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Found 13 results

  1. I sort of discussed this briefly in a recent post, although most old timers here know that I have been trying to get something like this done since the early days of the SGM1 planning. Anyways, this time we got what it takes, we have the team and skills in place to make this happen. Without further ado: Super Game Module 2 Pro Arcade System Components: Super Game Module 2 (expansion module) Super Game Cartridge 2 (game cartridges) Super Game Controller (handheld controller) Goals: Upgrade the ColecoVision to arcade-level quality, circa 1987/1988. Use technology consistent with the late 80s. Create a natural evolution of the ColecoVision hardware, with components that are backward compatible or similar in architecture to the original ColecoVision chipset. Create a cartridge with vastly superior memory capacity but reduced complexity, resulting in games that are more advanced and yet affordable. Create a replacement for the dreadful ColecoVision controllers. Upward compatible with OMNI. Super Game Module 2: Backward compatible with SGM1. New backward compatible co-processor, 24-bit linear address mode, 5 MIPS. New video processor, 2 independent scrollable planes, thousands of tile/sprite patterns, 64 sprites on screen. 16 colors per tile/sprite, 256 colors on screen from 32,000 colors. Configurable screen resolution from 256x192 to 320x240 pixels. Zoom and rotation. New sound processor, powerful and versatile synthesizer with FM, PSG and ADPCM. High quality analog video (composite, s-video, and RGB) and stereo sound outputs. Estimated size 8”x4”, similar design to Coleco’s planned Super Game Module. Super Game Cartridge 2: Stores main ROM, video ROM and audio ROM. Can save progress and content. Same physical format as OMNI cartridges. Small form factor, shaped like Coleco planned Super Game Wafer. Super Game Controller: Compatible with ColecoVision regular controllers. 12 keys keypad. 4 action buttons. Similar size to ColecoVision original controller, but sideways. Overlays. Super Games: First wave will be a collection of arcade ports, with “arrangement” mode including enhanced graphics, sound and possibly gameplay. From there, if we can get enough traction, we plan a mix of enhanced arcade ports and sequels for Atari era classics. Hi there fellow ColecoVision fans, This is an exciting moment for me. Next week our team will dive into Super Game Module 2 design mode. Hardware team in Brazil is producing the first revision of the prototype board, while Ted Mayer (the designer behind the Intellivision II and III) will sink his teeth into our first tooling design based on his concept work from last year (most of it still unpublished). For those who still don’t know, the Super Game Module 2 system will be the successor of the original SGM, fully backward compatible, but also upward compatible with the OMNI system. It is the module I have been dreaming of for years, since I started creating the original SGM, but couldn’t get done because I lacked the skills or resources back then. Well, now with a talented team behind me, things are finally possible and the time has come. For those who have been following me for a while, I came up with many of the SGM2 ideas during the SGM1 long development cycle. Then, when the SGM became something a lot simpler, I moved most of those ideas to the “ColecoVision 2” system we started developing in 2012. I soon had to halt development to deal with difficulties in my personal life. We resumed the system in late 2016, and it eventually morphed into Prometheus as the result of our fallout with Coleco. Prometheus morphed into OMNI due to another fallout, and while OMNI is still coming, we decided that releasing it as a ColecoVision add-on first would make more sense. The SGM2 allows us to tackle the challenge of a new system in smaller and gradual steps. SGM2 is our vision of what the next ColecoVision would have looked and sounded like. By assuming a 5/6 years lifespan, the CV successor would have come out around 1987/1988, so we designed a hardware that would have been possible within the technology constraints of that time. This isn’t an emulator system. Isn’t a Raspberry Pie sort of system. It isn’t a FPGA multicore system. Those have been done again and again. The SGM2 is an expansion module that greatly but elegantly enhances the CV graphic and sound capabilities and brings it in line with early 16-bit systems of the 80s. When the SGM2 is plugged into the CV expansion slot, the CV becomes a multiprocessing system, with the CV CPU handling all sound and I/O tasks, while the SGM2 CPU handles the graphics. Both CPU are compatible, but the SGM2 finally offers 24-bit linear addressing mode (Nintendo did the same thing with the SNES, compatible with the NES CPU but with 24-bit linear addressing). The new video and sound processors on the other hand have never been used on a console before, and that makes the SGM2 totally unique. But hardware is meaningless with no software. For our first wave of SGM2 games, we have started some prep work for arcade ports of some of the most complex arcade games from the golden age of arcades: Zaxxon, Moon Patrol, Jungle King and Elevators are some examples. With the SGM2 the ColecoVision will finally fulfill its motto and offer a great arcade experience home. But the SGM2 can offer more than that. You can get pixel perfect arcade from MAME as well, but does MAME offer “Arrangement” modes with improved graphics, sound, and in some cases, improved gameplay with new content and modes? We have a team of talented professional artists in place ready