VBI - Deferred - again, very basic - it updates player locations, checks CD, disables break key and other housekeeping. It also uses a very sloppy shortcut to stop the players from turning to double-width which was a recurring bug that would happen- as I recall, this bug was properly fixed, but the code to set it to single-width is still in the vbi. 3. Self-modifying code. In order to save space, we overwrite the lo byte and hi byte of the LDA target. 4. Custom character set - very basic character set changes 5. Simple movement physics - acceleration 6. Very simple AI - I know what the AI is doing, and I very rarely win - simply stated, the AI is more aggressive when it has more life left than the opponent. If it has less life or equal life, it runs around shooting bullets. The big advantage that the AI has, is that it shoots very accurately. 7. PAL/NTSC detection and adjustments to try to make gameplay and music the same speed. The characters were built with Paul Lay's player editor - 16 frames, 15 high. The order of the frames is listed in the source - left, left, right, right, down left, down left, down right, down right, up left, up left, up right, up right, Up, Up, Down, Down. I would attach some/all of those files but it won't let me attach .apl files. Any questions regarding sound & music will need to be deferred to Eric. I tried to acknowledge the help we received in creating this, but I am sure that I missed someone. Eric probably has more to add because I don't know who he worked with. Enjoy! batcmp9.xex Published WarRoom.asm
  2. Hi all, I'm looking to get a copy of Bruce Harrison's music assembly source code. He said in an Art of Assembly article that the full source for his Nutcracker suite was available for purchase, did anyone get that and can share it here? The WHT Tech disk is NOT the source, it's only the binaries. Thanks!
  3. Can someone point me to a good site that has some Basic source code listings. I am less interested in Tutorials and more in actual little programs that you used to be able to find in many 8-bit magazines in the 80-90s. You know the type out your own adventure game, or implement your own chess etc.
  4. MusicStudio Engine for GTIA (source code) opt h+l+o+ gractl equ $d01d consol equ $d01f skctl equ $d20f dmactl equ $d400 nmien equ $d40e S_REG equ $f0 speed equ $f1 _channel equ $f2 ; 4 byte org $2000 run_adr sei lda #$00 sta nmien sta gractl sta dmactl music_studio_stack tsx stx S_REG ldx #$03 _lch lda _ch1,x sta _channel,x dex bpl _lch _loop lda skctl and #$04 bne _cont ldx S_REG txs rts _cont ldx #$00 _load lda (_channel,x) bpl _80_1 lda _ch1,x sta _channel,x lda _ch1+1,x sta _channel+1,x lda (_channel,x) _80_1 inc _channel,x bne _80_2 inc _channel+1,x _80_2 tay lda _nuty,y pha pha pha sec sbc #$01 pha beq _80_en1 lda #$08 _80_en1 pha lda #$00 pha txa eor #%10 tax bne _load tay ; =0 lda music_speed sta speed _iloop tsx _2kolej lda $0101,x sta consol dec $0105,x bne _2kl eor $0102,x sta $0101,x lda $0106,x sta $0105,x lda $0104,x cmp #$20 bcs _2kl inc $0106,x _2kl dec $0103,x bne _2kn lda $0101,x eor $0102,x sta $0101,x lda $0106,x sta $0103,x dec $0103,x _2kn txa ;clc ; too slow, replace with sbx ;adc #$06 ;tax sbx #$100-$06 ; +6 cpx S_REG bne _2kolej dey bne _iloop dec speed bne _iloop txs jmp _loop _nuty .byte $FF,$F0,$E3,$D7,$CB,$C0,$B4,$AB .byte $A1,$97,$90,$88,$80,$79,$72,$6C .byte $66,$60,$5B,$56,$51,$4C,$48,$44 .byte $40,$3D,$39,$36,$33,$30,$2D,$2B .byte $28,$26,$24,$22,$20,$1E,$1C,$1B .byte $19,$18,$17,$15,$14,$13,$12,$11 .byte $10,$01 music_speed .byte $0f _ch1 .word kanal1 _ch2 .word kanal2 kanal1 .byte $00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C .byte $08,$14,$08,$14,$05,$11,$05,$11 .byte $00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C .byte $08,$14,$08,$14,$05,$11,$05,$07 .byte $00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C .byte $08,$14,$08,$14,$05,$11,$05,$07 .byte $00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C .byte $08,$14,$08,$14,$05,$11,$05,$07 .byte $00,$0C,$25,$0C,$00,$0C,$25,$0C .byte $03,$0F,$25,$0F,$03,$0F,$25,$25 .byte $08,$14,$25,$14,$08,$14,$25,$14 .byte $05,$11,$25,$11,$05,$11,$25,$25 .byte $00,$0C,$25,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C .byte $03,$0F,$25,$0F,$03,$0F,$25,$0F .byte $08,$14,$25,$14,$08,$14,$25,$14 .byte $05,$11,$25,$11,$07,$25,$25,$25 .byte $03,$0F,$25,$0F,$03,$0F,$25,$0F .byte $05,$11,$25,$11,$05,$11,$25,$25 .byte $00,$0C,$25,$0C,$00,$0C,$25,$0C .byte $0A,$16,$25,$16,$0A,$25,$0A,$25 .byte $03,$0F,$25,$0F,$03,$0F,$25,$25 .byte $05,$11,$25,$11,$05,$11,$25,$25 .byte $00,$0C,$25,$0C,$00,$0C,$25,$0C .byte $0A,$16,$25,$16,$0A,$25,$0A,$25 .byte $00,$0C,$25,$0C,$00,$0C,$25,$0C .byte $00,$0C,$25,$0C,$07,$05,$25,$25 .byte $00,$0C,$25,$0C,$00,$0C,$25,$0C .byte $00,$0C,$25,$0C,$07,$25,$03,$25 .byte $30,$30,$31,$30,$30,$31,$2D,$2D .byte $31,$2B,$2B,$31,$27,$31,$27,$31 .byte $30,$30,$30,$30,$30,$30,$2D,$2D .byte $2D,$2A,$2A,$2A,$27,$27,$27,$27 .byte $18,$1F,$18,$1D,$1F,$18,$22,$1F .byte $18,$1D,$1F,$18,$24,$1F,$22,$24 .byte $18,$1F,$22,$1D,$1F,$18,$22,$1F .byte $18,$1D,$1B,$1F,$1A,$1D,$16,$1A .byte $18,$1F,$18,$1D,$1F,$18,$22,$1F .byte $18,$1D,$1F,$18,$24,$1F,$22,$24 .byte $18,$1F,$22,$1D,$1F,$18,$22,$1F .byte $18,$1D,$1B,$18,$1A,$1B,$16,$1A .byte $ff kanal2 .byte $00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C .byte $08,$14,$08,$14,$05,$11,$05,$11 .byte $00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C .byte $08,$14,$08,$14,$05,$11,$05,$07 .byte $00,$0C,$25,$0C,$00,$0C,$25,$0C .byte $08,$14,$25,$14,$05,$11,$25,$25 .byte $00,$0C,$25,$0C,$00,$0C,$25,$0C .byte $08,$14,$25,$14,$05,$25,$05,$25 .byte $1F,$0C,$1F,$0C,$1D,$1F,$00,$18 .byte $03,$18,$1B,$18,$03,$18,$1B,$18 .byte $1F,$14,$1F,$14,$1D,$1F,$08,$18 .byte $05,$18,$1B,$18,$1F,$1D,$1B,$1D .byte $1F,$0C,$1F,$0C,$1D,$1B,$25,$18 .byte $03,$18,$1B,$18,$03,$18,$1F,$18 .byte $1F,$14,$1F,$14,$1D,$1B,$08,$18 .byte $05,$18,$1B,$1D,$1F,$1D,$1B,$1A .byte $18,$0F,$18,$0F,$16,$18,$03,$13 .byte $05,$18,$1B,$1D,$1F,$1D,$1B,$1D .byte $18,$0C,$1A,$0C,$1B,$18,$00,$1F .byte $0A,$1D,$1B,$1D,$1F,$1D,$1B,$1D .byte $18,$0F,$18,$0F,$16,$18,$03,$13 .byte $05,$1D,$1B,$1D,$1F,$1D,$1B,$1A .byte $18,$0C,$18,$1A,$1B,$18,$00,$1F .byte $0A,$1F,$1D,$1B,$1D,$1B,$1A,$16 .byte $00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C .byte $00,$0C,$00,$0C,$07,$05,$03,$05 .byte $00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C,$00,$0C .byte $00,$0C,$00,$0C,$07,$05,$03,$02 .byte $30,$30,$30,$30,$30,$30,$2D,$2D .byte $2D,$2B,$2B,$2A,$27,$27,$27,$27 .byte $30,$30,$31,$30,$30,$31,$2D,$2D .byte $31,$2A,$2A,$31,$27,$31,$27,$31 .byte $18,$1F,$31,$1D,$1F,$31,$22,$1F .byte $31,$1D,$1F,$31,$24,$31,$22,$31 .byte $18,$1F,$31,$1D,$1F,$31,$22,$1F .byte $31,$1D,$1B,$31,$1A,$31,$16,$31 .byte $18,$1F,$31,$1D,$1F,$31,$22,$1F .byte $31,$1D,$1F,$31,$24,$31,$22,$31 .byte $18,$1F,$31,$1D,$1F,$31,$22,$1F .byte $31,$1D,$1B,$31,$1A,$31,$16,$31 .byte $ff org $2e0 .word a(run_adr) music_studio_stack.obx
  5. I am curious if anyone here knows how to assemble some of the original 7800 games from the source found at http://www.atarimuse...les/7800/games/ using DASM. I found the information in this thread (http://www.atariage....ation-and-dasm/), using the stuff in "compile.zip" that is in there, as a good start. As the game source found over at Atari Museum are in separate files, how do you assemble them as a group to create the .bin file that can be executed in emulation? I am more or less looking for the syntax necessary when running dasm to compile the game. I get how to sign the bin with the 7800 encryption and whatnot. I'd love to be able to start with one of the classic games as a beginning to learning to program the ol' ProSystem. Thanks!
  6. I think the best way to evaluate a tool is to try and do something with it. So, to try out Nanochess' IntyBasic compiler, I have written a version of "Clowns and Balloons" in it. The game is written in 100 % basic, and complete source code is included. clowns.zip Currently it is "beta" - everything functions, but it still needs tuning, and the levels are placeholders. (Some levels feature popular atariage celebrities (if they have short nicknames...)) It is pretty easy to stay alive, but difficult to clear the screen with a low bounce count. Please let me know what you think.... Catsfolly
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