to start working on those arrangement versions. After the first wave, the plan is to create sequels for classic Atari era games. Last year we had the chance to make deals with several Atari era developers to bring those games to the SGM2/OMNI. All of this content will be exclusive to the SGM2/OMNI. This combination of unique hardware and unique software is what makes the SGM2 the most ambitious, most challenging project in ColecoVision homebrew history. And I want to invite the community to participate on the SGM2 creation. If you share the same passion for bringing new stuff for the ColecoVision as we do, for pushing the envelope, for introducing new and exciting things, for being creative and innovative, for taking the ColecoVision to the next level, or simply want try something new and yet grounded on Atari era for your CV, you are invited to subscribe to our Innovator and Early Adopter campaign. By subscribing you won’t be just helping us getting enough backers to make this project happen, you will also be receiving first hand information, will get a look behind of scenes of the SGM2 creation and learn how all of this works . Please check the details below, and I hope to talk to you soon. Innovator and Early Adopter campaign: The goal of this initiative is to find 200 people interested in helping us with producing and manufacturing the complete Super Game Module 2 system. This is NOT a pre-order list. The 200 people limit applies only to this campaign. 200 people is the threshold number of backers we need to cover all production costs involved with the Super Game Module 2 system. No money will be required or requested until we are ready to go into manufacturing. By staying in the campaign you demonstrate genuine interest in the project and intent to buy. You are free to leave the campaign any time though. Please unsubscribe if you no longer have interest in purchasing the system. That way we can keep an accurate forecast of demand. The campaign membership is non-transferable. Once the total number of subscriptions is reached (200 subscriptions), no more will be offered. Furthermore if you leave mid campaign, you may not be able to come back later. We are offering two types of subscription: “Innovators” and "Early Adopters”. Innovators are limited to 50 people, and we reserve the right to select who will be in this group based on their history with us (Opcode). Early Adopters will be limited to 150 people, first come first served basis. As a member of the Innovator and Early Adopter campaign, you will be offered some benefits: Learn first hand about the project progress Help select the games that will be part of the first wave Your name will be listed in the documentation as an Early Adopter As a member of the Innovator campaign, you will be offered additional benefits: Help with design decisions Even more exclusive, non publicly available information You may be selected to participate in beta testing and pilot runs Your name will be listed in the documentation as an Innovator Please go here to subscribe: http://eepurl.com/gfE7TP FAQ========= Q: What is the planned price point for the module? A: Under $150. Q: What is the planned release date for the system? A: Q4 2019. Q: Will it come with pack-in game? A: Undecided. Will depend on final cost. Q: Will it run all my SGM games? A: Yes, it will. Q: Will the SGM2 offer AV outputs? A: Yes it will. However the SGM2 AV output will only work with SGM2 games. You can’t use it for legacy ColecoVision or SGM1 games. Q: Can I use my ColecoVision RF output when playing SGM2 games? A: Yes, you can. For convenience you can play all your games, ColecoVision, SGM1, and SGM2 using the standard RF output on your ColecoVision console. Q: My ColecoVision has been modded to offer better quality video output. Will I be able to leverage that when playing SGM2 games? A: That depends on the mod you got. The general rule is, if your mod works with the Atari module, then it will work with the SGM2. The F18A has its own video output, so the SGM2 will not be able to use that. However the SGM2 offers its own AV outputs, and you will be able to enjoy high quality analog video (composite, S-video, and RGB) and stereo sound regardless the condition of your ColecoVision AV output. Q: Is my ColecoVision being only used for power supply when in SGM2 mode? A: Not at all! In SGM2 mode the ColecoVision becomes a multiprocessing system, with the ColecoVision CPU handling all the sound and I/O functions. Q: Why can’t the SGM2 use a regular ColecoVision cartridge for SGM2 mode games? A: For similar reasons that the Sega Genesis required a different cartridge format even though it could also run all Sega Master System games. The SGM2 more advanced hardware needs more cartridge lines than the ColecoVision cartridge can offer. For example, the SGM2 offers 24-bit linear addressing mode, while the ColecoVision cartridge slot barely offers 16-bit addressing. However while the Genesis required a cartridge adaptor to play SMS games, with the SGM2 you can still use your ColecoVision cartridge slot for legacy titles. Q: Does the Super Game Controllers plug into the SGM2? A: No, they plug into the ColecoVision unit, just like regular controllers and can be used to play most CV legacy games that require regular controllers. Q: If the Super Game Controllers plug into the CV, why is it part of the SGM2 system? A: While the Super Game Controllers can be used independently, we believe they will improve the SGM2 experience greatly with way more precise control and the addition of two extra action buttons. They are completely optional though, and not included with the SGM2.
  2. I was bored today so I decided to make a Super Game Module Commercial Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmwFHIe92e4
  3. Time for another Opcode Games news bulletin... Super Game Module: we will finally start shipping the 2nd run of our SGM this quarter. As of this writing, less than 30 of the planned 200 modules are still available for pre-order, so hurry up as there is no guarantee there will be a 3rd run. 3rd party games: Plans are for have all 3rd party work concluded by later October. We are actually late here, but Gauntlet is giving us a hard time. It will be well worth the effort and wait though. Lady Bug Arcade: We plan to spend most of this quarter working on the new Lady Bug port. Game is about 30% done. We hope to have a video as soon as we can get some preliminary sprite driver implemented. Still aiming for a Q1 2016 release. 2016: Next year will be all about the games. We plan to have 3 games out by the end of the year, and we are really committed to that. And with Grazy now as part of the Opcode Games team, things are looking brighter than ever. Personal stuff: I am now officially an US citizen. Additional, me and Grazy got married last September and we are now in process of applying for her green card so she can immigrate to the US as well. Things are finally starting to look good, after two terrible years.
  4. OPCODE HAS A NEW PARTNER! We are pleased to announce that Opcode Games and AtariAge have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement under which AtariAge is entitled to distribute Opcode Games games and hardware worldwide starting March 2016. Under the terms of the agreement, AtariAge will be the exclusive worldwide distributor for the ColecoVision line of games and hardware from Opcode Games, including the Super Game Module and such games as Lady Bug Arcade, Pac-Man Collection SGM and Gradius. As a result, Opcode customers looking for the latest ColecoVision releases will now enjoy an easier and more seamless experience when shopping from the AtariAge Store. AtariAge customers, on the other hand, will benefit from the convenience of shopping for their favorite platforms from a single source. Here's why we feel this is good for everybody: AtariAge has a nice store setup already in place, with years' of experience selling homebrew games. You will receive first rate customer service and faster shipping. The convenience of buying all your homebrew games from a single store, allowing you to save on shipping. This partnership frees us from the the time consuming work of handling orders and shipping games, time which can now be spent working on more games. The first two ColecoVision titles from Opcode Games available at the AtariAge Store will be Penguin Adventure and Gradius. Special Edition pre-orders: Last January we started a pre-order process for the special editions of 3 of our upcoming games: Penguin Adventure, Gradius and Donkey Kong. Unfortunately soon after the pre-order had ended, PayPal placed a limitation in our account. It seems the pre-order generate a spike in our account that triggered some sort of preemptive alert in their system, so we had no option but to refund. We sincerely apologize for the trouble it may have caused, but unfortunately it was beyond our control. However we would like to thank you all again for supporting us during the pre-order and making it such a tremendous success way beyond our expectations. Well, here is the good news: now that we have AtariAge as our distributor, we are ready to accept pre-orders again, including pre-orders for the regular edition. That said, there are three possible pre-order scenarios: 1) You pre-ordered the special edition in January and received a refund:please visit the AtariAge Store and place a new pre-order (you can click on the game box images below to be redirected to the AtariAge Store page for that game). You will receive the SPECIAL EDITION when the game ships. 2) You pre-ordered the special edition in January but still have NOT received a refund: You will receive a refund in the near future, but right now there is nothing you need to do. Your pre-order is still safe. 3) You didn’t pre-order in January: now you can pre-order the REGULAR EDITION. Please click on the game box images below to be redirected to the AtariAge Store page for that game. On the not so good news side of things, we had no option but to raise our prices a bit to accommodate the new structure’s extra costs. AtariAge online store costs money to keep; they must pay for servers, PayPal fees, taxes, etc. And because our margins are already very tight due to very limited run nature of our business, we were forced to raise Penguin Adventure and Gradius price by $5, and they now have a MSRP of $50 each. Additionally, we regret to inform that free shipping can no longer be offered, since we won’t be handling shipping ourselves anymore, and AtariAge, being only a retailer of our games, can’t afford to offer that as well. We would like to extend our sincerest apologies to all the original pre-orders, but we honestly didn’t have many options here. Believe us, price increases were the last thing we wanted to do, and this isn’t a ploy to make more money or anything, it is just the reality of the situation that forced us to make the hard call. However we believe that in the long run our decision will pay off and we will be able to offer even better services as we have explained in the AtariAge agreement announcement. As a way to make up for the price increase and all the bumps we had during the original special edition pre-order process, we will be offering a bonus with the special editions to make them even more special. Please stay tuned for future announcements on the extra content. Also please check the FAQ section below for some extra information on the new pre-order. CLICK ON THE IMAGES BELOW TO PRE-ORDER YOUR GAME P.S.: You will need to create an AtariAge Store account in case you don't have one. Because of the issues with PayPal in January, we got short in money and had to delay Penguin Adventure’s production and manufacturing process. In order to maintain the quality of the game and packaging, we are now re-scheduling Penguin Adventure to release in July 2016. That will give us time to put things back on track and make sure you receive the best possible product we can produce. SUPER GAME MODULE 3rd RUN One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is about the 3rd run of the Super Game Module. We had originally planned to start a 3rd run as soon as we had started shipping the 2nd run modules but plans have changed and you will hear more information about that soon. The French SCART versions will be shipped along or before the next run. We have created a waiting list for the 3rd run of SGM, and you can subscribe by visiting our new Super Game Module webpage HERE. FAQ: Q: I pre-ordered the Special Editions versions in January and I WAS refunded. What should I do?A: Since you made the pre-order in January your name is in our list and you will receive your Special Edition in July if you keep your pre-order. To keep it, please pre-order the games again from the AtariAge Store by clicking on the respective game's image above. Q: I pre-ordered the Special Editions versions in January and I WAS NOT refunded. What should I do? A: You will be refunded soon. Please stay tuned. Q: I DIDN'T buy the Special Editions versions in January but I want to get them now. Can I still do that? A: The Special Editions of Penguin Adventure and Gradius were limited and they are sold out, but you can still get the REGULAR editions by clicking on the respective game's images above. Q: Since Penguin and Gradius will release together, can I combine shipping? A: Sure, you can pre-order as many copies as you want and during check out the AtariAge Store will calculate the combined shipping. Q: What about Donkey Kong? A: Since DK is still about 6 months away from being released, we have decided to refund all pre-orders and NOT take pre-orders again at this time. Once we start accepting pre-orders again, the same rules as Penguin Adventure and Gradius will apply, that is, the original pre-orders will be entitled to receive a copy of the Special Edition.
  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR from Opcode Games!!! Well, the plan was to make an announced with far more pomp and circumstance through a nicely produced video, but unfortunately things fell through in the last minute, so we will have to resort to a more modest press release for now. So without further ado, here are some of things we Opcode Games have planned for 2017... In 2012 Opcode Games introduced the SUPER GAME MODULE™ and changed the way you play your ColecoVision forever. Now it is time to go PRO! Introducing the SUPER GAME MODULE PRO™ - fully compatible with the original model of the ColecoVision expansion unit, offering the same great game-enhancing features, but includes eight channels of tooth-shattering, wall-rattling sound for the ultimate gaming experience. Specially designed SUPER GAME MODULE™ titles become even more exciting with thundering bass, mesmerizing music, and crystal-clear digitized voice. With the SUPER GAME MODULE PRO™, home versions of all your favorite arcade hits sound just like the real thing, and ColecoVision exclusives become even more compelling. Just plug the SUPER GAME MODULE PRO™ into the front of your system, insert a compatible cartridge, and crank up the volume. After you’ve gone pro, there’s no way you’ll go back! Authentic arcade sound home! Voice-enhanced games! Plays all SUPER GAME MODULE games! Here is a list of great SUPER GAME MODULE™ games that will support the SUPER GAME MODULE PRO™ enhanced sound capabilities: ARCADE SERIES Donkey Kong Phoenix Galaga Lady Bug Pac-Man DX Scramble Space Invaders DX Rally-X Frogger Moon Cresta Berzerk Wizard of Wor CLASSIC SERIES Castlevania MSX SERIES The Maze of Galious Gradius 2 F1 Spirit Salamander King’s Valley 2 R-Type Available summer 2017, MSRP $120.00 Some demo videos to follow soon. Pre-order process to be announced.
  6. I'm looking to buy a Super Game Module attachment for the ColecoVision. If anyone is willing to sell, please let me know.
  7. It is my pleasure to announce that after 7 years, Opcode Games is back to the ColecoVision publishing business. And we are coming back on full steam. As the creator of the Super Game Module, Opcode Games is committed to offer you thrilling new games that make the most of your newest ColecoVision expansion module. But now technology will be pushed a step further with the introduction of the Super Game Cartridges. Over the next few months, Opcode Games will be releasing a slew of advanced new games powered by the Super Game Cartridges. The release schedule includes such advanced games as Donkey Kong, Penguin Adventure and Gradius. In addition to those, SGM enhanced versions of fan favorites like Space Invaders and Pac-Man will also be available. All Super Games will come in distinctive packaging that will make they look good not just on your TV, but also on your shelf. The details on each specific game will be announced in the near future, but today I would like to announce the first game, Penguin Adventure. So let me start by presenting you the game. Penguin Adventure is the official sequel for the cult classic Antarctic Adventure, released for the ColecoVision in 1984. Now, 30 years later, you will finally be able to continue Penta's adventures, traveling the Continent of Dreams in search for the Golden Apple that will save poor Princess Penko. Penguin Adventure is an example of a game that is only possible thanks to the power and storage capacity of the Super Game Cartridges. This game is eight times (that is right, eight times) the size of the original Antarctic Adventure, and Penta's is no longer confined to the icy plains of Antarctica, but will now venture through forests, deserts, oceans, caves, rivers and more. Dozens of power ups and items are also available to help Penta in its quest, and your ears will be treated to one of the most beautiful and romantic soundtracks to ever grace your ColecoVision. But be warned: saving princess Penko won't be small task, as you will need to face dozens of different enemies in your quest, including the horrid giant lizards Freezauruses. Now that you know about the game, let's get down on how to pre-order it. In the past I could hand assemble all my games, from soldering the components to the PCB to gluing boxes together. That is no longer the case. Now all Opcode Games releases will come pre-assembled from factory. That greatly improves shipping times and quality. On the other hand, I will need to order just enough copies to supply demand and not be left with unsold inventories. That is why pre-ordering the game is now necessary, so that I can estimate how many copies need to be produced. So here is what you will get: complete Super Game Cartridge game with professionally printed box and manual. As usual, no laser printing here. We strive to be professionals and offset printing is the only way to go. Besides, Dale is very meticulous with the quality of his work. Price per copy: $40 + shipping, which will vary depending on where in the world you live. But we will keep it fair. If interested, you only need to subscribe to the pre-order mailing list and you will be notified when it is available. In the past I had many issued with the mailing list software in my website, so I am now switching to a new service: http://eepurl.com/1v4sz Once you have subscribe, you will be notified when the game is available, payment options, etc. So this is it for now. Thanks for reading and please stay tuned for future announcements in the near future, including a few surprises.
  8. A surprise game this year, The Maze of Galious (Knightmare II) is coming from Opcode Games for the ColecoVision Super Game Module! Maze Of Galious is regarded as one of the greatest games for the MSX home computer, being released in 1987. While most of the console and home computer games back then had very simple gameplay, quite similar to arcade games, Maze of Galious was an epic action adventure. It mixed the mechanics of platform games with the exploration of huge maps. It required several hours to complete, a task nearly impossible to do in a single gaming session. The game concept can be best described as a mix of classic Zelda and Metroidvania. In this game you can select between Popolon (the knight from Knightmare I) and Aphrodite (the princess in distress in Knightmare I). They now must save their yet to be born son Pampas from Galious, the evil priest who kidnapped Pampas from heaven. This game is huge, more than 300 screens, a large main overworld with 10 smaller worlds inside it, each world governed by a major demon.The game still includes more than 60 minor demons and 50 items with different functions. Popolon and Aphrodite have different abilities too and can use many different weapons. The SGM version will replace the password system with in-cartridge saves, using the Super Game Cartridge save capabilities. The Maze of Galious is planned for August/September, and will be offered as a limited Special Edition and also as a regular editions. Details to come.
  9. The goal here is to start planning a 3rd run of the SGM. But let me make a few things clear first: - 3rd run pre-order or whatever does NOT start until 2nd run is behind me - Yes, I am taking care of the French SCART version. It will ship BEFORE or SIMULTANEOUSLY with the 3rd run, but not after There is a high demand for the SGM, and I have done a beyond poor job distributing it so far. What we want to do this time is to get a 3rd run out of door before July 2016. One option is to offer it with no box, at a reduced price, something around $50, or both boxed (at a regular price) and unboxed versions. In order to get a 3rd run we are going to need 200 pre-orders, with at least 100 pre-orders for the boxed version in order to get that option done. Again, the idea here is not to start a 3rd run right now, so I am not accepting requests yet. We will announce when the 3rd run starts, and as I said, I need to put the 2nd run behind me first. I just want to start a discussion to understand what people want.
  10. By now I believe most of you are aware about the big drama between Coleco versus this community. We got to the point where I just gave up on hope we can do anything to fix this ( and doesn't involve submitting to their absurd terms), so it is time to move on with what we have. We are in the middle of pre-orders for the 4th run of the Super Game Module. Using the ColecoVision logo is no longer an option, so after a couple of weeks pondering on the matter, I have decided to go with the following name and logo. Packaging will be changed to reflect that. In fact the main reason to chose this particular logo is that, in my view, this is the closest we can get to the original, keep some of same look and feel and still avoid future entanglements. I apologize if this is frustrating for some of you. Believe me, this is frustrating for me as well, but at the same time is beyond my control. Quality will still be the same, and most important, passion is still the same. Pac-Man DX is coming around the same time as the 4th run ships and Donkey Kong will be available later this year. Let's not allow this whole mess destroy our love for the ColecoVision, our enthusiasm and all the fun we always had and some that still to come. Ed
  11. Brand New, never used, complete in the box Opcode Games Super Game Module for use with the ColecoVision or ADAM Computer. Shipping worldwide using USPS Priority Mail with required Insurance from zip code 60056. $165.00
  12. Now that Penguin Adventure is done, we have decided to take the last month of the year to port Gradius for the ColecoVision Super Game Module. That way we could concentrate on the two arcade ports next year. The SGM version of Gradius is based on the MSX version, which is quite good. However the SGM version will receive a complete makeover to make it look more like the arcade original. So for example, check the screenshots to see a before/after comparison of stage 2. About 50% of the code has been ported, and the visual makeover will start after we get the game fully ported and running. More info as development progress....
  13. I am considering re-releasing Space Invaders Collection and Pac-Man Collection as part of the Super Game Module Arcade series. Games would be receiving the following enhancements: Space Invaders Arcade==================== - Fixed bugs - Improved performance - Improved sound, pitches are closer to arcade (like the very bassy invaders march) * - Added title scree music * - Improved title screen - Saves hi-score and score table * - Added sound test - New packaging Pac-Man Arcade======================== - Added new sprite mode, less color less flicker - Improved sound, pitches are now arcade perfect * - Improved title screen music * - Slightly improved/altered Ms Pac-Man graphics - Saves hi-score * - Added sound test - New packaging * Requires Super Game Module However, in order to cover my costs, I need at least 100 orders for each game. So I am starting a new list to see if I can get that many pre-orders. In case you might be interested, please subscribe to the following list: http://eepurl.com/1E7nf Thanks guys!
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